Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

We have talk about a lot, but there will be always some of split/album that you`ve never heard and want to talk about. For today’s review I picked up a dirty and noisy split from two bands from Madrid city. Can’t say that both of these squads are well known outside of their country, but Bad Grind Spencer and Mindcollapse deserve to be shown to grind fans. Please pay a bit attention for this cover. I really like this idea, the designer made fun of stupid celebrities who are wearing underground merchandise… and I agree with him, these fuckers should … Continue reading Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

New noise from Teething!

 “That Night We Regret” 12″EP w/a silk-screen printed side B A six track sequel and conclusory chapter of their album “We will regret this someday”. The release date will be on 21st December.The single-sided vinyl will be released in collaboration between Teething band (Spain), Grindhead Records (Australia), Toilet Teeth Records (Sweden) and Dead Heroes rec  Continue reading New noise from Teething!

Convulsions / Recalcitrant

Since the the early 80’s and through the following decades, Grindcore was never a stable genre. Over the years this amorphous substance mutated into something more aggressive, more ferocious and with heavier sound. It’s like a race, where everyone is trying to hold the lead position, hehe. So it comes as no surprise that nowadays Grindcore is drastically different than it’s origins. Speaking of modern Grind… Today I want to spin a great split with fresh bands that are worthy of your attention. I hold in my hands the result of friendship between Spanish Grinders, Convulsions and American Grinders, Recalcitrant. … Continue reading Convulsions / Recalcitrant

Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project (Dead Heroes rec)

It has been years since this album was released, I wanted this LP so much, but only this year I got a chance to get this beautiful beast, haha! Yeah I know, all the bands on this release are bloody good, I don’t need to go into detail about them… But the names were not the first thing that caught my eye. Look at this artwork, this image is absolutely killer! It was made by Szymon Siech ( and this work perfectly fits with this noise and incredibly conveys the atmosphere of madness from all 4 bands. But, enough about … Continue reading Bloody Phoenix / Lycanthrophy / Skunk / Disturbance Project (Dead Heroes rec)

Haemorrhage – Haematology II – The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

In the world of grind, it’s practically impossible to not know the name Haemorrhage. This nasty pathological act has taken the hearts and minds from the biggest part of the underground community. It’s taken more than 10 years to release second part of Haematology, but believe me, it was worth the wait. Traditionally, I want to consider the design of this release. So, German Power It Up released 2 version of this compilation; the first is a double gatefold vinyl edition, and the second is a CD version. I was lucky to get a 2LP version, and you know what? … Continue reading Haemorrhage – Haematology II – The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

Cropsy Maniac / Gruesome Stuff Relish

It’s hard to imagine a split that is so deeply soaked with horror spirit; the guys in both bands are huge fans of old nasty movies, haha! When you hold this release (no matter if it’s the CD, tape, or vinyl) in your hands, you’re starting to realize just how well done is it; the artwork is done with high quality printing on good paper. Just look at it…I found a lot of familiar characters from old movies (The Burning, City of the Dead, Zombie Creeping Flesh, and others). The artist did a massively great job, I honestly like it. … Continue reading Cropsy Maniac / Gruesome Stuff Relish

Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno (Cemitério Records)

Historically speaking, the Gore outfit known as Haemorrhage is quite significant. This act started more than 25 years ago and the guys are still running their bloody mission. That is impressive and it’s worth the respect… Today I picked up the re-issue of the 3rd album of this Spanish machine – Anatomical Inferno. This massive album was released in 1998 and during its years of existence it has been re-released many times. The version I will speak about was released by Brazilian label Cemitério Records. This CD has “new” cover art that depicts greedy pathologists that dismember human bodies with … Continue reading Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno (Cemitério Records)

Teething – We Will Regret This Someday

A year ago the Spanish noise machinery Teething released their first blasting full length album in the bands history of musical assaults). They put a lot of lifeblood and energy into this monster, and it shows in their tunes. Teething is a modern fusion of jumping style Hardcore and Grindcore, mixed in with fast and sharp groovy parts, heavy breakdowns and clean production. The coverart is made like a very bizarre collage of disturbing images from newspaper clippings, surrounding a dreadful main chacacter with beautiful eyes, and a nice attractive colgate smile, haha (Just kidding). The ungodly combination of bleak … Continue reading Teething – We Will Regret This Someday