Abaddon Incarnate!

The beginning 95-97 We formed in 1995. Frustrated with the lack of fast and extreme bands in the Irish scene, our purpose was to be the fastest and most brutal band in Ireland. We recorded what may be described as a bestial death metal demo “When the demons come”. We then played extensively around Ireland, establishing a reputation as an amazing live act, even winning second place in MTVs battle of the bands in 1995 going against shit loads of indie / alternative bands. The original founding member line up was Steve Maher, Olan Parkinson, Bill Whelan and Rob Tierney. … Continue reading Abaddon Incarnate!


Сavernicular started in late 2015 by the hands of four wackos from Palermo, Italy. Already involved in bands like L.E.A.R.N., ANF, Haemophagus, Feccia Tricolore, Undead Creep etc.,We – Totò (vocals) Sandro (vocals) Furious G. (guitar) and Piparino (drums) – are set to play and produce a bastard mix of grindcore and powerviolence. We have released one self-titled 7″ EP through Rodel Records on vinyl and Hackebeil records and Knochen Tapes on, guess what? Tape! After a bunch of italian gigs we are almost ready to record our first fast and short full-length album, which we’ll probably call Man’s Place in Nature. … Continue reading Cavernicular!


Meatus is a dirty as fuck goregrind project which based in Canada. It`s a one man band and it`s contains only Joe Warkentin(Archagathus/Violent Gorge/ Rock Lake/Skunk). Here is few words from him: “Meatus fell passionately in love with noise and grind and gore and they lived happily ever after in a dank basement. The basement is for loving grindcore, not hating women”.  Bandcamp page joewarkentin@hotmail.com  Continue reading Meatus!


“We started to play together in 2014 as a groove/thrash metal band. In about 2 years we made few songs and recorded them, but they didn’t feel powerful enough. So our drummer took his old Boss HM-2 out from the drawer when we were at rehearsals and the guitarist tried it, and we were immediatly sold. Then the music started to take form into a faster and brutal course. We didn’t want to get stuck in a narrow style, we just want to make songs that sound evil and are fun to play, it can be fast or slow.” Contact: … Continue reading Lionskull


Convulsions started at the begining of 2016 as a project of Hector(guitar) and Campos(vocals) to play grindcoreю in the vein of such bands as INSECT WARFARE, DEATH TOLL 80K, DISTURBANCE PROJECT, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, DENAK…and under the DIY ethics. We write some songs and then we get in touch with Samu(from ONOMASY) as drummer and Binky(from Rencor) as bass player and we got a complete line up with them. After some moths of rehearsals we made our first show in our area sharing stage with RAGEOUS INTENT and MINDCOLLAPSE and at the end of July we made our first recording at our practice room … Continue reading CONVUSLSIONS!

Bain De Sang!

BAIN DE SANG is a brand new grindcore band coming from Paris, France. Past members of BLOCKHEADS, COMITY, JUDOBOY, AENIMA unite early 2015 with a focus : to drill some hipster ears, get free beers and deliver blast beats.They just recorded 9 songs of a straight to the point and rageous mix of hateful hardcore and raw grindcore.The LP has just been released on EMERGENCE RECORDS, UP TO ELEVEN RECORDS and DINGLEBERRY RECORDS. Hear it on bandcamp! Continue reading Bain De Sang!


Stheno is a Grindcore/Black metal/Crust band from Greece.Formed in December of 2013 in Volos from the members of Bedlam&Unfit earth. First EP 7inch released in June 2014 and the second EP 7ich split with Grassroll released in November 2014, the band made four concerts and in the winter of 2015 the militia is ready to hit the studio and create the first Full length album that will be different than this what Stheno were doing till now,more extreme –more fast- more violent-more BLACKENED! Bandcamp     Facebook Continue reading STHENO!


Lisbon’s SIMBIOSE first steps go back 20 years to 1991, when – influenced by the sounds of Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror and Doom – a smallbunch of friends started writing their own songs. In the following years, SIMBIOSE managed do establish themselves internationally through an impressive amount of DIY releases. “Naked Mental Violence” was released in 2002, followed by a Split EP with Barcelona’s Disface. In the next year, the second album “Bounded In Adversity” followed by a Euro Tour through Holland and Belgium. By 2005 SIMBIOSE played more than 200 shows, recorded a cover for a Misfits tribute album and released one … Continue reading SIMBIOSE!!!


Horsebastard are a 4 piece grindcore/blastcore band from Liverpool (UK) who play their own brand of “equestrian blastcore”.Their musical style consists of short controlled bursts of blistering blastbeats and chaotic off-time melodies and rhythms, playing high notes off against low in a style reminiscent ofDiscordance Axis and Assuck, with flashings of Excruciating Terror. Blink and you will miss them! A relatively young band, they played their first show in December 2010, in their home city of Liverpool. To date the band have released the “equestrian blastcore” demo cd (2011), later superseded by recordings at Vagrant Studios (UK) and have been … Continue reading HORSEBASTARD!


