Von Drakus – Life Eraser

Germany and hardcore? Of course! Today I want to listen to and talk about the last mini-album of the cool metal-hardcore brigade Von Drakus. Shame on me, but I never hear about them before… But I will try to fix this ridiculous misunderstanding. So guys are active for more than 10 years and have a few albums in their discography. Must admit that the design on this tape looks really good, especially the limited edition, Casete sell was painted by hand and look delicious… Lower Class Kids rec has a real passion for DIY! Hmm, I want to start by … Continue reading Von Drakus – Life Eraser

Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Must admit that this is a very all-star split release. Famous Venomous Concept (with members of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Corrupt Moral Altar) and Under Attack (with guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, Suppression)… Maybe, this is just a small 7″, but man, it’s full of powerful hardcore and punk vibes! It`s fucking insane, how could only a small group of people make so a huge mess? Venomous Concept blasts fast and scream very loud. Sweet production, good sound, and a ton of bone-crushing energy! With only 2 songs these gentlemen’s managed to smash you. Powerful guitar riffs and sound, low … Continue reading Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Toxic Shock / Reproach

If a skateboard, speed, tracker hat, and beer are an integral part of your life then you probably you have a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and this split, haha! Apparently Toxic Shock / Reproach split is an awesome example of thrashcore/fastcore genre, both bands did their best. I`m holding a 3d press of this 10″ records (imagine how popular this stuff is), and I’m literally feeling how many toxic and aggressive tunes this vinyl has, haha! No more words let’s put this record on our old turntable! Toxic Shock serves us with fast and furious hardcore crossover (with a drop of … Continue reading Toxic Shock / Reproach

Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Sydney’s hardcore/crust maniacs Dark Horse are back with a brand new album! Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct is their 3d album, and I’m expecting a lot from it. We have here 12 songs wrapped in the nice gloomy cover art. Must say that the music is pretty dark, especially in comparison with the first album. Everything (CDs and vinyl) was released by Grindhead Records (another Australian music maniac). So as you see we have here 100% Australian product, hehe… Actually, I really waited for this album, and what I heard wasn`t that what I expected. I don`t know what the hell happened but … Continue reading Dark Horse – Trauma​​-​​Taught Self​​-​​Destruct

Dark Horse (17.11.21)

Hi, Guys! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Tell a few words about a band. How did it all start? Dennis – Dark Horse has been a band now for more than 10 years. We’ve all been active in the Sydney scene for years and played in many different bands. Our first show took place in May 2011 after rehearsing and writing songs as a full band for less than 5 months. We all loved d-beat with a real fast and aggressive approach and took influences from bands like Disfear, Bolt Thrower, From Ashes Rise and … Continue reading Dark Horse (17.11.21)

Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Today, we’ve got something pretty special! By now, you should all know about To Live A Lie (and if you don’t, you’re fucking up), run by Mr. Will Butler. He’s put out some of the best releases in grind and powerviolence, but this release by Tired of Everything is special – it’s got the man himself on vocals! Let’s take a look at the package – the whole thing is really simplistic (which is never a bad thing); it gets down to business. The front is just some black and white art with the band name, and the inside is … Continue reading Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

New noise from Teething!

 “That Night We Regret” 12″EP w/a silk-screen printed side B A six track sequel and conclusory chapter of their album “We will regret this someday”. The release date will be on 21st December.The single-sided vinyl will be released in collaboration between Teething band (Spain), Grindhead Records (Australia), Toilet Teeth Records (Sweden) and Dead Heroes rec  Continue reading New noise from Teething!

Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Crust band from Poland? Yes! Why not? Sturmovik is a rather young band and this CD is only their first album. But I take my hat off to them, these guys put everything that they had into this release and I felt that during listening. But, for now let`s focus on visual pleasure that is the cover art of this full length. I especially enjoy this piece, the artist has drawn an old plane from WW2 with a bit modern flair but I like it. It looks very handsome with the band logo. And if you open up the booklet, … Continue reading Sturmovik – Destination Nowhere (Selfmadegod rec)

Captain Three Leg / Stinkhole split CD!

Butchery” split CD… 63 trax of savage noisecore brutality from C3L with bits of harsh noise mixed in for texture; shorter, faster and harder than anything else in their catalog. Stinkhole assaults two senses at once with 157 trax of improvised noisecore crud with vocals from a group of assholes that should have known better. Recorded in 1996 and 2005, this noxious mess is finally available for consumption. Limited to 300 CD version available soon from Housepig and Mortville Noise. Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Stinkhole split CD!

Derbe Lebowski – S/T (Dead Heroes Records)

This band can`t be tagged as some classic or old school Grind or Powerviolence. These dudes love to experiment, that’s why it’s hard to set them in usual music category. So what is Derbe Lebowski and why are they seem unusual to me… Let me start from the history note. This weird name first appeared in Germany somewhere in 2011. Everything started pretty usual, some friends came together with a strong desire to play something heavy. 1 Year later they released their first work “Remove Your Mask”. Back then Derbe Lebowski sounded more like Powerviolence, but with time these guys … Continue reading Derbe Lebowski – S/T (Dead Heroes Records)

Street Feet / Hallucination Realized (Rat Mix Records)

From the very beginning, our small noise society loved to do different splits. That shows respect to each other, and of course that was (and is) a good fun to make some splits with the friend bands. And now hold in my hands one of such cases. Two friend bands from USA on one small noisy tape – lovely! Our first band is from Binghamton (New York State)… Street Feet is acting pretty aggressive, but their sound is far from brilliant ( it`s muted and messy). But aside from their dirty and goofy sound their riffs are badass… Short, sharp … Continue reading Street Feet / Hallucination Realized (Rat Mix Records)