BruceXCampbell – We Are All Kamikaze

We Are All Kamikaze was released 12 years ago, but this LP is still a great example of top-notch grindcore. Maybe that`s why German RSRec re-released this stuff on vinyl? I believe so… This reissue has no bonus songs or something like that, but this version was made with love. The quality is great, polygraphy, vinyl, and sound… it`s freaking nice to hear and see how this record is spinning on my turntable. The mighty “Ashy Slashy” looks young and badass too, haha! I guess this band chose this name just for fun, but their music perfectly match all bloody … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – We Are All Kamikaze

Formless Master – First Strike (Wise Grinds Records)

Formless Master is a pretty new name on the scene, but don’t be fooled the guys behind this band are very experienced. Featuring members of Gridlink, Mortalized, Deterioration, and Invidiosus this is a real killing machine! They colled their style as a “karate-grind” and you know what, this is the best definition of this music, haha! First Strike has a typic (as for grindcore genre) artwork. There are so many elements from different but cool Asian movies. Everything looks simple but nice, and I think these types of covers are not the worst. Now let`s see what this US/Japanese team … Continue reading Formless Master – First Strike (Wise Grinds Records)

Groin – Greatest Hits!

The debut EP hailing fresh from Arizona’s grind/hardcore scene, GROIN. “Greatest Hits” contains nine tracks of fiery and high spirited grind-powerviolence-hardcore. An absolute banger of a debut getting the glorious analog treatment on tape since its digital release earlier this year. Short, fast, and resentfully promising! Out soon on Shitresis rec! Continue reading Groin – Greatest Hits!

Retortion Terror / Invidiosus

I found this LP among other promo stuff from Wise Grinds rec. This is a vinyl re-issue of a really nice split between Retortion Terror and Invidiosus. I have no original CD, so I can’t compare vinyl with the old release, but this fresh press looks and sounds awesome! The cover remained intact, but the sound was a bit remastered according to format requirements (because if you use CD master for the vinyl release you will get a shitty result and huge money loss). Also, this version has 2 bonus tracks 1 from each band.   This split begins with … Continue reading Retortion Terror / Invidiosus

Agathocles / Landfill (Destrukto Muzik)

Actually, I wrote so many reviews about different AG splits, that I simply run out of words, haha, but I will do my best. So this is a new split tape wich includes live stuff from Belgian veterans and raw but proper recording from Landfill. This release has a simple cover, I think guys used image from the old B movie “The Story Of Ricky”. Everything looks very DIY. And I`m afraid that`s all that I can tell you about the visual part of this split. AG side is 8 minutes long and has a live recording from 2016. First … Continue reading Agathocles / Landfill (Destrukto Muzik)

Erectile Dementia (29.09.20)

Hi Doug. How are you doing? Hope this shitty epidemic didn’t get you and your family. Greetings from the USA, my man! I am phenomenal. Perfectly healthy for now but check back in a few months when things have gotten even more juicy. We just need to have faith in the system and pray away the virus, right? I live in an old farm house on thirteen acres of overgrown woods so I’ve been spending most of my time sawing up dead trees, digging in the mud and ignoring other human beings as much as possible. Just like last year! … Continue reading Erectile Dementia (29.09.20)

Septicemic Plague – Radioactive Melting Flesh

Goregrind actually became a really popular music genre in the USA. Some of the great new bands from this genre are from there. Bands such as First Days Of Humanity, Heinous, The County Medical Examiners, Acid Feast, and others. And today I want to add a new name to that pack. Septicemic Plague is a one-man band from Richmond (Virginia/USA). That guy started two years ago, but I didn`t see new tunes on his bandcamp, so maybe this project is dead. But anyway we have some good and nasty tunes to listen to, so… The good side of this record … Continue reading Septicemic Plague – Radioactive Melting Flesh

Murderman – Body Disposal Expert!

November 2020 will be the debut cd ep of the hyperblasting gore-soaked Daltonian brutal death/grind unit Murderman. “Body disposal expert” brings a shockingly forceful and maniacal mix of early 2000s brutal death like Internal Suffering, Goretrade (early) and Carnal Filtered through the grimy lens of the last decade’s raw grind/gore punishment ala Sulfuric Cautery and Deterioration! This EP will be released by Terrible Mutilation Records Continue reading Murderman – Body Disposal Expert!

Suppression – Fractured Landscape

I want to tell a bit about this band, for these who are not familiar with legendary Suppression. This band was founded 28 years ago (1992) in the Virginia state. To date they got a ton of releases, they played a lot and everywhere, and I was really lucky to catch them too. Must they are very nice people who`re playing really crazy shit, haha! Needless to say that Suppression love to make experiments, and during the years guys make some grindcore records, some powerviolence, and some noisecore stuff too. “Fractured Landscape” is one of the latest releases, and it`s … Continue reading Suppression – Fractured Landscape