Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

This spring, gore blast from Italy released its second work. This work is full of maggots and purulent stench, and the guys from Rectal Purulence Recs noticed that, liked it, and released it. This CDr release looks pretty primitive, but sick. There are just a few photos of surgery and a image of helminths for the back cover. Nothing much as for gore theme, but we have what we have. Regardless, I can assure you that the music inside sounds much uglier and brutal that this cover picture looks. Embryonic Oozing is 7 minutes of gorenoise that will make you … Continue reading Yakisoba – Embryonic Oozing

Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

We know Italy as an impulsive and emotional nation… But, the guys from Double Me showed a ton of dead patience. Destroyed In A Second is their first full length and they poured every bit of raw emotion into this slab of wax. This album was delayed many times, master lp was denied a few times and even the recording session was delayed. It seems that this album was cursed, haha. Even the parcel with this album was lost and came to me in damaged condition after two month of waiting. So I can’t skip this album, there were so … Continue reading Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

I’m starting to worry about Italy, for several years there were a lot of new and fresh Gore bands. I must say that is strange but pleasant for me. Yakisoba is one of the many bands who emerged from the new age primordial ooze. This is a one man project which debuted last year with the EP “Mandatory Amputation”. It`s not surprising that this debut work has all of the attributes of Goregrind. The cover is fucking disgusting, this Asian corpse looks like a victim of Unit 731! The Noise is nasty and bloody too, but I will write about … Continue reading Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

One Day In Fukushima – Ozymandias

I remember the day when this band released their first raw demo – it was not the best piece of grind on this old planet, but back then I thought that they had potential and if they tried their best they could create something really good. Well I was right – this Ozymandias album is the best thing that I have heard from these Italian freaks. As far as I know there is a tape version too, but I only have the CD which was released by Ukrainian Eclectic prod. The design of this first full length is weird…when I … Continue reading One Day In Fukushima – Ozymandias

Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Humus is our target today. I want to talk about their last album “Eterna Condanna”. This LP is an excellent example of badass Crust Punk. This full length is like a small nuclear missile, it’s charged with destructive power. These guys managed to use so many of the classic Crust elements. From the riffs, to the structures, and even down to the furious energy. Even the artwork is made the old way (a marvelous collage with lots of elements) plus traditional black and white.  Eterna Condanna is a wild Rock and Roll ride that will keep you holding on by … Continue reading Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Cavernicular / Violent Frustration (Rødel Records)

Rødel Records is a very old and honored German label. This name helped to a lot famous bands with their first steps; Mr. Keule, the owner and chief, is still out there looking for units that aren’t well known, and vinyl factories still receive orders from Rødel Records; that’s why I’m trying to get a copy of every new record from this ancient temple. So the new one is a split LP between Italian grinders Cavernicular and German machine Violent Frustration. These squads have a different style and sound, and that makes this split even better and spicier. There is … Continue reading Cavernicular / Violent Frustration (Rødel Records)