Massgrav – Stockholm Rockers

Finally our Swedish rock warriors took a break in the systematic absorption of beer! They have gone to the recording studio and recorded 24 lovely ballads. Officially this album will be out in the end of October, but we were lucky to listen to it before that date. Honestly I must say, I had to make some minor preparations (before I start listen and write.I bought six-pack of beer and some smokes,haha! First bottle is opened! Well, first of all I feel that I should write something about this strange cover picture. It’s strange because previously guys used real art. … Continue reading Massgrav – Stockholm Rockers

Kronofogden & Massgrav (Blindead Productions)

Oh, I love this kind of splits here that come from one source (I mean place). Here the Swedes have shown what they are capable of. The formula is very simple: 2 Swedish groups and 1 Swedish label. The result is a strong release in blood red vinyl. Swedish crust punks Kronofogden are the ones who start up this frantic party. I was looking at what is shown on their side of the cover – it looked very familiar to me. After some time I realized that, it reminds me of the drawings on the albums of Broken Bones!) Unfortunately … Continue reading Kronofogden & Massgrav (Blindead Productions)

Massgrav (14.10.13)

Hi, guys! How’re you doin’? Opened a beer already?)Johan: Yo, doin’ good over here. But of course! I was born with can of Bud in my hand.Ola: On my way to get one now. You played in Kiev recently at international Zverovidenie. What’s your impressions of the city and the public?Johan: Great city and a great crowd. I was quite blown away by how huge the city is. It’s hard not to like a city with a huge shining statue called “Iron Maiden”. The gig was great too. Most of the people seemed to be into our style of rock’n’roll. … Continue reading Massgrav (14.10.13)