Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Mysterious Japan is the land with really weird and unique stuff. But we all love this country not only for Godzilla we also love it for its music. This land is reach with sick talents, which torn up side down usual to us things. Split LP Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! Is one of these interesting, bright and fresh experiments in music. I want to start with Self Deconstruction. Their free style of grindcore is freaking harsh! The riffs are crazy chaotic and fast, same with song structures. The drumming is mind-blowing, the guitar grind and blaze with massive … Continue reading Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Caper – Punks Vs. Government E.P.

I did not even know about the existence of this release. I was sure that Joe Caper ended his music activity after Righteous Pigs death. So this small release became a good surprise for me. As I understand this is a solo project of Joe’s. Hmm… what a strange choice, designer put a photo with a cop cars on the front (I think that it symbolizes “Government ” and power) plus he put a photo with a burning snack-bar on the back (I guess its for “Punks” and anarchy). This vinyl opens with a nice groovy riff (R.I.C.O. is full … Continue reading Caper – Punks Vs. Government E.P.

Concussive / Scum Human (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Did you miss the good ol’ powerviolence? Were you looking for something solid that will crush your skull? Well then, I can recommend this humble but very angry split. German label RSR released two debut material from two bands on one record. Let’s take a closer look on what we have here.OK, side A, here we have a demo record of Concussive from California. 15 songs in almost 4 minutes full of anger. Songs are short, fast, rough, full of violent vibe, they did a very good job on this record. Great and memorable guitar riffs are backed up with … Continue reading Concussive / Scum Human (Regurgitated Semen Records)

ACxDC/Chiens (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Sometimes I am surprised how such a small and short splits can contain so much anger… From one side we got a pretty famous American Antichrist Demon core and from other strong and craziest French guys Chiens, both bands will show to you different sides of extreme underground music. So let’s start with 2 songs from California with pals that is called ACxDC. Their songs are short, aggressive and performed in a modern hardcore way (with the addition of some other ingredients). Here you will hear many of characteristic swinging rhythms which are so lovely to use in nowadays hardcore … Continue reading ACxDC/Chiens (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Holy Money – 7" (RSRec / Hate Ape Prod)

Sometimes it happens that I want to listen to something slow but evil. Something that would slowly tear me apart and swallow pieces of my body… Holy Money is exactly what one would need in such cases. I quite accidentally ran into this band, fucking loved it, and then I suddenly found its vynil in the pack with promos for review (thank you Sandro!)Traditionally we begin with a brief overview. I was looking at the cover of this edition for damn long time. By looking into every detail of this picture you will fall into some kind of hypnotic dream))) … Continue reading Holy Money – 7" (RSRec / Hate Ape Prod)

Succumb – Punishment (PSRec / Hate Ape Prod)

Succumb is a band from Massachusetts (this is in the USA, if someone forgot) and it consists of people from Orchid, Vaccine, Bucket Full of Teeth, Ampere, Death Evocation, The Cancer Kids, No Faith, and many others… Unfortunately, I could not find more information about them, apparently it was a temporary project, but I would prefer to be wrong here. But I can say with full confidence that the boss of RSRec liked these American pizza eaters very much, since he published these 4 short tracks on one-side vinyl (which is not common) … 4 short but very powerful tracks! … Continue reading Succumb – Punishment (PSRec / Hate Ape Prod)