Inopexia / Dysmenhorrea

Today you won’t surprise anyone with a Gore split. This genre became pretty popular around the world and now we a have a legion of new ugly names. Of course it’s really hard to pick up something interesting among all of the old/new/future Gore releases, but I managed to do that, haha! So the tape for we have prepared for this evening is Inopexia / Dysmenhorrea (released by No Bread rec). Interesting thing, this split has a beautiful look but ugly slimy guts (the music). The yellow cassette perfectly combines with light colors of the cover. This is a professionally … Continue reading Inopexia / Dysmenhorrea

Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad

Blarghstrad is a Australian one man project and I can say it’s not so common to hear such “noise”. Blarghstrad is run by a guy called Brad , who plays all the instruments and sings (Growls? Screams? Howls? Ohh, whatever. This CD could be compared to an audio weapon, haha! This Noisecore is bloody loud and aggressive, people who don`t know what  Noisecore is, will be hurt, haha! Somebody might ask “Why the hell do you like Noisecore?”, well… I usually write reviews about Grindcore stuff, believe it or not but this genre could be interesting and very versatile, that’s … Continue reading Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad

Sardanapalm Death – Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης

I haven’t really heard many new bands that bring anything fresh to the genre. Here come Sardanapalm Death, who also don’t bring anything new to the genre, but this band deserves to be heard. In contrast to other Greek Crust Punk bands, this one sounds a bit faster and has less of the commonplace deep and dark atmosphere. The cover art is really suitable for this kind of Crust. It’s dirty, unmasked, aggressive and smelly. As for the music… Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης is obviously not a masterpiece, but it’s also not a crappy album. Despite all the usual d-beat shenanigans, the … Continue reading Sardanapalm Death – Διαμόρφωση συνείδησης

Failure – S/T

With this record Failure become yet another one of those Powerviolence band that Italy seems to be infected with. These 3 maniacs know how to play violent Punk. The cover art pretty much displays the music of Failure. Because this debut is full of hate and rage and loud crashing energy. This 7” was released in collaboration by 4 labels, and it was pressed in two different colors yellow and black. I have the obsidian black copy, that sounds really great.   When the needle touched the vinyl I realized that next the 7 minutes of my life would be … Continue reading Failure – S/T

ShitFuckingShit – Life Of Excess (Vleesklak Records)

No need to say more, the band’s name says it all, ShitFuckingShit plays… Grind! For neophytes and non-Italian people, ShitFuckingShit comes from Italy. The trio is very active, they’ve recorded a ton of releases and played boatloads of shows, but for some reason they’re still fairly unknown in the underground. I myself have known of this band for some time, but I’ve never got a promo for review. That situation was fixed by Vleesklak Records they sent me this CD with some other nice stuff. So let’s see what we have here. This release has a horrible and shitty design, … Continue reading ShitFuckingShit – Life Of Excess (Vleesklak Records)

Χαοτικό Τέλος ‎– Υπόσχεση

I have a question for you – what do you know about the Greek crust scene? I bet not so much… Greek crust punk is pretty unique; it has its own taste. It’s not cheerful and fast like Swedish kind of crust or raw and aggressive like Brazilian crust, no, this kind of punk is very dark. The riffs and tempos are mostly slower than usual, the atmosphere is full of gloomy emotions. There is a lot of the bands that are using stenchcore (yep, that mystic and barbaric sub-genre) formula in their music. Χαοτικό Τέλος (Chaotic End) is that … Continue reading Χαοτικό Τέλος ‎– Υπόσχεση

G.O.D. / Domesticated

The end of 2018 blasted my ass with this small split. I love good gore, so this 7” became a good nice “holiday cake” for me. So as usual, here is a little info about today’s heroes. G.O.D. or Grotesque Organ Defilement, is well known 3 boys band from Ontario (Canada). They blow up the underground with their interesting and unusual high speed goregrind. Their full length “Body Horror”  set a big shoes to fill, so I’m expecting a lot from this new material. Domesticated is a new name for me. I believe they had started in 2016, Victoria City … Continue reading G.O.D. / Domesticated

Depression ‎– Unglaube

Formed in 1989, Depression became one of the pilgrims in the German Grind underground. I don’t know why, but this band is not as well known as they deserves. What a pity, but on the other hand they are still here, they play what they love to and that shows. We have here their release from 2008, all of the songs (except 1 bonus track) were used for a split with Death Metal band Paganizer. But that was more than 10 (!!!) years ago, and beyond that, this material was released only on CD and tape format. Thanks to Power … Continue reading Depression ‎– Unglaube

Chepang​/​Test (Lower Class Kids Records)

