Mangle / Fetus Christ

And we are here again with another very British split. I really don’t know why people from UK so love to create such violent music, that still a mystery for me. But, I won’t lie – I really like that barbaric side of that country and its citizens. Split 7” Mangle / Fetus Christ will be topic of this day… These bands deserve to be in my “badass bands from the tea island” list. Both covers are unattractive but they hide some really dreadful violence inside… The beginners Mangle punch me right into the face with just a first and … Continue reading Mangle / Fetus Christ

Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Recently I was flooded with a huge load of releases and it’s took some time get this this small split – apologies to the label and bands! This split is presenting the extreme scene of UK, with its fast and slow sides… funny thing is, I tried to listen digital version of this split few times and every time I was bored to death. It sounds so blank and dry, must say I was unpleasantly surprised. BUT, the vinyl version sounds much better (thanks to the analog gods), it has life energy inside, so this small piece of black wax … Continue reading Famine / Art Of Burning Water (Dead Heroes Records)

Krupskaya – Dawn of Shattered Silence

Many Grind fans will say that the genre can come in two flavors. First – humoristic, goofy and silly. Second – extremely fast brutal and technical. British Grinders Krupskaya belong to the second kind of grind. These maniacs are really talented and fast, but they do not sound like aNapalm Death or Terrorizer copy, they found their own way in this music. So this piece of noise is not really an album and I will explain to you why. All the songs were released previously, the guys just re-recorded them and changed some parts in them. Also there is a … Continue reading Krupskaya – Dawn of Shattered Silence

ENT and Desecration are going to burn Ukraine!

This winter two legendary bands will visit Ukraine for the very first time! Extreme Noise Terror and Desecration will destroy Kiev and Kharkiv. We will be there to document the monstrous live performance first hand! Join us in this crusty mosh pit! The tickets are HERE!  Continue reading ENT and Desecration are going to burn Ukraine!

Gets Worse – Struggle (Dead Heroes rec)

At first I thought that this album, with lovely goat on the cover was new material from Gets Worse, but I was wrong. This LP is just a compilation of recent material. I want to assure you that is not a bad thing and I will tell you why… “Struggle” has a specific concept, this thing looks really massive. The last four EP’s (White Horse, Yellow Belly, The Blues and Blacked Out) were gathered together on one LP. So you will be bombarded by 40 minutes of powerful material. But that’s not all, the more you look at this image … Continue reading Gets Worse – Struggle (Dead Heroes rec)

Ona Snop / Chinsniffer

Attention hardcore freaks! This noise will melt your mind! This double attack from UK became a very pleasant and positive surprise for me. The noise inside is unusual and very crazy, the effect of these tunes can be compared to strong hallucinogenic drugs, haha! Just look at the cover and you will understand what I’m talking about. The image reminds me of some classic pieces by Salvador Dali. The artist who had drawn this was surely not sober and mad, haha! This short story begins with 4 songs of Ona Snop. The shy guys from Leeds managed to kick my … Continue reading Ona Snop / Chinsniffer

Wojczech / Krupskaya

There is a strange thing with this split. I looked at this image a lot of times, but my brain refused to define this picture as cover art for grindcore release, haha! First what I thought was “oh boy this is, probably a new SunO))) album”, but I didn’t find the right logo. Indeed, this piece of art is pretty unusual for most grindcore acts, but if you check out the discography of Krupskaya you will find a strong visual connection with their previous works. Edgar Tumpkin (the drummer of Krupskaya) is in charge of all this dark madness. I … Continue reading Wojczech / Krupskaya