Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

California is the land of great grind bands, I don’t really know why, maybe there is something in their beer, but there are so many talented people! Today I want to talk about a new and fresh one-man project – Morgue Breath. A man who’s standing behind this music is Ivo from Radiation Vomit/Man`s Toilet. I really love all of his bands… that guy is freaking grind wizard haha! “Postrarse Frente La Flema” is the name of this debut work, it contains 6 original songs and 1 cover. Also, this album has good artwork, gloomy, dark, with an appropriate atmosphere. … Continue reading Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

Agathocles / Assur

Belgium day on GGGG! This 7” was released by young Belgian label Orange Elixir Records and, obviously, both bands are from the same country too. I’m confident in AG, but new stuff from Assur is making me curious. I remember their demo and it was not the best stuff that I heard, but I want to give a chance to them. So let’s begin with side A!       My old friends from AG used some old recordings for this release. All songs were recorded in Belgium and Canada during the 2017-2019 period. I want to highlight that this … Continue reading Agathocles / Assur

Inopexia – unREST IN GOREnoise

Last fall my old friends from Moscow released this massive release. Monstrous 72 song compilation was released on vinyl and CD formats. Guys gathered together all their material for more than 10 years of existence. All together we have here about 40 minutes of super blasting gore. This ridiculously heavy shit has perfect cover art too, the artist made it in “Reek of Putrefaction” style, must admit that everything looks very solid and creepy. The “unREST IN GOREnoise” is a bloody piece of noise that can be characterized as a “loud brainwashing psycho weapon”. This is not a ZZ Top … Continue reading Inopexia – unREST IN GOREnoise

Wise Grinds Records (05.02.20)

Hi Josh, I hope you and your family doing well. Take a beer, let’s begin 😉 Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself and my label with all the grind maniacs around the world! I wanna start by asking how you got into music in the first place? When did you get serious about it and when did you start collecting different releases as a crazy?) Well, I remember even as a small child having a very intense emotional response to music. During that time from the late 70s into the early 80s popular music was … Continue reading Wise Grinds Records (05.02.20)