Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Today’s story will be about one crazy and loud band from Dayton (USA). A band young and productive, for 3 years of existence they have almost 20 releases! Yep, I’m talking about Sulfuric Cautery. I remember the first time when I heard their noise, that was damn noisy and messy  recording from some of their splits, but even with shitty quality, their extraordinary style caught me. And now, a few years later I`m holding a discography CD… time runs fast, hehe.  I heard a lot of different bands and can honestly say that not all of them deserve attention. Guys … Continue reading Sulfuric Cautery – Three Years of Torture

Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

Greetings my friends! How are you doing today? I hope all is well and your beer is cold, and Cher is playing loud from your speakers! Hello Mr. Bilous! Happy New Year! We are doing great, thanks for the interview! We believe in life after love. How does it feel to be in an underground band? And how many years have you been apart of this scene (not just in OxDx)? It’s awesome, it’s very hard work but it’s rewarding and we love it. We’ve all been active in the underground scene since we were teenagers, now in our 30s … Continue reading Organ Dealer (06.01.20)

LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Today we’ve got a 12” full length from the Wisconsin based two piece band LIFES. This is the bass and drums duo’s first full length release, co-released by themselves and Here And Now Records. They’ve brought us 18 tracks of noisey hardcore/powerviolence, and I’m always a sucker for two-piece bands, so lets check it out. This release starts really strong, with definite roots in powerviolence and a heavy dose of hardocre. The blast beats are solid, and pacing changes are on point, and the breakdowns are heavy. This pace keeps up for the first few minutes and it’s enjoyable, but … Continue reading LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

One of the things I really love about grindcore is that sampler 7 inches like this can exist and not be fucking painful to sit through. Can you imagine sitting through a doom metal four way split? I think I’d be asleep before I had to flip the thing. But with grind…it’s like ordering the sampler appetizer at a shitty bar. Yes, I DO want onion rings, and buffalo wings, and mozz sticks, and whatever the fuck else you want to throw on there. Deep fried grindcore, please. Our first greasy bit of fried grindcore comes from Tomb Warden from … Continue reading Tomb Warden/Hit-Run Drivers/Bruised Ego/Street Feet

P.L.F. ‎– Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation

During Obscene Extreme Fest in Czech Republic I had the opportunity of meeting Sandro from ancient Regurgitated Semen Rec. It was a pleasure to meet this guy after so many years of chatting with him. That day he told me that he will release a CD version of the new PLF album. That news really pumped me up and some time ago I received this album from him. So what can I say? This album is really monstrous, starting with the cover image and ending with last putrid riff. But let’s go in order, first of all the art. This … Continue reading P.L.F. ‎– Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation

Skalp – Demolision

New names – new tunes! Today I want to present to you a new band from Texas. I chose this band because it has its own style (more or less). Skalp is a toxic, barbaric mix of Metal, Crust and Grindcore. This tape contains 10 short songs that (hopefully) will take your scalp of, haha! The band used an interesting picture for its first release. It’s an image of a (500-400 B.C.) Siberian mummy.  I bet it was scalped to collect its brain for mummification, ha! This shit looks very savage and cool. Obviously the visual part of this tape … Continue reading Skalp – Demolision

Whammer – S/T

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to review a cassette, so it’s time to fix that! Whammer is a perfect candidate for this mission. This band is new but, the band members have a lot of experience. This squad features members of Doperunner, Grunt & Abberant, familiar names, right?) This self-titled work contains only 4 songs, that’s not much but we have what we have. However  this band differs from the aforementioned bands, I guess I can say that Whammer get their roots from old school Metal/Punk and Grind. You can even look at the cover art and … Continue reading Whammer – S/T

Always Never Fun / Forged (Grindpromotion Records)

This split is a pretty nice piece. Each band comes with a different variation of poverviolence, each one has some time to blast, but not enough time to become monotonous and boring as it probably would be if it were full length, for example. Italian punks from ANF start out this split with some of their wildest tunes. “Plastic Ground” was a great choice to begin this set. It’s fast, sometimes groovy, and furious. Don`t get me wrong – all of the next tracks are cool too. Especially “Pollution Nightmare” with its pumping grinding energy and a few swing hardcore … Continue reading Always Never Fun / Forged (Grindpromotion Records)

Durian / God’s America (Bloody Scythe Records)

First thought, which I had in my mind when I looked at this 7″ vinyl was “who the hell came up with an idea to create this “checkerboard” art?! haha. Second thought was “oh shit, this gonna be a really dangerous and kickass release”, because both bands are truly crazy. That’s why I`m waiting for a good and powerful portion of energy from this 7”… New Jersey guys Durian are the first band on this split that will drill my brain. These guys sound seriously evil on this recording, the riffing has ugly primitive (sometimes even atmospheric) taste. Blast beats … Continue reading Durian / God’s America (Bloody Scythe Records)