Intestinal Disgorge – The Depths of Madness

Texas noisemakers Intestinal Disgorge are well known in the grind underground. Guys love to make experiments and there is no straight line in their discography. Some works sound like hyper-perverted gore, some like brain-melting noise, but this new EP (or let’s call it mini-album) sounds like crazy grindcore. But let me go in order. This CD was released by an old French label Meat 5000 Records. Also, it has more or less usual covert art (as for the gore era of its music). Nothing bright or new, everything made in the way how it should be, but the music of … Continue reading Intestinal Disgorge – The Depths of Madness

Suicideforce / Deathrun

The best way to ruin your neighbors day it`s to play a record that is fast, furious, and play it loud. And here is a good candidate, this split will perfectly fit for these needs! Italians Suicideforce started with a high note! Fast, harsh powerviolence right into your face. I`m honestly impressed. The power of this material is very vast and pleasant. The guys managed to catch live energy, and it wasn’t lost during all mixing. This band used all main attributes of this genre, stop/play structures, aggression, and so on. I especially love how the bass guitar sound, this … Continue reading Suicideforce / Deathrun

Methadone Abortion Clinic – Rectalspective

Today we`ll talk about something nasty and disgusting, haha! US maniacs from Methadone Abortion Clinic are well known for their dark sense of humor and for sick music. Well, these guys are not so active with new material and while we`re waiting for their new album I propose you to listen to this cute compilation CD. “Rectalspective” consists of some early materials, splits, and live records. Can`t say that I like this cover art, but it`s only because I don`t like “Gruesome Graphx” generally. But I belive that fans of this band will find it creepy and funny. As for … Continue reading Methadone Abortion Clinic – Rectalspective

Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Decomposing Serenity

For the last few years, both squads were quite slow in regurgitation of new material. I think I can name both of them pretty specific bands because their grind is not usual. Some people love it, some hate it, but guys don`t give a fuck about haters and still playing their own vision of gore/grind/noise. This CD was released by two Ukrainian labels Horns & Hoofs Records (obviously) and Vibex Productions. The general design of this split is very gloomy, everything has dark colors with strong nuar notes (especially the front cover of DC). But the music is not so … Continue reading Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Decomposing Serenity

Houkago Grind Time – Bakyunsified (Moe to the Gore)

HGT is the brainchild of one man grindmaster Andrew Lee (RIPPED TO SHREDS, SKULLSMASHER). The debut full length is a collection of anime and manga inspired goregrind tunes that will appeal to fans of REGURGITATE, DEAD INFECTION, old CARCASS, PIG DESTROYER and the likes. CD version of this nasty album is out now at Selfmadegod rec! Continue reading Houkago Grind Time – Bakyunsified (Moe to the Gore)

Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

N – for noisecore! For today’s review, I got a very harsh pack of 4 bands. 3 projects are from the USA and one from Canada, and I think all of them are one-man projects (pard me if I`m wrong). Must admit that the whole material is ridiculously brutal and primitive. It also can make irreparable damage to your ears, so don`t play this tape too loud guys :). – Let’s begin with  Beggin For Oxys. This is a straight pissed off style of noisecore, you won’t hear anything except a wall of nonstop screams, drums, and sharp annoying creaking … Continue reading Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds (Wise Grinds Records)

This year is a huge shit in all social aspects, but many bands used this time to record new songs. This year is freaking full of great releases, and today I want to talk about the one interesting vinyl. How many bands from Taiwan do you know? None?  Well, let me help you. The first band on this LP is Brain Corrosion, a total killer grindcore act with a strong gore stench. The second band is Ripped To Shreds – smashing grindcore madness from California. This release has appropriate art with a great possessed character. There are a lot of … Continue reading Brain Corrosion / Ripped To Shreds (Wise Grinds Records)

Split PLF / Incinerated is ready!

PLF hammers out fast-blasting, frenetic grind that retains an old-school feel but has a lot of toe-tapping, razor-sharp thrash metal riffs woven into the songs. Their side also includes an Unholy Grave cover. INCINERATED bludgeon any and every listener into willful pignorance with a positively crushing, mega-downtuned bulldozer of blastbeats and hefty riffs. The songwriting calls to mind the best elements of Mortician and Dead Infection, but has its own feel. Get your copy HERE! Continue reading Split PLF / Incinerated is ready!

BruceXCampbell – We Are All Kamikaze

We Are All Kamikaze was released 12 years ago, but this LP is still a great example of top-notch grindcore. Maybe that`s why German RSRec re-released this stuff on vinyl? I believe so… This reissue has no bonus songs or something like that, but this version was made with love. The quality is great, polygraphy, vinyl, and sound… it`s freaking nice to hear and see how this record is spinning on my turntable. The mighty “Ashy Slashy” looks young and badass too, haha! I guess this band chose this name just for fun, but their music perfectly match all bloody … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – We Are All Kamikaze