Dirty flashbacks from the grindest days! The full report, OEF 2021!

Have you heard the news? Both Branson and Bezos have now gone to space. Guess what? None of these posers attended Obscene Extreme Festival 2021. But we did. Was it worth it? Oh yes! As you might know the situation in the world today is very unstable and uncertain and we hadn`t had any fun for a long time, so we were really hungry for live shows and festivals. The moment Obscene Extreme Festival announced Schirenc plays Pungent Stench I already knew – we`re going to the Czech Republic! Further announcements only strengthened our determination to get there this year. … Continue reading Dirty flashbacks from the grindest days! The full report, OEF 2021!

Konsensus – New Age Of Terror

Today I want to talk about the debut EP from one interesting Greek band. Konsensus is just one man mechanism, but that dude managed to create a very nice noise. Visually this release looks pretty premitive. Photo of man with gas mask… simple logo and DIY CDr… But it`s just a debut release so I don`t want to judge it too hard. This Greek maniac recorded 6, more or less, short songs, not much, but that is more than enough to get acquainted with “New Age Of Terror”. First of all I want to notice that this guy is a … Continue reading Konsensus – New Age Of Terror

Chadhel / Assiduous Assault

If you love fast and chaotic grindcore, this split is for you! This CD with the US and Canadian grind freaks brings us total mind destruction. So let’s spin this mdf! Chadhel are short and concise. Great speed and furious energy are the main foundation stones of this record. The general sound is massive, this is not exactly my cup of tea, but the sound engineer did awesome work! The sharp guitar sound and same dangerous riffs simply ripping off pieces of your flesh. Won’t say that this screaming vocal is a strong side of this recording session, but it`s … Continue reading Chadhel / Assiduous Assault

VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Canadian horror maniacs are here to smash us with their 4th full length! Must say “Gore From Beyond the Stars” surprised me. This is very balanced, atmospheric, interesting, and funny work. Cover art is worthy of review as well. Green as hell, with a classical cosmic horror theme, a great melting astronaut, maybe I`m sick, but this image makes me smile, haha! I think this album is a top work in VHS discography. Excellent guitar and bass sound, great solos, simple but great riffing, and absolutely unboring material! Deep and ugly growl, which tells us the story about different creatures … Continue reading VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Egggore / Pharmacist

I`m holding in my hands a brand new split with two interesting bands. Yes, Pharmacist is well known now but Egggore is not (so it will be nice to show you these guys). Both bands are very different and that makes this CD even better. From one side we have groovy goregrind, from the other old death grind. Also I want you to look closely at this cover art. This sick stuff was created by gore master Pierre (Blue Holocaust/BrainDead zine). Super pathological and crazy-looking work that fits this split for all 100%! Let’s start with the Czech band Egggore. … Continue reading Egggore / Pharmacist

Unrested – Dosis De Realidad

Unrested is a new grind band from Spain. But this not a usual newcomers, this squad consists of musicians from Convulsions, Denak, and Tu Carne. So as you can see these guys know how to make us happy, ha! The cover art of this LP is based on an old movie “Clockwork Orange” (at least the main character), the image looks unprofessional, and I find this moment very cool. This band has a very strong DIY spirit in design and music, which I really like. Like the other grindcore bands from Spain Unrested is very emotional. But also guys blast … Continue reading Unrested – Dosis De Realidad

Schismopathic – The Human Legacy

Schismopathic is a very old Polish grind band, everything starts in 1988(!). The band was gone somewhere at the beginning of the 90th. Now they are back with a brand new album! “The Human Legacy” is classical in many meanings, the cover of it has a classical grind theme, some with the lyrics. Nothing outstanding but what do you want from veterans? The re-issue of the old material and this new LP was released by Selfmadegod rec, I think guys will work with this label in the future. So what does this CD have inside? The Human Legacy has 12 … Continue reading Schismopathic – The Human Legacy

Pilori – À Nos Morts

Today I want to talk about the first album of young but promising band Pilori. This is not usual music, at least for me. Guys are mixing a lot of things in their music, I won’t say that this is typical grindcore or hardcore or something else, but this buzzing monster is interesting, brutal, and worth attention. “À Nos Morts” has gloomy modern art, this drawing can describe the music of Pilori, but just a little. So let’s play this record, and the first song is “Que la Bête Meure“… This is a decent mix of metal, modern hardcore, and … Continue reading Pilori – À Nos Morts

Excreted Alive – The Seven Inches Of Excreted

Hello boys and girls, today we gonna play a tape with some really moldy noise. Excreted Alive are Spanish veterans of grindcore, they started in 1991, and they were active for about 10 years. UK-based label Grindfather prod and Extreme Terror prod from the Netherlands joined their forces and released material from all 7″ in one tape. Nice new artwork + colored cassettes + nice quality of record = good mood! The Seven Inches Of Excreted is just 24 noise songs, that are full of hate and joy. I won’t name this noise straight grindcore (like early Napalm Death), this … Continue reading Excreted Alive – The Seven Inches Of Excreted

Onion Terror – Hummuseyed

We have her a small release of UK-based freaks Onion Terror today. I bet not many of you are familiar with this band, but it`s always cool to discover something new. So this EP consists of two first works, not sure if I can call them demo, but anyway. All together we have here 6 or 7 minutes of raw noise. This release is made in an old DIY way, the label printed everything at home, but the result looks nice. 3″ CD-r, small but interesting format + a few stickers, I think that this is a good start for … Continue reading Onion Terror – Hummuseyed

Стабильность – S/T

The cold winter of 2021 brings us a debut EP from a new Russian grindcore band Стабильность (Stability). This trio is based in Smolensk city, and these guys are really into old-school grindcore. As almost all grindcore bands Стабильность is paying social-oriented music. I meant their songs are full of hate and protest. Just look at this cover art and you will understand everything. By the way, this image is very actual for all post-soviet countries. As I said before, all 8 tracks are full of hate and aggression. In a purpose to dig these tunes, I listened to this … Continue reading Стабильность – S/T

Hatefilled – Violent Disembowelment Of Hatred

Argentinian gore project Hatefilled is back with brand new songs! This is a 3d release in a few years and I really stocked to put it in my player. We have here 15 songs of the nasty and punching goregrind. It’s not a secret that the main influencer for this one-man band is Regurgitate. I won’t say that Hatefilled is a tribute band, hell no, but it has a lot of similar moments in their music. The cover art reminds me of some old horror movie posters, something from the 70-80th era. I believe that this piece was really taken … Continue reading Hatefilled – Violent Disembowelment Of Hatred

Archagathus / Meat Spreader

This split was in my personal top of 2020, both bands did their best. I remembered that I was amazed and smashed during the first round of the listening… A year later I finally got this CD in my collection. So what’s so special in this split? I think it’s not only famous names it’s material itself, because both sides are very powerful. Let’s start with Canadian Archagathus. We all know this band and love their mincecore… but with this recording guys showed their gore side. The art for this side was made by master Pierre de Palmas (Braindead Zine, … Continue reading Archagathus / Meat Spreader

Dropdead – Live At Occii

To be honest live records are not my favorite, mostly because of the quality, but there are always exceptions. Today I want to play great live stuff of legendary Dropdead! This material was recorded at a secret gig in Amsterdam (back in 2016). This release has a pretty simple design, you can see the photo of the vocalist (Bob Otis) as the main cover, plus there is a songs list, and that`s all. Nothing much, but do we need more? I won`t say that this is the best live recording that I heard, it`s a bit messy but on the … Continue reading Dropdead – Live At Occii

Yakisoba ‎– Corporis Humani Anatomiae

I don`t remember how many reviews about Yakisoba`s stuff I made, but these guys still producing more and more noise, ha! Today I have something special to write about. This is a huge (70 songs!) compilation of their early works. “Corporis Humani Anatomiae” is limited to 100 copies and this release has a really awesome look! A small book with a lot of ancient engraving, additional info, and patch as a bonus! I will be honest, this stuff brings me a lot of joy. So what will you find here? This CD includes the first two EPs “Mandatory Amputation” and … Continue reading Yakisoba ‎– Corporis Humani Anatomiae

Heinous / SxOxTxEx

Just few days ago I heard that Hungarian barbarians SxOxTxEx splitted up… That damn sad news, but that shit pushed me to write this review. So I want to dedicate this small write up too these crazy fuckers! Oridginaly this material was released in the US in 10″, but I will cover the UE version, which was pressed in 12″ format. Heinous didn`t changed their artwork for it, but SxOxTxEx did. Must say this new art is way better than old one. But let`s be shorter and put this record on! We all know what caused the end of Heinous, … Continue reading Heinous / SxOxTxEx

Odio / Stevo Žigon

For today’s review, I have 1 small and noise tape with Odio from Mexico and Stevo Žigon from Serbia. The bands are playing different music and that what makes this split interesting. This tape has a pretty usual design as for the grindcore genre, but that doesn’t mean that this art suck. I simply saw too much similar covers, haha!) Let’s begin with Odio. I never heard about these guys, and I was surprised by their noise. This is a raw, heavy, and ugly child of grindcore, sludge, and hardcore. Messy sound, atmospheric slow part, and fast blast beats. Some … Continue reading Odio / Stevo Žigon

Camphora Monobromata – Massive Death

“Massive Death” is not a new thing, this album was released 2 years ago, but only now this noise got a vinyl re-issue. The design is still the same, there is no additional element`s but now it looks much better in combination with this lovely orange vinyl. This is also not the latest release of these Russian grinders, but this is their second full length (pard me if I`m wrong). I know this band for a long time, and must say that with years guys managed to increase their skills and “new” material sounds really nice! So “Massive Death” is … Continue reading Camphora Monobromata – Massive Death

Permanent Headache – S/T

This one-man band popped up a year ago, must say this demo work really impressed me. Nothing special in design, same with the tape format but the sound of this small release is awesome! Also, Permanent Headache is one of the many projects of Italian grindhead Michele (Yakisoba, Congenital Deformity, Carbonized Innocents, and many more). That man is unstoppable, haha! Btw tapes were pressed in the USA by our good friends Bloody Scythe Records… and at this moment I want to put on this little badass. First of all this material has a strong influence of old heroes like Doom … Continue reading Permanent Headache – S/T

Märesvin / Swarm

Danish grindcore scene is still a dark forest for me, of course, I know few bands, but there are more undiscovered squads. This old split will help me with this problem (at least I hope so). The first band of this split is from Copenhagen. Märesvin are mixing fastcore, grindcore, powerviolence, and thrash into one melting and disgusting noise! It`s interesting listening to such weird but cool music. Thrash parts mutated in hardcore, then blast beats transform everything into supper aggressive mass. That combination could change in any order, guys really surprised me, haha! Also, this record is full of … Continue reading Märesvin / Swarm


The begging of this year brings us this wonderful split. So what we got here? From one side guys from Tennessee (Yautja) with powerful 2 songs and from the other our old friends Chepang (Nepal/New York) with two tracks as well. This small split EP has outstanding art with toxic colors of the cover image and vinyl. This wild color combination looks so good! Fast and angry the side of Yautja is more than teeth breaking. Good sound production, nice riffs, and a lovely modern grindcore approach. Same as Chepang this is not straight grindcore in usual meaning, there are … Continue reading Yautja/Chepang

Bolo – Ruined

Russian powerviolence maniacs Bolo are back with brand new tape! The guys were quiet for a few years, but they finally recorded something new. To be short this is one of the best materials of this band… songs are well organized and aggressive, but let go in order. This tape has a really badass design. These are super pro-printed tapes! Each tape looks like it has snake skin, ha! The visual side is simply mindblowing, well done boys! “Ruined” is short, that is a sad truth, but the quality of the tracks is compensating everything! Furious, fast, and wild – … Continue reading Bolo – Ruined

The Mild – Old Man

Hmm, I think I got the debut tape of this Italian trio about 5 years ago (or so) since that time guys released an album and 1 EP. So today I`m going to talk about that last work – “Old Man”. The format is 7″ and it contains 6 tracks… Speaking about the debut tape, I remember that I didn`t like their first work, but the guys didn`t give up, they worked hard… they have grown and the last material sounds much interesting. For the art guys chose a zombi theme, unusual but I like the result. Can`t say that … Continue reading The Mild – Old Man

Hades Mining Co. – Master Class In Filth

Rochester? New York? Noisecore? That’s right. Hades Mining Co. is not a fresh name in this genre but somehow I didn’t hear it before. Guys started in 1999 and during more than 20 years they released a lot of stuff. I received “Master Class In Filth” some time ago and always delayed listen to it, but it actually sounds much better than looks, haha! This small session was released on B-card format (weird-shaped cd which looks like a visit card), the cover was printed on a creepy old xerox machine… so it looks not tasty at all. But! The noise … Continue reading Hades Mining Co. – Master Class In Filth

Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

I may be late with this release but, I believe more of you need to listen to this demo. So we have here a 2 man project, Michele (guitar and vocal) is from Italy and Max (drums, bass and vox too) is from the USA. Obviously, it`s a virtual band, and it hard to run work this way, but the guys managed to create really decent material. The debut demo contains only 6 songs, but these tracks are bloody good.  As far as I remember this tuff was released by Acid Redux Productions (CDr) and Bloody Scythe Records (cassette), so … Continue reading Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

The USA grindcore scene is huge and nice, and it`s hard to cover/listen to all bands from that land… so I`m very grateful when the labels (or even bands themselves) help me with that. Today we have a cool split with Violent Opposition from Oakland (CA) and Prepare For The Mindscan from Buffalo (NY). All of them love to make grindcore, but they’re doing it in their own ways. Also, this 7″ has not the worst cover arts, especially I love V.O. side, this insect looks creepy and badass! Let`s roll in order and start with Oakland guys! We have … Continue reading Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

Meth Leppard/ Infanticide

This year sucks, we`re all in a difficult situation now with all this virus stuff. But, I feel that 2021 will became a very reach with great records. We already have a lot of badass stuff and today I want to talk about another solid piece of grind. Today we`re going to listen to Meth Leppard/ Infanticide split EP. As you all know Australia is full of great bands and Meth Leppard is one of these. Guys always stayed on the line of their own style, and this recording session is not an exception. Guys simply toasted my mind with … Continue reading Meth Leppard/ Infanticide