Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)

Greeting Curby! How are you doing my friend, busy and tired?) Haha…yeah, a few weeks before the festival, it’s always terrible, mate! Totally busy, changes every day, always something with some band and so on! I don`t want to cry, I am happy I can do it! As the Mandalorian says: „This is the way”, ha! I really love when the first band grab their strings and the first tone is on!!! It`s the best feeling after the last weeks before the fest. In just a few weeks and the gates to the Battlefield will be opened. How do you … Continue reading Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)

Trappist / Hetze

This small 7″ release will rip off your head with its energy. Despite the fact that this record was released a year ago, I still listen to it at least one or two times a week. Trappist / Hetze split is a good way to cheer up yourself and charge with a solid portion of energy. So today I`m proposing you to joining me and listen to this lovely split together! First on the line is Trappist. This is an LA all-star band featuring members of Killed in Action, Crom, Despise You & Spazz (impressive isn`t it?). The US side … Continue reading Trappist / Hetze

Pharmacist – Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds

New pathological stars from Japan finally released their 2d album! It`s impressive because the band is active for only 1,5 years and they already recorded two full-lengths. Visually, nothing has changed, we can same sick gore art, the same logo… But musically Pharmacists had changed. This record is mature, the riffs are more complex, more various, same I can say about the tempos. For the perfect understanding of “Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds” you need to sit in a chair, pour yourself a glass of strong alcohol, and turn it on. Just like your favorite drink, you have to … Continue reading Pharmacist – Flourishing Extremities On Unspoiled Mental Grounds

Doomsisters – Combattre leur idée de l’ordre

To be honest, Doomsisters escaped from my eye, I don`t really understand, how the hell that happened. Today I will try to fix this embarrassing oversight. This album is representative of modern grindcore in its most pleasant form: short loud songs of ultra-fast power cords, a drop of old crust, and blastbeats that smash the listener to a substantial degree. + there are two songs with fabulous slow material, I won`t say that that was sludge, but it was something close to that genre. The vocal is wicked and completely fits the noise, and the lyrics consist of sharp social … Continue reading Doomsisters – Combattre leur idée de l’ordre