Hades Mining Co. – Master Class In Filth

Rochester? New York? Noisecore? That’s right. Hades Mining Co. is not a fresh name in this genre but somehow I didn’t hear it before. Guys started in 1999 and during more than 20 years they released a lot of stuff. I received “Master Class In Filth” some time ago and always delayed listen to it, but it actually sounds much better than looks, haha! This small session was released on B-card format (weird-shaped cd which looks like a visit card), the cover was printed on a creepy old xerox machine… so it looks not tasty at all. But! The noise … Continue reading Hades Mining Co. – Master Class In Filth

Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

I may be late with this release but, I believe more of you need to listen to this demo. So we have here a 2 man project, Michele (guitar and vocal) is from Italy and Max (drums, bass and vox too) is from the USA. Obviously, it`s a virtual band, and it hard to run work this way, but the guys managed to create really decent material. The debut demo contains only 6 songs, but these tracks are bloody good.  As far as I remember this tuff was released by Acid Redux Productions (CDr) and Bloody Scythe Records (cassette), so … Continue reading Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

The USA grindcore scene is huge and nice, and it`s hard to cover/listen to all bands from that land… so I`m very grateful when the labels (or even bands themselves) help me with that. Today we have a cool split with Violent Opposition from Oakland (CA) and Prepare For The Mindscan from Buffalo (NY). All of them love to make grindcore, but they’re doing it in their own ways. Also, this 7″ has not the worst cover arts, especially I love V.O. side, this insect looks creepy and badass! Let`s roll in order and start with Oakland guys! We have … Continue reading Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

Split Disease / Better Reality is out!

Macedonia’s Disease delivers another 3 fantastic DIS-tracks, total Disclose Worship, Europe best on all levels, brilliant band. If you missed their latest 12inch “death is inevitable”, we released earlier, go get it, it’s damn good. Better Reality hailing from Manchester/ UK with 4 tracks crusty raging Noisepunk, delivered the best way possible. More info at Burning Anger Continue reading Split Disease / Better Reality is out!


Sacthu were formed in Madrid in 2019 by current and former members of other bands like Under Vultures, Teething, Rageous Intent, Eternal Storm Warchetype or, Firmam3nt with the intention of blending grindcore with other genres such as noise, death metal or sludge. In February 2020 they released their self-titled 7″ as part of Tu Pa Tu Tu Pa Records’s Grind Series. In July 2020 they released a 3-way split with the Belgian legends Agathocles and fellow-countrymen Mixomatosis on 12″ vinyl. The band also recorded a cover of Nihilist/Entombed’s classic ‘Supposed to Rot’ for ‘An Oath to Death’ a tribute album … Continue reading Sacthu!

Out now! Brainpan/xSAVAGEx. Out now!

A split phalanx assault of pulverizing crossover power violence at the forefront of the US underground in a ferocious collision of East and West Coasts. Hailing from Washington DC, Brainpan inflicts punishing contempt with their heavyweight brand of crushing sci-vi annihilation. Seattle’s xSAVAGEx inexorable assault of blunt force ferocity and ruthless stop start riffage seizes and suffocates. Supreme aggression and unyielding hostility. Cover art by Japanese legend Sugi. Get a copy from the bands and from Nerve Altar rec! Continue reading Out now! Brainpan/xSAVAGEx. Out now!

Meth Leppard/ Infanticide

This year sucks, we`re all in a difficult situation now with all this virus stuff. But, I feel that 2021 will became a very reach with great records. We already have a lot of badass stuff and today I want to talk about another solid piece of grind. Today we`re going to listen to Meth Leppard/ Infanticide split EP. As you all know Australia is full of great bands and Meth Leppard is one of these. Guys always stayed on the line of their own style, and this recording session is not an exception. Guys simply toasted my mind with … Continue reading Meth Leppard/ Infanticide