Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

After quite a crushing demo, Flatulence took a small break – but now they’re back with their first full album. When I heard their noise for first time i was honestly surprised; the quality was high and songs were groovy and not boring. I must say that these guys found a really good label for their debut album. Bizarre Leprous has a good promotion base, so I believe these Russian man-eaters will become famous pretty soon, haha! But let’s get back to our story. Under this cheezy cover (it’s a screenshot from Scanners movie in case you didn’t know ;)) … Continue reading Flatulence – Irreversible Degrade

Agathocles / Aligrindtor

One rainy day my postman brought me a parcel, the return address that was depicted on the box says that this pack was delivered from Croatia. It was hard to remember bands or labels from that region, I really know only a few names. When I opened it I figured out that this parcel was sent me by Aligrindtor ( a two piece band with only bass and drums). Their split with AG didn`t surprise me, there are a ton of bands asking for a split with these Belgian icons. Some of them want to promote their stuff in this … Continue reading Agathocles / Aligrindtor

Whammer – S/T

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to review a cassette, so it’s time to fix that! Whammer is a perfect candidate for this mission. This band is new but, the band members have a lot of experience. This squad features members of Doperunner, Grunt & Abberant, familiar names, right?) This self-titled work contains only 4 songs, that’s not much but we have what we have. However  this band differs from the aforementioned bands, I guess I can say that Whammer get their roots from old school Metal/Punk and Grind. You can even look at the cover art and … Continue reading Whammer – S/T

Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

I love and hate pre-orders. I really do. On one hand, it’s fun to get stuff in the mail you forgot about; on the other hand, sometimes I really want that fucking record in my hand. The latter was the case with Bandit’s new release – Warsaw. Bandit is a three piece outfit from Philly that’s known for their live shows; they typically wind up beating the shit out of each other in some fashion, and their vocalist is all over the place and constantly on the move. It’s always fun to catch a live clip from these guys – … Continue reading Bandit – Warsaw (Cricket Cemetery Records)

My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

Netherlands has brought us a ton of great bands, it’s hard to calculate the exact number. My Minds Mine is among them. I was really glad to read about their reunion few years ago. Time was running out and in the end of 2018 MMM presented us with a huge and buzzing album “Passengers Of The Void”. I was smashed by the preview track and I said “Wow” when I first  saw the album art. This image is really brutal. Wild, savage characters, blood and violence… it’s just a perfect combination (the idea of this art reminds me of the … Continue reading My Minds Mine – Passengers Of The Void

VA – Six Stab Wounds

Have you ever wondered to yourself, what is the Grind scene like in France? No? Well if you have no time to google it, you can listen to this amazing compilation instead. 6 bands from different regions of this beautiful country will show you what they’ve got in store. This is are ally huge piece of work. Huge thanks to Coups de Couteau for sending me this nuclear CD. Angoulême – Yattai. I’ve known this band for a long time and I always love to listen their new noise. So 6 new songs are made in the delicate Yattai style. … Continue reading VA – Six Stab Wounds

Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Here’s a cool grinding split! With nasty vibrations, raw sound, and with two famous gore bands! Guys from Take That Vile Fiend and Sulfuric Cautery guarantee you a vomiting spasm in your brains! If you like fast and nasty grind, you’re in the right place. Boys from Ohio play the kind of raw grindcore that would make anyones dick hard. Their sound is raw as fuck- difficult to hear the riffs, but that doesn`t matter. This noise makes me think about good old LDOH for the riffs and Warsore for the vocal and heavy sound. There is also something special, … Continue reading Take That Vile Fiend / Sulfuric Cautery

Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Sometime even Grind can became boring, in this case you may want to listen to some other genres, maybe even some hits from Madonna or Scorpions. But before you do that I have an interesting proposition for you… Try to listen to some weird Rock’N’Roll, I`m sure it will cheer you up. Here’s one of these strange “wtf, is this a Grind tribute to Lemmy?” albums, hehe. I didn`t know to much about Hobos, I only know that they are based in Italy and this is their second full length. But that is unnecessary, because only the music is necessary … Continue reading Hobos – Nell’Era Dell’Apparenza

Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Today, we’ve got something pretty special! By now, you should all know about To Live A Lie (and if you don’t, you’re fucking up), run by Mr. Will Butler. He’s put out some of the best releases in grind and powerviolence, but this release by Tired of Everything is special – it’s got the man himself on vocals! Let’s take a look at the package – the whole thing is really simplistic (which is never a bad thing); it gets down to business. The front is just some black and white art with the band name, and the inside is … Continue reading Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Sewer Trench – Optimism (Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records)

I unexpectedly received a package in the mail the other day that came all the way from the UK. I opened it up to find 2 copies of the newest Sewer Trench album, Optimism, within the parcel. This band was foreign to me in all sense of the word. I’d never heard of them, nor heard them mentioned but I decided to dive right in. I must say, the cover art is high quality and absolutely grotesque! It depicts what I assume is a miasma of corpses from animals and humans alike. It clearly set’s the tone for what this … Continue reading Sewer Trench – Optimism (Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records)

Always Never Fun / Forged (Grindpromotion Records)

This split is a pretty nice piece. Each band comes with a different variation of poverviolence, each one has some time to blast, but not enough time to become monotonous and boring as it probably would be if it were full length, for example. Italian punks from ANF start out this split with some of their wildest tunes. “Plastic Ground” was a great choice to begin this set. It’s fast, sometimes groovy, and furious. Don`t get me wrong – all of the next tracks are cool too. Especially “Pollution Nightmare” with its pumping grinding energy and a few swing hardcore … Continue reading Always Never Fun / Forged (Grindpromotion Records)

Durian / God’s America (Bloody Scythe Records)

First thought, which I had in my mind when I looked at this 7″ vinyl was “who the hell came up with an idea to create this “checkerboard” art?! haha. Second thought was “oh shit, this gonna be a really dangerous and kickass release”, because both bands are truly crazy. That’s why I`m waiting for a good and powerful portion of energy from this 7”… New Jersey guys Durian are the first band on this split that will drill my brain. These guys sound seriously evil on this recording, the riffing has ugly primitive (sometimes even atmospheric) taste. Blast beats … Continue reading Durian / God’s America (Bloody Scythe Records)

Toxocariasis – Demo II (Destruktomusik)

Todays filthy noise comes from a duo from Toronto, Canada by the name of Toxocariasis. They’ve tagged themselves as “stupid fucking idiot goregrind”, and I love self deprecation, so I was pretty excited to get into this. This tape has all of the hallmarks of a good DIY cassette – paper labels on the tape, and a one side printed J-card that doesn’t have any unnecessary text or anything else. Does what’s on the tape speak for itself? This demo offers us 5 tracks of goregrind – right off the bat, I knew this was going to be a solid … Continue reading Toxocariasis – Demo II (Destruktomusik)

Slund / Maggot Bath

What is common in Australia and Slovenia? You should listen this release to understand it. Here is a split CD with two cute bands from opposite sides of our planet. When I first saw this stuff on the internet I was confused because of the cover art – the whole design is an ode to deadly form of smallpox. All of the images are really creepy, and it’s hard to believe how painful and discomforting this illness is. So I expected to hear some gore tunes, but I was mistaken. Both squads are playing grindcore, but not a classic one; … Continue reading Slund / Maggot Bath

Balance of Terror – World Laboratory (Ghastly Music)

Today’s offering is the debut record from Balance of Terror – This release is 8 tracks of brutal death metal from the north of France, put out by Ghastly Music. This came to me packaged up in a professionally done CD – admittedly, it’s been a long time since I’ve actually opened a new CD (I’ve been spoiled by records and cassettes), but this has the look and feel of a very well put together release. Sadly, the global postal system STILL hasn’t figured out how to not break things… Anyway. I really like the art – to me, it … Continue reading Balance of Terror – World Laboratory (Ghastly Music)

Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

This spring, gore blast from Italy released its second work. This work is full of maggots and purulent stench, and the guys from Rectal Purulence Recs noticed that, liked it, and released it. This CDr release looks pretty primitive, but sick. There are just a few photos of surgery and a image of helminths for the back cover. Nothing much as for gore theme, but we have what we have. Regardless, I can assure you that the music inside sounds much uglier and brutal that this cover picture looks. Embryonic Oozing is 7 minutes of gorenoise that will make you … Continue reading Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

Only a lazy fan of extreme music hasn’t heard that Psychoneurosis is back. After doing a successful split with AG and a bunch of cool gigs, these guys finally recorded a new album – this news cheers me up. Then, Selfmadegod Rec posted a preview song “Brexshit”… fuck…that was a brain-crashing song. So I started to wait for the whole album, and a few month later “The Fall Of Humanity” was in my hands… I guess Psychoneurosis tried to prepare/warn listeners about unexpected fast and ugly grind fights, that why they started with and elegant, atmospheric, and slow intro. I … Continue reading Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

Razgruha – Money Power Greed

I don`t know why but, the Grind scene in Bulgaria is very poor. There are just a small bunch of extreme squads and Razgruha is one of them. This band is not so new, they began their escapades in 2011 in Sofia (Bulgaria). 2017 was a big year for these boys, they finally release their debut album “Money Power Greed”. As far as I know Razgruha made everything on their own, I mean recording, mixing and even releasing… I must say that is true DIY spirit and I appreciate it. As for the music… These guys used all the attributes … Continue reading Razgruha – Money Power Greed

Mangle / Fetus Christ

And we are here again with another very British split. I really don’t know why people from UK so love to create such violent music, that still a mystery for me. But, I won’t lie – I really like that barbaric side of that country and its citizens. Split 7” Mangle / Fetus Christ will be topic of this day… These bands deserve to be in my “badass bands from the tea island” list. Both covers are unattractive but they hide some really dreadful violence inside… The beginners Mangle punch me right into the face with just a first and … Continue reading Mangle / Fetus Christ

Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I was flooded with a huge load of releases and it’s took some time get this this small split – apologies to the label and bands! This split is presenting the extreme scene of UK, with its fast and slow sides… funny thing is, I tried to listen digital version of this split few times and every time I was bored to death. It sounds so blank and dry, must say I was unpleasantly surprised. BUT, the vinyl version sounds much better (thanks to the analog gods), it has life energy inside, so this small piece of black wax … Continue reading Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Vicious Circle were formed in Melbourne in 1983, this band is a living legend of violent Hardcore Punk. And it’s fucking great that Power It Up Records picked them up for “The History Of Australian 80’s Punk”. This reissue looks amazing, gate fold, colored vinyl and a huge booklet with old photos, posters and tons of information. Vicious Circle was honored to start this historical Vol 1, which contains the first two albums from the VC discography, 28 songs in total. Note that all of these bullets are charged with raw aggression and protesting spirit. This double LP is a … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel the need for slow, hellish music. Sometimes, I just want to hear something that is viciously callous and devastating. Thankfully, noise-terrorists SOOM recently released their second album Джєбарс, to be honest I expect a lot from this full length… Chief of the Robustfellow label gave me this tape for review. I must say, I was really surprised with its looks and design. This is some truly nerdy stuff; the colors, the form, the way the whole hardcover connected – it’s really something. All polygraphy was made in Ukraine but the tapes were made and recorded … Continue reading SOOM – Джєбарс (Robustfellow)

Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

Grind addicts like me spend a lot of time on the internet searching for good noise. Despite the fact that this is an old release, Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five was one of these split that I was excited to find back in 2015. I listened to it on bandcamp tons of times, this really good noise, years after I finally got a hard copy from Psychocontrol Records and damn, that day I was happiest freak in this part of the world. One of the first things that caught me was this silly art. It reminds me covers from thrash … Continue reading Nak’ay / Pizza Hi Five

Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

We have talk about a lot, but there will be always some of split/album that you`ve never heard and want to talk about. For today’s review I picked up a dirty and noisy split from two bands from Madrid city. Can’t say that both of these squads are well known outside of their country, but Bad Grind Spencer and Mindcollapse deserve to be shown to grind fans. Please pay a bit attention for this cover. I really like this idea, the designer made fun of stupid celebrities who are wearing underground merchandise… and I agree with him, these fuckers should … Continue reading Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

I really love when a few nasty bands gather together and do splits or compilation or whatever. Originally this is an old split, it was released on tape a year go. Hard to understand why, but that wasn`t enough for the bands and labels, so they decided to release a vinyl version of it as well. This fresh release has different cover art and was released on a heavy one sided LP. The new art is so fucking cool, it looks a million times better than the old cheesy corpse art, ha! The guys from Rudolph (Рудольф) band did a … Continue reading Haggus / Inopexia / Pulmonary Fibrosis

Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

We know Italy as an impulsive and emotional nation… But, the guys from Double Me showed a ton of dead patience. Destroyed In A Second is their first full length and they poured every bit of raw emotion into this slab of wax. This album was delayed many times, master lp was denied a few times and even the recording session was delayed. It seems that this album was cursed, haha. Even the parcel with this album was lost and came to me in damaged condition after two month of waiting. So I can’t skip this album, there were so … Continue reading Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

Krupskaya – Dawn of Shattered Silence

Many Grind fans will say that the genre can come in two flavors. First – humoristic, goofy and silly. Second – extremely fast brutal and technical. British Grinders Krupskaya belong to the second kind of grind. These maniacs are really talented and fast, but they do not sound like aNapalm Death or Terrorizer copy, they found their own way in this music. So this piece of noise is not really an album and I will explain to you why. All the songs were released previously, the guys just re-recorded them and changed some parts in them. Also there is a … Continue reading Krupskaya – Dawn of Shattered Silence