Endless Demise / Fiend

This would have to be my favorite Grindcoe split from 2017. Both bands released what I consider as some of their best material on this 7”. That is what makes this release especially good. Usually on a split one band will outdo the other, but on this release both of the bands play on par with each other. So let’s begin…  I have kept track of Fiend from the beginning, they never disappointed me. Their punching Grindcore is so awesome, it’s hard to find the words to describe the feeling. Blast by blast, riff by riff the sound will destroy … Continue reading Endless Demise / Fiend

We need more label to release Offal/VHS split!

Two bands from different parts of the globe united by their love of gore and Death Metal. VHS and Offal are joining forces for a split that will rip and tear all listeners to bloody chunks. Canadian Grinding Gore Metal meets Brazillian Corpse-grinding Death Metal on a split that shows each band paying homage to each others countries. VHS is tackling low budget Brazilian gore with odes to Satanic Attraction and Ritual of Death, while Offal brings an ode to Black Christmas and a Slaughter cover to the table. Limbs will be severed, ear drums will be massacred, this is … Continue reading We need more label to release Offal/VHS split!