Final Exit (25.10.20)

Hello! How are things going in Japan these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi! Alex! My name is Ryohei. I’m playing Drums on FINAL EXIT, Mortify, Su19b, etc…Japan is still badly affected by Covid-19. I can’t do what I was able to do before. But it’s gradually returning, but it’s still a long way off. I’ve been able to do live performances a little bit.  25 years had passed since your first rehearsal, that is a lot, haha! But you didn’t change you still active and fast. So how everything started? Could you tell us About the beginning … Continue reading Final Exit (25.10.20)

Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Mysterious Japan is the land with really weird and unique stuff. But we all love this country not only for Godzilla we also love it for its music. This land is reach with sick talents, which torn up side down usual to us things. Split LP Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! Is one of these interesting, bright and fresh experiments in music. I want to start with Self Deconstruction. Their free style of grindcore is freaking harsh! The riffs are crazy chaotic and fast, same with song structures. The drumming is mind-blowing, the guitar grind and blaze with massive … Continue reading Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

One gloomy day years ago, four dirty minds from Japan and Australia met together and decided to form a band. This decision would not only change their lives, but it will make a huge damage in grindheads minds. Through the course of 21 tracks, The Borkenlayne absolutely tear it up. Pain Is The Fearminder is a phenomenal deathgrind, or maybe deathgore record. If you haven’t heard gored deathgrind yet and you like grind, then this is a great introduction. An epic “Oceanic Thrust” opens this gate to hell and then it drags us into the black void of boiling obscurity. … Continue reading The Borkenlayne – Pain Is The Fearminder (Radical Blarghst)

Sete Star Sept – Revision Of Noise (Fuck Yoga Records)

Tokyo’s barbaric squad Sete Star Sept has been a widely revered band from the get-go, receiving love from many people in grindcore and noise families, and has become a duly noted noise force of abnormal nature since their debut in 2004. With an endless touring schedule having them trek through the USA, all of Asia, Europe, and Russia there has been a lingering wonder in my mind where the hell they managed to find time to write and record all these records? That is true insanity! This band is very active and their discography is huge (during 2018 they’ve had … Continue reading Sete Star Sept – Revision Of Noise (Fuck Yoga Records)

Crash Syndrom – Anatomical Amusements

I freaking love unknown bands! There is something special when you’re listening to unfamiliar material for the first time. You don’t know what to expect, and it’s always intriguing. Todays unknown name will be Crash Syndrom; this band is from Japan and I will write a few words about their fresh EP “Anatomical Amusements”. This 5 songs cassette was released under Obliteration rec (like their previous album as well), and it has classical gore art and song titles. It does not sound promising, does it? But wait until the noise flows from the speakers. My first impression is positive. “Anatomical … Continue reading Crash Syndrom – Anatomical Amusements

Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

It`s very hard to review Noise releases, during the years I have not had the chance to meet many of the original and interesting Noise bands. But, this 7” is one of those special and catchy releases. We have here Final Exit from Japan and Sedem Minut Strachu from Slovakia. Noise lovers must know both of them; they are pretty unique and original. SPHC Records (located in USA) released this noise in vinyl format. This lovely colored vinyl is hiding a very high dose of Noise, so be careful and be sure to put the volume on maximum!  I want … Continue reading Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu (SPHC Records)

Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang (Here and Now records)

The best way to end any year is with some all-out savagery and aggression, and who better to prove that than old noisy bands? This split featuring the legendary Fuck On The Beach and mighty Terlarang will nail you down. Now, let’s blow the dust off of our turntable and put this record on. The first band on the line is Fuck On The Beach.  Fuck On The Beach, has been kicking around the greater Japan grind/punk underworld for the better part of two decades, and without doubt I can call them a very important element of the underground groundwork. … Continue reading Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang (Here and Now records)

Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Legendary mincecore veterans from Belgium team up with grind/noise duo from Japan for a split release! It was just a matter of time when both bands would join their forces and share the material on any physical format. AGx offer 10 songs recorded in 2016/2017 and SSS with “Tribute To Agathocles” side come with 4 covers songs of… Agathocles! More info is HERE! Continue reading Split Agathocles / Sete Star Sept is out!

Su19b – Neutralize (Grindfather prod)

This year my audio library was replenished by another excellent release… a new dreadful thunderbolt from old honorful Japanese sludge  pv grind band Su19b)) This tape has been stuck in my Harman Kardon deck for some time. The new album has an unpleasant feel of a disgusting and dark atmosphere that will drag you into the abyss and suffocate you. Its so heavy and magical work, the release resembles the motion of lithosphere plates… cover art matches the music perfectly. The cover is artistically very professionally done, delivering a sad and scary scenario of neverending war, destroying the planet and … Continue reading Su19b – Neutralize (Grindfather prod)