Gummo – A Fresh Breath on the Neck

Young French trio Gummo finally released their new album! Expect 18 songs full of hardcore/powervilonce/grind madness! This record released by This Don’t Trust The Hype Recordz, Sleepy Dog Records, Coups de Couteau, Loner Cult Records, Minga Records, No Time Records, Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records, United Winds Records & The Hills Are Dead. Continue reading Gummo – A Fresh Breath on the Neck

Negativ Null – Kategorisch Aggressiv

Negativ Null was a band from Germany, these guys were oriented on the extreme hardcore genre (namely powerviolence). “Kategorisch Aggressiv” is the last their work and this sound bomb was dropped in 2017. First of all, this is an excellent example of a modern pv with great old-school artwork and with a bit more than 2 dozen songs. Second is its wicked spirit! Yep guys, this is a f***g punch right into the face. All these songs are full of hate and aggression, damn good stuff must say. All production is solid, the sound is sharp and clear (however, I … Continue reading Negativ Null – Kategorisch Aggressiv

Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

“London is the capital of Great Britain!” 😉 And it`s also a city of good grind squads and festivals. As you may know, GB is full of cool bands, and today I want to introduce you Nganga – a new grind name in the UK underground. The name of this band is a term for herbalist or spiritual healer in many African societies, and the cover image of this tape release looks like a bad trip after some special herbs, haha! Guys call their style “Matamoronic deathgore”, not sure what the hell that means but these 4 guys know how … Continue reading Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Sick Destroyer is one more name in the legion of the Czech grindcore scene. This promo is something like a sneak peek at their future splits with US noise monsters Reeking Cross, Tantalum, and Czech bombers Insistent. This material is short (all tracks are under 1 minute) but very powerful and live. Sorry to say but, I don`t know the artist who drew this art, but he did a damn sick job! This rotten remains and maggots in the suit remind us how people can hide their real faces behind the good looks. Really lovely cover… The music part of … Continue reading Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Fecalizer – Wendigo

Hola boys and girls today I want to talk about the last EP of Mexican grinders Fecalizer. This band is not new at all, the guys have almost 20 years of experience, but they are still not very known in the rest of the world. Guys are playing lo-fi goregrind with many nasty themes (but what would you expect from a band with such name? ;)). This new work is something like a step aside from classical gore guts/blood/corpses things. Not sure if all of you know but “Wendigo” is a mystical/mythological creature from Indians folklore (North American Indians). And … Continue reading Fecalizer – Wendigo

Split Agathocles/ Eristetyt/ Kuolema is out!

In November 2018 the three bands were on the road together in Finland, a total of 39 songs were recorded at the gig in Tampere, ingenious soundboard quality, which still doesn’t have to do without the roughness and atmosphere. Pure live enjoyment. The enclosed booklet (with liner notes, rare pictures, and stories) allows you to experience the musical inferno even more intensely. Release by Power It Up rec! Continue reading Split Agathocles/ Eristetyt/ Kuolema is out!