Split 12" Agathocles, /H.407 is fucking out!

12 years after CD version of this split by Apathic View Production, finally 12-inch vinyl comes from DIY cooperation between Alternative Record Label, Extreme Terror Production , Grindfather Productions and NIC Records.Everyone knows Agathocles, so no need to long introduction of this living underground legend! Their side in short: a live set from 28 February 1997 in Tongerlo/Belgium – great setlist (including “Kill your fucking idols”, “Trust? Not me!”, “Cheers mankind cheers” & more, 11 songs in total) and strong micecore/grindcore sound quality. This was the line-up from “Thanks for yur hostility” and “Humarrogance” times so you know what to … Continue reading Split 12" Agathocles, /H.407 is fucking out!

Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

We have talk about a lot, but there will be always some of split/album that you`ve never heard and want to talk about. For today’s review I picked up a dirty and noisy split from two bands from Madrid city. Can’t say that both of these squads are well known outside of their country, but Bad Grind Spencer and Mindcollapse deserve to be shown to grind fans. Please pay a bit attention for this cover. I really like this idea, the designer made fun of stupid celebrities who are wearing underground merchandise… and I agree with him, these fuckers should … Continue reading Bad Grind Spencer / Mindcollapse

BruceXCampbell – A Brief History Of Our Madness 2006-2014

It was an absolute pleasure to meet these guys, when they flew from Los Angeles out to Trutnov for Obscene Extreme 2018. We drank a lot of beer together and they gave me this tape for a review. That night I was robbed, my vest was stolen from my tent. These bitches took my CD and all my festivals coupons… BUT they left this tape. I guess they were thinking that this is total garbage, haha! But this release is very hot, for those who know the point of real grind. This tape contains all the songs that were written … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – A Brief History Of Our Madness 2006-2014

Haggus – The First Six Months – A Mincecore Collection (Grindfather prod)

So, you like stories about rotten corpses? Grind? Nasty sound? Crazy fast and fun fucking music? All of the above? Get this huge portion of Mincing Gore! Californian Mince brigade, Haggus brings you 40 minutes of great noise. In this tape you will find songs from their previous works such as their splits with Agathocles and Bob Plant, noise from The Masked Mincer EP, Mincecore Agenda EP, Mince the Meat Monger RP, and debut Four Sonx Demo from 2014! All together 38 songs that will cheer your ass up. The cover of this release just screams “be careful boy, there … Continue reading Haggus – The First Six Months – A Mincecore Collection (Grindfather prod)

Death Toll 80k – Step Down (Grindfather prod)

It’s been a quiet four years since Death Toll 80k recorded something new. Due to some problems with health and other bad things, this long awaited album was delayed. All this time we were silently waiting and the miracle finally happened, “Step Down” has finally arrived. For this review I picked up a cassette version which was released by Grindfather Productions. I know that the boss of this label is doing everything by himself. For example, the sound was recorded with help from a nice stacionary tape decks. All logos and other info were applied on the shell in the … Continue reading Death Toll 80k – Step Down (Grindfather prod)

Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

This noise released by Vleesklak Records (Belgium), Grindfather Productions (UK/Poland), AxRxL (Germany), Zas Autoprodizione (Italy), Punti Scena Records (Italy) & Haunted Hotel Records (USA) Continue reading Split LP of Agathocles / Uitschot is out!

Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Driller Killer – Fuck The World / Reality Bites Driller Killer – And The Winner Is… / Cold, Cheap And Disconnected Driller Killer – Total Fucking Hate / Brutalize  Sulfuric Cautery / General Nausea – split tape  more info at www.grindfatherprod.com Continue reading Available soon at Grindfather prod!

Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages

My old friends from Insomnia Isterica finally released a discography! Finally we’re able to enjoy the noise without switching all 7 eps on our turntables, ha! The “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages” was realized on CD and cassette. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the tape, so with this write up I will cover the release from Grindfather Prod. Funny thing, this cassette looks like it’s pro made (by a factory) but I definitely know that this is a diy release. Recording and all prints were made by punk hands, and that is impressive. But, all this talk … Continue reading Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages