Convulsions (20.03.19)

Hola amigos! Finallym Convulsions is on GGGG pages! How are you doing boys? Hello! Yeah, finally! We took a long time to answer everything, but it’s a bit difficult for us, since we live in three different cities. We’re doing just fine. A bit busy lately, work sucks, but we try to manage. Thanks for counting on us for this interview! I`m afraid that I must ask you to tell your band’s story – so when, who, why? Well, Convulsions was born a bit after Human Butchery disbanded, which was the previous band where Héctor and Campos played. It was … Continue reading Convulsions (20.03.19)

Chepang​/​Test (Lower Class Kids Records)

It’s been a while since this 7” split was released, but the tape version showed up only a few month ago. And now I’m the happy owner of it, haha! First of all this cassette looks great, nice high quality paper, colored shell and not the worst sound. Lower Class Kids Records did a good job with this release. I guess there is not much that I can write about these bands, both names are big enough and famous, both have a lot of great records and so on. That’s why I don’t want to tire you with a long … Continue reading Chepang​/​Test (Lower Class Kids Records)

Vicious Circle ‎– Never Give In

Vicious Circle is a damn old band, these punks were the beginners in Australia. With time these guys changed their style, now their music is more aggressive and sounds more like oldschool Hardcore. “Never Give In” was released 3 year ago, but this LP holds it’s intensity even to this day. The finely concentrated energy on this album could blow your head clean off, ha! When I got the parcel containing this album I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the cover,hell the  image in general is just awesome. Speaking of the image, it has a lot of elements and … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Never Give In

Vomit Spell – Demo

It’s not a secret that the Deathgrind genre is very popular, more and more new names appear in the underground over the past few years. Vomit Spell is one of these names. Honestly, this 5 piece squad surprised me with its debut demo. The productions is raw, but not awful, and the sound is low and rotten. I listened this material about 10 times before I started to write these words. I did find myself thinking that this band has more of a Death Metal sound rather than from Grindcore. Punky and punchy Death Metal riffs meet Tupa Tupa beats … Continue reading Vomit Spell – Demo

Celophys – Fried Chordata

What do you know about the Sludge scene in Ukraine? Let me show you a small part of it. Celophys is a two piece band from the city of Cherkassy, and started to make noise in 2012. Since then they’ve released 3 full length albums and here they are again with a brand new full length. Their fourth album is named “Fried Chordata”, strange name, isn’t it? This band really loves the old times, I mean really old school times, haha. They used a lot of images of ancient creatures like dinosaurs, cephalopods, mollusks and now they evolved to The … Continue reading Celophys – Fried Chordata

Scumdogs – Olor a Muerte

A friend of mine sent me this CD because he wanted to hear my honest opinion about this band. That’s why we are here today, and why I’m holding this CD in my hands… Scumdogs is adherent to the  grindcore genre but unlike modern bands these guys they aren’t technical freaks. So we won’t be smashed by ultra fast blast beats and clear sound. Scumdogs are honest in their noise, they just playing what they want to play. Olor a Muerte has a raw sound, this album is a simple transformation of aggression from all band members (I guess it’s … Continue reading Scumdogs – Olor a Muerte

News from Power It Up records

Agathocles / Capital Scum – split LP – 2 Belgian legends on 1 split! Mincecore meets hardcore/punk! Tribute to Warsore 10″ – 39 bands around the globe 39 bands pay homage to Warsore with a song. The 10″ contains a 16 sided booklet plus Poster. The compilation is limited to 500 copies. 300 copies black vinyl and 200 copies. ask for more infos Continue reading News from Power It Up records