Split LP Stimulant / Water Torture is out now!

Water Torture makes a return with one last transmission on a schizophrenic split LP with their current musical incarnation, Stimulant. One side spins at 33RPM and the other at 45RPM, two distinct voices spewed from the same scarred psyches.After experimental powerviolence bass pummelers Water Torture unceremoniously disbanded after releasing their first and only full length, 2014’s “Pillbox” followed by a European tour, and an appearance at Maryland Deathfest with a scant shows along the East Coast, 2/3’s of the crew bunkered down in Brooklyn to emerge in the form of Stimulant. A more twisted, paranoiac and uh, speedier version of … Continue reading Split LP Stimulant / Water Torture is out now!

News from Chepang`s camp!

The “Dadhelo: A Tale Of Wildfire” is now available! “The first full length assault from Nepal’s “immigrindcore” battalion. Driven by breakneck dual drum blasting and the blazing fervor of their message delivered from the turmoil of their homeland. A twisted cacophony of riff carnage and the desperate howling frenzy of multiple singers. Impassioned Ghurka grindcore commandos igniting a cleansing fire.” You can buy this album thru Nerve Altar (USA) or Holy Goat Records (Europe)  Continue reading News from Chepang`s camp!

Overviolence – Rapturous Expulsion (Nerve Altar)

What can a band with such name play? Gothic rock? Drone? Almost… On the background of numerous fresh bands, Overviolence stands out for speed and aggression. That’s why I love this grind-fast-violence dudes. I do not know what kind if personal lifes these people have, because in their songs they put a lot of aggression. And I must tell you, this type of musicians put a piece of their soul into the music they play… oh, somehow I really went into some deep philosophy The first thing that struck me (when I got my hands on to this vinyl) was … Continue reading Overviolence – Rapturous Expulsion (Nerve Altar)