Entrails Massacre (02.08.20)

Greetings Daniel! First of all I want to congratulate you with your super anniversary! How do you feel about it? 30 years anniversary wow, that is a long road. You guys are definitely due. When did Entrails Massacre officially form? Dear Alexander, hello and thank you very fucking much! We really appreciate your absolutely true support, it`s awesome to talk with you. The band was founded on the 28th of July 1990, 05. 30 am on a trainstation near Dresden in South- Eastgermany. We still lived in the former GDR, 3 months later Germany got reunited. I was visiting a … Continue reading Entrails Massacre (02.08.20)

ill! / Turtle Rage

Today I will write about the German bands again, haha! That land is surprisingly rich with good bands. Today’s heroes are ill from Münster and Turtle Rage from Berlin. Both bands are young and playing more or less in the same style. The format of this split is 7” and that means that will need to overturn this small piece of plastic each 3 minutes, damn) The first 3 minutes belong to ill. I got their previous split and I remember that it was cool. Must say that guys didn`t make the step aside with this recording session, genre, aggression, … Continue reading ill! / Turtle Rage

The Communion / Bastard Noise

This split 7” was taken from the bottom of my review box. Due to some technical problems, it took me a hell of a time to write something about this release. Let me begin. I expected nothing special from this piece of plastic, and I was amazed at the end of the listening. Here is why…   The Communion managed to create an ugly song (of the bitch), that contains so many great and filthy elements. Fast hardcore is mixing with slow sludgecore/pv structures… and all of that transforms into something noisy in the end.  This track plunged me into … Continue reading The Communion / Bastard Noise