Collision – Satanic Surgery (Hammerheart Records)

Well, finally, we have Collision giving birth to their new album. Like in the previous one, Satanic Surgery, the cover art was designed by Luis Sendón (also known as a member of Nashgul). I have to admit, he is a very cool artist. The character which he portrayed looks like the product of someone’s nightmares. Demonic surgeon cutting his next victim into pieces… shit, that’s creepy. I think that the fact that guys signed to Hammerheart Records, can be considered as a very good step in the development of the band. Collision never betray themselves and their fans. This album is not any worse than the previous one and I am very happy that this is the case (after all, because so many bands have the unpleasant feature of doing some awful shit after they’ve recorded something cool and powerful) Here we have the same good old mix of grind and crossover. This mixture can give you a nice burst of energy. Furious crossover landscapes floating into fast grindcore blasting earthquakes and vice versa. The music sounds like the biggest mountains collapse! Personally for me the main track of this album is Touch Me, Jesus 🙂 

Rating: 8/10    Сollision      Hammerheart Records

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