News from Selfmadegod rec!

Brand-new 5-song material of one of Québec’s most hardworking bands. SACCAGE’s sound features a psychedelic take on classic Death/Thrash metal and melds blackened riffs, D-beats & destructive blast beats with evil agressive vocals known for their eerie, satiric and misanthropic lyrics. Describing their stye as Evil Death Crust, the band will appeal to the most brutal death metallers but will also gain legions of fans within the thrashers, d-beat fans and punk grinders! Musically sounding like a dozen tons of bricks, somewhere between ENTOMBED, DARKTHRONE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and the godsend crust/grind kings DISCHARGE & NAPALM DEATH. You can get a … Continue reading News from Selfmadegod rec!

Will Cope – An Attempt

Vilnius, Lithuania somewhere in 2020 two drunk guys decided to play something fast and loud. Guys started with a small single and a year later they recorded their debut album An Attempt (which is screaming right now from my speakers). I have no idea what guys wanted to say by this cover with broken water tap, but I really dig their music. Will Cope position themselves as a powerviolence band, but for me, it`s more like grindviolence with the addition of modern metallic hardcore. This full-length has a nice juicy sound, also guys managed to save live energy and aggression … Continue reading Will Cope – An Attempt

Deterioration – Transcending Human Confines

The US champions of heavy and buzzsaw grindcore Deterioration is always put on a table top-notch stuff, Transcending Human Confines EP is not exclusion. Besides a solid portion of noise, this release has a wonderful design and a lovely gatefold paper cover (which is not common). Interesting fact – Deterioration is literally a band of brothers. Jim Kahmann is in charge of the guitar stuff, while the drums are done by his brother Joe. These 8 songs are so fucking good, and will play them all right now! After a short intro (I think it was taken from the “Body … Continue reading Deterioration – Transcending Human Confines

Split NoComply / Sidetracked

Washington State’s SIDETRACKED deliver seventeen disjointed, breakneck-speed, experimental powerviolence blasts. Much like SISSY SPACEK did to grind of chopping up songs and making you feel mostly insane and overall anxious, SIDETRACKED laysout some amazing blasting hardcore in such an amazingly chaotic way. Florida/NorthCarolina/Philadelphia are represented on this NOCOMPLY session. Birthed from the same session as the THEY LIVE split , you have three tracks long enough to sink your teeth into while still blazing fast at points. This material is also newer and not collected on the East Coast Powerviolence LP. Both bands have been fine turning their styles for … Continue reading Split NoComply / Sidetracked

Triac (04.08.22)

Good day Jake, hope you`re alright! That is awesome that agreed to do this interview, so let`s talk about your new album! Alex, thank you so much for the interest and support! With the world unfolding as it is, especially in near you, I hope you are holding up as best you can and that music and conversations like this continue to offer a positive outlet.  To be honest “Pure Joy” surprised me a lot. This album totally smashed me, ha! How the hell did you manage to create such a fast and aggressive album?  Thank you! I am so … Continue reading Triac (04.08.22)

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists

We were waiting for this album for so long and here is it! Pulmonologists – is a really disgusting monster with a super crushing sound and nasty riffs! The listeners will be crushed by the 17 songs of top-notch goregrind! All final sound and mastering were made by Jack Productions (Mesrine), artwork by Luisma (Haemorrhage). Must say that the cover painting looks truly amazing. The main character is brilliant as always, no, he looks even better than in previous covers. Luisma did a super catchy work (again, hehe). As I already mentioned this album sounds monstrous. Bulldozing sound and gorgeous … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Pulmonologists