Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

No, no these guys didn’t split up. Just Inglorious Moshers rec wanted to show some respect and support for Active Shooter. That’s why this Italian label gathered together all the recorded stuff of these grind-violence freaks and released it last year. Well, this CD is really massive, 46 songs of great and loud stuff. Good design, cover art, booklet, and so on… I feel that this is a real ripper, but am I right? Let’s check it! First of all this discography will cheer you us with a wonderful portion of kick-ass riffs and aggressive tunes. But be careful, because … Continue reading Active Shooter – Discography 2016​-​2021

First Days Of Humanity – Biopsy Blues

First Days Of Humanity is a well-known project, especially in the US. Some time ago I received a tape from Scumlord rec, well let`s see what we got here. The cover is so disgusting, haha, but what did you expect t see here?). Unlike the previous EPs “Biopsy Blues” is not a tribute to LDOH… this is something different, let`s say it’s a kind of experiment. Plus this time Chris didn’t work alone, this stuff was recorded with a real drummer (Jacks). And as far as I know, they started to play live… I think that is a good step … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity – Biopsy Blues

Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Since its formation in 1993, the Japanese grind band, Unholy Grave, has released tons of good material. 12 full-length albums, an impressive amount of EPs, and a massive number of splits. This is truly a legend, that turned 30 years this year… time flies fast. So what the hell is “Thunder Vibration”? This album was released almost 10 years ago (2014) by Heavy Metal Super Star Records and was limited to 130 hand-numbered copies. It`s extremely hard to find a copy of that stuff… but miracles sometimes happen. In the 2021 year, Grindfather Productions and Selfmadegod Records joined forces and … Continue reading Unholy Grave – Thunder Vibration

Mutated Sex Organ – Rapture in Fetal Decay

Today I wanna talk about a young band from Ohio – Mutated Sex Organ. This duo surprised me, they managed to create a really disgusting and loud noise. I started digging and find out that both members have a ton of experience, check it out! Joe – Grave Plague, To Dust, ex-Gemisuadi, ex-Severed Remains; Noah – BloodTusk, From the Hellmouth, Humanity Is Cancer, Nunslaughter, Path to Kalinin, Reclaiming Elysium, Ron George, Solipsist, Arecibo, ex-Dark Arena… impressive isn`t it? It`s obvious that we are dealing with goregrind genre (that wasn’t hard, haha). But this music is not that primitive and simple. … Continue reading Mutated Sex Organ – Rapture in Fetal Decay

Chepang (01.05.23)

Greetings Guys! Hope that you`re doing well and you`re ready for this ride! Crack a cold one and let`s start! First of all we want to not only thank you for doing this but I hope and wish you well on your other side the world. I hope you are finding something positive to do amongst the war and chaos happening out there. We wish you well from our side. Your support means a lot for us. First of all my congrats, you finally did it! “Swatta” is finally out! Tell us about this album, please. What is the main … Continue reading Chepang (01.05.23)

Carol Ann – Discography

Carol Ann was a wonderful band from Phoenix (Arizona)… These guys were active for only 7 years, but they have left a good trace in the sludge history. If I remember right they only have two 7″ (one of them was split with Noothgrush) and a demo. But in 1999 a had another recording session that was never released. Thanks to Grindfather prod, we have the opportunity to check all stuff of this wicked band. So this discography tape contains 17 songs of really toxic and aggressive material. I`ll be damn, but I am really happy to have this release … Continue reading Carol Ann – Discography