Last Days Of Humanity / Acid Bacteria

After a long pandemic wait of 3 years, finally this 2023 will see the light of day in CD format one of the most brutal splits seen by the human being. On the one hand we have the “dream team” of the international Gore Grind Acid Bacteria, with members of bands such as Mixomatosis, Ultimo Mondo Cannibale, Commando F*ck, among others, and on the other, the legends of the world Gore Grind LDOH. CD will be released by Gore Cannibal rec! Continue reading Last Days Of Humanity / Acid Bacteria

Birdflesh (27.03.23)

Hi, guys, hope your beer is cold! And let’s get to it right away, first question: what killed the cat?) What killed the cat?! The cat killed you. You are the victim of the cat! I`m shaking your hands guys, new album is finally out! Could you present this newcomer to our grind auditory? The new album is a cold Birdflesh album. It is packed with heavy riffs, banger songs, humour, gore, absurdity and some guest vocals, but even guest solos played on a chainsaw, no kidding. Every album builds on inspiration. I know that you are big fans of … Continue reading Birdflesh (27.03.23)

Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

Just from the heart of the Czech Republic – Rato Triste! Filthy, loud, and super heavy sludge brigade from Prague! But that`s not all, this band has badass guys from Controlled Existence, Morbid Angel Dust, Sick Destroyer etc… so as you see these members know how to play not only slow music. But let`s get back to “Choked By My Own Dreams”. This is their debut full-length, it contains only 4 songs but believes me, this material will smash you… It also has a cool design, actually, it suits more for grindcore releases, but I see no problem here. I … Continue reading Rato Triste – Choked By My Own Dreams

First Days Of Humanity – Lithic / Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge

This one-man project started as a joke but with time, this mutilated mess has transformed into something more serious. Here is a tape with 2 EPs from 2022, that was released by mighty Grindfather prod. About 20 minutes of solid filth and loud noise. So what you say, shall we begin?) The first stuff (Lithic) is very LDOH oriented… Crazy blastbeats and the bright sonorous sound of the snare drum (yes I know that all these are just sampled drums, but hey, dude done a really nice job here). Wicked pitch-shifted vocal but most of all I love that monstrous … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity – Lithic / Wounds Leaking Coagulated Sludge

Blue Holocaust / Morgue Breath

I remember that this split popped up very suddenly… To say I was surprised is to say nothing. Two awesome bands with great people in one record! This stuff is so toxic and full of rough tunes and dangerous vibrations! These are defiantly winners of “Top Of The Pops”! Usually, Blue Holocaust dedicated their songs to slather stories, cannibals, zombies, and other characters, but today these French freaks decided to use themes of a post-apocalyptic world. Of course, guys used some intros from old B movies, and guess what, they are so good and fit perfectly into this mess. Like … Continue reading Blue Holocaust / Morgue Breath