N​.​H​.​G / Grinder Flesh

This is a real grind attack from South America! I`m really glad to see that more and more grindcore bands are showing up! Before the end of the year Wise Grinds Records dropped a split with Argentina’s N.H.G and Chile’s Grinder Flesh. I`m familiar with the first band but Grinder Flesh is a new name for me. Hope you`re curious as I`m, so let’s put this bad boy on our old turntable! I will be honest, this is the best material of N.H.G that I heard till today. Guys kick in with a solid portion of dense sound and riffs, … Continue reading N​.​H​.​G / Grinder Flesh

Antigen – Dust & Ashes

The Czech crust scene has a lot of cool bands, but somehow I missed a lot of the names (but that`s because I mostly focused on the grind genre). Anyway, I need to have to fix my own ignorance. Here is a very nice melodic crust punk band from Prague. Dust & Ashes is not a new album (it was released in 2020), but it was released only in vinyl format. Now thanks to Romantic Songs rec and Global Help rec we have a CD version! Hmm, this band used almost all classic attributes of the genre. Starting from the … Continue reading Antigen – Dust & Ashes

Necessary Death – S/T

Last Necessary Death released their debut EP. This is a young band from South Bend, Indiana, but don’t be fooled, these guys have a ton of experience. Guys choose a simple idea for cover art, black and white colors, rotten remains of a human (?). Nothing much but everything looks very classic. All in all, we have here only 5 songs but that is more than enough to get into this noise. This is just the first step of the band, but man… these guys are awesome. The whole material is so heavy and dense. The guitar sound, bass, blast … Continue reading Necessary Death – S/T

Agathocles – Razor Sharp Daggers

27 years ago, one Belgian band released one of the coolest albums in grind/mince history! I`m talking about “Razor Sharp Daggers”! I was blasting this album since my high school years, this is an absolute crusher! To celebrate the album’s anniversary Selfmadegod rec re-released it in 2 formats, CD, and vinyl (this one has a new art). I think this old cover became even more actual in our days… Humanity is disgusting species, that kills, destroys, and pollutes everything around… What a sad story. This studio session consists of 25 songs of sweet, loud material. Personally, I think that this … Continue reading Agathocles – Razor Sharp Daggers

Morbid Angel Dust – Demo/Retaliation

Morbid Angel Dust is a young duo based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I think the guys only started a year ago, but they already recorded 2 demos. And I want to talk about them today. Yes, this band has, emm, not a creative or unique name but their material will rip your mind apart! The whole material is fucking fast and full of all the most aggressive emotions that you can even imagine! The guys are grinding your ears and melting your brains with their ferocity! What power, what energy! Both tapes are very cole in material and … Continue reading Morbid Angel Dust – Demo/Retaliation