Split NoComply / Sidetracked

Washington State’s SIDETRACKED deliver seventeen disjointed, breakneck-speed, experimental powerviolence blasts. Much like SISSY SPACEK did to grind of chopping up songs and making you feel mostly insane and overall anxious, SIDETRACKED laysout some amazing blasting hardcore in such an amazingly chaotic way. Florida/NorthCarolina/Philadelphia are represented on this NOCOMPLY session. Birthed from the same session as the THEY LIVE split , you have three tracks long enough to sink your teeth into while still blazing fast at points. This material is also newer and not collected on the East Coast Powerviolence LP. Both bands have been fine turning their styles for … Continue reading Split NoComply / Sidetracked

Split Shitbrains / Controlled Existence is out!

Los Angeles grindcore/fastcore band SHITBRAINS lays down some of the most ferocious stop and go, whirlwind, blasting, dual vocal madness ever laid to wax on their fast and furious side of this killer split. On the flip side, Czech grind veterans CONTROLLED EXISTENCE lay down 6 new tracks. Bringing more of what they always do to the table… punishing, traditional, punk-fueled grind. You can get a copy from  Wise Grinds Records (US) / Psychocontrol records (CZ) and Calvos 73 Records Continue reading Split Shitbrains / Controlled Existence is out!

Agathocles / Ruidosa Inconformidad

Let`s serve us today with a nice portion of mince/noisecore. Mince from Belgian grandpas Agathocles and noise from trio Chilean Ruidosa Inconformidad. As far as I know, this 7″ split was released by Sick Phoque Records, it`s limited to 200 pieces, and it also was pressed in Jukebox format, so keep in mind that you will need an adapter to play this record. According to the requirements of good manners, we will begin with the oldest guys – AG. What can I say? Legends never disappoint! We have here a great dose of brand mincecore with nice a bit raw … Continue reading Agathocles / Ruidosa Inconformidad

Firts look at Onanizer/ Rageous Intent split LP!

Spanish grinders Rageous Intent joined forces with their Czech brothers Onanizer! This total grind mess will be released by Grindfather Records (UK/Poland) / ZAS Records (Italy) / Noise Mafia (Czech Republic) / Guttural Breath (Peru) / Corrosion Cerebral Records (Spain) / Hecatombe Records (Spain) / Primitive Noise Producciones (Spain) / Victim Records (Spain) / Base Records Production (Spain) Continue reading Firts look at Onanizer/ Rageous Intent split LP!

Embalming Theatre / Agathocles

20 years ago, these heroes made their first contact, which was a 7″ split release. To celebrate this lovely anniversary guys decided to make another split (and I think it`s a good idea). Of course, both bands didn`t want to make a boring reissue, so they recorded new songs and used another covert art. Talking about the front image, I think it represents our modern society so much. Blind and blank people who only care about their digital life regardless of what is happening around them. Excellent idea and implementation! Let me start the noise with a Belgian mince legend … Continue reading Embalming Theatre / Agathocles

Toxic Shock / Reproach

If a skateboard, speed, tracker hat, and beer are an integral part of your life then you probably you have a Suicidal Tendencies shirt and this split, haha! Apparently Toxic Shock / Reproach split is an awesome example of thrashcore/fastcore genre, both bands did their best. I`m holding a 3d press of this 10″ records (imagine how popular this stuff is), and I’m literally feeling how many toxic and aggressive tunes this vinyl has, haha! No more words let’s put this record on our old turntable! Toxic Shock serves us with fast and furious hardcore crossover (with a drop of … Continue reading Toxic Shock / Reproach

Human Cull – To Weep For Unconquered Worlds

HC return with their 3rd album, taking the blistering grind into a heavier, more deathly direction. Still defiantly blasting but with an added suffocating atmosphere; „To Weep For Unconquered Worlds“ takes the band into a different dimension but still with the same burning rage. You can get vinyl via 7Degrees Records, 783 Punx, Circus of the Macabre Records, Psychocontrol Records and Loner Cult Records. Continue reading Human Cull – To Weep For Unconquered Worlds

Trappist / Hetze

This small 7″ release will rip off your head with its energy. Despite the fact that this record was released a year ago, I still listen to it at least one or two times a week. Trappist / Hetze split is a good way to cheer up yourself and charge with a solid portion of energy. So today I`m proposing you to joining me and listen to this lovely split together! First on the line is Trappist. This is an LA all-star band featuring members of Killed in Action, Crom, Despise You & Spazz (impressive isn`t it?). The US side … Continue reading Trappist / Hetze

Doomsisters – Combattre leur idée de l’ordre

To be honest, Doomsisters escaped from my eye, I don`t really understand, how the hell that happened. Today I will try to fix this embarrassing oversight. This album is representative of modern grindcore in its most pleasant form: short loud songs of ultra-fast power cords, a drop of old crust, and blastbeats that smash the listener to a substantial degree. + there are two songs with fabulous slow material, I won`t say that that was sludge, but it was something close to that genre. The vocal is wicked and completely fits the noise, and the lyrics consist of sharp social … Continue reading Doomsisters – Combattre leur idée de l’ordre