Final Exit (25.10.20)

Hello! How are things going in Japan these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi! Alex! My name is Ryohei. I’m playing Drums on FINAL EXIT, Mortify, Su19b, etc…Japan is still badly affected by Covid-19. I can’t do what I was able to do before. But it’s gradually returning, but it’s still a long way off. I’ve been able to do live performances a little bit.  25 years had passed since your first rehearsal, that is a lot, haha! But you didn’t change you still active and fast. So how everything started? Could you tell us About the beginning … Continue reading Final Exit (25.10.20)

Groin – Greatest Hits!

The debut EP hailing fresh from Arizona’s grind/hardcore scene, GROIN. “Greatest Hits” contains nine tracks of fiery and high spirited grind-powerviolence-hardcore. An absolute banger of a debut getting the glorious analog treatment on tape since its digital release earlier this year. Short, fast, and resentfully promising! Out soon on Shitresis rec! Continue reading Groin – Greatest Hits!

Tolerance – Last Days Of Capitalism

This Finland band has been around for half of a decade. That dude recorded so much noise, but for some reason first full album he recorded only now. To be honest, I was surprised and smashed, this is one of the best works of Tolerance! The cover art of “Last Days Of Capitalism” has a nice image and very simple production. But there are 1 interesting thing, BOG released this album in 3 colors – regular black, white, and awesome pink! In my opinion, the pink color is the best choice for such brutal stuff, ha! Tolerance made 14 brain-melting … Continue reading Tolerance – Last Days Of Capitalism

Vile Species – S/T

A new day – a new debut! Today’s heroes are Vile Species from Greece. This album was released a few months but due to shitty post service, I got this CD only now. First of all, I want to mention that guys didn’t fucked up, ha!. This self-titled piece of noise good and strong work with all grindcore elements like pissed off yelling, blast beats, and classically short songs. The artwork of this CD is great too, there are no typical college or nuclear blasts with dead politicians, this drawing has a more schizophrenic theme of madness. Some of the … Continue reading Vile Species – S/T

Atrofia Cerebral – Caducidad De La Existencia

Atrofia Cerebral is a legendary noise duo from Peru! These guys started to play more than 30 (1989) years ago! I bet every noisecore fan knew this project, hehe! So today we will listen to their release “Caducidad De La Existencia”. This material was released on a business card (not the most comfortable format, must say), it contains some recording from 2015-17 years. Also, this “CD” has a very simple DIY design, everything was printed at home in office paper. But I think it`s perfect for this genre. This is a short and fast release, It has about 4 minutes … Continue reading Atrofia Cerebral – Caducidad De La Existencia