The beginning of Bolesno Grinje was back in the year 2000, when two enthusiasts Hoc (Anti Otpad) and Rio (Desinence Mortification) started rehearsing with the idea to make something new on the Croatian underground scene. Soon after they were joined by Angeri (SMC) on vocals and Mrki (Screaming Vagina) on guitars. In this lineup they recorded the first full lenght album “Pobjeda jenasa”, and the songs for split LP with Sod’n’dan. In 2002 lineup was changed a bit, Mrki left and Jule (Anti Otpad) replaced him on guitar. The band was very active in song writing, from 2006 to 2009 … Continue reading BOLESNO GRINJE!


Dead Infection is a death/goregrind band from Poland. Since forming in early 1990 they have released three full-length albums and several mini 7″Eps, and split albums. They are the second band from Poland after Vader that made a deal to release a CD/LP with a label abroad (album “Surgical Disembowelment” for Morbid Records). Their second album, “A Chapter of Accidents”, is considered by many to be among the milestones of goregrind music. They played numerous live shows around the world, including all of Europe, the United States, South America, Mexico, and Japan. Dead Infection fb Continue reading DEAD INFECTION!


Syntax is a grindcore band from Los Angeles that started in 2008 after Bastardass went on hiatus, and is a reincarnation of Mobile Terror Unit (Powerviolence 2004-2008).  Often regarded (and even dismissed) as a Discordance Axis worship, the influences behind Syntax’ sound were common to those of DA: video games, anime, and blast beats. More importantly, there was a thirst for something new, challenging, and expansive.  After debuting with their 2009 demo, the band shifted gears with their 2012 demo and “Corridos Grind”(split 7’’ with Netherlands’ MATKA TERESA) towards a path distinctly their own. Syntax fb   Syntax bc Continue reading SYNTAX!


Reeking Cross is vomit filthy bass & drums noisegrind infected by Arsedestroyer, DxIxE (Japan), Violent Noise Attack, Tumor, Bizarre X. They based in Canada & USA. Next guys will release: Split with slovakian barbarians Sedem Minút Strachu,  a three-way split tape with Napalm Death Is Dead (Japan) & Kusari Gama Kill (Denmark) and a Reeking Cross double-cassette   Jake (drums), Mason (bass/vocals), Paulo (vocals)  Official site     bandcamp page Continue reading REEKING CROSS


Terror Firmer was born in 2008 by members of Cancer Spreading, Repulsione, Jesus Ain’t in Poland and Bestial Vomit to play a sick crossover of old school Grindcore and ’80s ultrafast hardcore-thrash.Until now TxFX released 6 split eps and took part in a couple of compilations, we are working on some new stuff and waiting for the split 10″ with ARCHAGATHUS to be released. Alcoholic Terror!!!! Terror Firmer fb Continue reading TERROR FIRMER!

Lead Coffin!

From Sevilla, Spain, Lead coffin is a grindcore band formed in 2014. The line-up is formed by Miguel Grindermassive (Guitars and vocals), Gzú (Bass and vocals) and Sr. Longo (Drums). After some gigs with bands like Nashgul, Myteri or Krush, the band recorded “Aquí mueren los chivatos”, an autoproduced 11-track EP based in the spanish eighties films like “Perros callejeros” or “El pico”. The style of their music is a crossover grindcore-punk with a crude and oldie production. They usually introduce some outsider from grind details like a classical harmonic blues in “the Johhny Winter tribute” or the use of … Continue reading Lead Coffin!

Shit Fucking Shit!

Shit Fucking Shit is an extreme project born in 2006 as one-man band involved in pure noisecore with the use of noise pitch shifted guitar samples on drum machine plus natural guttural voice. The first album “Perchè esistiamo?” (“Why do we exist?”) was pressed in 2006 – 39 songs in less than 20 minutes. In year 2010 Alessio “Tanga” joined the band as guitarist. This was the beginning of the new SxFxSx, extreme crazy grindcore noise sound which exists now on. In 2010, Sandro and Tanga recorded “Eat my shit and die” and in 2011 they procreated the unfamous EP … Continue reading Shit Fucking Shit!


Starting out by accident in 2010, Internal Rot was born from a spontaneous jam between Brad of Super Fun Happy Slide and Christoph of the just-then-defunct Roskopp, Doubled Over and Trench Sisters, which yielded a surprising crop of ExTx style grind. They then recruited Max from Agents Of Abhorrence on vocals and quickly started playing shows and recorded a 7”. A year after forming they headed over to the U.S to play some shows in the northeast. Upon return to Australia the 7” was released by Crucificados and 625 Productions, home to their heroes Immortal Fate, Deadbodieseverywhere, Plutocracy, Scholastic Deth, Gory … Continue reading INTERNAL ROT!


“Were two homies from the east side of El paso texas started jamming in Aug of 2014 both love to play fast and aggressive shit our influences are dahmer, denak, regurgitate, lowrider oldies and sore throat. Our future plans are touring for sure, writing more ragers/splits, and toking bowls in this hopelessly fucked world . Line up: Drums (Frank) Guitar(freddy) vocals:Both” Glob bandcamp      Glob fb Continue reading GLOB!


Insomnia Isterica is a 3-piece grindcore band from the South of Switzerland started in 2006 with over 20 releases and many more to come.****After playing in juvenile hardcore punk and death metal bands, Giulio and Attila decided in 2006 to rejoin their forces to create another stupid band to waste their time, drink some beers together and fight paranoia. Thanks to alcohol abuse and constant hatred they released their first demo and splits on pro cd-r and tape format and took part on some compilations. Some times later they asked Mirko and Fafo to join the band mainly to play live … Continue reading INSOMNIA ISTERICA!


Proletar oozed its putrid way into the underground grind, punk, powerviolence thrash scene in 1999, playing scattered local shows and solidiflying the first line up of Udinoise, Bowo, Anto, Acut and Ipul. Soon after the band worked its balls off to release its much anticipating their first demo simply called “Massive Resistance” in 2000. This Hyperpunk grind possesing begunto create “massive” interesting in the band and its unique approach to its musical madness. Soon after the demo the notorious comprises managed to released their full length called “Rakyat Jelata”.  A small change in the line up didn’t get on the … Continue reading PROLETAR!


Slavebreed is a band from Athens, Greece, playing a mixture of grindcore and death metal with some crust / hardcore influences. They were formed in late 2004 by Pavlos and Kostas, from the remains of Pavlos’ older deathcore side-project band with the same name (“Scorned” mcd, 2001). Slavebreed recorded a 4-track live rehearsal mini-cd in early 2007, receiving positive feedback and less than one year later recorded their first full length album, “Pain Syndicate”, released under L’Inphantile Collective (Czech Republic, 2008). “Pain Syndicate” received great reviews worldwide and soon after its release Slavebreed hit the road, performing live on a number of … Continue reading SLAVEBREED!


Formed back in 1990 Haemorrhage are considered the pioneers of Spanish goregrind. In 1995 Haemorrhage debut album “Emetic Cult” brought the band the honour of beign the first ones to release an album on a foreign label. The album got a certain success in the underground scene and it was followed by one of the band’s classicks “Grume” in 1996 that puts the band in the frontline of the genre. The band progression is certified album after album with “Anatomical Inferno”, “Morgue Sweet Home” and “Apology for Pathology”, their last album on the german label Morbid Records. With the band it … Continue reading HAEMORRHAGE!

Double Me!

Double Me started in November 2012 by an idea of Marco (drums), Sonny (bass), Marco (guitar) and Mirco (vocals).We wanted to play fast and rough powerviolence, a mix of new and old school, with grind parts. At the beginning of 2013 we have our first cdr demo, then we releases two 7”s split (w/ Lifes in 2014 and w/ HanSolo in 2015). In the meanwhile we have some songs on several compilation. At the end of 20015 Marco (guitar) decided to leave the band and we chose not to look for another guitarist but to go on as a 3 … Continue reading Double Me!

Foible Instinct

The band was formed in the end of 2006 in Kiev by 4 friends inspired by early albums of Nasum, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Brutal Truth. Long time guys couldn’t find a bass player but in the spring 2007 Vlad (who was a big crust/grind fan) joined them, and that was the first step of the future way of the band.  In November (in the same year) they’ve recorded debut demo, one of the songs was in compilation with other post soviet bands. This compilation was spreading with an antifa zine “Antifacist Motive”. Guys played many gigs in Ukraine with different … Continue reading Foible Instinct


Headless Death was formed in 2011 by the human rubble left over from Roskopp and Pathetic Human. Totally embittered but too stupid to bail out of grindcore for good, Christoph, Lachie and Zev dragged Fil from Rort into the mix, then burped out a demo tape before Fil had time to learn the songs properly.6 months and a bunch of shows later, Zev pulled another dick move and went AWOL. Ignoring this opportunity to turn their shitty lives around (by quitting), Christoph, Fil and Lachie pressed on as a 3 piece. With this lineup they pointlessly subjected more people, including … Continue reading HEADLESS DEATH!


Founded in 2012, Eastwood stand for uncompromising grindcore of the rough kind. The short songs are played at maximum speed and with their neckbreaking dynamics and some near-insane breaks, any hint of predictability is crushed immediately. Friends of grind, punk, crust or powerviolence are equally pleased with the merciless wall of sound that Eastwood create. The spiteful and cynical lyrics decompose and expose the absurdities of modern life, adding to the intensity of the music. Concerning production and distribution of records, Eastwood are fully devoted to the DIY spirit. After a couple of contributions to some underground compilations and the … Continue reading Eastwood!


Collision is an aggressive grindcore band with metal and hardcore ingredients. What you get is a violent straight-in-your-face wall of sound that swings. Combined with two singers, to give it something extra, especially live. Very influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band.The band was founded by singers Björn and Tammi in 2000. After getting the right line-up together, the band started playing blasting live shows, full of energy and aggression.After many live shows and one demo (“Miserable, Squashed, Dead”) Collision recorded their first full length album called “Romantic Display Of Love”, which was released … Continue reading COLLISION!


Deboned formed in late 2012 with Etienne on guitar, P-A on bass and Alex on vocals. Later on, in early 2013, Yan X would join on drums to complete the band. After a few rehearsals, Deboned was born and ready to do their first show with Death Metal legends, Vital Remains. After that show, the guys entered the studio to record their self-titled demo CDr released by the end of the year on Human Disgrace Records.Receiving an great response on the internet, Deboned started to play for most part outside of their area. After a few gigs in Trois-Rivières and … Continue reading DEBONED!


Halitosis started in 2013, as a side effect of compulsive self destruction ceremonies titled ‘jam sessions’ of three of the current members. Shortly after some songs and ideas were sorted out, we recruited a second guitarist. We ventured outside our shithole country twice for shorter-longer periods in the meantime, without having an actual physical release. Although we recorded like 2-3 demos which all came out shit, we finally managed to finalize our first official demo or whatever, titled ‘DECLINE OF NEURAL DEVELOPMENT’ in october of 2015. Halitosis bandcamp Continue reading Halitosis!


Thanatopsis is a two-piece pathological goregrind band, with one member from Brazil and one from Sweden. Formed in 2010, they play in the vein and take major influence from classics, like Carcass, Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Pathologist, Necrony or Ulcerous Phlegm, as well as from newer bands like Autophagia, Feculent Goretomb, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Lymphatic Phlegm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, etc. Short and to-the-point songs, very chaotic, messy, crusty, disgusting, noisy and pulverizing; all the key ingredients that make them exceptionally authentic of the early goregrind days. Even though Thanatopsis is a relatively new band, they’ve already proven to … Continue reading Thanatopsis!


Acid Feast is a three piece Grind/Gore band out of Seattle, Washington USA (Jimmy-Guitar/Vocals, Drew-Drums and Brandon-Bass) some influences are Regurgitare, Dead infection, Malignant tumor ect.. So far we’ve released a 2014 demo,Horrendous Miscreation split tape on Thirdeyegrind,Girth split tape on Nihilistic Despair/Raincitygrindcore and a split tape with Bob plant on Mullet death records. Back in March we went on a 2 week west coast tour w/Bob plant(nor cal mincers) As of now we are getting ready to record a split with Glob from Texas and writing for a split with our brothers in grind Of corpse(seattle death metal/gore) some other … Continue reading ACID FEAST!


Butcher M.D. is a goregrind project formed in Ryazan (Russia) by Kirill “Maestro” Samoylov (Guitar, Bass, Programming). It is heavily influenced by RGTE, LDOH, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage etc. BMD is a studio project and has no intention to do live shows. After the search for a fitting vocalist, Kirill wrote Erwin de Groot (SMES, ex-LDOH, etc…) to help him out. In the beggining of February 2014 the band comes up with 5-track demo which would be used on split with slovakian Distrophy later. Year after this split was released by Cadaveric Dissolution (Russia). From May to July tracks for Hyperemesis and … Continue reading BUTCHER M.D.!


Active Stenosis is a one-man machine-driven goregrind formation from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2009, AS starts by splitting a cdr with russian noisecore act Pissdeads delivering a barrage of 20 unlistenable noisy tracks, afterwards changing it’s style to a : approximately structured goregrind. From 2010 to 2012 some free download compilation of unreleased tracks and split-tapes with Hyperemesis and Meatus saw the light of the day. In 2013 AS delivers a 19-track EP called “Final Histopathology Report” which is released by the band itself and few other CIS diy labels (re-released on pro-tape in 2015 by Cadaverous Dissolution) and contributes … Continue reading ACTIVE STENOSIS!


The band took off in the early 87′ with members playing death metal covers and doing some original songs. With Azizi-guitar, Yazid-guitar, Dol-bass and Maiden-drums. This line up did few jamming but no releases as some members quit and join other death metal acts. Then the bands took off again with another line up with Dol switching to drums and Botak of Living Corpse zine’ editor as vocals. They add Zul in bass and did a reh/demo “Mastectomy” in the early 90′.Although the sound turn out bad they received good response from the underground listeners. After that reh/demo the bands … Continue reading DEMISOR!

2 Minuta Dreka!

2001 – 2004The band’s path of obscenity starts in 2001 when the first two founders Jack Off and Wally-ache (Ass-Ache/Calvary) meet up and decide to break the boredom of a barely existing italian grind scene, starting a new grind noise project called 2 MINUTA DREKA (2 Minutes of Shit) as a tribute to the glorious 90’s noisecore acts which influenced the band for the first 4 years of existence. Consolidating the line up with 2 new members (Enkigroar on guitar and Cisco the Hellspawn on bass), the band started an enormous quantity of live sets staking everything on the extreme … Continue reading 2 Minuta Dreka!


It all started from the ashes of a madness ending in the beginning of 2010, when Jallas, came in to the picture to form a new constellation together with Tom and Oskar along with the mad punk and anti-authoritarian behavior in the “Scam everything”-collective. Later on Pancho joined the band to put Oskar strictly on vocals. Some time passed without anything new, partly due to Toms jail sentence. Even though drums were recorded for the demo recording. Problems in the logistics became the reason we did not manage to finish the recording. We had to make some changes since Pancho … Continue reading CRUTCHES!