In the year 2000 when OPENWOUND had come to an end, Both Jay and Roby started THE KILL with UNDINISM vocalist Neil. They recorded the first demo which was released in various formats. Demo CASSETTE through NO ESCAPE RECORDS. THE KILL Demo 7” EP on 625 TRASH, Split 7” with RETALIATION (Sweden) on MORTVILLE RECORDS. 4way split 7” entitled “WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS” with DAHMER (Quebec), NEEDFUL THINGS (Czech Republic) & LUCIFER D LARYNX (USA) on DRY RETCH RECORDS. And numerous bootlegs were also floating about on CD & CDR. During this time THE KILL played hundreds of shows … Continue reading THE KILL!!!


“I (OLA) started the band here in Gothenburg in 2004 with HOKKA (drums) a few weeks later SÄDA (vocals) joined. We played one gig at a great Pub called La Cupole (R.I.P) with this line-up. We borrowed MICKE P (Bestial Mockery R.I.P) on bas for our first “Demo 2005“, recorded at Evil Grill Studios in Hisingen (R.I.P) and played one gig with this line-up at Old Truckstop (R.I.P). SÄDA was very totally shitfaced, and we were hated for years by the local punks for years after that gig. Note that this was before it was OK to listen to Burzum … Continue reading MODORRA!


Goreography: PxFx started in july 1998 as a two pieces line-up. The band recorded two album & many tapes, cd’s & vynils. The suicide of Pascal in july 2006 affected us a lot & the band still spread the sickness in his name. PxFx toured a lot in Europe & South America with great bands such as Bolt Thrower; Rot; Agathocles; Dead Infection; Last Days Of Humanity & many more. The actual line-up is the same since 2008 & consist of Yanosh-Guitar; Reno-bass; Adrien-Vox & Guyome-Drums/Vox/Guitar/Bass. The third album is on the way & few shows will follow. Pulmonary Fibrosis … Continue reading PULMONARY FIBROSIS!

Restricted Rights!

Restricted Rights born from the ashes of Nature Offense, a crust-grind band from St-Hyacinthe, nearby Montreal in 2009. At that time it was Fred on guitar and vocals and Dan on drums (ex-Nature Offense) Kev on bass and Felix on Vocals. We kept that line-up only the time to make 5 songs that we play on Christmass punx party from 2009, after that Kev and Felix left the band, that as no name yet at that time, and we let the project sleep on ice for a few months, when Terry join us. Then we were Terry on guit and … Continue reading Restricted Rights!


1999: L.F.A.A. began spontaneously in 1999 as a one man band, when Felix started making music after leaving his former band EXPIRATION. His reason for creating this new project was to make a music mainly focused into crust punk with a strong ideology centered into Animal Liberation and veganism. That year Felix recorded of what was the first official split 7′ EP with the mythic AGATHOCLES from Belgium,released in 2000 by Selfishfucker and Bad People (USA) thanks to the help of Mr Haroldo Mardones (CATHETER / CAPITALIST CASSUALTIES). 2000: It was in 2000 when LFAA changed from being a project … Continue reading LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER!

Sedem Minut Strachu!

Hi, this is Sedem Minu Strachu from EU. We play classic haraam merzb’n roll with that typical ulaanbaatarian freejazz feeling. We are very antiproporn, against neon nazis and kris/krosstianity and we fight stupidity with beer in one and onion in another hand. Each bandmember is as old as a whole average youthcrew band, so we only play and record for 7 minutes, since we can’t risk heartattacks. Our history, discography and other info can be found on google, if you are interested in anything else contact us at sozaoffice@gmail.com, please don’t forget to add IRC or 1$ for reply. Sleep … Continue reading Sedem Minut Strachu!


xKATExMOSHx is a 4 piece band from Rome, Italy. We started in the end of 2010 with the intention to play powerviolence inspired by Charles Bronson, Spazz, No Comment, Asshole Parade. We had previous experiences in bands that played for years around Europe (Taste The Floor and Bestial Vomit) and were active especially in the area of Rome (Warpeace, Drive Tasty). After a few practices we started playing shows in our city, then in the rest of Italy and we’ve lately ended our first tour in France and Spain. We also played shows with great bands from abroad like Weekend … Continue reading xKATExMOSHx!


UxDxS aka UDS aka United by Drugs and Satan aka Four Guys One Bong: gore splattered grindviolence from the ghettos of Copenhagen, formed at KIlltown Deathfest 2012, brought together by a shared morbid fascination with fast blasts, Wu-Tang Clan and the sweet leaf. Currently spearheading a clandestine multinational organisation lobbying for the absolute corruption and subsequent merger of the pitiful failed nation states of Europe into a unified utopia known only as 2400 NORDVEST. ONE NATION – UNDER GOD – INDIVISIBLE – FOREVER STRANGLED IN MORBID SMOKE. UxDxS bandcamp        UxDxS fb Continue reading UxDxS!


The beginning of Bolesno Grinje was back in the year 2000, when two enthusiasts Hoc (Anti Otpad) and Rio (Desinence Mortification) started rehearsing with the idea to make something new on the Croatian underground scene. Soon after they were joined by Angeri (SMC) on vocals and Mrki (Screaming Vagina) on guitars. In this lineup they recorded the first full lenght album “Pobjeda jenasa”, and the songs for split LP with Sod’n’dan. In 2002 lineup was changed a bit, Mrki left and Jule (Anti Otpad) replaced him on guitar. The band was very active in song writing, from 2006 to 2009 … Continue reading BOLESNO GRINJE!


Coming from Vilnius, Lithuania, (North-East Europe), where not many grind bands come from… FARŠAS (Lithuanian for “ground meat”), a bass fronted, grindcore trio inspired by and developed from many years of participation in various goregrind, metal, hc/punk, grindcore, noise etc. projects. Formed in late 2009 FARŠAS comes as a fresh outlook and raw sound representing todays Lithuanian current hot topics and overall scene with classic super-fast grindcore inspired by the best… and not necessarily well known! Now on a brink of new full length album, stay tuned to hear more from the honest breed of the northern slums. Farsas bandcamp      … Continue reading FARŠAS!


Dead Infection is a death/goregrind band from Poland. Since forming in early 1990 they have released three full-length albums and several mini 7″Eps, and split albums. They are the second band from Poland after Vader that made a deal to release a CD/LP with a label abroad (album “Surgical Disembowelment” for Morbid Records). Their second album, “A Chapter of Accidents”, is considered by many to be among the milestones of goregrind music. They played numerous live shows around the world, including all of Europe, the United States, South America, Mexico, and Japan. Dead Infection fb Continue reading DEAD INFECTION!


Syntax is a grindcore band from Los Angeles that started in 2008 after Bastardass went on hiatus, and is a reincarnation of Mobile Terror Unit (Powerviolence 2004-2008).  Often regarded (and even dismissed) as a Discordance Axis worship, the influences behind Syntax’ sound were common to those of DA: video games, anime, and blast beats. More importantly, there was a thirst for something new, challenging, and expansive.  After debuting with their 2009 demo, the band shifted gears with their 2012 demo and “Corridos Grind”(split 7’’ with Netherlands’ MATKA TERESA) towards a path distinctly their own. Syntax fb   Syntax bc Continue reading SYNTAX!


Reeking Cross is vomit filthy bass & drums noisegrind infected by Arsedestroyer, DxIxE (Japan), Violent Noise Attack, Tumor, Bizarre X. They based in Canada & USA. Next guys will release: Split with slovakian barbarians Sedem Minút Strachu,  a three-way split tape with Napalm Death Is Dead (Japan) & Kusari Gama Kill (Denmark) and a Reeking Cross double-cassette   Jake (drums), Mason (bass/vocals), Paulo (vocals)  Official site     bandcamp page Continue reading REEKING CROSS


Terror Firmer was born in 2008 by members of Cancer Spreading, Repulsione, Jesus Ain’t in Poland and Bestial Vomit to play a sick crossover of old school Grindcore and ’80s ultrafast hardcore-thrash.Until now TxFX released 6 split eps and took part in a couple of compilations, we are working on some new stuff and waiting for the split 10″ with ARCHAGATHUS to be released. Alcoholic Terror!!!! Terror Firmer fb Continue reading TERROR FIRMER!

Lead Coffin!

From Sevilla, Spain, Lead coffin is a grindcore band formed in 2014. The line-up is formed by Miguel Grindermassive (Guitars and vocals), Gzú (Bass and vocals) and Sr. Longo (Drums). After some gigs with bands like Nashgul, Myteri or Krush, the band recorded “Aquí mueren los chivatos”, an autoproduced 11-track EP based in the spanish eighties films like “Perros callejeros” or “El pico”. The style of their music is a crossover grindcore-punk with a crude and oldie production. They usually introduce some outsider from grind details like a classical harmonic blues in “the Johhny Winter tribute” or the use of … Continue reading Lead Coffin!

Shit Fucking Shit!

Shit Fucking Shit is an extreme project born in 2006 as one-man band involved in pure noisecore with the use of noise pitch shifted guitar samples on drum machine plus natural guttural voice. The first album “Perchè esistiamo?” (“Why do we exist?”) was pressed in 2006 – 39 songs in less than 20 minutes. In year 2010 Alessio “Tanga” joined the band as guitarist. This was the beginning of the new SxFxSx, extreme crazy grindcore noise sound which exists now on. In 2010, Sandro and Tanga recorded “Eat my shit and die” and in 2011 they procreated the unfamous EP … Continue reading Shit Fucking Shit!


Starting out by accident in 2010, Internal Rot was born from a spontaneous jam between Brad of Super Fun Happy Slide and Christoph of the just-then-defunct Roskopp, Doubled Over and Trench Sisters, which yielded a surprising crop of ExTx style grind. They then recruited Max from Agents Of Abhorrence on vocals and quickly started playing shows and recorded a 7”. A year after forming they headed over to the U.S to play some shows in the northeast. Upon return to Australia the 7” was released by Crucificados and 625 Productions, home to their heroes Immortal Fate, Deadbodieseverywhere, Plutocracy, Scholastic Deth, Gory … Continue reading INTERNAL ROT!