Konsensus – New Age Of Terror

Today I want to talk about the debut EP from one interesting Greek band. Konsensus is just one man mechanism, but that dude managed to create a very nice noise. Visually this release looks pretty premitive. Photo of man with gas mask… simple logo and DIY CDr… But it`s just a debut release so I don`t want to judge it too hard. This Greek maniac recorded 6, more or less, short songs, not much, but that is more than enough to get acquainted with “New Age Of Terror”. First of all I want to notice that this guy is a … Continue reading Konsensus – New Age Of Terror

Chadhel / Assiduous Assault

If you love fast and chaotic grindcore, this split is for you! This CD with the US and Canadian grind freaks brings us total mind destruction. So let’s spin this mdf! Chadhel are short and concise. Great speed and furious energy are the main foundation stones of this record. The general sound is massive, this is not exactly my cup of tea, but the sound engineer did awesome work! The sharp guitar sound and same dangerous riffs simply ripping off pieces of your flesh. Won’t say that this screaming vocal is a strong side of this recording session, but it`s … Continue reading Chadhel / Assiduous Assault

VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Canadian horror maniacs are here to smash us with their 4th full length! Must say “Gore From Beyond the Stars” surprised me. This is very balanced, atmospheric, interesting, and funny work. Cover art is worthy of review as well. Green as hell, with a classical cosmic horror theme, a great melting astronaut, maybe I`m sick, but this image makes me smile, haha! I think this album is a top work in VHS discography. Excellent guitar and bass sound, great solos, simple but great riffing, and absolutely unboring material! Deep and ugly growl, which tells us the story about different creatures … Continue reading VHS – Gore From Beyond the Stars

Egggore / Pharmacist

I`m holding in my hands a brand new split with two interesting bands. Yes, Pharmacist is well known now but Egggore is not (so it will be nice to show you these guys). Both bands are very different and that makes this CD even better. From one side we have groovy goregrind, from the other old death grind. Also I want you to look closely at this cover art. This sick stuff was created by gore master Pierre (Blue Holocaust/BrainDead zine). Super pathological and crazy-looking work that fits this split for all 100%! Let’s start with the Czech band Egggore. … Continue reading Egggore / Pharmacist