Psycho (21.11.21)

Greeting Charlie! How are you doing my friend? My biggest congrats on your anniversary! I already opened a cold one in your honor I am doing great! Thank you for noticing that PSYCHO is 40 years old now! We have been celebrating all this year!!! Well as much as we have been allowed to with the Covid restrictions etc! As I already said this year is very special for Psycho. The band has turned 40 (holy fuck)! This is a very huge date, how did you celebrate it, what can you say about all of this? I can’t believe that … Continue reading Psycho (21.11.21)

Extreme Decay

Extreme Decay was formed on January 1, 1998 with the following initial members: Adhie (guitar), Juli (guitar), Adi (bass), Andik (vocals), Afrl (vocals) and Adim (drums). Since their inception, Extreme Decay has been inspired by grind, crust and punk bands from the 80s, and set to write hard-hitting, fast tempo songs. Short and straight to the point. They represent music through social themes full of protest, questions, and anger. Not long after their initial inception, Andik the vocalist quitted the band, then Juli and Adim also decided to quit. Didik (formerly the bass player of Rotten Corpse) was asked to … Continue reading Extreme Decay

Dark Horse (17.11.21)

Hi, Guys! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Tell a few words about a band. How did it all start? Dennis – Dark Horse has been a band now for more than 10 years. We’ve all been active in the Sydney scene for years and played in many different bands. Our first show took place in May 2011 after rehearsing and writing songs as a full band for less than 5 months. We all loved d-beat with a real fast and aggressive approach and took influences from bands like Disfear, Bolt Thrower, From Ashes Rise and … Continue reading Dark Horse (17.11.21)

Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

What can be better than a good gore CD on this cold evening? Right, nothing! Can`t say that this is just a regular release because we have here 4 huge portions of nasty music from Europe and both Americas! As you can see the design of this split is very sick and charged with maggots, fetuses, and other human remains. Disgusting, isn’t it?) I don’t want to seem tactless, I don`t want to talk too much about aspects of this record (there should be some dark moments that you need to explore for your own), I already want to start … Continue reading Golem of Gore, Redundant Protoplasm, Gore, Pulmonary Fibrosis

Will Cope!

Will Cope was founded by two drunks who decided to play something together for a change. The lack of powerviolence in the local scene and love for such music left no doubt regarding the genre direction. William Cooper and conspiracy in general was naturally chosen as a lyrical theme. A month later, by the end of 2020, the promo song “Low Pressure” was released. The band was joined by a well known local grindcore vocalist and enthusiast. At this point it felt that the team was complete and the work on debut album has begun. In a bit less than … Continue reading Will Cope!

Junko Furuta / Statist

Today I want to unpack a small DIY release. This is a split CDr with US grinders Junko Furuta and Statist from Ukraine. I bet that both bands are not well known to our readers so it`s a nice opportunity to show their noise to the world. So let`s start. Hm, and the Americans are lucky to open this split. Guys proved that even a duo can play harshly. Their grindcore is dense and loud. Yes, this music has not a brilliant production but this is what I like in Junko Furuta. The guitar has a pretty standard tone, but … Continue reading Junko Furuta / Statist