Rot – Old Dirty Grindcores!!!

The “old dirty grindcores” contains the complete studio material recorded between 1991 and 2007. The material from CD 1 recorded between 1998 and 2007 include tracks from seven split 7” EP’s, two split CD’s and the titles from a split 10”. Also 7 tracks unreleased bonus material. The second CD from this classic release contains the old material from the 1991 until 1997. You will find the tracks from five Split 7” EP’s, from a split 10”, three EP’s and compilation tracks. All together 150 songs of raw grindcore. They perpetuate the great tradition of old school grind/hardcore like Siege/ … Continue reading Rot – Old Dirty Grindcores!!!

Give Praise Records (02.06.15)

Hi, man! How’re you doing? Take your mojito an make yourself comfortable as we begin our interview! I’m doing good! Just the start of a weekend! Long week of redefining the look of Give Praise as we get into the hot summer months! A lot of releases coming up so I am cranking in the 20 hour days! Also – I think the hardest thing I drink these days is a cup of tea without sugar. Tell us about how many bands you release right now? Do you have any criteria when you choose a band? Right now, I have … Continue reading Give Praise Records (02.06.15)