Gummo – A Fresh Breath on the Neck

Young French trio Gummo finally released their new album! Expect 18 songs full of hardcore/powervilonce/grind madness! This record released by This Don’t Trust The Hype Recordz, Sleepy Dog Records, Coups de Couteau, Loner Cult Records, Minga Records, No Time Records, Drinkin’ Beer In Bandana Records, United Winds Records & The Hills Are Dead. Continue reading Gummo – A Fresh Breath on the Neck

Embittered – Infected (Complete Discography)!

Almost 30 years after their first demo and several split releases, here is the ultimate Embittered discography, the double LP contains the “And you ask why? Demo, the “2 nd Demo”, the material from their Split LP with DYSTOPIA and Their Split 7″ with HIATUS plus their own “Choke” EP. It had slow metal parts, fast as fuck grinding moments, typical crustcore with dual vocals, some vintage hardcore, some distinctively anarcho references… It makes one think of early Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Electro Hippies, Disrupt, Anti-System, Disorder, Deviated Instinct but at the same time, it never feels like a … Continue reading Embittered – Infected (Complete Discography)!

Die You Bastard! – Zenshin Zenrei!

Die You Bastard! from Japan is very close to the top of the top. This reload is central in our Japanese week. We are lucky to be alive in the right era to benefit from this ultimate grinding crossover synthesis of two decades of metal and hardcore, amen. So fast, classy, brutal and yet melodic and musically proficient, the best of everything! Japarmaggeddon supra – The blastfest never ends! Die You Bastard! fashion, so very fast as any Grindcore, so very catchy as any metallized Punk. A bit like a faster Rose Rose, that incredibly great, yes! Die You Bastard! … Continue reading Die You Bastard! – Zenshin Zenrei!

Crippled Fox – In The Name Of Thrash

Hungarian thrashcore warriors Crippled Fox are back with a brand new album! The long-awaited 4th full-length is here! Honestly, I really waited for this LP, because this band deserves my and your attention. Fast, aggressive, and full of energy, these guys know how to make and have fun! “In The Name Of Thrash” has bloody nice cover art, with all attributes of thrash culture. The fox looks like he is a big fan of Suicidal Tendencies, haha!  The heads in his hand are all 3 band members, so even the front cover of this album is full of fun, which … Continue reading Crippled Fox – In The Name Of Thrash

Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Japanese legends are back with a new split release. This time they joined their forces with Polish noise freaks from Noise Nihilist. This 7″ was released by 3 different labels from Poland, Italy, and the USA. Each label made its own design, and that is an interesting decision. This release became very collectible, and now I want to get all 3 of them, haha! My copy is from Italy and it has city ruins in the cover, it looks gloomy and dark…  but the music of this EP is not so negative. To be honest I~m a bit disappointed, Fuck … Continue reading Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Chepang – Chatta

I finally found some time to write a few words about this interesting album. It`s not a secret that I love these Nepali guys. Somehow they always managed to create a top natch schizophrenic music. “Chatta” is very bright in all aspects, starting with the cover and finishing with the last note on the album. Oh yes, I was lucky to grab a splatter green copy of this LP, must say it looks fantastic on my turntable, ha! This work starts with an amazing saxophone solo, which shows you that this album will be weird as fuck, haha! Actually, this … Continue reading Chepang – Chatta

Greenmachine – D.A.M.N.

What could be better than powerful slow music for the end of the working week? For this Friday`s write up I picked up re-issue of the debut album from Japanese Greenmachine! Well, as I said, this is the first one from this band, and if you don’t like sludge metal, and I mean SLUDGE, stay far far away, haha! This piece of hate was released 24 years ago (a pretty old one, isn’t it?), in CD format, and finally, now this album has a vinyl version. This re-press has a new pretty primitive art, but I think this drawing fits … Continue reading Greenmachine – D.A.M.N.