Sanctioned – Annexation

Sanctioned is a new band from Melbourne, but the guys behind this name are very skilled. The line up consists of grindcore stalwarts featuring members of many cult underground bands like The Kill, Undinism, Fuck I’m Dead, Christ Crusher, Kutabare, Remains, Shitwreck, Open Wound (impressive isn`t it?). I guess we have here an allstars band, haha! The visual look of this LP can confuse… it looks very metal, actually I was expected to hear some heavy metal but not a bone crashing grindcore, hehe. The style of this artwork looks very familiar and after some research, I understand that the … Continue reading Sanctioned – Annexation

Archagathus – Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging

It`s been 10 years since this LP was released. After a decade this album became very popular and iconic in this sub-genre. For this anniversary Power It Up rec prepared a vinyl version of “Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging”. I don`t have the original CD but I can honestly say that this edition looks and feels awesome! Great paper quality, good looking design, and the vinyl with a solid sound. As a vinyl fan, I`m more than happy, haha) This album is everything that you need to know about modern mincecore. All 18 songs are charged with a ton of … Continue reading Archagathus – Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging

Commando FxUxCxKx – Slum Zombie Gore

Brazilian goregrind is something special, there are a few pretty famous names but many of great bands are still unknown to the rest of the world. Today I will try to fix that, ha! So here is a new band (but with old heroes) from São Paulo/Brazil. “Slum Zombie Gore” is their debut CD and I really hope they won’t stop. I think the visual side of this release is its weak spot. Zombies, so so characters, colors, and so on… I can`t say that I found it interesting or cool. BUT the music of Commando FxUxCxKx was worth my … Continue reading Commando FxUxCxKx – Slum Zombie Gore

Tunkio ‎– World Of Maniacs

Finnish grind duo Tunkio has released a lot of good noise but today I want to talk about this dirty diamond, haha! World Of Maniacs is a one-sided EP released by Meltaaargh!!!! (sub-label of Bringer Of Gore) it`s short but very nasty. Actually, this is one of the best records from Tunkio (on my taste of course). So why this 7″ is so important and worth your time? Well first of all it`s its energy and raw amateurish sound. Someone will call it “it’s so bad that it’s good”, haha! There is only 9 short song and it sucks to … Continue reading Tunkio ‎– World Of Maniacs

Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma

We all perfectly know that Czhces’s scene is reach with tons of great bands. This release is a nice example of how just simple teamwork of two old bands can kick a 10-ton ass, haha! Two oldtimers Purulent Spermcanal and Carnal Diafragma are back with new songs and with a huge charge of fun and energy! So let`s open this terrible and perverted pandora’s box! I really dig PS side, this material has very brutal and heavy. From all their splits from 2020, this is my favorite because of these sick songs. The guitar sound is extremely low, this shit … Continue reading Purulent Spermcanal / Carnal Diafragma