Inopexia – Обычный день

As you may know, Inopexia is a gore act from the heart of Russia. For their long history, guys made a ton of gigs (even I saw them 3 times) and of course, there are a lot of records. “Обычный день” (Usual day) is one of their last EP and today I will try to write about it. This tape has a very simple design, but an interesting cover. This is is weird art and the artist dedicated it (I suppose so) to the different kinds of junkies. Unfortunately, this problem is very actual in our sick world. Basically, this … Continue reading Inopexia – Обычный день

First Days Of Humanity – Pixel Death + EPs

Finally got a copy of this lovely compilation CD (which contains the first 3 EP) of a great one-man band from Arizona! Many people were thought that this is a joke project and it will be dead after the first shot (Caves), but they were wrong. First Days Of Humanity brings us a lot of great tunes and emotions, right now this project is on hold because the guy behind it is working on something new, but we still have some releases to talk about. In this review, I want to cover “Pixel Death”, because I love it the most. … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity – Pixel Death + EPs

Human Obliteration – Definition Of Insanity

When I met the drummer of Human Obliteration at OEF he told me that they gonna release a new album. A little bit more than a year guys started to post some promo songs, and must say they were great! I was stocked to hear the whole album and finally here is it. Wise Grinds rec was the first who released this album, it was a tape (oh yes, that label is gonna release a vinyl version too, so you were warned). The cover art for “Definition Of Insanity” was created by Arif Rot (Wormrot), what can I say, this … Continue reading Human Obliteration – Definition Of Insanity

Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the collection “Discography 2013 – 2019” of Horrible Earth! Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Horrible Earth formed in 2012 and mercilessly deliver a calloused wrath of Grindcore filled with Punk/Hardcore and Death Metal influences. “Discography 2013 – 2019″ is loaded with barbaric riffs, uncivilized blastbeats, cold-blooded snarling, and a thick slurry of low-fi bass delivering a savage criticism of the failures of the human race. This compilation consists of the debut Self-titled LP, Typical Human Behavior LP, songs from the Split 7” with Psycho and a bonus live cover of GG Allin’s ‘Look Into … Continue reading Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”

Endless Swarm / Faršas

It’s always interesting to review split releases because this kind of record is based on friendship and respect. And for today’s write up I choose a pretty fresh split of Endless Swarm (UK) and Faršas (Lithuania). Let`s try to start from the cover of this lovely tape. I think I didn`t catch the main idea of this art. Because I only see some old idols and something evil that is trying to get through them. I guess I need to ask bands about this painting.  Endless Swarm is not so active these days so that`s why it`s always great to … Continue reading Endless Swarm / Faršas