Toxic Shock / Reproach

If a skateboard, speed, tracker hat, and beer are an integral part of your life then you probably you have a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and this split, haha! Apparently Toxic Shock / Reproach split is an awesome example of thrashcore/fastcore genre, both bands did their best. I`m holding a 3d press of this 10″ records (imagine how popular this stuff is), and I’m literally feeling how many toxic and aggressive tunes this vinyl has, haha! No more words let’s put this record on our old turntable! Toxic Shock serves us with fast and furious hardcore crossover (with a drop of … Continue reading Toxic Shock / Reproach

Traffic Death – Terror on the Freeway

I remember the first time I’ve heard T.D. I was listening to this particular EP(I checked out the full album long after that). I remember standing there, tapping my foot to the tempo of the tune while looking at the art on the cover. I liked these weirdos back then, but when they sent me the record, I was stunned. I know I should be as objective as possible, but the actual look of the record is absolutely mind-blowing! I’m a big fan of old school horror movies and the artist totally hit the point here. He managed to bring … Continue reading Traffic Death – Terror on the Freeway

Begrime Exemious / Flash Out (Filth Regime Records)

This split has got a high concentration of Canadian singularity… When listening I was afraid to be dashed with maple syrup,hehe! Joking aside, this release is quite a great collaborative work of two Canadian bands. Despite the fact that all sources of information call Begrime Exemious a black/death metal band, I strongly feel punk moiety here. Unfortunately there are only two tracks. The first one -“Extinguished”, begins with rather trite monotonous guitar lick, but then guys slip into a fucking wicked quality! Here we get oldscool punk, some black metal and cemeterial stink of death metal. Simple, but enjoyable solos, rude vocals… just goodly. In patches guys are rising … Continue reading Begrime Exemious / Flash Out (Filth Regime Records)


Ukrainian experimental Thrash/grind/hardcore band. Was founded in 2006 in Borodyanka (the town in Kiev region). After the successful debut in “Bingo” club in spring 2008 and about a dozen of gigs, the band had fallen into anabiosis and started hunting the experienced soldiers for the zombie division… Despite of the fact of frequent changes in rhythm-section, the band recorded demo, 2 EPs and debut album… Now guys are based in Kiev, fell to more extreme sound and are preparing new material. Z.E.M.N. bandcamp Continue reading ZOMBIES EAT MY NEIGHBOURS!