Agathocles (30.03.20)

Hello my dear friend! First of all I want to congratulate you! 35 years of mincing, it’s a huge date! How do you feel about this milestone? JAN: Thanks, my friend. Yes, 35 years, quite a long time. What I feel about it? I am happy with all these years and the things we were able to do during all these years. And I am looking forward to make some more noise in the upcoming years. You played in so many countries, how many countries are still not minced? Which of them are in your “to visit” list? JAN: Yes, … Continue reading Agathocles (30.03.20)

Power It Up will release discography of Neuroot!

One of the roughest and most politically active hardcore punk bands of the 80s from Holland were Neuroot from Arnhem. Legendary is the song “(Wir sind) Die Ratten vom Müll” from their 7“ from 1985. For many years they have been organizing concerts at the “Goudvishall”-Squat in Arnhem. In 1987 the “Plead Insanity” LP was released, a milestone in the history of the dutch Punk Rock scene of the 80s, whose music and lyrical content is still highly relevant today. This LP is now re-released for the first time including the originally intended (but back then not used) LP cover … Continue reading Power It Up will release discography of Neuroot!

First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains

What started as a joke turned into something bigger and more serious. If you listen to this noise once, you’ll notice that this noise is very close to LDOH (and yes the joke was about this band too). From the beginning it was only an online/bandcamp project, nothing serious… but with  time labels and fans grew to enjoy this putrid noise. We have a tape release here (thanks to Grindfather prod) of the first 2 EP’s “Caves” and “Remains”. I think all together it’s only 10 minutes of music, but believe me, it’s more than enough. Because everything here has … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains