Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I was flooded with a huge load of releases and it’s took some time get this this small split – apologies to the label and bands! This split is presenting the extreme scene of UK, with its fast and slow sides… funny thing is, I tried to listen digital version of this split few times and every time I was bored to death. It sounds so blank and dry, must say I was unpleasantly surprised. BUT, the vinyl version sounds much better (thanks to the analog gods), it has life energy inside, so this small piece of black wax … Continue reading Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

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Famine “Gold” Tape  Mortify “Demo 2017” Tape Pulmomary Fibrosis “Interstitial Lung Disease” Tape Gourmet “The Blast Supper” Tape Fentanyl Surprise “First Year Discography” Tape Test “Especies” Tape  Parazitozis / Cephalophore Split Tape The Afternoon Gentlemen “Still Pissed: 2012-2015” Tape For more info just visit www.grindfatherprod.com  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

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Fentanyl Surprise – discography  Blood – Mental Conflicts Famine – discography  Nakay/LxPxPx – split tape Nasty Face – discography  Sulfuric Cautery/Suppression – split tape Test – Especies  Dont be slow and make your order right now at grindfatherprod.com!!!  Continue reading Out NOW at Grindfather production!

Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

These beauties will be out in few days! For all questions write to: grindfather.prod@gmail.com Also you will find many interesting stuff at Grindfatherprod.com Continue reading Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

Famine – Razzin’ (Here And Now!)

Well, we’ve finally made it to Leeds. This small town in England is where the English grind-violence movement centralized. The number of local bands there is simply amazing, and Famine is one of them. This release has been waiting for its time long enough. I know that the record sleeve was printed in another country, and, with the help of punk post, it was delivered back to labels. But it was well worth the wait… Funny, stoned art (I think that the artist was pretty stoned when he designed all this, hehehe) with acid colors/characters and, of course, the vinyl … Continue reading Famine – Razzin’ (Here And Now!)