Sickrecy – Salvation Through Tyranny

I woke up after another restless night and thought I needed to add a little grindcore to my morning coffee. It helps to get back on track (best medicine btz)…  So for this reason I chose a new album by Swedish trio Sickrecy. This is still a new band for our underground (guys started 2 years ago), but band members of it have more than enough experience (Damned to Downfall, World in Ruins, Birdflesh, General Surgery, nice isn’t it?). Useful clarification, I`m listening and writing about the CD version that I got from Selfmadegod rec. This version is a double … Continue reading Sickrecy – Salvation Through Tyranny

First look at Will Cope / Harmer split 12″

Two of the most promising bands from north-east Europe have joined forces to release a relentless grinding hardcore sonic assault. Following up their following up respectively last albums “An attempt” and “Manna”, these gentlemen will bring you sixteen minutes of sharp riffs, fast blast-beats and rageous screams for lovers of classics such as Nasum, Gadget, Lock Up and so on, all enriched with very personal hardcore vibes all over. Everything should be done till the end of the summer! Stay tuned! Continue reading First look at Will Cope / Harmer split 12″

Lifetaker – Der Letzte Raum

This week and the last one were pretty difficult, so it`s time to charge my mood with some new tunes. I picked up a second album of Lifetaker from my box. Different sites tag the music of this band with different genres, and indeed, these German gentlemen are mixing a lot of nice heavy genres. I found grindcore, hardcore, death metal, sludge, and a drop of crust. But “Der Letzte Raum” is far from a messy collection of wrong pieces that are held together with bubble gum and tape… This is well-done work, with a good balance in genres, tempos, … Continue reading Lifetaker – Der Letzte Raum

The Arson Project (29.05.23)

My greeting guys, how are you doing today? Hope you are in the right mood because we’re starting our boring interview right now! Hi! We are doing great. Summer is around the corner and we are busy with the release of our new album so we can’t complain! To be honest I was waiting for your new album for years! And finally, it happening. So what people should know about “God Bless”.  And what feelings and thoughts are swarming in your heads after all this hard work? Sorry for the long wait! Happy to hear that you and other people … Continue reading The Arson Project (29.05.23)

Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

No, no these guys didn’t split up. Just Inglorious Moshers rec wanted to show some respect and support for Active Shooter. That’s why this Italian label gathered together all the recorded stuff of these grind-violence freaks and released it last year. Well, this CD is really massive, 46 songs of great and loud stuff. Good design, cover art, booklet, and so on… I feel that this is a real ripper, but am I right? Let’s check it! First of all this discography will cheer you us with a wonderful portion of kick-ass riffs and aggressive tunes. But be careful, because … Continue reading Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021