Dysteria ‎– Fuck The Future

Dysteria obviously approached their first LP album in a very responsible manner. The name of this album depicts the powerful hate of mankind…ant this is also well displayed in album’s artwork…totally dried and cracked bottom of a lake…it is not just implying end of all living things, the message is very explicit. And the printing on a mat paper (check it) added some style to its externals. I have noticed long time ago that englishmen love to make scary, depressive and filthy atmosphere… And they make it in various things, for example in pictures, films and music. You can feel … Continue reading Dysteria ‎– Fuck The Future

Idiots Parade ‎– Idiotsgraphy (Bones Brigade records)

For me, as an IP fan, this release means very a lot of. Marvellous French label Bones Brigade made dreams come true of many its fans! This CD is collecting all the material recorded for the last 8 years. 47 track, 47 nails in a coffin incoming straight to your face! It begins with a very new tracks and ends with a raw old material. This CD includes : R.I.P. (5”), split with Saywhy? (7”), v/a This comp kill fascists (CD), split with Abortion (CD), v/a sekec mazec #4 (7”), demo (CDr), v/a accomplice (tape) and some unreleased tracks! Different tracks … Continue reading Idiots Parade ‎– Idiotsgraphy (Bones Brigade records)

Jesus Cröst ‎– 1986 CD

You know, this duo from Netherlands has become one of my favorites when I first listened to them, and I was amazed even more when they performed in my hometown Kiev! Unfortunately, they disbanded this year…So, this CD was released by French label Bones Brigade rec., so that means this CD can offer to great artwork and overall quality to us. Cardboard gatefold, pretty rare format but it is becoming more popular nowadays.All the artwork was made by an artist, not a single photo or other stuff. It is overwhelming with football stuff, on the cover members of the band … Continue reading Jesus Cröst ‎– 1986 CD