Vile Species / Civilian Thrower

It`s Friday baby! That means it`s time for another review! I picked up this nice tape for today’s party. Boys and girls let me present you Vile Species (Greece) and Civilian Thrower (France). All together we have here about 13 minutes of massive grind massacre. This is the case when both bands are equal, of course, each band has its own vision of the genre, but the power, aggression, and passion with which they act has no difference. Greek grind brigade begins with high octane speed. Their grindcore is based on old-school elements but guys mix everything with a great … Continue reading Vile Species / Civilian Thrower

Power It Up titles for 2019!

Scapegoats – When The Bombs Drop 1982-86 Digi CD Agathocles – Thanks for Your Hostility 2x LP Inferno – Tod & Wahnsinn LP Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt Immer Noch LP M.A.F. – Hau Ab 2x LP Arm The Insane – Virus/Remember/Ending Time 2x LP more info at  Continue reading Power It Up titles for 2019!

Meatknife – Junky Town (Clabasster Records)

Meatknife is an old (they started at 1995) and pretty famous band from thhe deepest and most perverted dungeons of Germany. With 6 albums behind them, they back with the brand new album “Junky Town”! This 7th album has 16 songs, and as always, all material is full of crazy perverted themes, and it`s done in the recognizable Meatknife style, but I will talk about that a bit later. I don’t know who the artistof this mad art is, but that person did a good job. This art full of madness, anti-tolerance, violence and blood… Destroyed future, total anarchy on … Continue reading Meatknife – Junky Town (Clabasster Records)

Le Scrawl (01.11.18)

  Le Scrawl is a very unusual and extraordinary band. I met these guys at last OEF, their show was so intense, bright and amazing. Obviously I asked them about this small talk. Due to some delays we finished this interview only today, that why a few questions are not so actual, but that is not too critical. So boys and girls, read, share and enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________Greetings Simon! How are you doing? Tired after long road trip back home? Fine, thanks! It was great to be on tour with Le Scrawl again – and really an inspiration.   How did … Continue reading Le Scrawl (01.11.18)

Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

This gore split was done in a totally DIY way – Two old freaks from different corners of the globe recorded their songs and put them together. The result is predictable; this noise is truly disgusting. The noise is loud and annoying (especially for my neighbors), but I will return to this a bit later. I want to stop at the design and art. Both sides have great creepy artwork, as the artists really conveyed the atmosphere of iconic horror movies (which is badass). As for the design, everything was printed with a home printer, but it looks nice. It’s … Continue reading Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater