Camphora Monobromata – Massive Death

“Massive Death” is not a new thing, this album was released 2 years ago, but only now this noise got a vinyl re-issue. The design is still the same, there is no additional element`s but now it looks much better in combination with this lovely orange vinyl. This is also not the latest release of these Russian grinders, but this is their second full length (pard me if I`m wrong). I know this band for a long time, and must say that with years guys managed to increase their skills and “new” material sounds really nice! So “Massive Death” is … Continue reading Camphora Monobromata – Massive Death


Four friends got together after deciding they wanted to be the fastest and brutal band in Portugal. For that matter they begun to play grind core under the moniker of GROG. João (guitar), Johnny (drums), Marco (bass) and Pedra (vocals) were the suspects behind this first line-up. In league with horror, gore, and extreme music they began giving their first steps. The year was 1991, around September. After a few sessions, they recorded their first official release in the shape of a rehearsal. The Bluuaaarrrgghh Rehearsal was released in tape format and distributed through the old fashion way meaning snail … Continue reading GROG!

Permanent Headache – S/T

This one-man band popped up a year ago, must say this demo work really impressed me. Nothing special in design, same with the tape format but the sound of this small release is awesome! Also, Permanent Headache is one of the many projects of Italian grindhead Michele (Yakisoba, Congenital Deformity, Carbonized Innocents, and many more). That man is unstoppable, haha! Btw tapes were pressed in the USA by our good friends Bloody Scythe Records… and at this moment I want to put on this little badass. First of all this material has a strong influence of old heroes like Doom … Continue reading Permanent Headache – S/T

Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)

Hi, boys and girls here is a new interview that our buddy of Baby Rakin rec did with Gabe of Concussive. Tell us a bit about your life and background before you entered the Norcal music scene. GS: The first 4 years of my life I lived in a rural coastal town called Gualala in a trailer park. When I turned 4 my parents took us to the East Bay Area where most of my family resides and historically has been from. I spent most of my years in Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Martinez and Richmond in Contra Costa County. I … Continue reading Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)