Tantalum – Survival

Today I propose you to read about the second release of Tantalum. This is an extremely talented grindcore formation from the USA (Texas) with members of Cryptic Void, Mindboil, Holy Money, 50/50, and more. The visual part of this lovely EP reminds me of illustrations of old science fiction novels by authors such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Sheckley, Robert Anson Heinlein. This is really not a standard art as for a grindcore release and I love the result! You can not believe me but this small vinyl is full of aggression and hate, these 13 songs are a trip to … Continue reading Tantalum – Survival

Great show in Las Vegas!

After Sin City Slaughterfest destroys Las Vegas Friday and Saturday night, come enjoy a free show in the Arts District on Sunday afternoon hosted by Wise Grinds Records, Gutter Christ and Panic INC. and Hellhouse Productions. Join grindcore legends PLF (TX) along with, DETERIORATION (MN), MARTHA’S GOT A LIMP WRIST (IL), HATE FOR HUMANITY (CA), POWER TOKE (NM), SHITBRAINS (CA), LIFE’S TORMENT (NV), and ROTT SCAPE (NV) at Recycled Propaganda Gallery in the Las Vegas Arts District. Event page Continue reading Great show in Las Vegas!

Cloacal Protuberance – Birth Of Protuberance

Cloacal Protuberance is a gore project from the USA. This debut stuff was recorded live, and must say the result is very cool. I think that is because members of CP played/playing in Invidiosus, Rottenness, ex-Deterioration, Violence Condoned, as you may see these boys know how to make a nice noise. As, almost all, bands in this genre guys used a disgusting image for the cover… nothing new, but I like the final result. I know that everything here is made in DIY way and more of the riffs is improvisation, but damn, this shit is loud, haha! Yes, generally … Continue reading Cloacal Protuberance – Birth Of Protuberance

Traffic Death (26.08.21)

Good day guys! Thanks a lot for taking the time to speak with us, hope you`re all healthy and your beer is cold! How do! We’re all doing well. Beer and water is cold in Iowa! Let`s talk about your new album. How long did it take to create all songs, book the studio, who was in charge of the final sound, and so on? We started writing the new album in 2019 and we were originally going to record and release it in 2020. Obviously, everything shut down and that threw a wrench in everything. Since we had the … Continue reading Traffic Death (26.08.21)

Chadhel / Assiduous Assault

If you love fast and chaotic grindcore, this split is for you! This CD with the US and Canadian grind freaks brings us total mind destruction. So let’s spin this mdf! Chadhel are short and concise. Great speed and furious energy are the main foundation stones of this record. The general sound is massive, this is not exactly my cup of tea, but the sound engineer did awesome work! The sharp guitar sound and same dangerous riffs simply ripping off pieces of your flesh. Won’t say that this screaming vocal is a strong side of this recording session, but it`s … Continue reading Chadhel / Assiduous Assault