Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

Greetings! How are you guys? Hope you`re doing good, I`m really glad that you`re here, so let’s start this small talk. Pierre : Hey Alexander ! Doing OK ! Thanks for talking to us ! Laurent : Hey dude ! David: Hi Alexander everything is fine Just a while ago you released a new split with Sneezing Pus. Could you tell us about this team work? Pierre : Rene from Sneezing Pus approached me with their songs in order to release a split together… I was stoked to share a release with one of Noel’s projects (Gruesome Stuff Relish, etc) … Continue reading Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

Do you like fast music guys? Yes? So you’re in right place at the right time. Because today we will spinning a really fast release, a split between The Seeker and Arnø X Duebel. I listened to this 7” few times in a row and must say I’m positively impressed. This highly concentrated violence from young bands is bloody loud and sincere. The power, speed and genres in general are similar but at the same time don’t feel exactly alike. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the difference is.     Milan residents The Seeker are first in our short … Continue reading The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

2 Minuta Dreka (16.05.18)

2 Minuta Dreka are coming to Tokyo for a tour in the first half of June, so no better occasion to get some in-depth info about the band from their vocalist, Brandy. Seeming typos have been left in to preserve the integrity of the interviewee’s original answers. Thanks a lot to GGGG for hosting this interview. Describe your evolution into a pervert. The fist memory of a pervert was at elementary school when i was 6 years old. I was pretending to be sick because i didn’t want to be at school anymore and then i was waiting for my … Continue reading 2 Minuta Dreka (16.05.18)

Vicious Circle ‎– Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void

Vicious Circle has been a Punk band for 30+ years. No doubt anyone who has been interested in Punk music at any time has come across the band in some way, shape or form. The early years of VC were full of Hardcore Punk madness with strong social lyrics about oppression, social inequality, defiance, etc. Yes this band didn’t change the style, but these bastards were standing strong at the beginning of Australian Punk era. This is truly a legendary name in Punk history. Even a dumbass knows that without Punk there would be no Grindcore, Hardcore, Death Metal or … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Rhyme With Reason/ Into The Void

Gets Worse / Endless Swarm

Can there be a better idea than spinning a split with two killer bands which you’re a fan of? Yeah, I love this massive and violent punch from England. Both bands know how to make good and catchy noise. But this 7” isn’t just about the music. Just take a look at this funny cover. I don’t know the artist behind this image, but I bet that person was high during creation process, haha! It’s simply great how these cheesy japanese monsters look and fit so well on a Powerviolence release. As this is a 7” vinyl, we get only … Continue reading Gets Worse / Endless Swarm