First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains

What started as a joke turned into something bigger and more serious. If you listen to this noise once, you’ll notice that this noise is very close to LDOH (and yes the joke was about this band too). From the beginning it was only an online/bandcamp project, nothing serious… but with  time labels and fans grew to enjoy this putrid noise. We have a tape release here (thanks to Grindfather prod) of the first 2 EP’s “Caves” and “Remains”. I think all together it’s only 10 minutes of music, but believe me, it’s more than enough. Because everything here has … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains

Anus Tumor / Nephrectomy / Gangrene Discharge

This year I received a huge number of gore releases to review, this split was there among others. From the first look this CD seemed to be a lo-fi gore release, and my intuition didn`t deceive me…   Anus Tumor is a fun little noisegrind/gore/lo-fi death metal band, from Germany. I believe this one-man band has been around for about 20 years or so… During all these years this noise machine brought into the world a lot of different releases (they were released mostly as CDr`s). Generally it’s nothing new here… “Death metal” guitar riffs sound pretty weak, also all … Continue reading Anus Tumor / Nephrectomy / Gangrene Discharge

Nekro Drunkz ‎– Terminal Perversion

Last fall the guys from Nekro Drunkz finally dropped their new album! It was great news, because I really love their old stuff, which made me excited. But before I will start this autopsy, here is some boring and general info about this album. From the beginning our friends have signed a contract with the great Headsplit Records. As far as I know that label made a mountain of tapes and CDs for them. The cover was really brutal and reminds me of old moldy death metal artworks from the past. Then NoBread Rec appeared to released their album in … Continue reading Nekro Drunkz ‎– Terminal Perversion

Golem Of Gore / Human Pancake / Yakisoba / Serotonin Leakage ‎– The Ultimate Torture Of Modern Music

I don’t remember the last time I reviewed such a nasty split… This release is highly concentrated madness and violence. We have here 4 cool bands from 2 continents: Golem Of Gore and Yakisoba from Italy and Human Pancake and Serotonin Leakage from USA. All together they managed to make almost an hour of dirty music! Fuck, this CD is truly dangerous and sick. And the first vomiting jet is coming from Golem Of Gore! Now this band has 3 members, the newest member brings guitar sound into this bloody mess. I must say it works perfectly, now everything sounds … Continue reading Golem Of Gore / Human Pancake / Yakisoba / Serotonin Leakage ‎– The Ultimate Torture Of Modern Music

P.O.O.R. – Glutton For Punishment

P.O.O.R. is one of those bands that likes to take their time between each new release. When I heard their first album I was totally ruined by its force and destructive speed. 7 years later I finally have the opportunity to listen to their new songs. Yes,I waited that long to hear this new album, haha! Time flies fast, and it also brings some changes. To be honest I listened to “Glutton For Punishment” 5 or 6 times before starting to write something. I caught a lot of changes in the music and the style of this band. But before … Continue reading P.O.O.R. – Glutton For Punishment

Agathocles / Restos Humanos

Damn, what a loud split we have here! On one side the infamous Agathocles with their rancid brand of Mince tunes, and Italian Deathgrinders Restos Humanos. All together 6 songs, giving us a huge load of fun and energy + great design. There are still a lot of things that I could talk about but let’s just put this small vinyl on the turntable. We will start this noisy evening with the AG side.      The Belgian Mince dealers don’t seem to know what a day of rest is, nor do they seem to give a fuck about it. … Continue reading Agathocles / Restos Humanos

Jack ‎– Vinyl Problems

Hungarian veterans Jack started more than 2 decades ago… since then they managed to play a huge number of gigs and make a solid discography. These maniacs worked hard on their own name and they deserve at least a small discography release. Well that happened in 2017, and that CD get the name “Vinyl Problems”. Not sure why they picked up such name, maybe because all the songs were previously released only on vinyl or maybe because not everyone has a player in their homes, so you’re simply unable to listen it… the reason is still unclear. But anyway we … Continue reading Jack ‎– Vinyl Problems

Sebum Excess Production / Golem Of Gore

This split is like the rotten corpse of a pair of Siamese twins. It has 2 different personalities, two heads, 4 arms, but one body. The left side belongs to Sebum Excess Production (Brazil) and the right one belongs to Golem Of Gore (Italy). As you can understand this split is all about pure gore, not love, only harsh gore, and clear sickness. This CD has equal parts noise and visual appeal. Both of them are ugly as hell, the rotten remains in the design could make you puke, haha… this collage was made by a really crazy person! As … Continue reading Sebum Excess Production / Golem Of Gore

