Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Everyone knows about USA’s schools of Powerviolence and Hardcore, but what do you know about the German scene? Could somebody give me the names of a few bands? No? Luckily today I’m going  to tell you about a couple of great bands with members of few legendary Hardcore/PV bands such as Y, Pink Flamingos and SM70. It’s like a small family, all these dudes have played together for so many years in different squads, time slowly took these bands away one by one, but they didn’t give up. Here are two new projects Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. Their … Continue reading Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Inferno – Hibakusha

This band was active from 1982 till 1990, they started with their first release (Anti Hagenbach Tape) dating back to 1983. I can say with confidence that this band was one of the first in a long line of German Hardcore punk. Hibakusha was released in 1986 and it’s really hard to find this LP (an original pressing of course) nowadays, luckily Power It Up Recs re-released this piece of history, so now everyone can get this vinyl for their collections. I must say I was never a fan of cover art that depicts the band members. I can’t put … Continue reading Inferno – Hibakusha

Prison Shank – World of Failure

The German scene is growing, and growing damn fast. I’m really happy to see so many new names in the underground, and I would like to share them with you guys. The band for today’s review is Prison Shank. It’s hard to find any worthy information about them, but I can clearly say that they are Germans, they are based in  the town of Schweinfurt and “World of Failure” EP was released digitally on September 2018. Lower Class Kids Records released these 10 songs on cassette format a half year later. Sorry but is all that I found… Also I … Continue reading Prison Shank – World of Failure

Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare

At the end of last year I received a nice big parcel from Russian label No Bread Rec. Among vinyls and CDs I found this interesting tape.I know both bands well but didn’t have the chance to listen to it. I bet this is a sign, hahah! If fate tells me to listen this cassette, then it should be worth my time. So let’s take a closer look at this Swiss/Italian teamwork. First of all it’s strange to see such artwork from Huere, we used to see a lot of rotten punks and other stuff, but the SEA waves? That … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica / Sposa In Alto Mare

Titadine – 11

Grindcore has changed its form from its first inception in the late 80s through the 90s/early-2000s. Since then, the genre has never died but transformed into something different, with hyperspeed and triggered blast beats (mostly). I think that Titadine is the band that take 70% from old times and 30% from modern days. You’ll especially think about the modern side when you seen this cover art. I think this image is more suitable for a post-hardcore album, but fuck it, that’s not so important. This vinyl also has a cool print on the B side, I love when the labels … Continue reading Titadine – 11

Ash Mouth – S/T

Melbourne is a capital of grindcore – there is the biggest concentration of grind bands in all of Australia. Ash Mouth is one of them. This furiouse machine is great example of modern grindcore, and among your usual grindcore expectations you will find a strong hardcore influence. I guess I’m a bit late with this review because originally this noise was released 3 years ago, but anyway I think this stuff deserve of few words. So we have a Czech Republic (Psychocontrol rec) edition of this tape. Unlike cover art on bandcamp this variant has great red and black colors, … Continue reading Ash Mouth – S/T

Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt immer noch

We are continuing to write about punk history from different corners of our planet, this time we have super compilation of ancient German band Scapegoats. This old hardcore band was formed in Klausdorf in the West of Germany. They recorded 3 releases: two noisy tapes and one 7”. All together it`s 60 songs. 20 on vinyl and other 40 on bonus CD. The look of this release is unbelievable! Simply one of the best designs so far! OBI, colored vinyl, huge poster, booklet with band history and moldy photos and show posters and of course super quality of paper. Without … Continue reading Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt immer noch

ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Last week I reviewed a gorenoise album. Well, fuck it – might as well review a hardcore /powerviolence one too! Always Never Fun is the kind of band where followers know what to expect, but also know the end result will be twisted. These Italian punks have been active since 2012. I don’t know if 6 years is enough time for thinking about doing a compilation, but here we are – 12” black vinyl and 29 tracks of fast and aggressive material. You will hear all songs from their debut album, split with Australian PowerXChuck, and few great compilations. The … Continue reading ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Collision – Live & Unleashed

The Netherlands grind scene is full of good band bands and good people. I have a huge list of bands from that country that I love, and Collision is on it. I hear that these guys are working on a new album and that news warms my heart. I’m sure that there is still a lot of work – creation of a full length is definitely not a fast process, so until everything is done, we have an opportunity to listen to this new live album. All of the songs were recorded during great German grindfest Grind The Nazi Scum … Continue reading Collision – Live & Unleashed

Agathocles / Iron Butter

Today is Friday and this day is just perfect to have a few cold beers and write a new review about a good Grind release. I don’t even want to introduce AG, you all know that lovely trio. But I feel the need to give you some info about Iron Butter. So this was a band from New York, and for their years of activity (2006 – 2013) they became a pretty cult band. These guys played really dirty and noisy Grindcore, and obviously they have a lot of splits with bands like Unholy Grave, Mesrine and Archagathus, etc. As … Continue reading Agathocles / Iron Butter

Fumigated – Composted

Do you think Lima, Ohio, is where we’ve perfected time travel? This is a weird question to start a grind review off with, sure, but my reason for asking is that I’m pretty sure instrument playing cavemen were brought in from the Paleolithic era to form this band. Composted is 8 tracks of pulverizing goregrind with a taste of death metal, and it was released at the end of August 2019. When I got the CD in the mail, I feel like I knew what I was in for just based on the cover. It’s a simple black and white … Continue reading Fumigated – Composted

Hexx / Shitgrinder

This split is a damn punch in the face. So savage, so wild and furious… I’m really glad that I got this wax to review. What am I talking about? I’m talking about a powerful split with two Australian bands, Hexx and Shitgrinder. To be honest, I’ve been tracking both bands for some years, their last releases were fantastic. It was only a question of time when both of these names would show up in one release.  Traditionally (as for grindcore release of course) this 7” has brutal photos on both sides, I especially like a decomposed body on the … Continue reading Hexx / Shitgrinder

Xico Picadinho – Ode Ao Apodrecimento

2018 was a great year for Brazilian grinders Xico Picadinho… Some shows, a lot of rehearsals, but most importantly – a new album. These guys spent two years preparing it and the result is right in my hands. This CD has a good art, maybe not usual for grindcore bands, but it looks cool. As for refill, we have here 7 songs including a Nasum cover. So let’s dig into this “Ode Ao Apodrecimento” album! First, what my ears caught was a really strong death metal influence. I think I can even use a deathgrind tag here. A lot of … Continue reading Xico Picadinho – Ode Ao Apodrecimento

C.S.S.O. ‎– Vimukti Vimokasa

It’s good to see releases like this one, it helps to remind people about old bands and it helps to present them to new people. C.S.S.O. was (damn! they still are!) a legendary band with unique style and interesting vision of grind. I bet Anatomical Productions considered this fact, and that’s why the tape shell consists of two colors, red and white…I must say it looks fantastic! The new cover art was taken from old horror manga (unfortunately I don’t know which one) and it perfectly fits into bands concept. These ancient songs were recorded somewhere in 93/94. Side A … Continue reading C.S.S.O. ‎– Vimukti Vimokasa

Amputee / Triac (Haunted Hotel Records)

Taken at face value, this split is really something. Okay, maybe a bit late to write about this stuff, but fuck it, this 5” is charged with damn serious grindcore.  Number 1 in our small list is Amputee from New Jersey. Unfortunately this band is no longer with us, but it’s great that they left some cool records for us. This decent and loud music is a perfect example of grindcore genre. In 2 minutes they played 4 (!!!) songs, how cool is that, haha! Short and savage riffs are mixed with fast blast beat shoots. Great furious vocals are … Continue reading Amputee / Triac (Haunted Hotel Records)

Atskit – Katarsis

Atskit is pretty young band that was formed a few years ago in Indonesia. It’s rare to see a new name in grindcore (I mean new in the Asian part of underground), so it’s cool to have one new unit in the family. Atskit is not so far from tradition grindcore, I feel a strong influence from the new generation of bands like The Arson Project/Afgrund and old one like Rotten Sound. Well, that’s probably all, but it’s stupid to finish the article after a couple of sentences so… 7 songs are fit on this pro-CDr release. The visual side … Continue reading Atskit – Katarsis

Grind ЗаXXXісь Party 10! Memories…

10й ювілейний ГЗП став дуже визначним. Організатори старались, вкинули купу сил та часу… Чого вартий, лише сам привіз чеських гостів до столиці та організація їм туру. З кожним новим анонсом, цей захід ставав все привабливіший. Нові імена перетиналися з давно перевіреними командами, зголоднілий до грайнду народ був збуджений та чекав 12го жовтня. А тим часом, табір Purulent Spermcanal повільно мандрував містами нашої неньки, та невпинно наближався до столиці. Прибувши в зазначений час, я виявив, що до початку ще далеко… Сталася класична затримка з початком, але це аж ніяк не зіпсувало мені настрою. Маючи трохи вільного часу, я спілкувався з нашими … Continue reading Grind ЗаXXXісь Party 10! Memories…

Needful Things / Nerve Grind

Haven’t heard anything that will smash your mind just from listening in a while? Well today is your lucky day, because we have a super Grind split for you! This is one totally aggressive tornado of a Grindcore split, at its best.  Performed by two powerful Grindcore units from USA and Czech Republic. You will hear some of the most insane Grind sounds. It’s enough to break even the toughest of noise fans. It starts off with Czechs grinding machine Needful Things. 4 short songs just smashed me, haha! The production is fantastic: a bit messy but with a very … Continue reading Needful Things / Nerve Grind

Lurid Panacea – The Insidious Poisons

I have never been a fan of Brutal Death Metal, that kind of music is simply boring for me, but Lurid Panacea made me reconsider that. This stuff is pretty unique and interesting, also this shit will make you  puke your guts out. Believe me this noise is heavy as hell… So what is Lurid Panacea? It’s a project between two guys, Adrian (Incinerated, Involuntary Convulsion, Rawhead and many more) from Australia and Isaac (Hyperemesis, Orchiopexy, Sulfuric Cautery and a shit load of others) from Canada. This collision of two countries is bone crushing and really crazy. After a year … Continue reading Lurid Panacea – The Insidious Poisons

Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Illegible logo? Check. Tons of human parts and guts on the front cover? Check. Ugly sound? Check. What does this mean? It can only mean one thing – A Gorenoise release. Right now I’m listening to a fresh demo from a band with a long name, Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat. I’m not a Gorenoise expert so I can’t judge their uniqueness. But there is one thing that stuck out. On their bandcamp page I found some info about how these noise maniacs are protecting animal rights. Hate humans – protect animals… I guess that’s how I can … Continue reading Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

The Gore infection is equivalent to a modern plague. I mean just look around, more and more people all over the globe are suffering from it. Here is one more victim – Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, a one man project that is spreading this infection in Spain. Let`s tag this Noise as a Gorenoise, I guess it’s the best definition for this band. It is not the least bit surprising that the cover art of this CDr release has a lot of human parts, cannabis and a slimy logo. But what would happen if we put this CD into the player…? … Continue reading Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

Dehumanized Earth / Existench

It’s always good to finish your day with good noise music. My evening ends with this small release of two interesting Canadian bands, Dehumanized Earth and Existench. Both have a lot of experience and both of them know how to make real shit. All songs are damn cool, as cool as this cyberpunk cover art, which I love a lot. This industrial/gloomy image brings good portion of the atmosphere for this split. I want to talk about D.E. at first… Dehumanized Earth surprised me. These tracks feel and sound different. All of this material sounds more positive than their old … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Existench

Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Born to Destroy is the last album (at this moment) of Australian legends Vicious Circle. You won’t find much Punk Rock on this full length. This work stands out with powerful Hardcore vibes and aggression. But, the music is nothing without cool artwork, and I must say that they called the right artist. The front image and design in general looks badass, maybe someone would say that this image is boring and too common, but I don’t really think so. This skull, red colors and smoke are classic, they perfectly represent the music inside.     The 14 song LP … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

We are all perfectly aware that the UK is full of some of the greatest and sickest bands, simply take a look at this small split. This 7” is like a small clot of uncontrollable energy and hatred, honestly I was really surprised. I know that this release was pressed 2 year ago, but, seriously I dont give a fuck, because this is a blast. It deserves a review in GGGG, so… First band in order is Nothing Clean. A band that could make your blood boil and push you into moshpit. Fast, short and furious, this is the type … Continue reading Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

Agathocles / Capital Scum

This LP is a monument for 2 veteran bands from Belgium. All together they have more than 60 years of experience. They’ve been making Noise that pisses off your neighbors since the 80’s. I don’t really get the meaning of this cover art, but it looks awesome, especially with the orange vinyl it holds. Power it Up proves to us that they know how to make good looking releases once again. I’m honestly excited to hear the noise, so let’s open this Punk Pandora’s box!       Capital Scum is playing the same way they always have, with all … Continue reading Agathocles / Capital Scum

Cum Sock / Sebum Excess Production

I got this CDr with a bunch of others in a parcel from Whisky Warfare Records.I must say I was really excited to listen to it, because both names are familiar to me so I had a good feeling about it when I put this disc into my player. But I was disappointed, and here is why. I reviewed Cum Sock before, I remember that that material was full of joy and silly moments. So I expected to hear something like that… unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that. Please try to understand, this material isn’t bad… Guitar sounds good, vocals … Continue reading Cum Sock / Sebum Excess Production

Strange, Beautiful, and Fast – Takafumi Matsubara (Gurkha Commando Blast Team)

Only five short years ago, Takafumi Matsubara was told by a doctor that he would never play guitar again because of a brain infection. Matsubara looked him dead in the eye and said, “fuck that”. I might have made that last part up, but that MUST have happened because he just released one of the best grindcore records in recent memory. Had he stopped after the last Grindlink record, he would still be considered a legend, but this record solidifies it. Driven by the death of his friend Hee Chung from Unholy Grave, he’s produced 17 tracks of furious and … Continue reading Strange, Beautiful, and Fast – Takafumi Matsubara (Gurkha Commando Blast Team)