Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

I was really excited when this tape showed up in the mail the other day; I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this release for a while. There’s something really satisfying about getting a tape that’s a little under 15 minutes in length, but with a song count that would makemost people go “how could you possibly remember that all of that?”. This tape contains 27 tracks from FLVX and 31 tracks from Suppression, wrapped up in a traditional black/clear tape case with some brigh artwork. The art is definitely eye-catching, since it’s orange, light blue, and yellow (a little different … Continue reading Suppression / Flvx Capacitor (Chaotic Noise Productions)

Alternative Record Label!

Alternative Record Label is a small DIY label from Germany which is 100% dedicated to underground noise. Established in 2013 with a passion for extreme and nasty music. Mostly oriented on supporting noise, grind, crust,but also various other subgenres. Throughout the 5 years since the beginning, A.R.L. are responsible for countless a massive load of tapes and vinyl releases. Contact: facebook RELEASES: ARL001-Gall/Vvvnde co release ARL002-We are Sick-7 Palmos ARL003-EddieXMurphy ARL004-Chaki Chan  ARL005-They Murder  ARL006-GI JOKE-Discography Co-Release  ARL007-MoneyXHater/Pure Noise ARL008-MoneyXHater/Agathocles ARL009-ShitnoiseBastards/Teknokrater co release ARL010-Sete Star Sept/CxTxD ARL011-Mored ARL012-Shinju ARL013-Kill-O-Vision ARL014-Tenchu-Discography ARL015-Extreme Smoke 57/Deflowered Cunt co release ARL016-Deche Charge/Noise Brutalizer … Continue reading Alternative Record Label!

Cannibe – A Basket Full Of Vaginal Maggots

I’m always trying to avoid morally ambiguous bands… There are a lot of people who claim this band as not Goregrind, weak, cheap and ballsless. That caught my attention, I wanted to find out what was happening with this band Cannibe. And that’s why I ended up with this compilation. “A Basket Full Of Vaginal Maggots” is a big thing which covers all releases from 2012 to 2013. This trash container holds 29 tons (songs) of vomit and I must notice… this stuff is pretty long (for me it was hard to listen to this CD all the way to … Continue reading Cannibe – A Basket Full Of Vaginal Maggots

Sedem Minút Strachu / Cum Sock (Sick Phoque records)

Sometimes music can cure, some times not so much. Sometimes even simple noise can bring you back to normal life… My day was started with a stupid hangover and strong acute needs in some good noise. so I choose this yellow like piss tape and put it in my player… Well it actually helps, my head was cured with these lovely chaotic tunes and some cold beer. And now I want to write about this simple recipe. First of all you should mix two noisecore bands (from different sides of our planet), recorded their songs on tape (thanks Sick Phoque … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Cum Sock (Sick Phoque records)