Nothing Clean – Disappointment

A sunny day of May 7 (2021), a calm day in England, the guys are sitting in a pub and drinking beer, the kids are returning from school and then a few freaks dropped a real sound bomb! This album is so loud and intensive, wicked and crazy it can literally drive you crazy! Disappointment – is the last work of really awesome boys of Nothing Clean. This band is an excellent example of nowadays powerviolence scene. I was lucky enough to receive the CD version of this record. BTW it was released in Japan by Esagoya rec… And it … Continue reading Nothing Clean – Disappointment

Turtle Rage / XSPIG

Germany was always a Europinian center of hardcore and powerviolence genres. There are so many crazy bands, starting from the middle 80th and till this day that land produces so many loud and mad bands! Today I want to listen with you to this small but very bright split of Turtle Rage and Xspig. Just like the music on this record, the cover art is dope too. It`s a funny bit childish, but it is 100% consistent with the noise! Berlin punks of Turtle Rage are opening the A-side. This story begins with very awesome punk rock into, which cheered … Continue reading Turtle Rage / XSPIG

Ischemic Necrosis, DxHxNx, Zombie, Pulmonary Fibrosis

We`re still digging some goodies from last year! Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a split release. Must say it`s hard to track that kind of format because thousands of them are produced each year. But thankfully many labels and bands send me notifications about the new and new splits. This 4-way split I found in the box from Meat5000 rec, among other good stuff. Must say that this is really brutal shit with really nice bands! Strange thing, according to the tracklist first band should be DxHxNx, but in fact, we have here 11 songs of the US … Continue reading Ischemic Necrosis, DxHxNx, Zombie, Pulmonary Fibrosis

Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

I think that Malaysian grind bands are not well known in other parts of our planes, which is very sad. Today I will try to fix it a little. “Gasmask Terrorizer” is a new EP from real grind veterans Perpetual! Guys started to grind more than 25 (!!!) years ago! During all that period they have a lot of lineup changes and other troubles but they never gave up! From the first rehearsal till this day Perpetual is still playing rotten old-school grindcore in the best traditions of the genre. Here are strong social-oriented lyrics, sharp themes, and so on, … Continue reading Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

Human Obliteration / Vile Species

The split format is something very special, it`s an integral part of our underground. And, of course, is a real sign of respect and friendship for each other. Last year the US grinders Human Obliteration joined their forces with Greek grind punks Vile Species and right now I`m holding the result of this teamwork. Nice looking tape with gloomy art and colors…  you may say that you have seen that kind of stuff a million times but it`s grindcore, pink unicorns are rare in this genre, haha! Let`s start with the first 7 songs of Human Obliteration. Must say their … Continue reading Human Obliteration / Vile Species

Horornisdiphonevalley – Disfanfare

Don`t really know how the hell I missed this wonderful band. After the first listening, I was so amazed that I decided to write a review! So Horornisdiphonevalley is a one-man band from Japan not sure how long this project exist, but exactly this EP was released at the end of the fall of 2020. This is not the only debut of this act it`s also a debut of a young Japanese label Esagoya rec. So we have 7 songs of something very loud and schizophrenic, haha. This is not regular grindcore as may you think, this is something different, … Continue reading Horornisdiphonevalley – Disfanfare

Suicideforce / Slund

What do you know about powerviolence scene of Italy and grind scene of Slovenia? I bet not much, well hope this small split will help us to shed light on this question. So here we have a Suicideforce in the one corner and Slund in the other must say this is gonna be a great mess, haha! Suicideforce attacks with traditional powerviolence. Fast aggressive, like the fucking bulldog! This noise brings a lot of joy! Great heavy sound, fast riffs, and awesome crunchy bass. Loud and angry vocal accompanied by sharp guitar. Somewhere in the middle, there is a movie … Continue reading Suicideforce / Slund

Proletar – Depressive Disorder

Indonesian veterans Proletar are well known not only in their homeland but in the world as well. These guys are very kind and friendly, I guess that`s why they have so many splits haha! More than 20 years on stage, a lot of experience and gigs, and here is a funny fact, guys recorded their first full length 22 years ago, and only now this trio managed to record their second album, ha! So here is “Depressive Disorder”, a monumental work with 22 tracks and nice artwork. I can say that this is pretty much DIY stuff, guys recorded everything … Continue reading Proletar – Depressive Disorder

Entrails Massacre / Sanctioned

The fall of this shitty year brought us a lot of good stuff… Really, it was hard to catch and listen to all these albums, splits, demos, and EPs. But the end of 2021 is finally near and I want to spin with you a release with German legends Entrails Massacre and Australian grind crashers Sanctioned! First of all this split is interesting by a difference in one genre. Each band presents their own vision of grindcore, and that is a magnificent part of this vinyl. So let’s begin… A bit of history. Entrails Massacre started to make noises 30 … Continue reading Entrails Massacre / Sanctioned

Pulmonary Fibrosis / Assur

2021 is almost gone, but we still digging great releases from 2020! I want to present you one extraordinary work of the guys from Pulmonary Fibrosis and Assur. I bet you already have a question about why this stuff is so special? Well, this release is dedicated to one unique movie character Elvira and Mortician band! End I don`t remember such kind of formats, there are a lot of songs and albums dedicated to different maniacs, monsters, fucking politics but not adorable Elvira. Awesome idea and great bands too, “shall we begin?”(c) 5 first songs belong to my good friends … Continue reading Pulmonary Fibrosis / Assur

Fluids / Pharmacist

Today’s review is about a super-heavy split with boys of Pharmacist (Japan) and Fluids (USA). Actually, it was only a matter of time before this split was supposed to happen. So I`m really happy to spin this boy on my turntable (thanks Lefthand Patches). Let me start with the cover and the vinyl itself. This art is fucking brutal and disgusting, holy shit! Desomorphine (crocodile) junkies with rotten hands and legs… this collage looks much worse and scarier than any of LDOH covers, haha! The vinyl has pleasant pus color with some black and white blotches. Also, there is an … Continue reading Fluids / Pharmacist

Urban Carnage – Nihai Infilak

Urban Carnage is a kickass powerviolence from Istanbul / Turkey. Also, this band has few members of mighty Sakatat, so I almost have no doubt that this debut EP is a fucking bomb! So generally this release has a minimalistic design, but for this genre, it`s a usual thing. For this release guys recorded 11 songs, and like in old good times friends all over the world helped them to release it (just check this list of the labels Psychocontrol Records, Black Against Night Records, Night Animal Records, Blastbeat Worship Tapes, Give Praise Records, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni). Guess what? As I … Continue reading Urban Carnage – Nihai Infilak

Sanitys Dawn – Shredding the yEars

Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and find something useful / interesting. Shredding the yEars is exactly that kind of thing. This massive compilation was released a few years ago by Hackebeil Records and Knochen Tapes. There are 44 songs of classical material. You will find songs from splits with Fetus Eaters, Yacoepsae, Magrüdergrind, Mechanical Seperation, Mindflair, and Wadge. All split records starting of 2002 till 2010. Must say it`s always hard to write your thoughts about band veterans like Sanitys Dawn. Everyone knows their stuff, most people saw them at some gigs/festivals and so on. But let`s try. This … Continue reading Sanitys Dawn – Shredding the yEars

Misguided – S/T

Guess what? Today I wanna show an interesting debut. Self-titled EP from nice Polish trio Misguided. Guys are young and ambitious. In their music, they are mixing a lot of different extreme genres, and they do it well (yep). This first release has only 8 songs, but it`s more than enough to understand what Misguided is all about. The main design has a dangerous red color and a nice unrolled backward skull. A small booklet and info are here too. From the first look, everything is made in a very minimalistic style but wait until you put this CD into … Continue reading Misguided – S/T

Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Sydney’s hardcore/crust maniacs Dark Horse are back with a brand new album! Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct is their 3d album, and I’m expecting a lot from it. We have here 12 songs wrapped in the nice gloomy cover art. Must say that the music is pretty dark, especially in comparison with the first album. Everything (CDs and vinyl) was released by Grindhead Records (another Australian music maniac). So as you see we have here 100% Australian product, hehe… Actually, I really waited for this album, and what I heard wasn`t that what I expected. I don`t know what the hell happened but … Continue reading Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

What can be better than a good gore CD on this cold evening? Right, nothing! Can`t say that this is just a regular release because we have here 4 huge portions of nasty music from Europe and both Americas! As you can see the design of this split is very sick and charged with maggots, fetuses, and other human remains. Disgusting, isn’t it?) I don’t want to seem tactless, I don`t want to talk too much about aspects of this record (there should be some dark moments that you need to explore for your own), I already want to start … Continue reading Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

Junko Furuta / Statist

Today I want to unpack a small DIY release. This is a split CDr with US grinders Junko Furuta and Statist from Ukraine. I bet that both bands are not well known to our readers so it`s a nice opportunity to show their noise to the world. So let`s start. Hm, and the Americans are lucky to open this split. Guys proved that even a duo can play harshly. Their grindcore is dense and loud. Yes, this music has not a brilliant production but this is what I like in Junko Furuta. The guitar has a pretty standard tone, but … Continue reading Junko Furuta / Statist

Grind За**ісь Party # 11

Суботнього жовтневого вечора (23.10.21) відбулась довгочікувана 11та вечірка під стягом Grind За**ісь Party. В наші непрості часи цей відомий двіж, як свіжий ковток хорошого шуму. На данний захід приїхали гурти з різних кінців нашої країни, а також гості з Нідерланд. Коротко, було весело, прийшло чимало знайомих облич (не дивлячись на робочий день), звук порадував, післясмак від 11го івенту лишився приємним. Але давайте по порядку. Розпочинали вечір молодики з Rectal Surveillance. Команда нова і це трохи дається в знаки, початок їх виступу вийшов трохи всратим, довге інтро, потім інше… але загалом команда розігріла натовп непогано, хай хоч і їхня музика зовсім … Continue reading Grind За**ісь Party # 11

Negativ Null – Kategorisch Aggressiv

Negativ Null was a band from Germany, these guys were oriented on the extreme hardcore genre (namely powerviolence). “Kategorisch Aggressiv” is the last their work and this sound bomb was dropped in 2017 (thanks for the tape Hackebeil Records). First of all, this is an excellent example of a modern pv with great old-school artwork and with a bit more than 2 dozen songs. Second is its wicked spirit! Yep guys, this is a f***g punch right into the face. All these songs are full of hate and aggression, damn good stuff must say. All production is solid, the sound … Continue reading Negativ Null – Kategorisch Aggressiv

Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

“London is the capital of Great Britain!” 😉 And it`s also a city of good grind squads and festivals. As you may know, GB is full of cool bands, and today I want to introduce you Nganga – a new grind name in the UK underground. The name of this band is a term for herbalist or spiritual healer in many African societies, and the cover image of this tape release looks like a bad trip after some special herbs, haha! Guys call their style “Matamoronic deathgore”, not sure what the hell that means but these 4 guys know how … Continue reading Nganga – Duct Tape on Eyes and Mouth

Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Sick Destroyer is one more name in the legion of the Czech grindcore scene. This promo is something like a sneak peek at their future splits with US noise monsters Reeking Cross, Tantalum, and Czech bombers Insistent. This material is short (all tracks are under 1 minute) but very powerful and live. Sorry to say but, I don`t know the artist who drew this art, but he did a damn sick job! This rotten remains and maggots in the suit remind us how people can hide their real faces behind the good looks. Really lovely cover… The music part of … Continue reading Sick Destroyer – promo 2021

Fecalizer – Wendigo

Hola boys and girls today I want to talk about the last EP of Mexican grinders Fecalizer. This band is not new at all, the guys have almost 20 years of experience, but they are still not very known in the rest of the world. Guys are playing lo-fi goregrind with many nasty themes (but what would you expect from a band with such name? ;)). This new work is something like a step aside from classical gore guts/blood/corpses things. Not sure if all of you know but “Wendigo” is a mystical/mythological creature from Indians folklore (North American Indians). And … Continue reading Fecalizer – Wendigo

Endless Bore / Numbskull

I bet that most of you missed this small release, right? And today I want to make amends for this oversight. Both bands are from Australia, both are playing extreme kinds of hardcore… Well yes maybe this tape looks like many other fast releases but to be honest this one hooked me up with its insane energy and sincerity. Endless Bore starts this fight. What can I say, their hardcore have a great charge of groove and energy. Actually, this is more thrashcore than classical hardcore, but anyway, this noise is hot! Believe me, these are awesome tunes for the … Continue reading Endless Bore / Numbskull

Tantalum – Survival

Today I propose you to read about the second release of Tantalum. This is an extremely talented grindcore formation from the USA (Texas) with members of Cryptic Void, Mindboil, Holy Money, 50/50, and more. The visual part of this lovely EP reminds me of illustrations of old science fiction novels by authors such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Sheckley, Robert Anson Heinlein. This is really not a standard art as for a grindcore release and I love the result! You can not believe me but this small vinyl is full of aggression and hate, these 13 songs are a trip to … Continue reading Tantalum – Survival

Eastwood – Antibiose

We talked about German grindcore so many times, we did so many interviews with and reviews on… but that damn country surprises me each fucking time, haha! And here we are again, haha, fresh blasting madness right into your face! Ok ok, Eastwood is not a new name (guys are active for almost 10 years) but, they managed to record/release a full album only this year. But better late than never, hehe) So Antibiose is a pack with 17 hyper-blasting songs and with interesting cover art. The artist drew something like microphotography of… damn I don`t have a clue wtf … Continue reading Eastwood – Antibiose

Järnbörd – Gör om, gör fel

After 4 years of silence Swedish grind commando Järnbörd are back with new material. Gör om, gör fel (Do it again, do it wrong) is the first full length of this wonderful band. What can I say, I was confused by the cover art, it`s hard to believe that such a beautiful photo can hide something that wild, haha! Swedish quality and power, the bands from that country never disappointed. On this CD you will find 10 (+bonus) tracks of freaking furious grindcore with brand sound, and at this point, I could finish but… The energy of this record is … Continue reading Järnbörd – Gör om, gör fel

Agathocles / Heraclides

This tape showed up just a day ago, my mailman kindly delivered it right into my hands. This is a very fresh release with iconic Agathocles and new blood from Singapore – Heraclides. The tape is damn short but interesting and cheerful. Belgian mince veterans start this split with damn raw song. Guys used only two songs for this work… and I don`t really know what to say about it, because I`ve talked about this band so many times, haha. So the sound is freaking raw, the first track “Piss On Flemish Myths ” is aggressive and nice, nothing outstanding, … Continue reading Agathocles / Heraclides