It’s been a while since this 7” split was released, but the tape version showed up only a few month ago. And now I’m the happy owner of it, haha! First of all this cassette looks great, nice high quality paper, colored shell and not the worst sound. Lower Class Kids Records did a good job with this release. I guess there is not much that I can write about these bands, both names are big enough and famous, both have a lot of great records and so on. That’s why I don’t want to tire you with a long … Continue reading Chepang​/​Test (Lower Class Kids Records)

Vicious Circle ‎– Never Give In

Vicious Circle is a damn old band, these punks were the beginners in Australia. With time these guys changed their style, now their music is more aggressive and sounds more like oldschool Hardcore. “Never Give In” was released 3 year ago, but this LP holds it’s intensity even to this day. The finely concentrated energy on this album could blow your head clean off, ha! When I got the parcel containing this album I was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the cover,hell the  image in general is just awesome. Speaking of the image, it has a lot of elements and … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Never Give In

Vomit Spell – Demo

It’s not a secret that the Deathgrind genre is very popular, more and more new names appear in the underground over the past few years. Vomit Spell is one of these names. Honestly, this 5 piece squad surprised me with its debut demo. The productions is raw, but not awful, and the sound is low and rotten. I listened this material about 10 times before I started to write these words. I did find myself thinking that this band has more of a Death Metal sound rather than from Grindcore. Punky and punchy Death Metal riffs meet Tupa Tupa beats … Continue reading Vomit Spell – Demo

Celophys – Fried Chordata

What do you know about the Sludge scene in Ukraine? Let me show you a small part of it. Celophys is a two piece band from the city of Cherkassy, and started to make noise in 2012. Since then they’ve released 3 full length albums and here they are again with a brand new full length. Their fourth album is named “Fried Chordata”, strange name, isn’t it? This band really loves the old times, I mean really old school times, haha. They used a lot of images of ancient creatures like dinosaurs, cephalopods, mollusks and now they evolved to The … Continue reading Celophys – Fried Chordata

Scumdogs – Olor a Muerte

A friend of mine sent me this CD because he wanted to hear my honest opinion about this band. That’s why we are here today, and why I’m holding this CD in my hands… Scumdogs is adherent to the  grindcore genre but unlike modern bands these guys they aren’t technical freaks. So we won’t be smashed by ultra fast blast beats and clear sound. Scumdogs are honest in their noise, they just playing what they want to play. Olor a Muerte has a raw sound, this album is a simple transformation of aggression from all band members (I guess it’s … Continue reading Scumdogs – Olor a Muerte

Nuclear Holocaust ‎- Grinding Bombing Thrashing

Nuclear Holocaust are a Grindcore band from the eastern part of Poland. The fall of 2018 was memorable for them, because Selfmadegod Recs. released their second full length album. So what’s so special about Nuclear Holocaust? In my humble opinion this band has found a great balance between Grindcore, Punk and Thrash. This music sounds pretty cheerful and intense, Nuclear Holocaust could help to wipe out your bad mood (for example), and bring a headache for your your shitty neighbors, haha! Here’s what I’m talking about, just look at this cover image and you will understand! 😉      This Grind … Continue reading Nuclear Holocaust ‎- Grinding Bombing Thrashing

P.L.F. ‎– Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation

During Obscene Extreme Fest in Czech Republic I had the opportunity of meeting Sandro from ancient Regurgitated Semen Rec. It was a pleasure to meet this guy after so many years of chatting with him. That day he told me that he will release a CD version of the new PLF album. That news really pumped me up and some time ago I received this album from him. So what can I say? This album is really monstrous, starting with the cover image and ending with last putrid riff. But let’s go in order, first of all the art. This … Continue reading P.L.F. ‎– Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation

23.02 Extreme Noise Terror / Desecration – Volume Club (Kyiv)

I received information about this gig at the end of the last fall, and needless to say that was one of the best presents for me. Sad fact but, Crust/Grind bands are avoiding our country, so every Grind party in Kiev is a big thing to me. The news about this show with Extreme Noise Terror and Desecration literally crushed me, I was as happy as a teenager when he finally got his got laid for the first time, haha! I started to follow to all of the updates, all the news and rumors, this gig seemed to be huge. … Continue reading 23.02 Extreme Noise Terror / Desecration – Volume Club (Kyiv)

Ona Snop – Geezer

Once I listened to the first record (split 7”EP with ​Nothing Clean) from the Leeds punks Ona Snop, I knew that I needed to try and collect all of the recordings from this project. These guys started this blazing band 4 years ago, and during these years our heroes recorded a few splits, and it was just a matter of time before they gave birth to a full length. It happened in 2018, and the album was named “Geezer”. I must say that it’s a strange name for such a fast and furious album, because this geezer could kick anybody’s … Continue reading Ona Snop – Geezer

