Under Attack – S/T

Last summer Under Attack released a self-titled EP. That release really stuck in my mind, I don`t even remember how many times I played it, hehe! But this is not surprising because this band consists of the guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, and Suppression. All guys have huge experience in different genres and they definitely know what “old school” is. The cover of this work is made in old punk/hardcore traditions. The artist drew the band on the stage, yes it`s not unique but still badass. The whole 7″ charged with super cool energy. The riff by riff, tune by … Continue reading Under Attack – S/T

Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Massive Gore Bulge was a gore project that was based in Chicago / Illinois. For the few years of activity, these people recorded a fucking ton of material. Canadian Sick rec carefully collected all songs (more than 200) and released them in a very interesting digipack. This is the biggest digi that I have ever seen! 8-panel monster, 3 CDs, and an ultra disgusting design. Human remains, dead fetuses, and huge amounts of body parts… what a mess, haha! But what did you expect to see here? This is gore! This massive release contains all splits, EP and all stuff … Continue reading Massive Gore Bulge – 4 Years of Filthy Malodorous Dedication to Rotting Mephitic Pandemonium

Livid – Compiled Hatred

Today I want to show you a band from Kenosha, Wisconsin. just before New Year, Livid dropped their second album “Compiled Hatred”. After detailed listening, I can say, that our guys became more brutal. Their mix of hardcore/grindcore became more wicked and furious. As usual, the main cover has a minimalistic style… but from the other side this will show you the main aggressive emotion of this full-length. Something like “hammer smashing face”, hehe. So shall we spin this LP loud?) How can I describe this album with just one word? I would use “powerful”. This duo did their best, … Continue reading Livid – Compiled Hatred

Captain Three Leg / Burt Bacharach

Captain Three Leg return with a 21 track barrage of angry stepdad noisecore / grump punk loaded with stupid samples, noise blasts and more profanity than you’d expect from people nearing their 50s. Burt Bacharach usher in the rebirth of blurcore; a snarling vile twist of music that will cause nightmares you’ll never forget. Eight terrifying tracks in half as many minutes, and this is just the beginning. Limited to 300 factory replicated CD in jewel case with four-page insert for the nice price of $5.00 + shipping.  Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Burt Bacharach

Shitbrains / Controlled Existence

So for today’s review, we have an interesting split 7″ with the US Shitbrains and Czcesh Controlled Existence. I think this is a good chance to compare two schools of grindcore. Don’t you think so? Our first guests are from LA. Shitbrains playing a damn punchy kind of grindcore. The first thing that comes up is a wall of riffs and endless screams. These American citizens show us that they are not joking. Drum structures are good too. Guys found a good balance between blastbeats, d-beat, and polka beat. All material is varied, it has grind, hardcore and a drop … Continue reading Shitbrains / Controlled Existence

Necessary Death – S/T

Last Necessary Death released their debut EP. This is a young band from South Bend, Indiana, but don’t be fooled, these guys have a ton of experience. Guys choose a simple idea for cover art, black and white colors, rotten remains of a human (?). Nothing much but everything looks very classic. All in all, we have here only 5 songs but that is more than enough to get into this noise. This is just the first step of the band, but man… these guys are awesome. The whole material is so heavy and dense. The guitar sound, bass, blast … Continue reading Necessary Death – S/T

E.T.D. (10.01.23)

Hello guys! Hope you`re doing well. How is everything going, any news from the factory, when the tapes will come in? Cheers to you for doing this. The tapes should be available by end of February. Since ETD is a very fresh band, could you share with us its history and some interesting things? E.T.D. came together in mid 2022. We practiced 3 times and recorded our debut release in September of 2022. We all live in different parts of Texas so we aren’t able to get together too often. The debut work “Nefarious Means” is ready, what can you … Continue reading E.T.D. (10.01.23)

Bastard Noise & Merzbow

Last year two noise legends joined forces with the purpose to destroy as many eardrums as they can 😉 I can`t mark myself as a big noise fan, but this release is something. Eric and Akita did something dreadful and magical… Two different people, two noisy minds, these guys really felt each other… and that`s why the result is so magnificent! All this magic was released on different formats (2LP, CD and cassette) by Relapse rec. It also has interesting cover art with different animals, but this is an integral part of this LP. This work is dedicated to animal … Continue reading Bastard Noise & Merzbow

Endorphins Lost – Night People

“Night People” is the third full-length from Endorphins Lost a grinding powerviolence band from Washington. We were lucky to get access to this piece of violence before everyone else, hehe. This album focuses on human-enforced suffering, self-induced stress, and mental destruction. Must admit, these themes are very actual, especially now. LP was released by two awesome labels To Live A Lie rec and Rotten To The Core rec. This press is limited to 500 copies, 150 on mixed marble and 350 on black, so act fast this stuff is really worth being on your shelves! I`m pretty familiar with Endorphins … Continue reading Endorphins Lost – Night People