Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Hello! Vanya, as far as I know, Forest Hum was formed on Afonia’s fossils. So you decided to continue playing and create something new? Where does Forest Hum come from? Hey, mate! I and and dudes from AFONIA were growing up and were playing deferent kind of music together in Ural neat little town with the name Asha. I moved to St. Petersburg only in 2015, at that time, Afonia had already broken up to that moment, and our guitarist and drummer made some new music stuff. Once I also came to rehearsal, took the microphone and began to grimace … Continue reading Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Obscene Extreme Festivals special (11.06.19)

Every year OEF continues to gather more people from all over the world. From the 3rd till 7th of July, fans of Extreme Music will skip their day jobs, and they will leave harsh world of reality behind, in the name of grind and friendship! Good food, good music and the perfect location for fun, what else do Grind heads need? So we couldn’t avoid asking a few of the bands from this year line up about the festival and some other important things. Grab a beer and enjoy this light but entertaining read! Siege official page Hello, Robert ! … Continue reading Obscene Extreme Festivals special (11.06.19)

Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

Greetings! How are you guys? Hope you`re doing good, I`m really glad that you`re here, so let’s start this small talk. Pierre : Hey Alexander ! Doing OK ! Thanks for talking to us ! Laurent : Hey dude ! David: Hi Alexander everything is fine Just a while ago you released a new split with Sneezing Pus. Could you tell us about this team work? Pierre : Rene from Sneezing Pus approached me with their songs in order to release a split together… I was stoked to share a release with one of Noel’s projects (Gruesome Stuff Relish, etc) … Continue reading Vomi Noir (23.05.19)

2 Minuta Dreka (16.05.18)

2 Minuta Dreka are coming to Tokyo for a tour in the first half of June, so no better occasion to get some in-depth info about the band from their vocalist, Brandy. Seeming typos have been left in to preserve the integrity of the interviewee’s original answers. Thanks a lot to GGGG for hosting this interview. Describe your evolution into a pervert. The fist memory of a pervert was at elementary school when i was 6 years old. I was pretending to be sick because i didn’t want to be at school anymore and then i was waiting for my … Continue reading 2 Minuta Dreka (16.05.18)

Hagamoto (30.03.19)

Greeting Hagamoto-san! How are you doing today? I`m really happy that you found some time for this small conversation, I know you’re very busy, so I really appreciate it. Thank you for this opportunity to introduce myself to your readership and I apologize in advance if my answers are a bit bland. Well, honestly I was shocked, when I saw how many bands you are a part of. The list is huge. So I must ask where do you find time and energy for all that? What motivates you to create so much music? You naturally gravitate to activities that … Continue reading Hagamoto (30.03.19)

General Surgery (28.03.19)

Greetings! It’s a huge pleasure for me to do this small interview, so how are you doing guys? What’s new, old or dead? Dr C: Salutations! We are still going, even though our public mortuary presence might indicate otherwise… as we say in Swedish: like lever! In 2019 I feel that the old stuffy carcass will start to shift its weight a little more and you might see a tad bit more activity. Which is relative to the flat-line you’re seeing now – make of that what you will. We’ll have a few public autopsies planned for the year, so … Continue reading General Surgery (28.03.19)

Convulsions (20.03.19)

Hola amigos! Finallym Convulsions is on GGGG pages! How are you doing boys? Hello! Yeah, finally! We took a long time to answer everything, but it’s a bit difficult for us, since we live in three different cities. We’re doing just fine. A bit busy lately, work sucks, but we try to manage. Thanks for counting on us for this interview! I`m afraid that I must ask you to tell your band’s story – so when, who, why? Well, Convulsions was born a bit after Human Butchery disbanded, which was the previous band where Héctor and Campos played. It was … Continue reading Convulsions (20.03.19)

Rawhead (04.03.19)

Hello my friend! How are you doing? How is it down there in Melbourne? Hopefully your beer is cold? Hey Alex! Right now it’s stupidly fucking hot. Unless I wrap ice packs around my beer it warms up way too quick. I hate this summer bullshit! Lachlan, the album “Spineless Pigs” sounds really monstrous. What feedback have you gotten so far? I heard that this album will be re-pressed in vinyl format. Please tell us all about that. Thanks mate! I’m surprised at how well it was received. Personally, I’m very happy with it and its nice to hear that … Continue reading Rawhead (04.03.19)

Heinous (13.02.19)

Greetings guys! How are you? I bet you’re tired as hell after the long road am I right? Wex: Yo I’m great! I’m recharged from tour, but tired from riding my bike 75 miles today. Andrew: I’m ready to rock again! Another tour is done, could you share some stories from the road with us? What was the most iconic moment on this trip? Wex: This tour was great. We went to a lot of Southern USA cities that most bands don’t play. I wasn’t sure if the gigs would be kind of weak since they’re smaller cities, but for … Continue reading Heinous (13.02.19)

