Forest Hum (14.06.19)

Hello! Vanya, as far as I know, Forest Hum was formed on Afonia’s fossils. So you decided to continue playing and create something new? Where does Forest Hum come from? Hey, mate! I and and dudes from AFONIA were growing up and were playing deferent kind of music together in Ural neat little town with the name Asha. I moved to St. Petersburg only in 2015, at that time, Afonia had already broken up to that moment, and our guitarist and drummer made some new music stuff. Once I also came to rehearsal, took the microphone and began to grimace … Continue reading Forest Hum (14.06.19)

News from Erectile Dementia!

Two smokin’ new loaves of rock n’ roll ecstasy are now available to molest your senses! First up is the skull-liquefying Erectile Dementia “Festering Future Endeavors” 7″ EP. Twenty-four songs of fast as fuck blast-core holocaust with all the half-assed guitar heroics, belligerent hate speech and caveman bludgeoning you could ask for in a single 7″ record. But is your palate refined enough to accommodate a full twelve inches of the meatiest sounds in town? Get a taste of the Erectile Dementia / Wadge / Spastic Amoebas three-way split 12″ LP fuck frenzy! Three of the most deranged underground guerrilla … Continue reading News from Erectile Dementia!

Disturbance Project / Convulsions

Have you ever wondered how much energy is released during a building explosion? Or maybe how much power a river has when tearing apart a dam? This split has similar energy… A small piece of plastic is charged with an impressive portion of Spanish Grindcore. And the first band on this split is Convulsions…  Convulsions is an abnormal connection between speed, aggression and hate. This  music reminds me of a horrible organism that is the result of many surgeries and experiments. Their side is really punchy and punky… Riffs are fast and the blasts are loud. Vocals and bass have … Continue reading Disturbance Project / Convulsions