Agathocles – Razor Sharp Daggers

27 years ago, one Belgian band released one of the coolest albums in grind/mince history! I`m talking about “Razor Sharp Daggers”! I was blasting this album since my high school years, this is an absolute crusher! To celebrate the album’s anniversary Selfmadegod rec re-released it in 2 formats, CD, and vinyl (this one has a new art). I think this old cover became even more actual in our days… Humanity is disgusting species, that kills, destroys, and pollutes everything around… What a sad story. This studio session consists of 25 songs of sweet, loud material. Personally, I think that this … Continue reading Agathocles – Razor Sharp Daggers

Rot – Organic

Rot is a legendary band, I don`t know people who didn`t hear about these guys. “Organic” is their 6th album, which was released almost 2 years ago, this is also the last album with mighty Alex Buch (RIP). This record was released in Europe, Brazil and now in the US… I was lucky to get a copy from To Live A Lie rec. Great quality, a bit different cover, but the same concept and 25 songs of unstoppable grind! To be honest I really waited for this full-length. I listened to it all of 2021 and part of 2022. Guys … Continue reading Rot – Organic

Happy New Year!

This shitty year is finally running to its end. Well, what can I say, it was more than stressful for me, but your support helped me a lot, and I`m eternally thankful for that! I bet that the next year will be better and it will bring more positive emotions and more great grind releases! Cheers and hugs boys and girls! Continue reading Happy New Year!

N.H.G / Grinder Flesh

A showcase of South American grindcore, featuring Argentina’s N.H.G and Chile’s Grinder Flesh. This being the first North American release for both bands. First N.H.G pummels you with a crisp, clean, modern approach, filled with massive chunky riffs and unrelenting blast beats. Then 30+ year raw punk-grind veterans GRINDER FLESH, with their loose, dirty, raw, punk approach to classic grind style, give a history lesson on the deep roots of the Chilean underground scene. A rare chance for the American audience to get a glimpse of the state of extreme music south of the equator. Get a copy from Continue reading N.H.G / Grinder Flesh