Marxbros / Travølta

What could hide under artwork like this? Anarchopostpunkreggae? Funny grind? Nope – guys we have here a strong hardcore/violence 12” with two young but not stupid bands. Of course the cover is mostly a joke and it could push you away from this release, but I assure you, this noise is worth of your time. No more words, I’m putting this pitch black vinyl on my turntable and pressing the button! Netherland guys with the strange name Marxbros are on side A; we’ll start with them. After a few songs I realized that this noise reminds me of real hardcore, … Continue reading Marxbros / Travølta

Ona Snop / Chinsniffer

Attention hardcore freaks! This noise will melt your mind! This double attack from UK became a very pleasant and positive surprise for me. The noise inside is unusual and very crazy, the effect of these tunes can be compared to strong hallucinogenic drugs, haha! Just look at the cover and you will understand what I’m talking about. The image reminds me of some classic pieces by Salvador Dali. The artist who had drawn this was surely not sober and mad, haha! This short story begins with 4 songs of Ona Snop. The shy guys from Leeds managed to kick my … Continue reading Ona Snop / Chinsniffer

Power It Up (21.06.18)

Hello Tom and Fabio! How are you guys? You’re probably busy preparing packages for shipping, am I right?) Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. This is where the preparations for the festival season begin. We are also busy finishing our upcoming releases. I’m very interested in the story of Power it Up, please tell us how it all started … It all started 25 years ago when I founded POWER IT UP with my then partner. We had previously dealt with second hand stuff and therefore we had met Kim from Nailed Down, which then … Continue reading Power It Up (21.06.18)

Gewoon Fucking Raggen / Travolta (Loner Cult Records)

Put a few musicians into a room together, and it’s almost guaranteed they’re going to start a jam session. Then throw 2 bands into that same room, and its pretty much a done deal, theyll be making a split!)) A split which will show you the furious power of fast hardcore. Yes, boys and girls I’m talking about the teamwork of Gewoon Fucking Raggen (Netherlands) and Travolta (Belgium). This split definitely contains noise that is so fast the A-side became the B-side, and thats so wicked! I dont know whos idea it was to put the main image in so … Continue reading Gewoon Fucking Raggen / Travolta (Loner Cult Records)

Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

BANZAII!!! I mean mail day, haha!) I was damn excited about this parcel, and in particular for this release. It’s very rare for a labels (especially fro Europeans labels), to release such bands, (which makes me very sad). That is why I`m very exited to see these new shiny tunes, being released through Psychocontrol Records. For those of you who are not familiar with this act, – Communicates is a fast noisy act from Suginami city. I don’t know when they were founded, or how many releases they`ve made, but thats not so important. The main, and most delicious thing, … Continue reading Communicates – Restricted (Psychocontrol records)

Armpits – Self Titled Cassette

Boston,MA a city synonymous with Hardcore. But, in the seedy underbelly of the Boston Hardcore scene writhes a purulent mass of Grindcore freaks. Armpits, the 3 piece Crust/Grind unit we have on the slab today is fine specimen of this breed of freaks. This cassette is pretty simple in design. No cover art just the Armpits logo, which conveys the fact that they are just here to start shit and have a good time. Let’s dive into this sweet little treat shall we? 5 songs… Yeah only 5 songs. Don’t let that fool you though. This neat little package rolls … Continue reading Armpits – Self Titled Cassette