Sengaja Records!

Sengaja Records is a DIY HC label found by one member (Spike) of Fastcore band KSM40 and in the present being run by another member (Jonas) of that band. The aim of the label is to help befriended bands put out records and spreading the word about them. Our label policy is based on our belief, that Hardcore and Punk are grassroots movements to help people make up their minds and stand up against any way of oppression.

Sengaja fb
Sengaja bc


SR-29 X-Torsion / Cruel Face-Split EP (2015) 
SR-26 Lily Havoc – 3 to 7 CD-R (2015) 
SR-25 Graben – dto. 12″ (2015) 
SR-24 Kellerasseln – Mittelmeerromantik EP (2015) 
SR-23 Sunlun – Ceaseless exhausting pursuit LP (2015) 
SR-22 TCB – dto MC (2015) 
SR-21 X-Torsion – Odio Eterno 12″ (2014) 
SR-20 BeateXOuzo – FrustxWutxTristesse EP (2013) 
SR-19 Inner Conflict – Schere Klebstoff Papier 10″ (2013) 
SR-18 KSM40 / Burt Split 7″ (2012) 
SR-17 Lafftrak – Das Ende der Welt 7″ (2012) 
SR-16 Always wanted war – Sweating to the oldies MC (2012) 
SR-15 Liberty Madness – dto. LP (2011) 
SR-14 Love Channel – dto. EP (2011) 
SR-13 V.A. – Dreizehn- Tapesampler together with Knochen Tapes (2011) 
SR-12 KSM40 – The Taste of Rust 10″ (2011) 
SR-11 Karmacopter – California 7″ (2010) 
SR-10 Eiltank – Stiller Beobachter 12″ (one-sided) (2010) 
SR-9 V.A. – A fucking tribute to Slap a Ham Sampler together with Fucking Kill Records (2010) 
SR-8 Asiflash / Eiltank – Split LP (2009) 
SR-7 Downfall of Gaia / Kazan Split-Tape (2009) 
SR-6 Lipkick – dto. 7″ (2008) 
SR-5 Wild Gift – dto. LP (2008) 
SR-4 KSM40 / Eiltank – Ehrenfeld Mangel Split-MC (2008) 
SR-3 Determination – If all else fails 7″ (2008) 
SR-2 Finisterre / Alpinist – Split LP (2008) 
SR-1 Over the Top – Keep on truckin 7″ (2008)

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