Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

We know Italy as an impulsive and emotional nation… But, the guys from Double Me showed a ton of dead patience. Destroyed In A Second is their first full length and they poured every bit of raw emotion into this slab of wax. This album was delayed many times, master lp was denied a few times and even the recording session was delayed. It seems that this album was cursed, haha. Even the parcel with this album was lost and came to me in damaged condition after two month of waiting. So I can’t skip this album, there were so … Continue reading Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

Chest Pain – S/T

The new waves of (choose genre to your taste) music generate a lot of bands – many of them are just hipsters who want to be famous and be on the wave; these don’t usually live for long. But, sometime there is a real stuff among that new rubbish. And today I will talk about one of that honest and real bands that was born from a wave of powerviolence. Chest Pain is a band from Austin (Texas) – they were started their way somewhere in 2010. This self-titled EP is their 3rd work, as far as I know it … Continue reading Chest Pain – S/T

Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang (Here and Now records)

The best way to end any year is with some all-out savagery and aggression, and who better to prove that than old noisy bands? This split featuring the legendary Fuck On The Beach and mighty Terlarang will nail you down. Now, let’s blow the dust off of our turntable and put this record on. The first band on the line is Fuck On The Beach.  Fuck On The Beach, has been kicking around the greater Japan grind/punk underworld for the better part of two decades, and without doubt I can call them a very important element of the underground groundwork. … Continue reading Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang (Here and Now records)

L.UL.U – We’re about to throw up! (Here And Now Records)

We have here 5 minutes of young and energetic Fastcore/Powerviolence from Milan. These guys just started, but they already have a tour with Double Me, and also they`ve recorded this small and lovely tape. This sound is short but it’s enough for a debut release and that is also enough to understand L.UL.U. Everything starts with the song “Wait in Vain”. I must admit this is a good punch, this track is full of nice energy. Same could be said about the other 6 songs. Mostly these guys are using pv base (fast/slow tempos) in their song, this is the … Continue reading L.UL.U – We’re about to throw up! (Here And Now Records)

Meth Leppard/Minimum wage Assassins split 7" is in the works!

This split will be released thru: Wooaaargh (Germany), XDispatchX (Usa, Death By Digital (Canada), Mono Canibal (Spain), Get Pissed Stay Pissed Records (Usa), Ecocentric (Germany)  Drinking Beer In Bandana Records (Hungary), Grindhead Records (Australia), Toilet Teeth Records (South Africa), Here And Now Records (Italy), Grey water collective (Usa)  Continue reading Meth Leppard/Minimum wage Assassins split 7" is in the works!

Dysmorfic / Captain Three Leg

Here is a small split tape with two old rock star bands, haha! Two different lands and two really diverse collections. So here we go… __________________ (Side A) Some time ago, this old monster of a band lost a guitar player, but the guys adapted and continued their existence without the 6 string unit. Personally, I think it makes this band more unique. The unique lineup transforms the style into something more primitive with overgrown low frequencies. Here you have a chance to hear a bunch of dirty barbaric songs. Most of them have good intense riffs and stuctures, but … Continue reading Dysmorfic / Captain Three Leg