Traffic Death (26.08.21)

Good day guys! Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak with us, hope you`re all healthy and your beer is cold! How do! We’re all doing well. Beer and water is cold in Iowa! Let`s talk about your new album. How long did it take to create all songs, book the studio, who was in charge of the final sound, and so on? We started writing the new album in 2019 and we were originally going to record and release it in 2020. Obviously, everything shut down and that threw a wrench in everything. Since we had the … Continue reading Traffic Death (26.08.21)

Eastwood (20.08.21)

Check, check! How are you doing boys? Hope that you’re healthy and ready for the new adventures! Yes, quite healthy and quite eager for new adventures, as soon as we can make them happen again. First of all, I wanted to talk about your first full album. This is massive work and all 17 tracks sound like one big story. So what do you wanted to say with this LP? What is the main theme and concept? Thanks, that means a lot to us, since creating a coherent picture was one of the things we aimed for with this record. … Continue reading Eastwood (20.08.21)

Cancerous Social Thoughts – Distopia

Hard to believe but I didn’t know anything about the grind scene of Paraguay, till this day. Here is a young trio that started 4 years ago, for this release they recorded 11 old school songs. And thanks to Wise Grinds Records I`m holding this tape in my hands. What can I say, this is a flashback to the roots of the genre. The guys managed to create material with old spirit, sound, and riffs. The tape has old fashioned design (gas mask, air pollution, and so on) and a nice color balance, the green shell of the cassette looks … Continue reading Cancerous Social Thoughts – Distopia