Gorgeous grind arts!

I guess that not many of you know that Luis (bass player in Nashgul band) is also a great artist. He creates arts for so many different bands, also you could see what he’s done for Obscene Extreme festival… In case if you`re trying to find an artist for your band or you are just a big fan of creepy pictures than visit this FB page or this¬†WEBSITE! Continue reading Gorgeous grind arts!

Curby (Obscene Extreme Festival) (02.03.15)

Hi, Curby! How’re you doing? Probably busy with organization of another OEF?) Hi! Yes, you’re more than right! Busy time now, I am just finalizing line up for the Czech OEF then booking the first bands for the Canadain fest and also preparing the OEF ASIA in Tokyo!!! Looking at your photos it’s easy to see that you like to travel much. Do you have a special schedule to visit all the places you need in country you visit? Or you just hang out with local brothers-in-grind and they show you everything you need?) Well, I simply love to travel!!! … Continue reading Curby (Obscene Extreme Festival) (02.03.15)