A Survivors Guide to Obscene Extreme Festival

Obscene Extreme is one of the most Grindcore places on our small planet. I had always wanted to visit it, but for a number of reasons I managed to finally attend this year. On a high note, it’s even better because I visited during the big 20th anniversary celebration of the festival. So here is my story about a trip to the town of Trutnov. It was a long and hard journey; we left Kiev by car and did about 700 km of driving when we got stuck at the Ukrainian/Polish border for about 5 hours. Only in the morning … Continue reading A Survivors Guide to Obscene Extreme Festival

Le Scrawl (01.11.18)

  Le Scrawl is a very unusual and extraordinary band. I met these guys at last OEF, their show was so intense, bright and amazing. Obviously I asked them about this small talk. Due to some delays we finished this interview only today, that why a few questions are not so actual, but that is not too critical. So boys and girls, read, share and enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________Greetings Simon! How are you doing? Tired after long road trip back home? Fine, thanks! It was great to be on tour with Le Scrawl again – and really an inspiration.   How did … Continue reading Le Scrawl (01.11.18)

Obscene Extreme Festivals 20th anniversary special (27.06.18)

This is a very special year for Obscene Extreme Festival. For the last 20 Years this Festival has been the biggest party of the year. Needless to say it has become one of the most anticipated events for Grinders,Death Metal freaks and Weirdos alike. Every year people from around the globe congregate at Trutnov for the purpose of fun of the highest caliber. GGGG wants to congratulate this massive festival, and of course we did it in our way! We chose 7 bands from the insane lineup, and had a quick chat with them about their plans for OEF. So … Continue reading Obscene Extreme Festivals 20th anniversary special (27.06.18)

Power It Up (21.06.18)

Hello Tom and Fabio! How are you guys? You’re probably busy preparing packages for shipping, am I right?) Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. This is where the preparations for the festival season begin. We are also busy finishing our upcoming releases. I’m very interested in the story of Power it Up, please tell us how it all started … It all started 25 years ago when I founded POWER IT UP with my then partner. We had previously dealt with second hand stuff and therefore we had met Kim from Nailed Down, which then … Continue reading Power It Up (21.06.18)

VHS (28.05.15)

Hi Mike! How are you? Did you prepare yourself for this Horror movie mega fan? Mike:  Hey! I am doing good! I’m definitely prepared for the interview! The New Batch is finally out. Congrats brother, this album is truly rad, especially for horror fans, haha. So how do you feel about it? Do you have feedback from the fans? Mike:  I’m definitely very happy to have the album out! Feels good to see the finished product and be able to hold the CD! I’m very happy with how it turned out as well. The layout looks awesome and Marco from … Continue reading VHS (28.05.15)

Tolerance (26.04.18)

Hello Mr Urho! how are you doing man? Hope all fine on your end, and the beers are cold… Hi Alexander!! Thanks for getting in touch! It’s really nice to have this chance to chat. I suppose I’m doing okay for the most part. Lately I have been way too stressed out though, and in some ways my life (or at least the way I experience it) has been quite unstable. But l can’t really complain either, as at the moment I have a job which I really like, I’m surrounded by really wonderful people and I have a ton … Continue reading Tolerance (26.04.18)

Noxa (20.04.18)

Hello guys! First of all I want to congratulate you on the new album. You finally made it to your 5th full length release. Hello yeaa thanks bro How long did you work on Propaganda? Around 4 month. What label released it? Blackandje. Are you satisfied with the final result? Yes. I couldnt help but notice that you changed your style a little bit. I catched a lot of thrashy and hardcore elements.. What influenced this album? Yes because in my opinion grindcore can added any some genre metal like death metal, hardcore punk, and trash metal for influence we … Continue reading Noxa (20.04.18)

Slave To The Grind (21.03.18)

Hi Doug! Finally we managed to have this small talk. Thank you so much for that, well how are you man? Whats new? This is a big week for us! We are launching our trailer and poster today as well as announcing our World Premiere at the Calgary Underground Film Festival on April 21st. Expect daily festival appearance announcements throughout the rest of the week. – Let`s begin from the start, when did you have the idea of creating a Grind documentary visit your head? Why is this genre so special to you? When I was finishing up Never Enough, … Continue reading Slave To The Grind (21.03.18)

Krupskaya (09.02.18)

  Hi brothers! How are you guys? Hope that you packed a few fresh pair of pants for your small journey Alex: Absolutely! The washing machine is on, the set is sounding tight – really looking forward to it. Riley: Besides a short stint across the UK with my old band some twelve years ago, I’ve never actually been on tour, so it’s a bit of a strange mix between excitement and nerves at the moment. Matt: To be honest, there’s been a few details of the tour that have caused a bit more stress than usual. But now everything’s … Continue reading Krupskaya (09.02.18)

Ensepulcher (18.01.18)

Today, we bring you an absolutely sick death metal band from Fresno, California, by the name of Ensepulcher. This project features Adam Camara and Johnny Valles from the grindcore band Fiend and James Torres from Haggus and Antagonizer. I have been extremely excited about this band since Adam and Johnny first announced it. Their debut demo “No Sanctity in Death” immediately got me hooked on the filth they had to offer. Though many new bands use the HM2 pedal, Swedish death metal sound, I feel that those groups rely too much on the tone itself and haven’t really caught my … Continue reading Ensepulcher (18.01.18)

Afgrund (04.11.17)

Hi Enrico! How are you doing today man? Hope you’re in the right mood, because right now we will talk about some really serious things. E: Hello guys! I’m alright, some things are going great and some others suck… and i’m pretty sure you want to talk about those that suck… I’ll try to be as accurate as possible. Okay, so some time ago former band members (Scandinavian guys) re-created their own Afgrund. Wtf? What’s going on there? As I know you have some kind of a conflict with them. So could you explain to us about all this shit, … Continue reading Afgrund (04.11.17)

Cystoblastosis (24.08.17)

  Hi, boys and girls! How’re you doing? Having some rest after tiresome daily activities?) Hi! We are great, but I have too much work so it’s almost impossible to relax, in any case, thanks for asking! Olga, how did this happen that you become acquainted with goregrind? All those intestines, low raw sound and pitched ferocious vocals… Woman in goregrind band is a pretty rare thing, you know)) Oh yes, I know. Medical theme attracted me from the childhood and I dreamed of being a doctor, but later I changed the decision and began to study in another sphere. … Continue reading Cystoblastosis (24.08.17)

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (07.08.17)

  Hi, Seb! How’re you doing? Probably looking forward to finally release your new album?) Hi Alex. Yes, we are working on the latest details of the T-shirts, and so far, everything is ready for the official release in September. It’s good to have the time to finalize everything to be just perfect. We recorded the album almost a year ago, but the mixing and mastering were completed only at the end of December 2016. The graphics were also finished in December 2016, so the last 6 months were devoted solely to finalize the deal with the label, and achieve the layouts and the … Continue reading Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition (07.08.17)

Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

Hey Polwach, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to do this interview with Good Guys Go Grind.   What’s up Shawn/GGGG. My pleasures man. Go for it. Some of us are curious, what was it exactly that peaked your interest about drumming?   Well, I started listening to rock and extreme music when I was like 13-14 and the drums attracted me the most. From that point I started to learn drumming. I remembered when I first listened to Diabolis Interium by Dark Funeral and was amazed on how fast that shit was. So what can you … Continue reading Cystgurgle (15.08.17)

RØDEL Records (31.07.17)

Hi, sir Keule! How are you doing? Probably drinking dark beer with tons of candies, I suppose?) Thank you – I`m fine. Ha , no dark beer… usually I don`t drink beer that often. Only in holidays or at special events. I prefer to drink water, coffee, fruitjuice… First and foremost question from me: how did you come up with a drunk elk on a logo?) About that funny looking elk – well it`s not drawing by myself.I took it illigal from a popular german cartoonist ( Waltewr Moers ) for some reasons: if you see the logo you can`t … Continue reading RØDEL Records (31.07.17)

Chepang (28.07.17)

Greetings boys! Hope that all is well on your side. Can you introduce your band for our readers? Cheers to you for having us. My name is Kshitiz Moktan AKA Captain Bhudey and I play guitars in a band called Chepang. We play a form of music called IMMIGRINDCORE, its basically grindcore but with the pain , love and intensity of the great Kublai Khan’s immigrant warriors worldwide. Its basically nothing but a loose form of freestyle music over double blast beats for double the love… Did you start this band in your motherland or did you start it on … Continue reading Chepang (28.07.17)

The Arson Project (09.06.17)

Hello, friend. Did you already manage to recover after that hell tour? Having some cold beer as a medicine perhaps?) Hey man! I am recovered, but I am restless, and you don’t recover from that. So I try to do something creative every day, edit photos, videos, play guitar or something else that calm my nerves. After almost seven weeks of touring getting used to have people around you, see bands, meet people, playing shows and party you’ll get restless when you come home. And yeah, cold beer with some friends is good medicine. And first question about your long-awaited … Continue reading The Arson Project (09.06.17)

To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)

Hi, Will! How’re you doing? Let’s start with the question that was bugging me for a long time: how do you manage to keep your thick beard in perfect shape? Does it help with managing label?) Oddly it isn’t much to keep in shape, it is more keeping it out of things.. car doors, guitar straps, bike gears. To the second question, it makes most of the business decisions. Quite obvious question, but still, how TLAL started? Was your decision about starting it instant and impulsive, or you thought about every detail before starting it? I feel like everyone questions … Continue reading To Live A Lie Records (03.06.17)