The first ever GGGG merch!

The design is made by Giulio Huere for GGGG. There will be: Shorts – logo and picture Shirts – logo and picture on front and anti war slogan on Back Zippers – small logo on left breast and shirt design on back Hoodies – huge logo on front and shirt design on back Everything will be printed by Mario Zumpe and Co (Grind The Nazi Scum), so you can pre-order everything from them! Continue reading The first ever GGGG merch!

Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and chilling? Bart: Hi Alex, I am doing fine, thanks, just got in the couch after a busy day. No beer though. Usually I don’t drink alcohol if I have to work the day after. I work as a clinical psychologist and want to give the best I can. Owen: no beer for me this evening but some smokeable stuff helps with chilling for me, haha. Jasper: no beer here either, but chilling nonetheless. Must say that I`m really waiting for this new album, it`s gonna … Continue reading Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Rot – Cruel Face Of Life / Sociopathic Behaviour

It`s hard to talk about such legends like Rot… I think there are no people in grind underground that don`t know that band. As you may know, guys released their new album last year, but there were a few nice re-issues too. Today I will talk about the first two full-length (since I was lucky to have both). An incredible flashback into 1994! The debut “Cruel Face Of Life” was re-released by Black Hole Productions and Bucho Discos. The CD has a great quality of sound and polygraphy but also has a cool noise bonus. Brutal as fuck, primitive and … Continue reading Rot – Cruel Face Of Life / Sociopathic Behaviour