Skalp – Demolision

New names – new tunes! Today I want to present to you a new band from Texas. I chose this band because it has its own style (more or less). Skalp is a toxic, barbaric mix of Metal, Crust and Grindcore. This tape contains 10 short songs that (hopefully) will take your scalp of, haha! The band used an interesting picture for its first release. It’s an image of a (500-400 B.C.) Siberian mummy.  I bet it was scalped to collect its brain for mummification, ha! This shit looks very savage and cool. Obviously the visual part of this tape … Continue reading Skalp – Demolision

Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

After quite a crushing demo, Flatulence took a small break – but now they’re back with their first full album. When I heard their noise for first time i was honestly surprised; the quality was high and songs were groovy and not boring. I must say that these guys found a really good label for their debut album. Bizarre Leprous has a good promotion base, so I believe these Russian man-eaters will become famous pretty soon, haha! But let’s get back to our story. Under this cheezy cover (it’s a screenshot from Scanners movie in case you didn’t know ;)) … Continue reading Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

Agathocles / Aligrindtor

One rainy day my postman brought me a parcel, the return address that was depicted on the box says that this pack was delivered from Croatia. It was hard to remember bands or labels from that region, I really know only a few names. When I opened it I figured out that this parcel was sent me by Aligrindtor ( a two piece band with only bass and drums). Their split with AG didn`t surprise me, there are a ton of bands asking for a split with these Belgian icons. Some of them want to promote their stuff in this … Continue reading Agathocles / Aligrindtor

Whammer – S/T

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to review a cassette, so it’s time to fix that! Whammer is a perfect candidate for this mission. This band is new but, the band members have a lot of experience. This squad features members of Doperunner, Grunt & Abberant, familiar names, right?) This self-titled work contains only 4 songs, that’s not much but we have what we have. However  this band differs from the aforementioned bands, I guess I can say that Whammer get their roots from old school Metal/Punk and Grind. You can even look at the cover art and … Continue reading Whammer – S/T

Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

I love and hate pre-orders. I really do. On one hand, it’s fun to get stuff in the mail you forgot about; on the other hand, sometimes I really want that fucking record in my hand. The latter was the case with Bandit’s new release – Warsaw. Bandit is a three piece outfit from Philly that’s known for their live shows; they typically wind up beating the shit out of each other in some fashion, and their vocalist is all over the place and constantly on the move. It’s always fun to catch a live clip from these guys – … Continue reading Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

Netherlands has brought us a ton of great bands, it’s hard to calculate the exact number. My Minds Mine is among them. I was really glad to read about their reunion few years ago. Time was running out and in the end of 2018 MMM presented us with a huge and buzzing album “Passengers Of The Void”. I was smashed by the preview track and I said “Wow” when I first  saw the album art. This image is really brutal. Wild, savage characters, blood and violence… it’s just a perfect combination (the idea of this art reminds me of the … Continue reading My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

VA – Six Stab Wounds

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is the Grind scene like in France? No? Well if you have no time to google it, you can listen to this amazing compilation instead. 6 bands from different regions of this beautiful country will show you what they’ve got in store. This is are ally huge piece of work. Huge thanks to Coups de Couteau for sending me this nuclear CD. Angoulême – Yattai. I’ve known this band for a long time and I always love to listen their new noise. So 6 new songs are made in the delicate Yattai style. … Continue reading VA – Six Stab Wounds

Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Here’s a cool grinding split! With nasty vibrations, raw sound, and with two famous gore bands! Guys from Take That Vile Fiend and Sulfuric Cautery guarantee you a vomiting spasm in your brains! If you like fast and nasty grind, you’re in the right place. Boys from Ohio play the kind of raw grindcore that would make anyones dick hard. Their sound is raw as fuck- difficult to hear the riffs, but that doesn`t matter. This noise makes me think about good old LDOH for the riffs and Warsore for the vocal and heavy sound. There is also something special, … Continue reading Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Sometime even Grind can became boring, in this case you may want to listen to some other genres, maybe even some hits from Madonna or Scorpions. But before you do that I have an interesting proposition for you… Try to listen to some weird Rock’N’Roll, I`m sure it will cheer you up. Here’s one of these strange “wtf, is this a Grind tribute to Lemmy?” albums, hehe. I didn`t know to much about Hobos, I only know that they are based in Italy and this is their second full length. But that is unnecessary, because only the music is necessary … Continue reading Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Today, we’ve got something pretty special! By now, you should all know about To Live A Lie (and if you don’t, you’re fucking up), run by Mr. Will Butler. He’s put out some of the best releases in grind and powerviolence, but this release by Tired of Everything is special – it’s got the man himself on vocals! Let’s take a look at the package – the whole thing is really simplistic (which is never a bad thing); it gets down to business. The front is just some black and white art with the band name, and the inside is … Continue reading Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)