Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

California is the land of great grind bands, I don’t really know why, maybe there is something in their beer, but there are so many talented people! Today I want to talk about a new and fresh one-man project – Morgue Breath. A man who’s standing behind this music is Ivo from Radiation Vomit/Man`s Toilet. I really love all of his bands… that guy is freaking grind wizard haha! “Postrarse Frente La Flema” is the name of this debut work, it contains 6 original songs and 1 cover. Also, this album has good artwork, gloomy, dark, with an appropriate atmosphere. … Continue reading Morgue Breath – Postrarse Frente La Flema

Wise Grinds Records (05.02.20)

Hi Josh, I hope you and your family doing well. Take a beer, let’s begin 😉 Thank you for the opportunity to share a little about myself and my label with all the grind maniacs around the world! I wanna start by asking how you got into music in the first place? When did you get serious about it and when did you start collecting different releases as a crazy?) Well, I remember even as a small child having a very intense emotional response to music. During that time from the late 70s into the early 80s popular music was … Continue reading Wise Grinds Records (05.02.20)

Mass Extinction – Never​-​Ending Holocaust

Today I want to talk about the debut of young American band Mass Extinction. The band who screams protest against animal abuse and who stand for animal rights. This album looks and sounds great. The cover art of this work consists of lots of scary little pictures cut out collage-style to add to the painful feelings. This image makes it clear that you will hear something serious and dark. The album also offers a series of atmospheric, pain-ridding induced lyrics and music which makes you feel angry about this situation with the animals.  Never​-​Ending Holocaust is a story in 10 … Continue reading Mass Extinction – Never​-​Ending Holocaust

North American Grind Freaks (Unholy Grave tribute)

When I heard about this tribute, my first thought was “man that sucks…”. But it’s only because I don’t like tributes and Unholy Grave is my favorite Japanese band, haha! Must admit that I was surprised and I was wrong about this release. All bands (well almost all) don`t copy UG or tried to play a similar style… Even the front cover has nothing common with these Jap legends. I found it funny and cool, I love how everything turned for this work. Altogether we have 13 bands and, about, 20 minutes of savage and raw noise. Pard me boys … Continue reading North American Grind Freaks (Unholy Grave tribute)

BruceXCampbell – South To No Life

Time for more music on GGGG. For today’s review we have Los Angeles, Americans BruceXCampbell and their second full length “South To No Life”. I know that guys spend a lot of blood, time, and sweet on this recording, but the results are awesome! Let’s see what this album is all about. This LP was released by 3 different labels, each of them took care of different formats. Grindfather prod (UK) – released a tape, Psychocontrol Records (Czech Republic) – released a vinyl and No Bread rec – CD. The cover of CD and tape are differs from LP version, … Continue reading BruceXCampbell – South To No Life

First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains

What started as a joke turned into something bigger and more serious. If you listen to this noise once, you’ll notice that this noise is very close to LDOH (and yes the joke was about this band too). From the beginning it was only an online/bandcamp project, nothing serious… but with  time labels and fans grew to enjoy this putrid noise. We have a tape release here (thanks to Grindfather prod) of the first 2 EP’s “Caves” and “Remains”. I think all together it’s only 10 minutes of music, but believe me, it’s more than enough. Because everything here has … Continue reading First Days Of Humanity ‎– Caves / Remains

Nekro Drunkz ‎– Terminal Perversion

Last fall the guys from Nekro Drunkz finally dropped their new album! It was great news, because I really love their old stuff, which made me excited. But before I will start this autopsy, here is some boring and general info about this album. From the beginning our friends have signed a contract with the great Headsplit Records. As far as I know that label made a mountain of tapes and CDs for them. The cover was really brutal and reminds me of old moldy death metal artworks from the past. Then NoBread Rec appeared to released their album in … Continue reading Nekro Drunkz ‎– Terminal Perversion

P.O.O.R. – Glutton For Punishment

P.O.O.R. is one of those bands that likes to take their time between each new release. When I heard their first album I was totally ruined by its force and destructive speed. 7 years later I finally have the opportunity to listen to their new songs. Yes,I waited that long to hear this new album, haha! Time flies fast, and it also brings some changes. To be honest I listened to “Glutton For Punishment” 5 or 6 times before starting to write something. I caught a lot of changes in the music and the style of this band. But before … Continue reading P.O.O.R. – Glutton For Punishment

Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Today’s story will be about one crazy and loud band from Dayton (USA). A band young and productive, for 3 years of existence they have almost 20 releases! Yep, I’m talking about Sulfuric Cautery. I remember the first time when I heard their noise, that was damn noisy and messy  recording from some of their splits, but even with shitty quality, their extraordinary style caught me. And now, a few years later I`m holding a discography CD… time runs fast, hehe.  I heard a lot of different bands and can honestly say that not all of them deserve attention. Guys … Continue reading Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

Greetings my friends! How are you doing today? I hope all is well and your beer is cold, and Cher is playing loud from your speakers! Hello Mr. Bilous! Happy New Year! We are doing great, thanks for the interview! We believe in life after love. How does it feel to be in an underground band? And how many years have you been apart of this scene (not just in OxDx)? It’s awesome, it’s very hard work but it’s rewarding and we love it. We’ve all been active in the underground scene since we were teenagers, now in our 30s … Continue reading Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Today we’ve got a 12” full length from the Wisconsin based two piece band LIFES. This is the bass and drums duo’s first full length release, co-released by themselves and Here And Now Records. They’ve brought us 18 tracks of noisey hardcore/powerviolence, and I’m always a sucker for two-piece bands, so lets check it out. This release starts really strong, with definite roots in powerviolence and a heavy dose of hardocre. The blast beats are solid, and pacing changes are on point, and the breakdowns are heavy. This pace keeps up for the first few minutes and it’s enjoyable, but … Continue reading LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

One of the things I really love about grindcore is that sampler 7 inches like this can exist and not be fucking painful to sit through. Can you imagine sitting through a doom metal four way split? I think I’d be asleep before I had to flip the thing. But with grind…it’s like ordering the sampler appetizer at a shitty bar. Yes, I DO want onion rings, and buffalo wings, and mozz sticks, and whatever the fuck else you want to throw on there. Deep fried grindcore, please. Our first greasy bit of fried grindcore comes from Tomb Warden from … Continue reading Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet