Toxic Shock / Reproach

If a skateboard, speed, tracker hat, and beer are an integral part of your life then you probably you have a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and this split, haha! Apparently Toxic Shock / Reproach split is an awesome example of thrashcore/fastcore genre, both bands did their best. I`m holding a 3d press of this 10″ records (imagine how popular this stuff is), and I’m literally feeling how many toxic and aggressive tunes this vinyl has, haha! No more words let’s put this record on our old turntable!

Toxic Shock serves us with fast and furious hardcore crossover (with a drop of thrash/speed metal). Must say that this material surprised me with its sound and energy. The nice buzzing guitar tone and very punky bass sound. Drums are fast enough, but the sound of the snare is dry, and cymbals sound cluttered, which makes me sad a bit. At the end of the record guys are playing a Reproach cover (Onward To Destruction songs).  Despite several imperfect details, this is bloody good music for a fast ride, I must say.

Reproach sounds punchier, more aggressive, and maybe even louder. The riffs are badass, yes they are not innovative, but they light a fire in you! The vocal is wicked and loud enough for such fast music. The bass is cluttered too, I wish guys used a “Motorhead” formula here (the bass is one of the leading instruments), but anyway it helps to make the whole sound tastier. But that is nothing without the main point of this record real live energy. I caught myself thinking that I felt like I was at a live gig!

This is a strongly recommended record!

Contacts: Toxic Shock bc / Reproach bc

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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