Trachoma – Surgical Methods for Infectious Diseases

Trachoma is not well known (yet) band from Brazil, they performed with a first EP a year ago (or maybe less), and that`s all that I know about them… Before they released their first full album that blasted my brain, haha! So again, this band is a crazy duo with totally sick minds, haha! Of course, all material, starting from the cover and ending with the last note, has a classical, for gore genre, rotten theme. Blood, guts, sick maniacs, and so on… nothing new? Maybe, but that is not a bad thing. Must say I was surprised when I … Continue reading Trachoma – Surgical Methods for Infectious Diseases

Formless Master – First Strike (Wise Grinds Records)

Formless Master is a pretty new name on the scene, but don’t be fooled the guys behind this band are very experienced. Featuring members of Gridlink, Mortalized, Deterioration, and Invidiosus this is a real killing machine! They colled their style as a “karate-grind” and you know what, this is the best definition of this music, haha! First Strike has a typic (as for grindcore genre) artwork. There are so many elements from different but cool Asian movies. Everything looks simple but nice, and I think these types of covers are not the worst. Now let`s see what this US/Japanese team … Continue reading Formless Master – First Strike (Wise Grinds Records)

News from Fuck The Facts!

On this Friday Canadian legends Fuck The Facts will release a new album! The album follows the band’s Juno nominated “Desire Will Rot” and continues right where they left off, offering up another slab of their patented “bastardized” grindcore full of all the twists and turns that fans have come to expect. The album will be released by Noise Salvation rec.  Continue reading News from Fuck The Facts!