Bas Rotten – Surge

Last year simply crashed us with a pale of great releases. The album “Surge” is one of these kickass LPs from 2020. Funny thing, the chief of Lower Class Kids Records showed me this band and album, that was very kind of him. Must say I dig this stuff from the very first song! Of course, this is not unique content, but guys crated everything with love (or hate). Guys are huge fans of Bas Rotten, because they not only used his name but even drawn him on their cover (the guy is a kickboxing star). Which reminds me of … Continue reading Bas Rotten – Surge

Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Japanese legends are back with a new split release. This time they joined their forces with Polish noise freaks from Noise Nihilist. This 7″ was released by 3 different labels from Poland, Italy, and the USA. Each label made its own design, and that is an interesting decision. This release became very collectible, and now I want to get all 3 of them, haha! My copy is from Italy and it has city ruins in the cover, it looks gloomy and dark…  but the music of this EP is not so negative. To be honest I~m a bit disappointed, Fuck … Continue reading Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Groin – Greatest Hits!

The debut EP hailing fresh from Arizona’s grind/hardcore scene, GROIN. “Greatest Hits” contains nine tracks of fiery and high spirited grind-powerviolence-hardcore. An absolute banger of a debut getting the glorious analog treatment on tape since its digital release earlier this year. Short, fast, and resentfully promising! Out soon on Shitresis rec! Continue reading Groin – Greatest Hits!

Ona Snop – Intermittent Damnation

What comes to your mind when you hear about the town “Leeds”? Personally, for me, it`s fastcore and powerviolence sub-genres. Why? Because this is a mysterious place of power, there are so many cool bands that came from that town. Someday I will definitely visit that spot and will try to figure out what the hell is going there ;). As you may understand today’s review is about local (I mean for Leeds) band Ona Snop and its second full length “Intermittent Damnation”. I already made few reviews about their previous stuff and these guys never disappointed me, but let … Continue reading Ona Snop – Intermittent Damnation

Crucifix Mission – S/T (Bloody Scythe Records)

The last few days I’ve listened to this tape about 6 or 8 times and obliviously I want to share my thought with you. So this self-titled tape is a strong debut from Southern California’s hardcore band Crucifix Mission. It`s short (only 5 tracks here) but robust work with simple artwork that depicting mighty Gorgon Medusa. Actually, I have nothing to say more about the look of this tape, this is well done but super usual tape release.  However, the music part of this cassette is much better! I have no idea when this recording was done and from what … Continue reading Crucifix Mission – S/T (Bloody Scythe Records)

Fresh re-issue of Dropdead`s Discography Vol. 1 1992​-​1993!

Completely remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered at New Alliance. Includes 3 new bonus tracks found on the original reels. Comprised of material recorded between 1991 and 1993, consisting of 42 songs from their self-titled 7″, split 7″ & 5″ with Rupture and Crossed Out, and compilation tracks. Reissued with restored & updated artwork. Originally released in 1994 as an 11” LP on Clearview, and regular LP on Flat Earth in the UK in 1995. Originally a 39 track compilation, three additional tracks have been added to this new version. The complete early studio tracks on one release. Make you`re … Continue reading Fresh re-issue of Dropdead`s Discography Vol. 1 1992​-​1993!

Igioia / Lugubrious Children / Throat / Double Me

It`s been a while seen I write something about hardcore stuff, so here is a very nice hc split with bands from Italy, the USA, and the UK. This 4way is existing in two formats a vinyl (Here and Now rec) and tape (Destruktomuzik). I like the way how this split is designed, classical colors, classical collage with skulls, ruined town, trash, and so on… yes, it`s not a new approach but I still like it. Ah yes, actually this release is like 1 big sandwich, Italian starts (Igioia) and finish it (Double ME), and between them are British Lugubrious … Continue reading Igioia / Lugubrious Children / Throat / Double Me

Endless Swarm / Faršas

It’s always interesting to review split releases because this kind of record is based on friendship and respect. And for today’s write up I choose a pretty fresh split of Endless Swarm (UK) and Faršas (Lithuania). Let`s try to start from the cover of this lovely tape. I think I didn`t catch the main idea of this art. Because I only see some old idols and something evil that is trying to get through them. I guess I need to ask bands about this painting.  Endless Swarm is not so active these days so that`s why it`s always great to … Continue reading Endless Swarm / Faršas