Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Today is Tuesday and, as always, this day sucks, so let’s plug it with a split from Needful Things and Overviolence! As I know, originally this split was released as a tape and it was released for an Asia tour. Now it’s been turned into a vinyl, and holy moly this piece looks great. Weird cover art, with gloomy faces, a combination of colors all of which create a nice aggressive and Grind look. Needful Things is a Grind mastodon of the Czechs scene. Can you believe that this machine has been active more than 20 years? And they’re still … Continue reading Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Dusting off my record to cover this sick little split from Danish Hardcore freaks Extended Suicide, and Swedish Powerviolence maniacs Noll IQ! This cover art really catches the eye. But, not necessarily for the art. No, moreso because of the vibrant yellow color of the sleeve itself. As for the actual art, it’s your usual Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence imagery. A crowd of people in Gas masks, with one particular figure looming g over the rest. And what seems like a bouquet of knives and needles fanned out behind him. Enough about the visuals though, that isn’t what you came for. Starting things … Continue reading Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Driller Killer – Fuck The World / Reality Bites Driller Killer – And The Winner Is… / Cold, Cheap And Disconnected Driller Killer – Total Fucking Hate / Brutalize  Sulfuric Cautery / General Nausea – split tape  more info at Continue reading Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Birdflesh – Night Of The Ultimate Mosh

I was drawn to this reissue just because of the album cover. Luis Sendón did a great job (again haha). He has drawn the band members in the mosh battlefield with different funny and evil characters. The whole work looks purely fantastic! Everlasting Spew Records took responsibility for re-releasing this magical album, also it was they who asked Luis to draw this crazy picture. We can name Birdflesh as a classic Swedish Grindcore band. This squad has a long drunk history, many awesome releases and a ton of the shows behind under their belts.The “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” is … Continue reading Birdflesh – Night Of The Ultimate Mosh