Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Illegible logo? Check. Tons of human parts and guts on the front cover? Check. Ugly sound? Check. What does this mean? It can only mean one thing – A Gorenoise release. Right now I’m listening to a fresh demo from a band with a long name, Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat. I’m not a Gorenoise expert so I can’t judge their uniqueness. But there is one thing that stuck out. On their bandcamp page I found some info about how these noise maniacs are protecting animal rights. Hate humans – protect animals… I guess that’s how I can … Continue reading Mass Campylobacter Infection Through Raw Purulent Meat – Gore in your Stomachs

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

The Gore infection is equivalent to a modern plague. I mean just look around, more and more people all over the globe are suffering from it. Here is one more victim – Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, a one man project that is spreading this infection in Spain. Let`s tag this Noise as a Gorenoise, I guess it’s the best definition for this band. It is not the least bit surprising that the cover art of this CDr release has a lot of human parts, cannabis and a slimy logo. But what would happen if we put this CD into the player…? … Continue reading Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome – Cannabis Cult Supremacy

Dehumanized Earth / Existench

It’s always good to finish your day with good noise music. My evening ends with this small release of two interesting Canadian bands, Dehumanized Earth and Existench. Both have a lot of experience and both of them know how to make real shit. All songs are damn cool, as cool as this cyberpunk cover art, which I love a lot. This industrial/gloomy image brings good portion of the atmosphere for this split. I want to talk about D.E. at first… Dehumanized Earth surprised me. These tracks feel and sound different. All of this material sounds more positive than their old … Continue reading Dehumanized Earth / Existench

Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Born to Destroy is the last album (at this moment) of Australian legends Vicious Circle. You won’t find much Punk Rock on this full length. This work stands out with powerful Hardcore vibes and aggression. But, the music is nothing without cool artwork, and I must say that they called the right artist. The front image and design in general looks badass, maybe someone would say that this image is boring and too common, but I don’t really think so. This skull, red colors and smoke are classic, they perfectly represent the music inside.     The 14 song LP … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– Born to Destroy

Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

We are all perfectly aware that the UK is full of some of the greatest and sickest bands, simply take a look at this small split. This 7” is like a small clot of uncontrollable energy and hatred, honestly I was really surprised. I know that this release was pressed 2 year ago, but, seriously I dont give a fuck, because this is a blast. It deserves a review in GGGG, so… First band in order is Nothing Clean. A band that could make your blood boil and push you into moshpit. Fast, short and furious, this is the type … Continue reading Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

Agathocles / Capital Scum

This LP is a monument for 2 veteran bands from Belgium. All together they have more than 60 years of experience. They’ve been making Noise that pisses off your neighbors since the 80’s. I don’t really get the meaning of this cover art, but it looks awesome, especially with the orange vinyl it holds. Power it Up proves to us that they know how to make good looking releases once again. I’m honestly excited to hear the noise, so let’s open this Punk Pandora’s box!       Capital Scum is playing the same way they always have, with all … Continue reading Agathocles / Capital Scum

Cum Sock / Sebum Excess Production

I got this CDr with a bunch of others in a parcel from Whisky Warfare Records.I must say I was really excited to listen to it, because both names are familiar to me so I had a good feeling about it when I put this disc into my player. But I was disappointed, and here is why. I reviewed Cum Sock before, I remember that that material was full of joy and silly moments. So I expected to hear something like that… unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that. Please try to understand, this material isn’t bad… Guitar sounds good, vocals … Continue reading Cum Sock / Sebum Excess Production

Strange, Beautiful, and Fast – Takafumi Matsubara (Gurkha Commando Blast Team)

Only five short years ago, Takafumi Matsubara was told by a doctor that he would never play guitar again because of a brain infection. Matsubara looked him dead in the eye and said, “fuck that”. I might have made that last part up, but that MUST have happened because he just released one of the best grindcore records in recent memory. Had he stopped after the last Grindlink record, he would still be considered a legend, but this record solidifies it. Driven by the death of his friend Hee Chung from Unholy Grave, he’s produced 17 tracks of furious and … Continue reading Strange, Beautiful, and Fast – Takafumi Matsubara (Gurkha Commando Blast Team)

NEVA – Faces of Terror

It’s been a while since I’ve heard something new from a friend from St. Petersburg. It turned out that the frontman of Internal Damage was working on a new band. I was really curious about this project, I was also extremely happy to get a copy of this CD from No Bread Rec. I listened to this album a few times in a row and must say I was honestly pleased with this work. This Metal infused Punk kicked my ass. Faces of Terror is full of dark themes in the lyrics, it holds you tight with gloomy melodies in … Continue reading NEVA – Faces of Terror

Cystoblastosis / Cystgurgle

What could be better than 2 great bands on one tape? We have a really cool example of great gore material from different corners of our planet: Cystoblastosis from Russia and Cystgurgle from Thailand. The photos used on the front cover caused me some disgust, haha! The noise on this tape are the same level of ugly and nasty as its cover art. This is a small tape full of putrid tunes and fun, believe me, this shit could surprise you. So let me start from the Russian part of this release… From the very first few seconds I understand … Continue reading Cystoblastosis / Cystgurgle

Gets Worse – Snubbed

To be honest I never was a big fan of this band, but this album changed my mind. “Snubbed” sounds so interesting and unexpected, it’s a huge joy to listen to this LP. I guess you will ask me “why?”. Well, the first and the main reason is hiding inside the noise. On this album the guys play really strong and serious Powerviolence, without modern hardcore tricks, like in previous releases, this work sounds very fresh and interesting. As for the visual part, it remains unchanged. From the first look I easily recognized the branded style of this band. The … Continue reading Gets Worse – Snubbed

Endless Demise / Fiend

This would have to be my favorite Grindcoe split from 2017. Both bands released what I consider as some of their best material on this 7”. That is what makes this release especially good. Usually on a split one band will outdo the other, but on this release both of the bands play on par with each other. So let’s begin…  I have kept track of Fiend from the beginning, they never disappointed me. Their punching Grindcore is so awesome, it’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling. Blast by blast, riff by riff the sound will destroy … Continue reading Endless Demise / Fiend

LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Today we’ve got a 12” full length from the Wisconsin based two piece band LIFES. This is the bass and drums duo’s first full length release, co-released by themselves and Here And Now Records. They’ve brought us 18 tracks of noisey hardcore/powerviolence, and I’m always a sucker for two-piece bands, so lets check it out. This release starts really strong, with definite roots in powerviolence and a heavy dose of hardocre. The blast beats are solid, and pacing changes are on point, and the breakdowns are heavy. This pace keeps up for the first few minutes and it’s enjoyable, but … Continue reading LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Sneezing Pus / Vomi Noir

Funny fact I didn’t know about the existence of this split, until the moment when everything was ready and all of the labels got their copies. This is my failure as an underground journalist and I admit it, haha! So we have here a real gore release, I mean that this highly concentrated nasty poison will pleasantly melt the brains of the listeners. Both bands play in their own style and that makes this split very interesting and spicy. So let me introduce them… First is a new name in our putrid family – Sneezing Pus. This band is Spanish/Dutch … Continue reading Sneezing Pus / Vomi Noir

Street Feet – Diminished Capacity (Rat Mix Records)

Have you ever found a record that’s hard to listen to, not because it’s bad, but because it’s so punishing that you can only handle it in small doses? Have you ever had to take a break before flipping that record, even though it’s a 7 inch? If you haven’t might I highly suggest you check out Diminished Capacity by Street Feet. Now – to be clear – everything above is the highest of compliments. What this crew from Birmingham, New York brings us is an absolutely brutal grindcore release. It starts with a bit of a slow burn with … Continue reading Street Feet – Diminished Capacity (Rat Mix Records)

Tomb Warden/Flash Out – Split (Born Dead Records)

Listen, 7 inches are great, but I’m really, really getting tired of cock teases. Everytime I get my hands on one, by the time I put the needle down, it’s already at the end, and I’m left with blast beaten blue balls. That’s truly the case with this release from Tomb Warden and Flash Out. It’s no surprise to anyone that I really like Tomb Warden; they do a perfect mix of grindcore with little flavors of death metal and hardcore thrown in here and there to spice it up a bit. I fucking love how their side starts. A … Continue reading Tomb Warden/Flash Out – Split (Born Dead Records)

Nucleus – Meatus – Necrotic Eruption

I was surprised when I found out that locals from my area released such a putrid tape. Surrogate Records usually focuses mostly on local bands. Well anyway, this is a nice release to see on his list. So we have here a very specific type of Grind, this is what people call Goregrind. But honestly, almost all of the songs on this tape sound like Gorenoise to me.  The first portion of these 5 nasty songs is coming from Bulgarian 1 man project Nucleus. Hm, it’s hard to express my feelings about this lo-fi gore. There are some good riffs … Continue reading Nucleus – Meatus – Necrotic Eruption

Gore / Visceral 666

“In the name of vomit and blood! In the name of loud noise and gore!” That’s what must be written on the title side of this nasty digi-pack, ha! I was really surprised when I opened a parcel and found this split. Bloody red colors, creepy art and gorgeous, almost, transparent CD. Now, speaking of the music. I guess that both bands are reserved only for really die hard maniacs of extreme music. I bet you will ask me why? Well, it is so disgusting, so filthy, so rude and obscure that I think that some of the fans of … Continue reading Gore / Visceral 666

Haggus / Orkpack

It’s hard to surprise our readers with a new review of a fresh Haggus split. That crazy duo is really productive. This time we have a split with Russian band Ӧrkpack, that is interesting because I’ve never heard about them before and it’s always good to put a fresh noise in my player. After listening to this split a few times  in a row I can clearly say that both bands are really different, so this small release has a nice music contrast. I can’t help but write about such cool and funny cover art too. That Orc from Warhammer … Continue reading Haggus / Orkpack

Himura – Alerta Biológica

The Spanish extreme music scene is full of cool bands. Now I’m currently holding the third album of Deathgrinders Himura. First off I want to highlight the main theme of this LP, gloomy end of the human race – what can be better? After a few times listening through,  I can clearly say that these guys stayed true to their style, the whole album sounds pretty similar to their previous work “Exterminio”. But, that’s not a bad thing, sometimes I like a monumental position, without switching between styles and genres. So let’s unpack this vinyl and put it on my … Continue reading Himura – Alerta Biológica

Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Maybe you haven’t seen the name of Resonance Cascade on gig posters recently, but this Swedish Grind brigade is still alive. This tape became a surprise to me, shame on me but I totally forgot about this wonderful act. So it was super cool to find their tape in my mailbox. After some research I found that this release contains all of the material that RxCx has recorded over the years. But this is not a shitty “oh no, it’s another compilation tape”, the first demo work was remixed and the vocals were also re-recorded. I believe it’s the most … Continue reading Resonance Cascade – No Grind = No Fun

Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

If you love old school noise you might have heard about these bands. Captain Three Leg from the USA and Corpse Eater from Germany… What I want to say ahead of time, is that these bands are very similar and different at the same time. Short songs, violent power, same spirit but both of them have their own vision about the Noise they make. Also this split could be marked as something lost a few decades ago and found only now. It’s really interesting how such music sounds nowadays, especially in comparison with modern bands 😉 So the openers are … Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Corpse Eater

Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater

This is really great flashback! 100% nasty release with slow and ugly tunes. I must say that I was surprised to find this 7 inch in the parcel from Vleesklak Records, because I thought that stuff was sold out years ago. The cover art is depicting an old photo of early Halloween costumes. Must say these creepy looking kids perfectly match the ugly tunes inside of that 7”… Speaking of which, let’s drop this record on the turntable.    Prisoner 639 surprised me with their ground-shaking tremors of down tuned bass guitar. These Belgian freaks are usually fast, but with this … Continue reading Prisoner 639 / Throw Me In The Crater

The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019

Summer means a lot for me, it’s great time to have fun and travel. But, most of all, summer is a time for a bunch of great festivals. After my debut at last years OEF, I knew that I must get there again. So I booked a vacation, got press accreditation, and bought comfortable flip-flops. This year, these guys prepared a monstrous present for old punk rock fans – Punk As Fuck Fest. And of course I can’t avoid mentioning such grandpas as Repulsion, Siege, Negative Approach, and Rot. These bands (and many others) were like a huge magnet for … Continue reading The Chronicles of the Battlefield. OEF. Czech Republic 2019

Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

One of the things I really love about grindcore is that sampler 7 inches like this can exist and not be fucking painful to sit through. Can you imagine sitting through a doom metal four way split? I think I’d be asleep before I had to flip the thing. But with grind…it’s like ordering the sampler appetizer at a shitty bar. Yes, I DO want onion rings, and buffalo wings, and mozz sticks, and whatever the fuck else you want to throw on there. Deep fried grindcore, please. Our first greasy bit of fried grindcore comes from Tomb Warden from … Continue reading Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

Deaftrap – Demo

Here we go again another debut work another good and noisy tape. I bet that last year was really good for the German scene, there were so many different ep’s, splits and albums, I’m just speechless. As you may have noticed Deaftrap is from Germany too. When I saw this cassette at first I was by the surprised. It was so simple, there was not any drawing or collage, just a logo and few words. So my first thought was “what a mysterious tape”. So the only logical way to figure everything out was to put this stuff in my … Continue reading Deaftrap – Demo

Agathocles / Eristetyt

Release by release we are trying to show you how wide and different our underground is. Today I will tell you about a 7 inch with two old and honored bands. On the left side of the scale we have Agathocles, on the right side Eristetyt. Let’s listen to what these grandpas prepared for us 😉 After more than 30 years, Agathocles still knows how to write strong and direct music. These 3 songs are ironclad proof of it. The ominous vibrations and pure fun will pierce your brain. In my opinion these songs were written in a bit of … Continue reading Agathocles / Eristetyt