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G.I. Joke “Discotape” Таpe Maggut “Maggutography” Таpe Bungus “The First Two Years” Таpe Paucities “Still Mince Attitude – 2010-2013 Complete Discography” Таpe Agathocles “Mincer” Tape  Reekorrhoea “Reekollectionrrhoea” Tape For more info just visit   Continue reading Still available thru Grindfather prod!

G.I. Joke ‎– Discotape (AxRxL)

Holy cow! I did not even realize that GI Joke has already existed more than 10 years… That`s pretty impressive. If I remember correctly the main man in this band is sir Nils (Agathocles), and he is the only unchanged band member… This tape is heritage of his project and of course this nasty tape contains all of the bands records which were made during band activity. 31 songs were collected together, 3 labels released this tape, and many noise maniacs got this tape in theirs collections. Since these songs were out of the head of an AG member, it … Continue reading G.I. Joke ‎– Discotape (AxRxL)