Agathocles / Iron Butter

Today is Friday and this day is just perfect to have a few cold beers and write a new review about a good Grind release. I don’t even want to introduce AG, you all know that lovely trio. But I feel the need to give you some info about Iron Butter. So this was a band from New York, and for their years of activity (2006 – 2013) they became a pretty cult band. These guys played really dirty and noisy Grindcore, and obviously they have a lot of splits with bands like Unholy Grave, Mesrine and Archagathus, etc. As … Continue reading Agathocles / Iron Butter

Turn Off Cancer – Turn On Grind!

After weeks of silence, we now need to provide this information. Rafał “Sonia” has inoperable pancreatic cancer. This has just been confirmed by biopsy results. There is a fight ahead of him, and a weapon is needed to fight. As always, this weapon is money. As some may know, pancreatic cancer is one of the worst varieties of this fucking disease. However, in addition to standard chemotherapy treatment, there is also another method, namely NANOKNIFE. The nanoknife treatment is performed by several clinics in Poland. However, this is an expensive procedure. That is why we are asking you for support. … Continue reading Turn Off Cancer – Turn On Grind!

Fumigated – Composted

Do you think Lima, Ohio, is where we’ve perfected time travel? This is a weird question to start a grind review off with, sure, but my reason for asking is that I’m pretty sure instrument playing cavemen were brought in from the Paleolithic era to form this band. Composted is 8 tracks of pulverizing goregrind with a taste of death metal, and it was released at the end of August 2019. When I got the CD in the mail, I feel like I knew what I was in for just based on the cover. It’s a simple black and white … Continue reading Fumigated – Composted

Hexx / Shitgrinder

This split is a damn punch in the face. So savage, so wild and furious… I’m really glad that I got this wax to review. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a powerful split with two Australian bands, Hexx and Shitgrinder. To be honest, I’ve been tracking both bands for some years, their last releases were fantastic. It was only a question of time when both of these names would show up in one release.  Traditionally (as for grindcore release of course) this 7” has brutal photos on both sides, I especially like a decomposed body on the … Continue reading Hexx / Shitgrinder

Xico Picadinho – Ode Ao Apodrecimento

2018 was a great year for Brazilian grinders Xico Picadinho… Some shows, a lot of rehearsals, but most importantly – a new album. These guys spent two years preparing it and the result is right in my hands. This CD has a good art, maybe not usual for grindcore bands, but it looks cool. As for refill, we have here 7 songs including a Nasum cover. So let’s dig into this “Ode Ao Apodrecimento” album! First, what my ears caught was a really strong death metal influence. I think I can even use a deathgrind tag here. A lot of … Continue reading Xico Picadinho – Ode Ao Apodrecimento

C.S.S.O. ‎– Vimukti Vimokasa

It’s good to see releases like this one, it helps to remind people about old bands and it helps to present them to new people. C.S.S.O. was (damn! they still are!) a legendary band with unique style and interesting vision of grind. I bet Anatomical Productions considered this fact, and that’s why the tape shell consists of two colors, red and white…I must say it looks fantastic! The new cover art was taken from old horror manga (unfortunately I don’t know which one) and it perfectly fits into bands concept. These ancient songs were recorded somewhere in 93/94. Side A … Continue reading C.S.S.O. ‎– Vimukti Vimokasa

Debut work from Morgue Breath!

Ugly, deformed, ripping and filthy grind/death for fans of Machetazo, Gruesome Stuff Relish, early Carcass and Repulsion! This foul feast is served up almost entirely by sole maniac Ivo (Radiation Vomit, The Men`s Toilet, etc.) with the odd rancid rant provided by some of Melbourne/Los Angeles’ most bitter! CD on Terrible Mutilation and tape and t-shirt by Jubokko Productions. You can check few promo songs here! Continue reading Debut work from Morgue Breath!