Axis of Despair need your small help!

“Alright – in less than a month (!) we’ll start tracking our first album. As it’s self-financed at this point we need to raise all the money we can quickly. We have physical merch (records and t-shirts) available HERE but we also have a digital store HERE  where you can but both EP’s digitally.” Continue reading Axis of Despair need your small help!

Axis Of Despair – Time And Again / Mankind Crawls

Axis Of Despair is a brand new name in the history of Swedish grindcore. Just look at the list of associated projects of the members of this AOD: Overtorture, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift, Infanticide, Nasum, Coldworker, Proteststorm. Impressive, isn’t it?) But don’t make quick judgment that we’ll hear just another clone of Nasum or Infanticide. There is something familiar with all those bands for sure but they are far from being clones. So the material for these two EPs was recorded on a few recording sessions in the legendary Soundlab Studios in Örebro. But it so happened that Time … Continue reading Axis Of Despair – Time And Again / Mankind Crawls

Axis of Despair (28.12.15)

We have here Axis Of Despair today, how are you guys? Already getting christmas presents for your relatives?) Joel: We are fine thank you! I for one am trying to do it the King Diamond way: No presents for christmas. As I can see, band is around since 2013. It may sound repeating but in order to close the informational gap, could give us your short bio? Anders: OK. Joel (vocals), Oskar (bass) and I (drums) used to play together in Coldworker. We did our final gig at Obscene Extreme 2013. We were supposed to just have “a break”, but … Continue reading Axis of Despair (28.12.15)