We Sleep – Uniform Fuckface (Sengaja Records)

Extreme hardcore / fastcore – no more and no less. But before you click away, think about why you might object to those words. Loud yelling? To many simple riffs? Tattooed guys in cargo shorts?) Maybe, but at least give a chance to this German band. “Uniform Fuckface” is just their first serious work, so let’s be easier with them. So on this piece of plastic guys tried to focus on good speed and on aggression. Well, they managed with these two points pretty well. The bio says that We Sleep consist of 4 members, each unit for 1 instrument, … Continue reading We Sleep – Uniform Fuckface (Sengaja Records)

X-Torsion – Do It Your Hell (Sengaja Records)

X-Torsion is a very nice band which is based in Barcelona,Spain. Their previous album Odio Eterno was really nice, but it has been a couple of years since that album was released, and now our Spanish friends are back to treat us with a new and badass album. That new album will fill your heart up with a nasty punk groove and with a lot of crushing grind outbursts. Like in previous things the cover art for this album has the same style. This cover seems to me like a piece of a cartoon or something like that. It`s lovely … Continue reading X-Torsion – Do It Your Hell (Sengaja Records)

Graben – S/T (Sengaja Records)

I think that I should put this review to the offtop section, because these guys are not even close to grindcore. But whatever it is, this album is worth your attention (even just because this will distract from grindcore and other noises). It’s even hard to imagine what this album looks like visually, because I can’t remember where I had seen something similar. But this cover uniquely attracts by its mysterious darkness. It’s difficult to determine what these Germans had mixed here. No doubt that the basis for this stuff is hardcore and metal, but at times it breaks away … Continue reading Graben – S/T (Sengaja Records)

Butrön ‎– El Legado De La Barbarie

Gooood morning Spain! I finally found some time to write about Spanish hardcore scene and today I will talk about second album of Butrön band. Black like resin vinyl and gloomy art… these zombie buffalos really attract attention. Sometimes I am really amazed how people just with couple of brushes and colors can create something endowed with such atmosphere. If you`ll look closely then on the muzzles of animals you will read torment and pain and anger… These matadors from Barcelona I remember well by their pleasant hardcore crust… or rather how well they joined both styles. Here you can … Continue reading Butrön ‎– El Legado De La Barbarie

KSM 40 – The Taste of Rust

We continue exploring the world of German music. This time I decided to write about the KSM 40 band. I got really confused by the art on the cover at first. First I thought that this was some kind of crust (these guys love to draw something similar), but when I took a closer look I realised that I was wrong. That’s the goddamn super Sonic! Hahaha, it might have been designed in some weird way and it seems like he is not feeling well but it is definitely him. The artist dedicated the cover to the world of old … Continue reading KSM 40 – The Taste of Rust

X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Honestly speaking, this split was one of those 2015 releases which I was waiting for. And after I finally listened to it, I realized that waiting was not for nothing! So I will not go into long introduction, I’ll start right on the part of the Spanish… X-Torsion already has one full-length album behind, so now they decided to deliver some fresh stuff on split release. The visual part reminds of (and perhaps it is a follow up to) the first album cover art, everything with the same funny black humor of gore / horror picture. But fresh tracks surprised … Continue reading X-Torsion / Cruel Face (Sengaja Records)

Sunlun – Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit (Sengaja Records)

Have you ever heard something about german crust bands? If you haven’t, you can check guys from Sunlun. As for their music, they are a good example of Swedish Crust School. To be honest, at first I was thinking that it is the next copy of Wolfbrigade, but then I had changed my mind. Their songs are good mixture of crust, hardcore, death metal and even a little bit of doom with black metal (we can call it neocrust) I guess, cover of album could say a lot about music inside. You can appreciate fight of wolves on it, good … Continue reading Sunlun – Ceaseless Exhausting Pursuit (Sengaja Records)

X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)

Spain is very rich for all kinds of talents. This wonderful country gave birth to a lot of great bands. But the most famous bands will be reviewed next time. Today, I want to put on a GGGG turntable the first album of a young band called X-torsion. If you do not take their participation in compilation into account, then OdioEterno is their first serious work. Hmmm, maybe I have to go to a psychiatrist, but the art on this album made me smile. A sort of a funny black humor half-rotten cartoon head, I could not not see anything … Continue reading X​-​Torsion – Odio Eterno (Sengaja Records)

Sengaja Records!

Sengaja Records is a DIY HC label found by one member (Spike) of Fastcore band KSM40 and in the present being run by another member (Jonas) of that band. The aim of the label is to help befriended bands put out records and spreading the word about them. Our label policy is based on our belief, that Hardcore and Punk are grassroots movements to help people make up their minds and stand up against any way of oppression. CONTACTS:Sengaja fbSengaja bc RELEASES: SR-29 X-Torsion / Cruel Face-Split EP (2015) SR-26 Lily Havoc – 3 to 7 CD-R (2015) SR-25 Graben – dto. … Continue reading Sengaja Records!