Captain Three Leg / Stinkhole split CD!

Butchery” split CD… 63 trax of savage noisecore brutality from C3L with bits of harsh noise mixed in for texture; shorter, faster and harder than anything else in their catalog. Stinkhole assaults two senses at once with 157 trax of improvised noisecore crud with vocals from a group of assholes that should have known better. Recorded in 1996 and 2005, this noxious mess is finally available for consumption. Limited to 300 CD version available soon from Housepig and Mortville Noise. Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Stinkhole split CD!

Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Captain 3 Leg / Hyperemesis – Split Tape G.O.D./Ahna – Split Tape  Violent Gorge / Rotocles – Split Tape Shitgrinder / Coffin Birth – Split Tape  Acid Feast / Horrendous Miscreation – Split Tape  Parlamentarisk Sodomi / BxSxRx – Split Tape For more info just visit  Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

Dysmorfic / Captain Three Leg

Here is a small split tape with two old rock star bands, haha! Two different lands and two really diverse collections. So here we go… __________________ (Side A) Some time ago, this old monster of a band lost a guitar player, but the guys adapted and continued their existence without the 6 string unit. Personally, I think it makes this band more unique. The unique lineup transforms the style into something more primitive with overgrown low frequencies. Here you have a chance to hear a bunch of dirty barbaric songs. Most of them have good intense riffs and stuctures, but … Continue reading Dysmorfic / Captain Three Leg

Monsters of noise! This CD will be out in early 2017!

It’s one of the biggest and craziest noise compilation for nowadays! Here is the band list: Academic Worms (Brazil)Adolf Shitter (France)Anal Butt (USA)Antero Vipunen (Finland)Ataque Demencial (Spain)Atrofia Cerebral (Peru) Autoerotichrist (USA)Big Fist Johnny (USA)Bullshit Market (USA)Cacasonica (Ecuador)Castration Rite (USA)Captain Three Leg (USA)Celebrate (USA)Chappa’ai (Hungary)Chopped Off Dick (USA)Corporation Porno (Bolivia)C.T.D. (Germany)CSMD (Holland)Cum Sock (Canada)Cunts (Japan)Deche-Charge (Canada)Decimation of Authority (USA)Deflowered Cunt (UK)Derrame Fecal (Brazil)Disleksick (Canada)The Earwigs (USA)Easy Bake Oven (USA)Energumeno (Spain)Exploding Meth Lab (USA)Erectile Dementia (USA)Extreme Hair Stench (Germany)Extreme Smoke 57 (Slovenia)Facepalm Death (USA)Facialmess (Japan)Farting Corpse (USA)Final Exit (Japan)Fuck, Bud! (Canada)FuckFuckNoNo (Greece)Gonorrhea Face (USA)Gorgonized Dorks (USA)Gowl (USA)Grinder Bueno (France)Hades Mining Co. (USA)Harsh … Continue reading Monsters of noise! This CD will be out in early 2017!