The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

“The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst of Backwoods Butcher Records” CD is now available. Six savage spools of fast as-fuck underground blasphemy conveniently collected on one indestructible digital disc. Six brilliant mutations of chainsaw punk rock, unapologetically-ignorant grindcore and abhorrent death thrash presented complete and unedited; each has been properly mastered to accentuate the primitive crushing power of the original recordings. Includes the demo tapes of SKITKATEDRAL, RANCOROUS SLOG, TELEKINETIC DECAPITATION, IGNORANT CORPSE, GAMMA-GERAT and CEMETERY FUNGUS compiled on one meaty slab of skull-pulverizing polycarbonate. This is the perfect soundtrack for fucking off, dying and remaining dead forever. You can listen to … Continue reading The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

HCG / Agathocles – Die By The Sword

Hmm, I definitely need to count how many reviews of AG stuff we already did, hehe)) Today’s review is about a split with Brazilian newcomers HCG. Not sure what`s going on here but the guys have done 8 (holy moly) splits with our Belgian friends, “Die By The Sword” is the first one of that pack. Mince founders attacks with 5 songs. All this stuff was recorded in the studio, so expect good quality songs! Good and cheerful atmosphere, loud sound and tons of nice riffs. That`s if you need a short and fast review of this session.  The track … Continue reading HCG / Agathocles – Die By The Sword

Out soon at Extreme Terror Production!

-V/A”KAMIKAZE GRINDCORE ATTACK” 12″LP booklet + poster Extreme Terror Production(NL) Cooperation w/ ShitResist Records(Singapore) Jap’armaggeddon GRINDCORE/CRUST/NOISE !!! -V/A”BULLSHIT WASTE” 4 way split tape Extreme Terror Production(NL) AGATHOCLES-Mincecore legends from Mol/Belgium KOROSE-Power violence from Seoul/South Korea HELLEXIST-Heavy Crustcore from Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia MELEDAK-Raw Grindcore from Bandung/Indonesia MATKA TERESA “Discography 2002-2012” 12″LP Booklet + poster Extreme Terror Production(NL) Cooperation w/ ShitResist Records(Singapore) Grind Father Production(UK) Studio + rehersal’s + live’s SxFxCx/DESTITUTE split 7″ep Extreme Terror Production(NL) Cooperation w/ Romantic Songs Records(Spain) Grind Father Production(UK) South America GRINDCORE Attack! Old school GRINDCORE from Peru vs Raw GRIND from Colombia PULMONARY FIBROSIS 5/8″(?) ep lathe … Continue reading Out soon at Extreme Terror Production!

Agathocles / Ruidosa Inconformidad

Let`s serve us today with a nice portion of mince/noisecore. Mince from Belgian grandpas Agathocles and noise from trio Chilean Ruidosa Inconformidad. As far as I know, this 7″ split was released by Sick Phoque Records, it`s limited to 200 pieces, and it also was pressed in Jukebox format, so keep in mind that you will need an adapter to play this record. According to the requirements of good manners, we will begin with the oldest guys – AG. What can I say? Legends never disappoint! We have here a great dose of brand mincecore with nice a bit raw … Continue reading Agathocles / Ruidosa Inconformidad

Embalming Theatre / Agathocles

20 years ago, these heroes made their first contact, which was a 7″ split release. To celebrate this lovely anniversary guys decided to make another split (and I think it`s a good idea). Of course, both bands didn`t want to make a boring reissue, so they recorded new songs and used another covert art. Talking about the front image, I think it represents our modern society so much. Blind and blank people who only care about their digital life regardless of what is happening around them. Excellent idea and implementation! Let me start the noise with a Belgian mince legend … Continue reading Embalming Theatre / Agathocles

Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

State of World Deception is an interesting split, it`s rare to see representatives from all 3 parts of the American continents. We have here Impugned from Argentina, Irradiated from the USA, Scumeater from Polans and Meatus from Canada, a nice bunch isn`t it? Let`s start with Impugned. Actually, this is a very new band for me, and I was pleasantly surprised. Guys have nice old-school material with not the worst production. Growling vocal especially sounds good with a rhythm section. I found only one a bit negative moment in this session, it`s a guitar tone, it sounds dry… but this … Continue reading Impugned / Irradiated / Scumeater / Meatus

Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)

Greeting Curby! How are you doing my friend, busy and tired?) Haha…yeah, a few weeks before the festival, it’s always terrible, mate! Totally busy, changes every day, always something with some band and so on! I don`t want to cry, I am happy I can do it! As the Mandalorian says: „This is the way”, ha! I really love when the first band grab their strings and the first tone is on!!! It`s the best feeling after the last weeks before the fest. In just a few weeks and the gates to the Battlefield will be opened. How do you … Continue reading Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival (01.07.22)