Toxic Shock / Reproach

If a skateboard, speed, tracker hat, and beer are an integral part of your life then you probably you have a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and this split, haha! Apparently Toxic Shock / Reproach split is an awesome example of thrashcore/fastcore genre, both bands did their best. I`m holding a 3d press of this 10″ records (imagine how popular this stuff is), and I’m literally feeling how many toxic and aggressive tunes this vinyl has, haha! No more words let’s put this record on our old turntable! Toxic Shock serves us with fast and furious hardcore crossover (with a drop of … Continue reading Toxic Shock / Reproach

Crippled Fox ‎– Attack Of The Thrash Wrist

Last year Hungarian skateboard lovers released a new EP. Actually, I was excited and waiting for it, because they promised me something much different than their previous full-length. And guess what? The boys were right, this material is fucking fire! The art was made in the brand Crippled Fox style, the main character looks exactly according to the orthodox skate style. And now let`s open a beer and check this thrashcore story! The sad news is that this 7″ is fucking short and tired to flip it again and again. The positive news is that this record is able to … Continue reading Crippled Fox ‎– Attack Of The Thrash Wrist

Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

BANZAII!!! I mean mail day, haha!) I was damn excited about this parcel, and in particular for this release. It’s very rare for a labels (especially fro Europeans labels), to release such bands, (which makes me very sad). That is why I`m very exited to see these new shiny tunes, being released through Psychocontrol Records. For those of you who are not familiar with this act, – Communicates is a fast noisy act from Suginami city. I don’t know when they were founded, or how many releases they`ve made, but thats not so important. The main, and most delicious thing, … Continue reading Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

Split EntröpiaH & Test is ready!

You can buy this release thru next labels: Hecatombe Records (Almeria, Spain) / No Humano Records (Zaragoza, Spain) / Base Record Production (Alicante, Spain) / Grindfather Productions (UK) / Lazybones Records (Brazil) / Raw recs (Brazil) / 255 recs (Brazil) / Grinder Cirujano Records (Argentina) / Clandestine Productions (Mexico) Continue reading Split EntröpiaH & Test is ready!

KSM 40 – The Taste of Rust

We continue exploring the world of German music. This time I decided to write about the KSM 40 band. I got really confused by the art on the cover at first. First I thought that this was some kind of crust (these guys love to draw something similar), but when I took a closer look I realised that I was wrong. That’s the goddamn super Sonic! Hahaha, it might have been designed in some weird way and it seems like he is not feeling well but it is definitely him. The artist dedicated the cover to the world of old … Continue reading KSM 40 – The Taste of Rust

Collision – Satanic Surgery (Hammerheart Records)

Well, finally, we have Collision giving birth to their new album. Like in the previous one, Satanic Surgery, the cover art was designed by Luis Sendón (also known as a member of Nashgul). I have to admit, he is a very cool artist. The character which he portrayed looks like the product of someone’s nightmares. Demonic surgeon cutting his next victim into pieces… shit, that’s creepy. I think that the fact that guys signed to Hammerheart Records, can be considered as a very good step in the development of the band. Collision never betray themselves and their fans. This album … Continue reading Collision – Satanic Surgery (Hammerheart Records)

Traffic Death ‎– Don’t Be A Projectile (Vehicular Genocide Records)

Very funny band. Hmm … I’ve been thinking how to describe it and that’s what I came up with. Traffic Death is what happens if you put some grind, crust, crossover, and a bit of punk mold into a mixer. Turn it on. Then we put some skater shoes on this mixture, give it a skateboard and let it go for a walk around the city, yep, just like that)) Some Slayer and DRI attributes on the cover art can be confusing, it may seem for a moment that this album somehow looks like Municipal Waste but that’s not fucking … Continue reading Traffic Death ‎– Don’t Be A Projectile (Vehicular Genocide Records)

Sengaja Records!

Sengaja Records is a DIY HC label found by one member (Spike) of Fastcore band KSM40 and in the present being run by another member (Jonas) of that band. The aim of the label is to help befriended bands put out records and spreading the word about them. Our label policy is based on our belief, that Hardcore and Punk are grassroots movements to help people make up their minds and stand up against any way of oppression. CONTACTS:Sengaja fbSengaja bc RELEASES: SR-29 X-Torsion / Cruel Face-Split EP (2015) SR-26 Lily Havoc – 3 to 7 CD-R (2015) SR-25 Graben – dto. … Continue reading Sengaja Records!