Ona Snop / Failure

I love listening to crazy, hyper speed releases, because the energy of it charges me much better than coffee. This 10” is one of these. I’m really freaking happy to have a copy of this noise, because both bands are great and all of the material is stupidly awesome. But let’s take a look on the visual side of this split. I don’t know who the hell came with ideas and drew this frog, but I’m sure that person was high, haha! Also my copy is not regular, I have lovely orange splatter variant which sounds pretty good. I guess … Continue reading Ona Snop / Failure

Golem Of Gore – Horrendous Summoning Of Gore

A year ago this band presented a debut demo for all of the sick people in the underground around the world. Believe it or not but, within only one year this project became pretty popular and I want to talk today about their very first full length. Originally this noise was released on CDr format by the band, but now we have super proper reissue from Grindfather Prod, with a new cover and bonus material. The new design was made by mighty Pierre (Braindead zine / Blue Holocaust), and I must admit it looks awesome and very juicy. As for … Continue reading Golem Of Gore – Horrendous Summoning Of Gore

Tuunbaq – Graves of Ice

Graves of Ice is a debut album from Russian deathgrind machine Tuunbaq. This band is one more new name for for me, so let’s check what this is all about. Their Bandcamp page says that our guys are based in Arkhangelsk city (yep, there it is cold), they started about 3 years ago with the purpose of playing fast and heavy shit. Tuunbaq position their music as a Swedish grindcore with some influences from outside… but personally I found more in common with late Napalm Death/Rotten Sound/Implore/Wake and maybe Lock Up, with a huge drop of metal. I don’t know … Continue reading Tuunbaq – Graves of Ice

T.O.A.D. – Truth Of All Death

Canadian grinders Truth Of All Death were a bit silent this year, they got few shows, nothing special, but at the end of the year our friends presented us a new 7”. This self-named wax is a good example of Canadian grindcore. Raw, aggressive, fast and crazy… yeah, many bands are using such ingredients, but damn it, this grindcore and not  power metal, haha! Looking at the cover I noticed that they contracted the disease from Phyllomedusa, who is using images of the frogs for the cover arts, and with whom they make a split last year. This hellish frog … Continue reading T.O.A.D. – Truth Of All Death

Convulsions / No God Rhetoric

Everything is stupidly simple, here is very tight 7” that I want to write about. A really good and mind-blowing release, so here comes Convulsions / No God Rhetoric split EP!  First comes Convulsions, the band that blasted my mind few years with their debut work, and the very kind guys that are staying in my heart after I hung out with them at OEF. But, let’s put emotions aside, we are here to listen to these songs.     The opener “De mal en peor” blasts off with some seriously grinding guitar ligatures. Ferocity inside these tracks is impressive, … Continue reading Convulsions / No God Rhetoric

The Decapitated Midgets – Shit Ceremony

In this new decade, I want to turn back to some goodies from the past decade, so I dug out a very interesting and undervalued gore album by The Decapitated Midgets. “Shit Ceremony” was released in 2010, and 5 years later the band stopped its existence. Visually this album could not be named as an album of the decade. The photo of the dirty toilet is disgusting and stupid, it is more suitable for some lo-fi bands like Gutalax or Fecalizer… but believe me, music inside the worth of listening. This CD is supercharged with good tunes and dirty riffs. … Continue reading The Decapitated Midgets – Shit Ceremony

Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado

Finally, I got this treasure in my collection! A new album from Swedish hurricane Birdflesh! This new LP is truly a bomb, which was dropped in the summer of 2019. As far as I know, this stuff should be out a year ago or something, but there was a technical delay. Talking about delay and expectations, there is a rule “when you wait for something, frustration can be even stronger”, but luckily this album became a real killer! Oh yeah, hard copies, there are 3 versions of this full length, I was lucky to get a tape edition from No … Continue reading Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado

Obsessed By Speed – S/T

I caught myself thinking that we didn’t write anything about the crust sub-genre recently. I want to fix it with debut album from Obsessed By Speed. This is a pretty new band with the members of many good/old Spanish bands, so these guys are not new in this music, hehe. I liked the cover art of this CD. Yes it’s simple, but it colorized (finally something not in black/white traditions, hahaha), and everything looks harmonious. There is no question to the artist and designer, but I have some questions about the music… I won’t lie, I didn’t hear anything new … Continue reading Obsessed By Speed – S/T

Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Today’s story will be about one crazy and loud band from Dayton (USA). A band young and productive, for 3 years of existence they have almost 20 releases! Yep, I’m talking about Sulfuric Cautery. I remember the first time when I heard their noise, that was damn noisy and messy  recording from some of their splits, but even with shitty quality, their extraordinary style caught me. And now, a few years later I`m holding a discography CD… time runs fast, hehe.  I heard a lot of different bands and can honestly say that not all of them deserve attention. Guys … Continue reading Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Finally, I found some time to sit down and write about the last album from Greek grinders Dephosphorus. First of all, I want to highlight that this work is very dark. This darkness starts right from the front cover and ends only with the last riff in Blessed In A Hail song. We all know how people of Greece love black metal and dark things. These sub-genres have a influences in, almost, all music in that country. I can name ton names of crust, metal, grind bands that are using a lot of black and dark metal. And I really … Continue reading Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits

Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

I want to dedicate this review to Sonia, you won’t be forgotten, rest in grind my friend! Life is short and fast, and sometimes even faster than a grindcore song… Let’s talk about a fresh split with 3 great European bands – Psychoneurosis (Poland), Herida Profunda (Poland/UK), and Suffering Quota (Netherlands). I know that this split consists of unreleased and live material, and that doesn’t felt like fresh new songs, but fuck it, because this split sounds really good. I want to start from the first Polish band (the legends) Psychoneurosis. They perform here with two tracks, both of them … Continue reading Psychoneurosis / Herida Profunda / Suffering Quota

Depopulation Department – Life Kills

It’s always interesting to listen to new bands that consist of veterans because people with experience know the way, and they know how to deal with songwriting, sound, production, etc. Today I want to present to you a band with the members of Haemorrhage, and ex-Avulsion – Depopulation Department. I don’t want to disappoint you, but you won’t hear a grindcore or gore here, because this band is playing crust punk. But not a simple one, this band has a fire and super kicking energy in all of their songs. Talking about artwork… Yes, this one is not original, even … Continue reading Depopulation Department – Life Kills

Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life

I received a very short and uninformative e-mail asking me if I was interested in reviewing the new Head Brain Blockade album. I had never heard of that band before, but I know that No Bread rec has good taste in music, so I figured why the hell not write a few words about this CD. A couple of weeks later the promo arrived in the mail. When I opened the box and give a first look at this digipack I recognized the artist that draw this cover art. That is my old buddy Jon from Kaliningrad, I can identify … Continue reading Head Brain Blockade – Destruction of Principle of Life

Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox

Today is Monday and this day usually sucks, and the best way to fix it it’s put some good tunes on your turntable. What could be better than 1 small but loud split with really wild fastcore? I bet nothing. So the split of the day is Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox. This vinyl shows really interesting rampant side of punk. This release has pretty common (for thrash/fastcore genre) art, skate to death my friends, haha! This image is really great, without joking. But the best part still lies ahead… Italian freaks from Satanic Youth starting this party. Must say … Continue reading Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox

MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu

A friend of mine recommended this split to me fully knowing my not big love to noise stuff, but he told me to shut up, open a beer and and listen to it. So I decided to give a try to this tape. Visual part of this release didn’t surprise me, this type of collage is very usual for grindcore and noisecore genre. Then I thought “hm, usually under shitty image is hidden interesting music material”. Well I was half right… Band opener is MFC (Made For Chaos). Unfortunately I don’t know where they are from, but their style reminds … Continue reading MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu

Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

It’s always a pleasure to escape from your own country and join friends at a good Grind festival. This year my target was Grind Here Right Now Fest. The line up of it was huge and juicy, and fuck, it was right after my birthday, so the decision was easy, haha. But beforehand, I flew to Berlin to check some good museums and hang out with some friends. My good friend Keule (Rodel Rec) showed me a few things and introduced me to a super cool punk bar that’s still a pretty active and popular space for local underground people. … Continue reading Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

Travølta / Boom

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a powerviolence release. So here is a fresh portion of good noise for everyone. This vinyl is a fairly simple and highly effective eight minutes worth of material that hits the spot for anyone into fast and heavy music. From first look this music may seem not serious, but it’s only because of the joke cover; believe me tunes inside are real and serious.    Belgian Travølta is here again with their own vision of powerviolence. The music of Travølta has a strong metal hardcore touch, with characteristic sound. The whole production is good and … Continue reading Travølta / Boom

Pulmonary Fibrosis – Organ Maggots

The French band PF is one of the most important and oldest bands in this subgenre. They started 20 years ago, and with time their music has transformed into something really disgusting. But today I want to look back at their debut full length album “Organ Maggots”. Because I have a new re-press of this great album (which was released by Eclectic Productions) and I want to put it on my player and share this noise with you. Here are a few things that I noticed. Unlike the original, this version has a little bit other color + 1 more … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis – Organ Maggots

Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Everyone knows about USA’s schools of Powerviolence and Hardcore, but what do you know about the German scene? Could somebody give me the names of a few bands? No? Luckily today I’m going  to tell you about a couple of great bands with members of few legendary Hardcore/PV bands such as Y, Pink Flamingos and SM70. It’s like a small family, all these dudes have played together for so many years in different squads, time slowly took these bands away one by one, but they didn’t give up. Here are two new projects Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. Their … Continue reading Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure