Haggus / Orkpack

It’s hard to surprise our readers with a new review of a fresh Haggus split. That crazy duo is really productive. This time we have a split with Russian band Ӧrkpack, that is interesting because I’ve never heard about them before and it’s always good to put a fresh noise in my player. After listening to this split a few times  in a row I can clearly say that both bands are really different, so this small release has a nice music contrast. I can’t help but write about such cool and funny cover art too. That Orc from Warhammer … Continue reading Haggus / Orkpack

Himura – Alerta Biológica

The Spanish extreme music scene is full of cool bands. Now I’m currently holding the third album of Deathgrinders Himura. First off I want to highlight the main theme of this LP, gloomy end of the human race – what can be better? After a few times listening through,  I can clearly say that these guys stayed true to their style, the whole album sounds pretty similar to their previous work “Exterminio”. But, that’s not a bad thing, sometimes I like a monumental position, without switching between styles and genres. So let’s unpack this vinyl and put it on my … Continue reading Himura – Alerta Biológica

Failed Treatment – “Spread of Infection” CD is Out Now!

Previously self-released as a very limited run CD-R earlier in the year, this reissue CD is foaming-at-the-mouth full of classic crusty ‘n cadaveric GORE reminiscent of early Regurgitate and Dead Infection! Lead heavy and completely fucking vicious! Remastered with bonus tracks! More info at Terrible Mutilation rec! Continue reading Failed Treatment – “Spread of Infection” CD is Out Now!

Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Maybe you haven’t seen the name of Resonance Cascade on gig posters recently, but this Swedish Grind brigade is still alive. This tape became a surprise to me, shame on me but I totally forgot about this wonderful act. So it was super cool to find their tape in my mailbox. After some research I found that this release contains all of the material that RxCx has recorded over the years. But this is not a shitty “oh no, it’s another compilation tape”, the first demo work was remixed and the vocals were also re-recorded. I believe it’s the most … Continue reading Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

If you love old school noise you might have heard about these bands. Captain Three Leg from the USA and Corpse Eater from Germany… What I want to say ahead of time, is that these bands are very similar and different at the same time. Short songs, violent power, same spirit but both of them have their own vision about the Noise they make. Also this split could be marked as something lost a few decades ago and found only now. It’s really interesting how such music sounds nowadays, especially in comparison with modern bands 😉 So the openers are … Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater