Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

If your blood is boiling when you hear such bands as Exumate, Impetigo, Frightmare, or Blood then I have really good news for you. Let me recommend you a great deathgrind trio Your Kid’s on Fire. Believe me, these guys won’t disappoint you. So what do we have here? “Jackings in the Morgue” is a huge compilation of rare materials, some stuff was recorded in 2006, some in 2009-2010, and the last 13 songs in 2017. Different times but the main concept is the same… This is an old-school band, guys gathered together more than 25 years ago, and since … Continue reading Your Kid’s on Fire – Jackings in the Morgue

Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Who does not know Patareni? These guys are damn famous, after the begging of their way (somewhere in 1983) they are still here, still making noise. Not a mystery that boys have so many releases (but not like Agathocles, haha), don`t know how the hell that happened but there is still unreleased material. So here is a nice compilation of untouched stuff. “Infuzija Iluzija” was released last year by the US label  Haunted Hotel rec. 5 rare live recordings in one pack… nice, isn`t it? I think this is a good present for die-hard fans of Patareni. Usually, such stuff … Continue reading Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

When I first heard about this band, I was really surprised. Guys from Expurgo, Regurgitate and Lymphatic Phlegm joined together to record something monstrous! I waited and waited, but finally, the guys released everything at the beginning of this horrible year. Believe me, this album is awesomely disgusting and full of putrid tunes. Your neighbors will love these 14 songs, just play them loud, haha! “Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm” has also super sick lyrics (which you can find in the booklet) and unique cover art. Finally something without human remains and ripped bodies, hehe. To be short, this album … Continue reading Putrefaction Sets In – Repugnant Inception of Decomposing Paroxysm

Slavemaker / False

This small tape split is a total mystery to me. Because I didn`t know any of these bands (strange huh?). So we have here a double portion of powerviolence from French and Belgian bands. This is also pretty solid stuff, and I can`t wait to blast this tape! Side A – Slavemaker. What a wonderful discovery I have here, this music knocked me down! A powerful bass line and a wonderful killer guitar sound. Strong drums work and pissed-off vocal fits and sounds perfectly here. This record is overloaded with anger… Pumping energy oozes from every crevice… holy shit! Although … Continue reading Slavemaker / False

World Eater – Demo 2022

World Eater is a young but promising band from dark and cold Finland. This year these guys created and recorded their first 7 songs. Unfortunately, this release didn`t get much attention in the grind underground, so we will try to fix that. The mighty UK label Grindfather production took them on board and released a tape with this material. As far as I know, the label released a very limited amount of cassettes… so consider yourself lucky if you have this tape in your collection. Honestly, I like this small debut. Of course, this work is pretty short, but this … Continue reading World Eater – Demo 2022

Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Double bass quartet Repulsione dropped a new album this summer. “Human Destruction Front” is almost 35 minutes of down-tuned bass & drums noise. But these tunes are hidden behind a wonderful cover, which was made by fantastic artist Silvia Blackened. This art looks very dark (like a look into the gloomy future), but on the other hand, this is also damn brutal work, which fits this music. So shall we spin this record loud? I think this Italian squad is special because they don`t love to follow the old rules. Repulsione is using not a usual approach, they are using … Continue reading Repulsione – Human Destruction Front

Anarchus / Squash Bowels

I don`t know how to introduce this 7″ split… For me, this is a bloody great release with two, phenomenal legends in grind! These guys have a huge history and discography behind their backs, they even played a few times together… but the idea of a split release was brought to life only this year. So let`s blast this dangerous piece of wax and see what these grind grandpas prepared for us! First are Mexican Anarchus. This always was a unique band with a dirty sound and a massive load of dreadful energy. And as expected guys kicked my ass, … Continue reading Anarchus / Squash Bowels

Gorupted / Gore

It`s gore time! Today I’m gonna review a new release of Surrogate rec. So this is a small tape release with the French brutal death/goregrind project Gorupted and Brazilian legends Gore. This is a pretty DIY release, with handmade doubling, cutting and everything else, and this cassette also has an OBI, which is not usual. I must admit this is a nice small touch. But let’s get straight to the noise! Gorupted is a new name in our underground, this one-man band project started 2 years ago, and already has two splits. As I already mention this is a mix … Continue reading Gorupted / Gore

Berated​ / ​Barren

When it comes to grindcore, you’ll find yourself discovering more and more new bands and new impressions. This split was released at the beginning of this year and must say it make a long way before it ended up in my hands. We have here a cool example of modern grindcore. Both bands are interesting and both have different styles (but both remain within the genre). Both have teamed up here for a CD, giving us a little more material than the usual 7″ duration. With American trio Berated on the first part of the split, their output is what … Continue reading Berated​ / ​Barren

RudeThing – Se viene galerna

“Se viene galerna” is a new mine-album of Spanish grinders RudeThing. I never heard of this band, but need to forgive me, I physically can`t cover every new release and band. So let`s see what we got here. The guys started 8 years ago in Palma city (it’s located on the island near Valencia), which shows us one thing “if you want to grind, you will find like-minded people even if you`re living on a small island”. I played this tape a couple times and figured out that our boys are big fans of hardcore. They mix it with grindcore … Continue reading RudeThing – Se viene galerna

Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Okay, boys and girls, this is my first acquaintance with Empyaema. This is a gore-oriented duo and it based in Seattle. Unfortunately, there is not much info about this band. In their discography, they already have two demos and split. Today I`m gonna listen to and review their debut material. Nasty cover arts are typical for goregrind bands, so it`s hard to surprise me with that, haha. But there is something unusual in the first two demos, both of them are stylistically different. Intriguing right? Demo #1 – raw, disgusting, and noisy. The material is pretty primitive but has a … Continue reading Empyaema – Demo 1/2

Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Must admit that this is a very all-star split release. Famous Venomous Concept (with members of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Corrupt Moral Altar) and Under Attack (with guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, Suppression)… Maybe, this is just a small 7″, but man, it’s full of powerful hardcore and punk vibes! It`s fucking insane, how could only a small group of people make so a huge mess? Venomous Concept blasts fast and scream very loud. Sweet production, good sound, and a ton of bone-crushing energy! With only 2 songs these gentlemen’s managed to smash you. Powerful guitar riffs and sound, low … Continue reading Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Today we have an unusual 3-way split with two Spanish and 1 Colombian band. Why it`s unusual? Well, they decided to release it as 7″,  I bet that was a pain in the ass to come up with the right idea on how to divide time and sides. So guys just randomly mixed all songs, that is the most logical decision, and it also makes this split weird, hehe. Also, I think the guys didn`t want to make boring and usual grindcore art, like a collage or war theme. So they used a sharp social story and turned it into … Continue reading Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Terror Firmer – The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion!

After 14 years of existence Italian grinders finally released their first album! I was tracking this band for many years and yes, the day has come “The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion” is out! In this work, guys touch on the topic of the nuclear apocalypse and all the related things. Pretty grindcore theme isn`t it?) Terror Firmer even dedicated a cover art for this theme… I would say that we got here a very classical grind product. Nothing extravagant or chaotically new, just old good classic. But I won’t say that this is a bad thing, in the case of … Continue reading Terror Firmer – The Ultimate Nuclear Core Explosion!

Sociopathic Behavior – Horrific Creation Of Murderous Desires

Today we gonna talk about the international grind project Sociopathic Behavior. A part of it is located in Brazil, the other one in Italy… this is a pretty old-school type of grindcore, with a good raw sound and nasty lyrics. “Horrific Creation Of Murderous Desires” is their first full-length… this album was released at the beginning of this shitty year. But actually, they got my attention with their debut EP “Hunting Humans”…I was really surprised by this mix of two schools of grind. As you know Brazilian grindcore is very specific (it`s raw, very DIY, especially mastering/production), and Italian school … Continue reading Sociopathic Behavior – Horrific Creation Of Murderous Desires

Machetazo – Ultratumba II

“Ultratumba II” is a compilation release of the magnificent Spanish band Machetazo. Unfortunately, this band is no longer active, but they left a bunch of cool releases. I think if we put together all their stuff we`ll get more than 5 hours of wonderful noise. This small tape was released 2 years ago by Bloody Scythe Records. “Ultratumba II” has 22 dreadful songs from Desolación Mental and Necrocovered EP, splits with Headless Death / RAS / Marrow / Winters In Osaka / Ribspreader and Total Fucking Destruction. Solid stuff isn`t it? We have the opportunity to listen to Machetazo`s material … Continue reading Machetazo – Ultratumba II

Ona Snop – S/T

Leeds maniacs Ona Snop strikes back! This summer was hot not only because of the temperature but also because of the concentration of great releases! To be honest I was really happy to hear that these guys released new stuff. Because they have been silent for almost 2 years! So what da hell do we have here? Aggressive, crazy and toxic visual side – checked, 7 new fast and stupidly furious songs – checked. Actually, Ona Snop didn`t change their style or concept since the “Intermittent Damnation” (if you listened to it, then you know what I mean), and I … Continue reading Ona Snop – S/T

UxDxS – Too Fast For Love

And here we are again with another great Danish band. UxDxS represents all grind power of Copenhagen! But this band is still in the shadow, and I feel that I need to fix it. This band was formed almost 10 years ago, in their discography they have only two EP. “Too Fast For Love” is their first work, it was released in 2014, if I remember it right there was a small run of tapes, and that’s all. But last year New York label Haunted Hotel Records released it again, but this time on vinyl. Must say it`s very good … Continue reading UxDxS – Too Fast For Love

Expression Of Pain – S/T

This self-titled album got at my top last year. A new band from Canada managed to get attention from all world with their debut album. You must agree, this is a very rare phenomenon for any band. But I solved this mystery. All these guys have experience in other bands (Haggatha, MassGrave, OSK, Obacha, Horrendous Miscreation), and that`s why this work has been a success! How do you like the cover of this album? I think the guys used an image from their own gig, and it looks excellent! Yes, it’s classically white and black, but anyway it looks cool. … Continue reading Expression Of Pain – S/T

Hatefilled – Compilation 2017 – 2021

Argentinian gore madness has a name, it`s – Hatefilled! To be honest I have been tracking this band starting from its first EP. This one-man project recorded a lot of great stuff. He even managed to release a first full-length this year (you can check it here), but today I want to talk about Hatefilled’s compilation CD. This ugly motherfucker consists of 36 dirty songs. 36 old-fashioned gore songs with the same old-school design. This pile of human bones looks nice, nothing special but sometimes simplicity is the best for such releases. And once again this is fucking solid portion … Continue reading Hatefilled – Compilation 2017 – 2021

Subscum – S/T

Subscum debuted last year. This a new band, and I think you need to check it out. Today I will review their debut self-titled tape. Musically this is pretty raw grindcore with an old-school mice touch. I have the last tape version of this demo, it was released by Acid Redux Productions and this is a pro-done cassette, btw. The visual part of this release was made in old-fashioned way. Black and white collage, won`t say that I’m impressed by this art, but it looks nice. For their debut appearance guys prepared 8 tracks of solid material. This is raw … Continue reading Subscum – S/T

Atrofia Cerebral / Sedem Minút Strachu

Classical noisecore vs brutal noisegrind? Sure, why not?! Today I want to share with you this small and limited release with two cool bands from different corners of our cursed planet. Beware! Atrofia Cerebral from Peru, these guys have a huge history… I think they are the oldest noise band from that region. The boys Sedem Minút Strachu are much younger, but I won’t say that they are softer. So let`s spin this bad boy! As I already said Atrofia Cerebral are the veterans of the noise army, they started to play more than 30 years ago! Since then, nothing … Continue reading Atrofia Cerebral / Sedem Minút Strachu

Oxidised Razor / Pulmonary Fibrosis / Bowel Evacuation

Good day boys and girls, today is Friday and that means that we are going to listen and review another interesting release! For today’s party I picked up a nasty 3-way split with nice bands. So check it out! Oxidised Razor – is a real legend from Mexico. Guys are making their bloody work for almost 25 years! They were always a pretty DIY band, of course, they recorded everything by themself, and the modern sound and production are not their way. I`m an old fan of this band, they always manage to serve good raw stuff. This recording is … Continue reading Oxidised Razor / Pulmonary Fibrosis / Bowel Evacuation

Nervegas – Demo

It`s strange but Denmark has not so many extreme bands, especially grindcore or crust-punk. However, some people still gather together and make new bands. Nervegas is a young name from Copenhagen (the heart of this beautiful country). I was lucky to get a debut tape of this band. Guys are playing traditional crust with all old postulates, sound, songwriting, and so on. The visual part of this release is obliviously made in a traditional way. But, I must admit that the nuclear war theme is damn actual right now, unfortunately… This small tape brings me so much joy. Awesome straight … Continue reading Nervegas – Demo

Basic Torture Procedure / Nyctophagia

We didn`t talk too much about goregrind the last few months, I think we need to change it. Here is an interesting split tape with bands from Ohio and Texas. Basic Torture Procedure is a trio, but unfortunately, these guys split up. But they left some nice releases, it will be great if you could check them too. As for Nyctophagia this is mostly a one-man band, Dylan always has cool guest musicians involved in this mess. This is a short info for you. The good thing is that both bands play pretty much different music, which helps to make … Continue reading Basic Torture Procedure / Nyctophagia

Gets Worse – Teen Wolf

Oh no, it`s Leeds again! As many of you know this small city in the UK became an origin for many crazy bands… and I have no idea why the hell it is that. Maybe it’s something in the water, or maybe they have secret laboratories where they grow young bands, the mystery is still unrevealed. Anyway, Get Worse are well-known grindviolence band from that town. Record by record these guys smashing the listeners with their brand stuff. A new album is not an exclusion. This music is damn aggressive, this stuff will kick your butt! “Teen Wolf” is only … Continue reading Gets Worse – Teen Wolf

Serpent’s Anus – Jiang Tou

Let`s roll in this stupid week with something different and loud. Beware the second demo of Serpent’s Anus gonna knock you down! You may ask “wtf is that”, well this is a blackened noise project from the Netherland, with members of CSMD & Blood Tyrant. Also, I won`t say that this is a classical noisecore, or something like that. This is complicated work with a lot of layers. As for the tape, everything was made in a good old DIY way. Which is always nice, I love it when bands do all stuff with their own hands. Ah yes, with … Continue reading Serpent’s Anus – Jiang Tou