Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

Grind addicts like me spend a lot of time on the internet searching for good noise. Despite the fact that this is an old release, Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five was one of these split that I was excited to find back in 2015. I listened to it on bandcamp tons of times, this really good noise, years after I finally got a hard copy from Psychocontrol Records and damn, that day I was happiest freak in this part of the world. One of the first things that caught me was this silly art. It reminds me covers from thrash … Continue reading Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

Durian – Brutalism (Psychocontrol Records)

Powerful punch! Bleeding eardrums! All out total destruction! All out total Grindviolence! This is what you are going to get when blasting the new Durian EP! Guys from New Jersey have no time for jokes, and this release is truly tight! I’m really happy that guys didn’t drop the music after Chainsaw to the Face has split up. Durian is more angry than its predecessor, but it has similar roots. By the way – the cover art of Brutalism reminds me a bit “Plague Worship” of CTTF. In my opinion this 4 pieces band kicks asses and now I will … Continue reading Durian – Brutalism (Psychocontrol Records)

Needful Things – Deception (Psychocontrol records)

Czech veterans Needful Things stunned me with the news about their new album. I remember that I thought, “Hell yeah, one more pleasant surprise for this year”, and I was right. This album (3rd in order) proved to be strong in taste (like shot of vodka) and heavy with its sound. In addition to all of this, the album has a very good visual design. I like how the artist compiled all the elements together and chose a beautiful set of colors. The main theme of this art is blind justice, victims, endless destruction, and as a consequence, oblivion in … Continue reading Needful Things – Deception (Psychocontrol records)

Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Today is Tuesday and, as always, this day sucks, so let’s plug it with a split from Needful Things and Overviolence! As I know, originally this split was released as a tape and it was released for an Asia tour. Now it’s been turned into a vinyl, and holy moly this piece looks great. Weird cover art, with gloomy faces, a combination of colors all of which create a nice aggressive and Grind look. Needful Things is a Grind mastodon of the Czechs scene. Can you believe that this machine has been active more than 20 years? And they’re still … Continue reading Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Chainsaw to the Face – Plague Worship (Psychocontrol records)

We all know that time is a really massive and strange thing. It can give and it can also take away… Time is a good challenge, so not even the most well prepared bands can go through it. Chainsaw to the Face was not around long but, this band left a memorable scar in my mind. That’s why I want to dedicate a review in memory of this badass band. These guys from New Jersey have great talent, they know how to find a balance between brutality and good punk riffs. Also, they know the line, so they don’t make … Continue reading Chainsaw to the Face – Plague Worship (Psychocontrol records)

Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

BANZAII!!! I mean mail day, haha!) I was damn excited about this parcel, and in particular for this release. It’s very rare for a labels (especially fro Europeans labels), to release such bands, (which makes me very sad). That is why I`m very exited to see these new shiny tunes, being released through Psychocontrol Records. For those of you who are not familiar with this act, – Communicates is a fast noisy act from Suginami city. I don’t know when they were founded, or how many releases they`ve made, but thats not so important. The main, and most delicious thing, … Continue reading Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes

Wow it`s a really tight split! Both bands are a good examples of harsh and blast grindcore. Both they are full of ferocity, speed and deadly power. So lets put this vinyl on my turntable and switch on this hell! Side A – Dead Issue. This guys are one the best representatives of USA grindcore bands. This squad is manned with fragments from Bloody Phoenix & Endless Demise (so you can imagine what will be waiting for you, haha!). But for the first deal lets look at the cover. Hmm I guess this time guys tried to be as primitive as … Continue reading Dead Issue / Raw Noise Apes