Crippled Fox ‎– Attack Of The Thrash Wrist

Last year Hungarian skateboard lovers released a new EP. Actually, I was excited and waiting for it, because they promised me something much different than their previous full-length. And guess what? The boys were right, this material is fucking fire! The art was made in the brand Crippled Fox style, the main character looks exactly according to the orthodox skate style. And now let`s open a beer and check this thrashcore story!

The sad news is that this 7″ is fucking short and tired to flip it again and again. The positive news is that this record is able to revive even a deadly drunk punk, and throw it back to the pit! This is simply a huge blast, that will charge you and wipe off your bad mood! This record is a bit dirty (but exactly how I love) and alive. Short but pleasant riffs, nice rhythm section, and unlimited screaming, haha! All together it creates a crazy party atmosphere. But the greatest part of this EP is that guys put every emotion they had into “Attack Of The Thrash Wrist”, and believe me, you will feel it too!
Let`s see what we have in total. This is insane work and I think thrash metal fans, punks, or even grindheads will enjoy this EP!

Contacts: Crippled Fox bc / Crippled Fox  fb

Remember guys, keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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