First Days Of Humanity – Pixel Death + EPs

Finally got a copy of this lovely compilation CD (which contains the first 3 EP) of a great one-man band from Arizona! Many people were thought that this is a joke project and it will be dead after the first shot (Caves), but they were wrong. First Days Of Humanity brings us a lot of great tunes and emotions, right now this project is on hold because the guy behind it is working on something new, but we still have some releases to talk about. In this review, I want to cover “Pixel Death”, because I love it the most. … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity – Pixel Death + EPs

Human Obliteration – Definition Of Insanity

When I met the drummer of Human Obliteration at OEF he told me that they gonna release a new album. A little bit more than a year guys started to post some promo songs, and must say they were great! I was stocked to hear the whole album and finally here is it. Wise Grinds rec was the first who released this album, it was a tape (oh yes, that label is gonna release a vinyl version too, so you were warned). The cover art for “Definition Of Insanity” was created by Arif Rot (Wormrot), what can I say, this … Continue reading Human Obliteration – Definition Of Insanity

Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will release the collection “Discography 2013 – 2019” of Horrible Earth! Hailing from Boston Massachusetts, Horrible Earth formed in 2012 and mercilessly deliver a calloused wrath of Grindcore filled with Punk/Hardcore and Death Metal influences. “Discography 2013 – 2019″ is loaded with barbaric riffs, uncivilized blastbeats, cold-blooded snarling, and a thick slurry of low-fi bass delivering a savage criticism of the failures of the human race. This compilation consists of the debut Self-titled LP, Typical Human Behavior LP, songs from the Split 7” with Psycho and a bonus live cover of GG Allin’s ‘Look Into … Continue reading Horrible Earth “Discography 2013 – 2019”

Ruin / Abysme (Wise Grinds Records)

This year brings us a lot of trouble and shit but also it brings us a lot of great releases. Today I wanna talk about a nice grinding death metal release, a split 7” with Ruin / Abysme! This small vinyl is rotten to the core, just look at this disgusting cover art, ha! Same I can say about the music inside, this putrid death metal is dreadful and bloody good! It`s always cool to hear new stuff from veterans Ruin, I love their music. We have here only two song, but, fuck, both of them are killer! The sound … Continue reading Ruin / Abysme (Wise Grinds Records)

Chepang – Chatta

I finally found some time to write a few words about this interesting album. It`s not a secret that I love these Nepali guys. Somehow they always managed to create a top natch schizophrenic music. “Chatta” is very bright in all aspects, starting with the cover and finishing with the last note on the album. Oh yes, I was lucky to grab a splatter green copy of this LP, must say it looks fantastic on my turntable, ha! This work starts with an amazing saxophone solo, which shows you that this album will be weird as fuck, haha! Actually, this … Continue reading Chepang – Chatta

Days Of Desolation / Noisear (Loner Cult Records)

This releases should have been released years ago… There were some problems, and delays, which suck, but I happy finally see and listen to this small split. Jasper from Infested Art was in charge of the cover. Must say this image simply blew my mind, this is one of the best of his works! An amazing painting from one side and a perfect match with the music (although both bands on this split are playing different music). Now let`s talk about the noise.  Belgian punks Days Of Desolation finally show us their new songs! These 5 songs full of dark … Continue reading Days Of Desolation / Noisear (Loner Cult Records)

Escuela Grind / Reeking Cross

Fridays noise! For this end of the working week, I choose an old but interesting split with two intensive bands – Escuela Grind and Reeking Cross. I think this split is sold out, but it`s still a good idea to write a few words about it. And let me start with girls & boys band Escuela Grind! All songs were recorded 2 years ago, and sound a bit different from their nowadays material. Songs are short, fast, and full of anger. Production is raw but I like how everything sounds. I can`t hear all the guitar riffs but that does … Continue reading Escuela Grind / Reeking Cross

Disease / LxDxT (Bloody Scythe Records)

Sometimes even short tape releases could surprise. For today’s review I picked up a very hot tape split with Disease from Washington and LxDxT from California. Altogether we have just 12 tracks, but this material is bloody good. I`ve never regretted the time that I spend listening to this noise!   After a few seconds of silence, this cassette painfully kicked me with some really nice grind tunes, haha! Disease are acting dirty and fast. Their songs are rich with a good raw low sound and mad power. Also, this material is simple, pretty primitive… perfect noise for the fans … Continue reading Disease / LxDxT (Bloody Scythe Records)

The Communion / Bastard Noise

This split 7” was taken from the bottom of my review box. Due to some technical problems, it took me a hell of a time to write something about this release. Let me begin. I expected nothing special from this piece of plastic, and I was amazed at the end of the listening. Here is why…   The Communion managed to create an ugly song (of the bitch), that contains so many great and filthy elements. Fast hardcore is mixing with slow sludgecore/pv structures… and all of that transforms into something noisy in the end.  This track plunged me into … Continue reading The Communion / Bastard Noise

Septicemic Plague – Creeping Flesh Horror

Today I will talk about debut tape of the one-man goregrind project from Occidental/USA. Unfortunately, I didn’t find a lot of information about this project. So far this band released 3 tapes, the last was a split with Meatus, and now their bandcamp page is pretty silent. I found about this act because my friend from GarbageBondage Records released it, and sent the tape to me. What can I say I was more than surprised… Creeping Flesh Horror is simply awesome low vibrations with disgusting (in a good way) sound! Raw and bit messy, this sound reminds me, old bands, … Continue reading Septicemic Plague – Creeping Flesh Horror