Tuunbaq – Graves of Ice

Graves of Ice is a debut album from Russian deathgrind machine Tuunbaq. This band is one more new name for for me, so let’s check what this is all about. Their Bandcamp page says that our guys are based in Arkhangelsk city (yep, there it is cold), they started about 3 years ago with the purpose of playing fast and heavy shit. Tuunbaq position their music as a Swedish grindcore with some influences from outside… but personally I found more in common with late Napalm Death/Rotten Sound/Implore/Wake and maybe Lock Up, with a huge drop of metal. I don’t know … Continue reading Tuunbaq – Graves of Ice

T.O.A.D. – Truth Of All Death

Canadian grinders Truth Of All Death were a bit silent this year, they got few shows, nothing special, but at the end of the year our friends presented us a new 7”. This self-named wax is a good example of Canadian grindcore. Raw, aggressive, fast and crazy… yeah, many bands are using such ingredients, but damn it, this grindcore and not  power metal, haha! Looking at the cover I noticed that they contracted the disease from Phyllomedusa, who is using images of the frogs for the cover arts, and with whom they make a split last year. This hellish frog … Continue reading T.O.A.D. – Truth Of All Death

Convulsions / No God Rhetoric

Everything is stupidly simple, here is very tight 7” that I want to write about. A really good and mind-blowing release, so here comes Convulsions / No God Rhetoric split EP!  First comes Convulsions, the band that blasted my mind few years with their debut work, and the very kind guys that are staying in my heart after I hung out with them at OEF. But, let’s put emotions aside, we are here to listen to these songs.     The opener “De mal en peor” blasts off with some seriously grinding guitar ligatures. Ferocity inside these tracks is impressive, … Continue reading Convulsions / No God Rhetoric

News from Gut side!

The old-school veterans GUT released the title track of the upcoming album “Disciples of Smut“. Also available on all common streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, etc. The recordings are finished, the layout is actually being worked on “Disciples of Smut” will be released as gatefold double LP, CD, tape and digital through Splatter Zombie Records. The planned release of the album is this spring, the release date will be announced soon. Recorded And Mixed By Bonassis At AUDIODRIVE STUDIO, Sinsheim/Germany Additional Drum Recording By Andy Classen At STAGE ONE STUDIO, Borgentreich/Germany Mastered By Brad Boatright At AUDIOSIEGE, Portland Oregon/USA Cover … Continue reading News from Gut side!

The Decapitated Midgets – Shit Ceremony

In this new decade, I want to turn back to some goodies from the past decade, so I dug out a very interesting and undervalued gore album by The Decapitated Midgets. “Shit Ceremony” was released in 2010, and 5 years later the band stopped its existence. Visually this album could not be named as an album of the decade. The photo of the dirty toilet is disgusting and stupid, it is more suitable for some lo-fi bands like Gutalax or Fecalizer… but believe me, music inside the worth of listening. This CD is supercharged with good tunes and dirty riffs. … Continue reading The Decapitated Midgets – Shit Ceremony