Depopulation Department (09.10.22)

Good day! Hope you`re doing well. Let`s start this small talk with your band bio. The band was formed in 2017 when Ana and Luisma, from the Goregrind band HAEMORRHAGE, talked to Jose (who played with them in Haemorrhage for years) to start a Crust/Punk project with the purpose of playing together again. Luisma (with whom I shared the origins of the death metal band AVULSED) we had talked many times about doing something different from what we had done together so he asked me if I wanted to join the band on bass. After Jose left Último Gobierno in … Continue reading Depopulation Department (09.10.22)

Days of Desolation – Circles

The waiting is over, finally, Belgian crust-grind warriors Days of Desolation released their second full-length! Must admit this work is fucking monumental, the material is more mature and more complicated (mostly in songwriting moments). Same with the cover art! Jasper has done super-powerful work with a strong dark atmosphere and a ton of small nice details! Small spoiler, you will get a poster if you`ll buy that record, hehe. The vinyl has a pleasant sound too, so the pressing plant didn`t fucked up. But let’s switch to a more detailed analysis of this album. First of all, I want to … Continue reading Days of Desolation – Circles

Arrogänt / Visions Of War

When it comes to the crust genre, you usually remember the UK scene. No joke, that country is an alpha mother of many extreme genres, but other countries have succeeded in such genres too. Today I want to spin a good record from Belgium with two cool Belgian bands. And let me start with newcomers Arrogänt. Arrogänt is a new band, but with serious guys of Travolta, Days of Desolation, Nervous Mothers, Monnier, and Capital Scum. For this session guys prepared 7 crispy songs, all these tracks are full of fantastic live energy and rage. Of course, Arrogänt didn’t make … Continue reading Arrogänt / Visions Of War

Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Driller Killer – Fuck The World / Reality Bites Driller Killer – And The Winner Is… / Cold, Cheap And Disconnected Driller Killer – Total Fucking Hate / Brutalize  Sulfuric Cautery / General Nausea – split tape  more info at Continue reading Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Sarkast – De-Generation

Next on my turntable is the latest album from German bombers Sarkast! First of all I want to admit that this LP formalized very competently… Yes I know that all those skulls, tottal contol theme and world destruction themes are super absolete and not new, but everything was done right this time. This picture looks a bit grimy, I guess))) All the De-Generation songs are in German language, but there is a short explanation for every song in English. The lyrics are all serious and are about important topics. There are a lot of words about greedy corporations, modern consumerism, … Continue reading Sarkast – De-Generation

Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Today I will talk about double grind/crust attack from Sweden. Both bands are not well known but both are truly good. I don’t know who drew this cover but I’m sure that the artist was inspired by the old fantastic B movie genre. Post-apocalyptic gloomy view, strange people with guns, pillars of smoke and old machinery… this art looks really nice. But music here is key so let’s put this CD into player and check out what both bands have prepared for us. Without any warnings and without the chances of escape this grindcore will crash your bones and flesh. Resonance … Continue reading Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd

Infested Art!

GGGG continues to familiarize you with different grind artists. This time I want to draw your attention to a very nice guy Jasper Swerts. This guy stands behind famous Infested Art (and believe me, he knows how to draw badass arts). His works are characterized by their gloomy style. As you can see he worked with bands like Phobia, Wormrot, PLF, Fubar… etc. I strongly recommend to visit his WEBSITE! Continue reading Infested Art!