Anatomical Plastination – Removal Of The Dead Flesh

There are a lot of undervalued bands in our underground, I know that it’s nearly impossible to check or know all of them and track them too, but I want to fix that. Today I want to talk about the one really interesting pathological act – Anatomical Plastination. This band was based in Mexico, and the guys were fans of old school gore and death metal. I was lucky to get a copy of this 7” from Grotesque Records (thank you bro). First what I thought when I unpacked this vinyl was “goddamn is this a tribute to Carcass?!”, ha! … Continue reading Anatomical Plastination – Removal Of The Dead Flesh

Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

California is the land of great grind bands, I don’t really know why, maybe there is something in their beer, but there are so many talented people! Today I want to talk about a new and fresh one-man project – Morgue Breath. A man who’s standing behind this music is Ivo from Radiation Vomit/Man`s Toilet. I really love all of his bands… that guy is freaking grind wizard haha! “Postrarse Frente La Flema” is the name of this debut work, it contains 6 original songs and 1 cover. Also, this album has good artwork, gloomy, dark, with an appropriate atmosphere. … Continue reading Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

Agathocles / Assur

Belgium day on GGGG! This 7” was released by young Belgian label Orange Elixir Records and, obviously, both bands are from the same country too. I’m confident in AG, but new stuff from Assur is making me curious. I remember their demo and it was not the best stuff that I heard, but I want to give a chance to them. So let’s begin with side A!       My old friends from AG used some old recordings for this release. All songs were recorded in Belgium and Canada during the 2017-2019 period. I want to highlight that this … Continue reading Agathocles / Assur

Inopexia – unREST IN GOREnoise

Last fall my old friends from Moscow released this massive release. Monstrous 72 song compilation was released on vinyl and CD formats. Guys gathered together all their material for more than 10 years of existence. All together we have here about 40 minutes of super blasting gore. This ridiculously heavy shit has perfect cover art too, the artist made it in “Reek of Putrefaction” style, must admit that everything looks very solid and creepy. The “unREST IN GOREnoise” is a bloody piece of noise that can be characterized as a “loud brainwashing psycho weapon”. This is not a ZZ Top … Continue reading Inopexia – unREST IN GOREnoise

Crotch Rot / Gore

For today’s review, I have a putrid release from Brazil. A split with Crotch Rot and old bloody Gore. Strange but I didn’t hear about this split until it arrived at my home. At first sight, this release has everything that gore release should have. Scary creepy cover art, this time it’s a proper drawing not just a collage of dismembered body parts. As for the vinyl, it’s a clear color one, honestly, I`m not a fan of this variation, because usually clear vinyl sound not so well, but I can`t be sure about this copy.   This split begins … Continue reading Crotch Rot / Gore

Guyana Death Tape / Jigsore Puzzle

The German scene does not stop to surprise with some nice releases. Local bands from there are interesting and truly crazy, hehe) Both acts on this split were silent for a while, must say it`s really nice to hear new songs from them. Here is a few words about our guys. Generally, Guyana Death Tape and Jigsore Puzzle are playing very fast and crazy variations of grindcore, but they don’t sound in the same way, I will tell you about that in a minute 😉 This LP has a cool cover art too. I love this idea of using old … Continue reading Guyana Death Tape / Jigsore Puzzle

Mass Extinction – Never​-​Ending Holocaust

Today I want to talk about the debut of young American band Mass Extinction. The band who screams protest against animal abuse and who stand for animal rights. This album looks and sounds great. The cover art of this work consists of lots of scary little pictures cut out collage-style to add to the painful feelings. This image makes it clear that you will hear something serious and dark. The album also offers a series of atmospheric, pain-ridding induced lyrics and music which makes you feel angry about this situation with the animals.  Never​-​Ending Holocaust is a story in 10 … Continue reading Mass Extinction – Never​-​Ending Holocaust

Greenmachine – D.A.M.N.

What could be better than powerful slow music for the end of the working week? For this Friday`s write up I picked up re-issue of the debut album from Japanese Greenmachine! Well, as I said, this is the first one from this band, and if you don’t like sludge metal, and I mean SLUDGE, stay far far away, haha! This piece of hate was released 24 years ago (a pretty old one, isn’t it?), in CD format, and finally, now this album has a vinyl version. This re-press has a new pretty primitive art, but I think this drawing fits … Continue reading Greenmachine – D.A.M.N.

Travølta – In Tinnitus We Crust

My Belgian friends Travølta finally released their first full length! This is a big thing for any band, and today I want to talk about the “In Tinnitus We Crust” album. Cover art is based on their joke cult around John Travolta, must say that this silly thing, still makes me smile. 17 songs were released in all popular formats: digital, vinyl, tape, and CD… I think it’s good because you can choose the most comfortable format for yourself. I have CD and tape versions in my collection (still need to get LP), and they look great, the quality is … Continue reading Travølta – In Tinnitus We Crust

North American Grind Freaks (Unholy Grave tribute)

When I heard about this tribute, my first thought was “man that sucks…”. But it’s only because I don’t like tributes and Unholy Grave is my favorite Japanese band, haha! Must admit that I was surprised and I was wrong about this release. All bands (well almost all) don`t copy UG or tried to play a similar style… Even the front cover has nothing common with these Jap legends. I found it funny and cool, I love how everything turned for this work. Altogether we have 13 bands and, about, 20 minutes of savage and raw noise. Pard me boys … Continue reading North American Grind Freaks (Unholy Grave tribute)

The Dog – Avenge Us

The Dog are Polish hardcore weirdos. They really love to make experiment`s and this band is not from these who love to stay in one genre. The Dog started with more or less traditional hardcore/metal, but step by step they turned in something another something bigger. I can’t give a clear characteristic of this music, which is interesting and not usual for me. In comparison to their previous album “Avenge Us” has less aggression, less of a straight structure line. Also, this full length has a weird mix of different genres. Must say that this is not my style of … Continue reading The Dog – Avenge Us

BruceXCampbell – South To No Life

Time for more music on GGGG. For today’s review we have Los Angeles, Americans BruceXCampbell and their second full length “South To No Life”. I know that guys spend a lot of blood, time, and sweet on this recording, but the results are awesome! Let’s see what this album is all about. This LP was released by 3 different labels, each of them took care of different formats. Grindfather prod (UK) – released a tape, Psychocontrol Records (Czech Republic) – released a vinyl and No Bread rec – CD. The cover of CD and tape are differs from LP version, … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – South To No Life

Blue Holocaust – Flesh for the Cannibal God

I won’t lie this album is on my list of the best grind releases of 2019. And I was extremely happy to find a CD version of “Flesh for the Cannibal God” in the promo box from No Bread rec. So let`s start with the visual side. The design of this bloody masterpiece looks simply gorgeous. Theme of cannibalism is fully disclosed. The front cover has so many nice and tiny details… this is incredible work, a work that looks like a huge tribute to Ruggero Deodato`s “Cannibal Holocaust”. Each time when I look at this art I always find … Continue reading Blue Holocaust – Flesh for the Cannibal God

MooM / God’s America ‎

Are you bored at home, you don`t know what to listen to? This quarantine isolation is killing you? Well, here is a solution that will return your good mood back. Small but dangerously fast, believe me, this split 7” is exactly what you need. This piece of plastic is like a cheerful cure for depressed grind/powerviolence fans, haha! The music:   Don`t know why but grind/fastcore/pv music is very unpopular in Middle East countries. That’s why I was extremely happy to discover this band from Israel. Loud, fast, and quite mad that how I can characterize this squad. Yes all … Continue reading MooM / God’s America ‎

Liquid Viscera – Dead Body Obsession

Liquid Viscera is a new name in gore. Their first album Dead Body Obsession is bone-crushing worship to old General Surgery, Haemorrhage, and early Carcass. This Texas duo surprised me a lot with a really cool portion of old school material. After small research I found out that Liquid Viscera consists of two members from Intestinal Disgorge, these people know how to make a really awesome grind. As for the physical release of this album, hm, I don’t have CD in my collection, I have a cassette but my say in comparison to CD, tape looks way better. This toxic … Continue reading Liquid Viscera – Dead Body Obsession

Gruesome Stuff Relish ‎- Don’t Look Back!!!

I must confess, compilations are no my favorite type of releases. But not all of them are blank and boring. Sometimes it happens that the right combination of old songs could drive you crazy and make you headbanging all daylong. We have here that kind of situation. Spanish gore masters Gruesome Stuff Relish release this CD last year, but this noise is still actual and loud! Altogether we have 15 songs about scary stuff like cannibals, zombies, maniacs, and other lovely characters. All these spooky stories were released in good looking (Meat 5000 Records made a good job) digipack with … Continue reading Gruesome Stuff Relish ‎- Don’t Look Back!!!

Mortify – Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw

Let’s grind it out with Mortify’s “Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw”. I think that not everyone is familiar with this band. This band started a few years ago, they got few demo works, but this album is the real deal. Line-up of Mortify is hell bright and interesting: vocal – Adam Jennings (Disrotted) / guitar – Koreeda (ex-Coffins) / drums – Ryohei Kikuchi (Su19b / Final Exit). Cool isn’t it?). The amazing artwork was made by Swiss Huere Artworks. This album was released in all 3 formats (vinyl, CD, and cassette), I was lucky to get a tape (thanks to Grindfather … Continue reading Mortify – Stench Of Swedish Buzzsaw

Crippled Fox ‎- 10 Years Of Thrashing

It’s cool to see how more and more band are celebrating their anniversaries with special releases. Today I want to spin one cool anniversary 7” of fast / thrashcore band from the heart of Hungary. Crippled Fox is simply great… sometimes goofy, sometimes fast and furious, but they always managed to find the way to your mind. This single-sided vinyl has only 5 songs, and this shortness is the only negative thing of this EP. All tracks are charged with a fire! Let’s imagine that Ghost Rider doesn’t have a bike, instead, he has a skateboard, so this music will … Continue reading Crippled Fox ‎- 10 Years Of Thrashing

Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia

What should contain a good gore release? Disgusting cove art? Low sound and blasting drums? Yes! This split exactly falls under these parameters. An only visual part could make you vomit… there are so many photos of wounded soldiers from the Great War, it`s freaking me out not only with gore but with social side too. War is so dirty business… As for the tunes, all putrid stuffing belongs to Americans Intestinal Disgorge and Russians Inopexia… Both acts are pretty popular and that was only a matter of time when they will meet on one release, hehe. Each of the … Continue reading Intestinal Disgorge / Inopexia

Last Days Of Humanity ‎– The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces

You won’t surprise anyone with the new re-pressing of old LDOH tunes these days… there are so many labels that wanted to get this legendary band. BUT this new press of old live noise is very beautiful and cool. Left-Hand Patches (ex-Fat Ass rec) made a huge work with the visual part of “The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces”. I was lucky to get a limited edition of this nasty lp. Colored vinyl, hardcover and insert… everything simply looks super cool and disgusting. It would be right to add, that this is the first time when you can get this … Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity ‎– The Xtc Of Swallowing L.D.O.H. Feaces

Lunk – Leg Day Collection Tape

Tape day in GGGG house! For this special analog day, we picked up, damn, hot discography tape of two-piece gore band Lunk! I don`t know if these guys still around, because I didn’t hear anything about them in a while, and that is one more reason to remember that squad from Lima, Ohio. Grindfather prod gathered together everything from Lunk and release that noise in a tape format. All together we have here only 13 songs, who are hiding under the great and funny cover art and bright cassette shell. Unfortunately, there is no much left to talk about, so … Continue reading Lunk – Leg Day Collection Tape

Meat Spreader – A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot

Step by step Meat Spreader is spreading its wild vibes everywhere around the globe. In the beginning there was only a demo and that work was damn good, then was a 3-way split with massive and old bands, so it was only logical to wait until the full length album is released! Everything happened in the year 2018, CD and vinyl were pressed at different corners of the Earth, but both variants were distributed well, so all who wanted to get this rotten piece into their collection were (and still are) able to do that. The only one part of … Continue reading Meat Spreader – A Swarm Of Green Flies Over The Rusty Pot

Always Never Fun / ill!

This split can be described as “play fast or go to the bed”, haha! Both bands on this release represent the new generation of fastcore era. I think this small piece of plastic needs more attention from the fans, so that’s why I picked up this 7”. Beside nice fast tunes, this small one has not the worst design. Cool, gloomy, and super old photo of train crash… simply – maybe, but it’s still a good choice.    ANF stayed true to themselves, they didn’t change their furious music. I think it`s the last their recording and I must admit … Continue reading Always Never Fun / ill!

Psycho / Nunwhore Commando 666

I don’t know where the idea of this split is come from, but the result is more than great! US legend Psycho and German perverts Nunwhore Commando 666 join forces for this ugly looking release. I have never been a fan of picture discs because usually they only look good but sounds like shit… well this one has more than acceptable sound, which is surprising) So…  Boston`s warriors performing with 3 brand new songs. You will be attacked by old noisy and buzzing punk! I think on this record guys returned to their roots a little bit. Because all tracks … Continue reading Psycho / Nunwhore Commando 666

Buio Mondo / Nashgul ‎– Un Omaggio A Lucio Fulci E Fabio Frizzi

Nashgul is well known grind brigade. But their last release surprised their fans and my ass too, haha! Guys joined their forces with Buio Mondo and recorded something very unusual (as for grind band). Both songs (yes we have only 2 two here) are a tribute to Italian horror masters Fabio Frizzi and Lucio Fulci. This work has deep historical and cultural roots (at least that’s how I feel about this EP), and if you are in love with horror movies you won’t ignore this release. As usual, the artwork was made by Luis Sendón, he drew the most iconic … Continue reading Buio Mondo / Nashgul ‎– Un Omaggio A Lucio Fulci E Fabio Frizzi

Disabuse ‎– Demos of War

Disabuse was a Canadian band who played raw crust punk. Most of you may say that this is just one more band from dispunk army… maybe, but this compilation album is worth of try. This squad had a short life, guys recorded only two tapes, and then Disabuse were done. After that few members started legendary Existench (but I will tell you about this band in another review). It’s obvious that the heroes of our story were inspired by mighty Discharge, but they also used some primitive grindcore vibes. All together this red LP contains 20 raw songs. I think … Continue reading Disabuse ‎– Demos of War

Crash Syndrom / Cannibe

What can hide behind such distasteful and ugly cover? Bingo, it’s a sick gore tunes! Here is a split CD that contains bands from Italy and Japan… You will find a few words about both of them a little bit lower.  Cannibe is an Italian one-man band that starter to play almost 2 decades ago and it`s still producing tons of the material. I respect the guy behind this name, but I was never a fan of his music, however, some songs of Cannibe are good. So this new material was created in weird death-gind style (with a big portion … Continue reading Crash Syndrom / Cannibe