We are a Belgian grindcore band consisting of (ex) Agathocles, Supossitory, Aborted, Emeth, Human Vivisection, Everyone dies Alone members. Since 2017 we have been working on songs and defining our style, which we describe as chainsaw grindcore. Referring to the classic HM2 sound. During the year 2020 we recorded our first batch of songs at our home studio, mixed & mastered @Hearse Studios Belgium. Since the release of our Demo in 2021 we have been working tirelessly to cement our place in the underground grindcore landscape. This resulted in inking several deals for 2022 releases. The year 2022 will bring: … Continue reading Barren!

Lymphatic Phlegm (24.01.22)

Hi Andy, finally it’s happening. How are you doing during this shitty lockdown? Hope you and your family are healthy. Hello Alex, how it’s going man? Thanks a lot for this great opportunity to talk some words to GGGG! Things are OK here, going strong but still living this obnoxious pandemic shit but things are going to be better. Let`s begin with your new album. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw the news about it. Must say the album is pure filth and joy! For how long did you hide this masterpiece and what grind society thinks about “Putrefindings, … Continue reading Lymphatic Phlegm (24.01.22)

Turtle Rage / XSPIG

Germany was always a Europinian center of hardcore and powerviolence genres. There are so many crazy bands, starting from the middle 80th and till this day that land produces so many loud and mad bands! Today I want to listen with you to this small but very bright split of Turtle Rage and Xspig. Just like the music on this record, the cover art is dope too. It`s a funny bit childish, but it is 100% consistent with the noise! Berlin punks of Turtle Rage are opening the A-side. This story begins with very awesome punk rock into, which cheered … Continue reading Turtle Rage / XSPIG

Ischemic Necrosis, DxHxNx, Zombie, Pulmonary Fibrosis

We`re still digging some goodies from last year! Nowadays, you will not surprise anyone with a split release. Must say it`s hard to track that kind of format because thousands of them are produced each year. But thankfully many labels and bands send me notifications about the new and new splits. This 4-way split I found in the box from Meat5000 rec, among other good stuff. Must say that this is really brutal shit with really nice bands! Strange thing, according to the tracklist first band should be DxHxNx, but in fact, we have here 11 songs of the US … Continue reading Ischemic Necrosis, DxHxNx, Zombie, Pulmonary Fibrosis

News from Iron Corpse rec!

In 1989, four youngsters around Helsinki area entered Tonal studio to record for a demo on 16 tracks. They captured 9 songs, including covers from Dead Kennedys and Extreme Noise Terror, plus some full on noisecore blasts that were not included on the demo. The sound recorded on luxurious 16-track is crisp but brutal and raw, with vocals often clipping in the red. They were greatly inspired by Napalm Death and E.N.T., which is clearly heard on the demo. Audio is ripped from original tape and remastered, with the original artwork preserved. This reissue includes the recorded noisecore tracks from … Continue reading News from Iron Corpse rec!

Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer

I think that Malaysian grind bands are not well known in other parts of our planes, which is very sad. Today I will try to fix it a little. “Gasmask Terrorizer” is a new EP from real grind veterans Perpetual! Guys started to grind more than 25 (!!!) years ago! During all that period they have a lot of lineup changes and other troubles but they never gave up! From the first rehearsal till this day Perpetual is still playing rotten old-school grindcore in the best traditions of the genre. Here are strong social-oriented lyrics, sharp themes, and so on, … Continue reading Perpetual – Gasmask Terrorizer