Nekrofilth / Unholy Grave

When I heard the rumors about this release I was fucking stocked! Two great bands on 1 vinyl… lovely! Unfortunately, this is 6″ format, and it’s damn short, but we have what we have. This psycho art is hiding 4 minutes of old-school death metal and top-notch grindcore. The first 120 seconds belong to the USA death machine Nekrofilth! Both songs have an unbelievable spirit of the 90th. Fast, noisy, and cheerful metal right into the face! Great riffs, nice tempos not the worst production. The guitar sounds wild, the same I can say about the vocal, that pissed-off style … Continue reading Nekrofilth / Unholy Grave

Deaftrap – S/T

German squad Deaftrap are back with a brand new album! After a really good demo and Asian tour, guys started to work on new material, and finally, it is ready. This full-length is full of dark atmosphere and good riffs. Yes, this is not grindcore, but this cool mix of modern hardcore, sludge, and crust worth listening to. These psychos are playing very well, with fire and live energy. I think the base of this self-titled album is consists of the sub-hardcore genre, that one with a lack of punk but with a lot of breakdowns. Personally, I prefer classical … Continue reading Deaftrap – S/T