Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)

Hi, boys and girls here is a new interview that our buddy of Baby Rakin rec did with Gabe of Concussive. Tell us a bit about your life and background before you entered the Norcal music scene. GS: The first 4 years of my life I lived in a rural coastal town called Gualala in a trailer park. When I turned 4 my parents took us to the East Bay Area where most of my family resides and historically has been from. I spent most of my years in Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Martinez and Richmond in Contra Costa County. I … Continue reading Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)

Suppression “Oblivion Rats”

179 Tracks. This CD collects the “Rats In The Control Room” and “Oblivion Riders” cassettes, plus the Suppression material from the split 7 inch with Sedem Minut Strachu, the Suppression material from the split tapes with Landfill, Sulfuric Cautery, Reeking Cross, Flvx Capacitor, Energumeno, and comp. tracks all from the years of 2015-2018. The 6 panel booklet & double-sided tray card includes all of the lyrics, live photo by svrenema, and elements of the art from the releases. Get a copy from Chaotic Noise Productions! Continue reading Suppression “Oblivion Rats”

Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

I may be late with this release but, I believe more of you need to listen to this demo. So we have here a 2 man project, Michele (guitar and vocal) is from Italy and Max (drums, bass and vox too) is from the USA. Obviously, it`s a virtual band, and it hard to run work this way, but the guys managed to create really decent material. The debut demo contains only 6 songs, but these tracks are bloody good.  As far as I remember this tuff was released by Acid Redux Productions (CDr) and Bloody Scythe Records (cassette), so … Continue reading Carbonized Innocents – Demo 2020

Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

The USA grindcore scene is huge and nice, and it`s hard to cover/listen to all bands from that land… so I`m very grateful when the labels (or even bands themselves) help me with that. Today we have a cool split with Violent Opposition from Oakland (CA) and Prepare For The Mindscan from Buffalo (NY). All of them love to make grindcore, but they’re doing it in their own ways. Also, this 7″ has not the worst cover arts, especially I love V.O. side, this insect looks creepy and badass! Let`s roll in order and start with Oakland guys! We have … Continue reading Violent Opposition / Prepare For The Mindscan

Out now! Brainpan/xSAVAGEx. Out now!

A split phalanx assault of pulverizing crossover power violence at the forefront of the US underground in a ferocious collision of East and West Coasts. Hailing from Washington DC, Brainpan inflicts punishing contempt with their heavyweight brand of crushing sci-vi annihilation. Seattle’s xSAVAGEx inexorable assault of blunt force ferocity and ruthless stop start riffage seizes and suffocates. Supreme aggression and unyielding hostility. Cover art by Japanese legend Sugi. Get a copy from the bands and from Nerve Altar rec! Continue reading Out now! Brainpan/xSAVAGEx. Out now!

Choke ” Its Hard To Talk…”

CHOKE is an Oakland-based duo that leaves no Nazi jaw unsmashed in their pursuit of punching the fash and pissing off their sympathisers. This is not their first release, but has shaped up to be among the best powerviolence records of 2020! Throughout the 12 minutes of this record you’ll hear heaps of stomping breakdowns, ruthless blasts of grinding rage, and jackhammer California-style powerviolence in its most classic state. If you expect some over the top macho, tough-guy display of power, in addition to the use and abuse of various skits scattered throughout the entire record, you won’t be wrong … Continue reading Choke ” Its Hard To Talk…”

Rancid – Kill Yourself

Today I want to show you this interesting tape of New Orleans crusters Rancid. This is their debut and it turned to be really great! I don`t know much about this band but the guys managed to create something nasty and very aggressive. Like the music, the tape looks raw too. It was made in a nice DIY way, all song titles were written by hand! The whole material was written in the best traditions of the genre! Lovely raw and dirty sound, simple riffs, and a ton of energy. This small tape is overdosed with d-beat, haha! The guitar … Continue reading Rancid – Kill Yourself

Daggra / Retortion Terror

We have here an interesting and beautiful split of two great grind bands. This release was pressed on a badass colored vinyl, Wise Grinds rec did its best with this record. It also has an unusual design, the main art looks different from regular grind arts… It`s even hard to find the right words to describe it. From one side they showed a werewolf from the other side oni (demon) and a poor metalhead who died (in happiness?))) Everything looks progressive (or like art-house if you want), but I think this image (with a bit of a chaotic mood) can … Continue reading Daggra / Retortion Terror

Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Hi mate, hope you’re doing well. So let`s start our small talk, hehe) Tell us about this festival? How do you come up with such an idea? I hope you are well and thank you for doing this. The idea really came up due to Covid because of the fact that as a band we could not really play shows anywhere and all the creative outlets/ platforms were really not there for us . So we figured that other bands worldwide really were experiencing the same situation where their outlet was limited, so we reached out to all our friends … Continue reading Global Grindcore Alliance (22.03.21)

Deterioration – Lupara Bianca!

The American Midwest is currently experiencing a renaissance of gore-influenced grindcore acts, and Minneapolis’ Deterioration are considered by many to be the undisputed kings of the NWOMWGG (New Wave of Mid West Gore Grind). What sets Deterioration apart from their midwest gore-obsessed peers is how they incorporate certain aspects of goregrind, such as harsh, noisy production and absurdist samples, while still holding themselves to a high standard of songwriting and musicianship. Right now, much of contemporary middle America’s grindcore is based out of a rebellion against any type of traditionalism, and these boys manage to capture some of that ethos without sacrificing musical legitimacy. … Continue reading Deterioration – Lupara Bianca!

Spew-Gina – “Porking The Pork: Chopped & Stuffed”

The companion piece to 2009’s “Spewgin’ To The Oldies”, collecting the first two demos of raw Denver noisecore recorded before Ace joined. “Porking The Pork” is available for the first time since its 1993 cassette release, with 174 tracks in 19 minutes, overlapping vocals and drum machine cranked to the highest speed. As a bonus (and available for the first time ever), “The Blackened Sphincter And Clitoral Blood Clot” Demo/Reh #1 rounds out the disc with even more Spewg. Factory duplicated CD-Rs, limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. You can buy/listen to this CD at Continue reading Spew-Gina – “Porking The Pork: Chopped & Stuffed”

Seared – Demo

New Orleans is well known for its sludge/stoner bands, but what’s about grind? Here is one young band that I want to show you, boys and girls. A year ago Seared released this nice demo, I think this noise is worth your attention. Yes this release is short, 5 songs, and about 5 minutes in total… so what?) When I saw the cover art I thought I will face another gore/mince project, but I was wrong. This is strong, messy, and putrid grindcore. So let`s put this tape into the player! The production of this music is very DIY. The … Continue reading Seared – Demo