Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

Only a lazy fan of extreme music hasn’t heard that Psychoneurosis is back. After doing a successful split with AG and a bunch of cool gigs, these guys finally recorded a new album – this news cheers me up. Then, Selfmadegod Rec posted a preview song “Brexshit”… fuck…that was a brain-crashing song. So I started to wait for the whole album, and a few month later “The Fall Of Humanity” was in my hands… I guess Psychoneurosis tried to prepare/warn listeners about unexpected fast and ugly grind fights, that why they started with and elegant, atmospheric, and slow intro. I … Continue reading Psychoneurosis – The Fall Of Humanity (Selfmadegod rec)

All Over The Face – Like a Bull

This was one of those unexpected promos; they are rare in my practice. Guys from Switzerland sent me a big parcel with their debut album “Like a Bull”. I was surprised when I opened it, there was both the LP and CD version of this full length… I must admit not every day you receive 2 formats of one release. So as I said All Over The Face are from Switzerland, they came together 5 years ago, not sure if I can still call them an active band. During their years of existence they played a bunch of gigs and … Continue reading All Over The Face – Like a Bull

Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

So, what kind of music does a band with such a name play? Hard rock? Pornogrind? Cyberturboscat grind? Well you’re not even close. These Belgian bastards make fun of politic and social topics. This band is active since 2012, they have 2 albums, both of them were released at famous Rotten Roll Rex. Analhu Akbar was vomited from the factory two month ago, so it’s still warm. I like this art, it looks neutral to me. I mean there are no vaginas, dicks or other bullshit. It’s just dirty terrorists and innocent victims, everything dedicated strictly to the album theme. … Continue reading Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

Haemorrhage – Haematology II – The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

In the world of grind, it’s practically impossible to not know the name Haemorrhage. This nasty pathological act has taken the hearts and minds from the biggest part of the underground community. It’s taken more than 10 years to release second part of Haematology, but believe me, it was worth the wait. Traditionally, I want to consider the design of this release. So, German Power It Up released 2 version of this compilation; the first is a double gatefold vinyl edition, and the second is a CD version. I was lucky to get a 2LP version, and you know what? … Continue reading Haemorrhage – Haematology II – The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

Jesus Ain’t In Poland ‎- No Man’s Land (Grindpromotion Records)

I won’t lie, news about the new album of Italian Grinders Jesus Ain’t In Poland has surprised me a lot. Because I was sure that they were in deep and cold hiatus. But our friends were silently preparing a huge portion of noisey material. This hammering album contains 12 songs and more than 1 hour of noise! On this album, the guys tried something new, this massive album is not just pure Grindcore… No Man’s Land consists of Grindcore, some Black metal tinges and an atmosphere of doom metal. Maybe some nerdy Grindheads will say “this sucks because it’s not … Continue reading Jesus Ain’t In Poland ‎- No Man’s Land (Grindpromotion Records)

VHS (28.05.15)

Hi Mike! How are you? Did you prepare yourself for this Horror movie mega fan? Mike:  Hey! I am doing good! I’m definitely prepared for the interview! The New Batch is finally out. Congrats brother, this album is truly rad, especially for horror fans, haha. So how do you feel about it? Do you have feedback from the fans? Mike:  I’m definitely very happy to have the album out! Feels good to see the finished product and be able to hold the CD! I’m very happy with how it turned out as well. The layout looks awesome and Marco from … Continue reading VHS (28.05.15)

Wojczech / Krupskaya

There is a strange thing with this split. I looked at this image a lot of times, but my brain refused to define this picture as cover art for grindcore release, haha! First what I thought was “oh boy this is, probably a new SunO))) album”, but I didn’t find the right logo. Indeed, this piece of art is pretty unusual for most grindcore acts, but if you check out the discography of Krupskaya you will find a strong visual connection with their previous works. Edgar Tumpkin (the drummer of Krupskaya) is in charge of all this dark madness. I … Continue reading Wojczech / Krupskaya

Faršas / Whoresnation (Deaf Death Husky Records)

I bet the idea of this split was born before the tour of Faršas and Whoresnation. Anyway this collaboration is tight as hell, together these bands generate pure and killer noise! So first of all let’s look at this tape and you know what? It’s freaking green! My favorite color, haha! I don’t know who, but someone did a nice job with all the designing. A combination of green tape and nasty cover art are creating wizardly look. This atomic green split hosts 28 toxic songs of varying Grindcore madness. Needless to say this release is also interesting because both … Continue reading Faršas / Whoresnation (Deaf Death Husky Records)

Noxa (20.04.18)

Hello guys! First of all I want to congratulate you on the new album. You finally made it to your 5th full length release. Hello yeaa thanks bro How long did you work on Propaganda? Around 4 month. What label released it? Blackandje. Are you satisfied with the final result? Yes. I couldnt help but notice that you changed your style a little bit. I catched a lot of thrashy and hardcore elements.. What influenced this album? Yes because in my opinion grindcore can added any some genre metal like death metal, hardcore punk, and trash metal for influence we … Continue reading Noxa (20.04.18)