Liquid Viscera – Dead Body Obsession

Liquid Viscera is a new name in gore. Their first album Dead Body Obsession is bone-crushing worship to old General Surgery, Haemorrhage, and early Carcass. This Texas duo surprised me a lot with a really cool portion of old school material. After small research I found out that Liquid Viscera consists of two members from Intestinal Disgorge, these people know how to make a really awesome grind. As for the physical release of this album, hm, I don’t have CD in my collection, I have a cassette but my say in comparison to CD, tape looks way better. This toxic … Continue reading Liquid Viscera – Dead Body Obsession

Gruesome Stuff Relish β€Ž- Don’t Look Back!!!

I must confess, compilations are no my favorite type of releases. But not all of them are blank and boring. Sometimes it happens that the right combination of old songs could drive you crazy and make you headbanging all daylong. We have here that kind of situation. Spanish gore masters Gruesome Stuff Relish release this CD last year, but this noise is still actual and loud! Altogether we have 15 songs about scary stuff like cannibals, zombies, maniacs, and other lovely characters. All these spooky stories were released in good looking (Meat 5000 Records made a good job) digipack with … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish β€Ž- Don’t Look Back!!!

Mortville Noise is going to release a full discography of Forced Expression!

56 tracks, including all of their EPs, compilation appearances, alternate 4-track version of the Avulsion split, live, rehearsal and unreleased studio tracks. With one exception, all of the audio sourced from the original tapes. Look for it soon from Mortville Noise + Tasteful Nudes! Continue reading Mortville Noise is going to release a full discography of Forced Expression!

Mortify – Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw

Let’s grind it out with Mortify’s β€œStench Of Swedish Buzzsaw”. I think that not everyone is familiar with this band. This band started a few years ago, they got few demo works, but this album is the real deal. Line-up of Mortify is hell bright and interesting: vocal – Adam Jennings (Disrotted) / guitar – Koreeda (ex-Coffins) / drums – Ryohei Kikuchi (Su19b / Final Exit). Cool isn’t it?). The amazing artwork was made by Swiss Huere Artworks. This album was released in all 3 formats (vinyl, CD, and cassette), I was lucky to get a tape (thanks to Grindfather … Continue reading Mortify – Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw

Crippled Fox β€Ž- 10 Years Of Thrashing

It’s cool to see how more and more band are celebrating their anniversaries with special releases. Today I want to spin one cool anniversary 7” of fast / thrashcore band from the heart of Hungary. Crippled Fox is simply great… sometimes goofy, sometimes fast and furious, but they always managed to find the way to your mind. This single-sided vinyl has only 5 songs, and this shortness is the only negative thing of this EP. All tracks are charged with a fire! Let’s imagine that Ghost Rider doesn’t have a bike, instead, he has a skateboard, so this music will … Continue reading Crippled Fox β€Ž- 10 Years Of Thrashing

Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia

What should contain a good gore release? Disgusting cove art? Low sound and blasting drums? Yes! This split exactly falls under these parameters. An only visual part could make you vomit… there are so many photos of wounded soldiers from the Great War, it`s freaking me out not only with gore but with social side too. War is so dirty business… As for the tunes, all putrid stuffing belongs to Americans Intestinal Disgorge and Russians Inopexia… Both acts are pretty popular and that was only a matter of time when they will meet on one release, hehe. Each of the … Continue reading Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia

Last Days Of Humanity β€Žβ€“ The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces

You won’t surprise anyone with the new re-pressing of old LDOH tunes these days… there are so many labels that wanted to get this legendary band. BUT this new press of old live noise is very beautiful and cool. Left-Hand Patches (ex-Fat Ass rec) made a huge work with the visual part of β€œThe Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces”. I was lucky to get a limited edition of this nasty lp. Colored vinyl, hardcover and insert… everything simply looks super cool and disgusting. It would be right to add, that this is the first time when you can get this … Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity β€Žβ€“ The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces

Lunk – Leg Day Collection Tape

Tape day in GGGG house! For this special analog day, we picked up, damn, hot discography tape of two-piece gore band Lunk! I don`t know if these guys still around, because I didn’t hear anything about them in a while, and that is one more reason to remember that squad from Lima, Ohio. Grindfather prod gathered together everything from Lunk and release that noise in a tape format. All together we have here only 13 songs, who are hiding under the great and funny cover art and bright cassette shell. Unfortunately, there is no much left to talk about, so … Continue reading Lunk – Leg Day Collection Tape

Split Earth Federation / Noizegoat will be out soon!

6 killer Tracks by Earth Federation, Japanese quality Grindcore from Tokyo/Osaka, incl HEVI from CORRUPTED on vocals and Atsushi Amano from 324 on drums, you know the deal!! Noizegoat from Kyotowith 3 tracks of CORRUPTED infl. Sludge/Doom/Drone Mayhem!! Limited to 300 You can pre-order it at Regurgitated Semen Rec! Continue reading Split Earth Federation / Noizegoat will be out soon!

Meat Spreader – A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot

Step by step Meat Spreader is spreading its wild vibes everywhere around the globe. In the beginning there was only a demo and that work was damn good, then was a 3-way split with massive and old bands, so it was only logical to wait until the full length album is released! Everything happened in the year 2018, CD and vinyl were pressed at different corners of the Earth, but both variants were distributed well, so all who wanted to get this rotten piece into their collection were (and still are) able to do that. The only one part of … Continue reading Meat Spreader – A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot