Suppression – Oblivion Rats

Today I will talk about a massive compilation of the legends Suppression. These guys are one of these stones in the wall of the American grind scene. This year guys will celebrate their 30th anniversary, so you can imagine how much they have done for the genre and how many releases they have. “Oblivion Rats” contains all material starting from 2015 till 2017 years. How many songs are on that CD? Any guess? 99 fucking songs, holy cow… That is insane, haha! So this bodybag is full of goodies, you will find tracks from the Rats In The Control Room … Continue reading Suppression – Oblivion Rats

Antigama (29.09.22)

First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me today. How have you been? How are you doing today? You know, a lot has been going on lately. You can’t predict anything. You have to get used to it . I’m fine and looking forward to the interview. I should note that I like your last album, both songs and cover. Who created this artwork and who came up with an idea of a cover with so an un-standard look? Thanks. The idea comes from Sebastian Rokicki. We wanted the cover not … Continue reading Antigama (29.09.22)

VHS – Deep Gashes And Long Lashes

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions welcome back VHS with the new album “Deep Gashes And Long Lashes”! Plot Twist! This is a tribute to the bizarrely beautiful giallo films from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. VHS present an audible homage to the thrilling and bombastic music that accompanies the on-screen violence & beautiful setpieces, as well as a salute to the gorgeous woman that met a grisly end. You can order a copy from Continue reading VHS – Deep Gashes And Long Lashes

Golem Of Gore – Tre Anni Di Terrore

Golem Of Gore is (still is) a young goregrind band from Italy. I discovered them back in 2018, starting that day and ending this day, guys recorded a huge amount of stuff. Many splits, some EP, and even 1 full-length. That trio is fucking productive and active. I think that’s why Canadian Sick rec proposed them a deal. And I’m holding the result of their work in my hands right now. Bloody good-looking double digipack with a ton of the songs! Here is what you will find inside… CD 1: “Horrendous Summoning Of Gore-Demo”, splits with Yakisoba / Sebum Excess … Continue reading Golem Of Gore – Tre Anni Di Terrore

The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

“The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst of Backwoods Butcher Records” CD is now available. Six savage spools of fast as-fuck underground blasphemy conveniently collected on one indestructible digital disc. Six brilliant mutations of chainsaw punk rock, unapologetically-ignorant grindcore and abhorrent death thrash presented complete and unedited; each has been properly mastered to accentuate the primitive crushing power of the original recordings. Includes the demo tapes of SKITKATEDRAL, RANCOROUS SLOG, TELEKINETIC DECAPITATION, IGNORANT CORPSE, GAMMA-GERAT and CEMETERY FUNGUS compiled on one meaty slab of skull-pulverizing polycarbonate. This is the perfect soundtrack for fucking off, dying and remaining dead forever. You can listen to … Continue reading The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

Eraser / Your Kid’s On Fire

Today my player will spin a really bloody split with two wonderful bands! Let me introduce them to you… Eraser is an old-school grindcore project from Italy. YKOF – old-timers from the US, sweet and rotten deathgrind. This stuff is really promising, so let`s play it loud! Let`s begin this evening with Italian boys Eraser. I remember their previous album, with that noise guys managed to get the attention of many grind freaks. Here we have 3 brand new songs… This material is close enough to their debut album and that is cool. Total old-school grindcore with a strong stench … Continue reading Eraser / Your Kid’s On Fire


Hailing from the vermin-saturated remains of upstate South Carolina, SLUGCRUST released their debut full length, Ecocide, via Prosthetic Records September 9, 2022. Featuring members of WVRM, SLUGCRUST embodies true Southern grind in all its grimy, punishing glory. “Ecocide”, by definition, is the destruction of natural environment resulting from deliberate/negligent human activity, especially ascribed to war crimes yet to be ratified as such by the United Nations. The album is not designed to be qualitatively geopolitical in its entirety, however, and does not take aim at one subject alone. “Ecocide” uses raw blasts, gut-checking riffs, and unsanctioned aggression to seek out … Continue reading Slugcrust!

Triac – Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals

A new album of Triac became a real surprise for many of us. Finally, this crazy trio released fresh stuff! Must confess that “Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals” immediately took an honorable place in my top 10 of 2022! So let`s see, this record consists of 16 songs, all of these tracks full of unbelievable aggression and hate… The guys really did wonderful work! It`s not for nothing that the main color of the cover art is red, because red color symbolizes danger! As I already mention, aggression is the main attribute of this album. The furious pumping energy … Continue reading Triac – Pure Joy – Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals