Violation Wound / Ruin (Fudgeworthy Records)

I want to start this review off with a warning. This album is not for those of you who hope to find sweet and lovely pop punk tunes or something to cheer your damn ass up. This split is loaded up with very heavy crushing power. Also I should mention that this split is really unholy, starting with the music and ending with this nice cover art. The green vinyl looks so badass in this black sleeve. That is what I call a robust cover that perfectly fits the noise. All these dead guys look so dark and spooky, main … Continue reading Violation Wound / Ruin (Fudgeworthy Records)

Vômito – Vomitology

My dear friends, today we will plunge into the history of Brazilian gore. I’m holding in my hands the discography of one great and old band (unfortunately dead band). Along with such gangs as Lymphatic Phlegm and Neuro-Visceral Exhumation, Vomito were one of the fundamental bands in that part of our planet. This old vomit stench began to decay in the beginning of the 90’s, they existed for around 10 years (maybe a little less). And even in our days many freaks remember Vomito, and this small fact is awesome (and I think this it warms the hearts of the … Continue reading Vômito – Vomitology

Asbestosisis – Eaten Back In Time

Fuck! Aahahha! I really dont know why nobody ever made a cover like this one, of course this crossover art between Cannibal Corpse and Iron Maiden looks stupid, but on the other hand it`s very funny, ahah! As you already know guys from Asbestosisis have a good sense of humor, but also they are good in music (okay in noise) too! So for them this year started pretty well, they released new album called `Eaten Back In Time` which contains 10 rotten and smelly songs. The 10th song comes to an end it`s a time to describe the thoughts that … Continue reading Asbestosisis – Eaten Back In Time

Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs

The first thing that caught my attention in this release is a photo on the cover. Hell, I’ve seen a lot of things but such action I see for the first time. I do not know what kind of sick mind could come up with to harness the hippo in the wagon. Ahah, weird stuff))) On this split you will find a confluence of two strange powerful violence bands from Belgium and Argentina. Perhaps I’ll start from the Prisoner 639. With using only bass and drums the music of these guys that sounds very hard and noisy. Their powerful violence … Continue reading Prisoner 639 / StevexJobs

Uranium Overdose!

Uranium Overdose is a vinyl record label based in Slovakia that started in 2013 and is mostly releasing old school grindcore stuff. It is run as an independent hobby powered by passion and by the love for this kind of music. Feel free to check out the fb page and a store with available releases. Contacts: facebook page   bigcartel page Discography: UO#1 – Entrails Massacre / Mesrine 7″ (sold out) UO#2 – Archagathus / No Thought 7″ (sold out) UO#3 – Agathocles – Agarchy 7″ reissue (last copies) UO#4 – Mesrine – Bad Seed… Spoiled Blood 7″ (available) UO#5 – … Continue reading Uranium Overdose!

Backwoods Butcher Records!

Backwoods Butcher Records isn’t a real record label; it’s just a name made up to put over the address on my own bands’ releases. After many years of putting out records on other people’s labels, I figured it was time to go back to the true DIY ways and waste my own money putting out my own records again. I don’t sign bands, don’t have a distro, don’t waste money buying ads in stupid heavy metal magazines and don’t do the greasy used car salesman routine on social media. Zero aspirations to do anything other than release my own music.What’s … Continue reading Backwoods Butcher Records!

Prolefeed / War All The Time

We all know well how Englishmen love to mix different fast styles, so here again we have guys from nice cities called Newcastle and Leeds who have made a decision to show their skills in this deal. Basically, both bands are somehow similar to each other, they only differ in proportion of this or that musical ingridient. For example, Prolefeed use more punk in their songs when the other space is filled with grindcore and fastcore. This mixture is good by itself and good sound quality makes it even more colorful. The guys even managed to put 15 crazy dancing … Continue reading Prolefeed / War All The Time

Haggus – Mince The Meat Monger (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

And we continue to review creations of Californian mince bastards from Haggus. Today we listen to their second work called Mince The Meat Monger. As you know these Oakland trio advocates for animal rights, so I guess thats why they chose that photo for front cover. All those pig corpses on the hooks and also those of Inspection verify the quality (if I understand it correctly of course)… all of those pushing you for some thoughts. But if we will speak about a color scheme, I can definitely say that is pretty nice, it`s simple but looks very good. In … Continue reading Haggus – Mince The Meat Monger (Nuclear Alcoholocaust Rec)

Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters (Vulgar Records)

Today I want to shed some light on a little-known split from Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters. Both bands are worthy, but that’s pitiful that only few people know them. That’s why I’ve decided to eliminate this problem. Each of these beautiful pictures on the cover describes its band, some is social theme and some is about eating baby embrions. And behind all this polygraphy there is a beautiful, transparent like a glass, vinyl. Everybody knows hardcore/crust/punk scene in USA, but not so many people know that in there is very solid scene Germany too. Borstels Rache are the hillarious … Continue reading Borstels Rache / Fetus Eaters (Vulgar Records)