Eastwood (20.08.21)

Check, check! How are you doing boys? Hope that you’re healthy and ready for the new adventures! Yes, quite healthy and quite eager for new adventures, as soon as we can make them happen again. First of all, I wanted to talk about your first full album. This is massive work and all 17 tracks sound like one big story. So what do you wanted to say with this LP? What is the main theme and concept? Thanks, that means a lot to us, since creating a coherent picture was one of the things we aimed for with this record. … Continue reading Eastwood (20.08.21)

Dirty flashbacks from the grindest days! The full report, OEF 2021!

Have you heard the news? Both Branson and Bezos have now gone to space. Guess what? None of these posers attended Obscene Extreme Festival 2021. But we did. Was it worth it? Oh yes! As you might know the situation in the world today is very unstable and uncertain and we hadn`t had any fun for a long time, so we were really hungry for live shows and festivals. The moment Obscene Extreme Festival announced Schirenc plays Pungent Stench I already knew – we`re going to the Czech Republic! Further announcements only strengthened our determination to get there this year. … Continue reading Dirty flashbacks from the grindest days! The full report, OEF 2021!

Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival 2021

Could you inform us about some major changes? I guess the rules have been changed because of the epidemic… First I have to say that the Czech Republic is now a green light country as for covid and the situation here looks really fine now…and it’s summer time so even the weather will surely help! So far our government announced open air shows for 5000 people in July 2021 which is enough for OEF this year!!! As fo covid restrictions, it seems that one of the following ones will be needed: 1. Vaccination or 2. Negative test or 3. Post … Continue reading Curby / Obscene Extreme Festival 2021

Pilori – À Nos Morts

Today I want to talk about the first album of young but promising band Pilori. This is not usual music, at least for me. Guys are mixing a lot of things in their music, I won’t say that this is typical grindcore or hardcore or something else, but this buzzing monster is interesting, brutal, and worth attention. “À Nos Morts” has gloomy modern art, this drawing can describe the music of Pilori, but just a little. So let’s play this record, and the first song is “Que la Bête Meure“… This is a decent mix of metal, modern hardcore, and … Continue reading Pilori – À Nos Morts

Dropdead – Live At Occii

To be honest live records are not my favorite, mostly because of the quality, but there are always exceptions. Today I want to play great live stuff of legendary Dropdead! This material was recorded at a secret gig in Amsterdam (back in 2016). This release has a pretty simple design, you can see the photo of the vocalist (Bob Otis) as the main cover, plus there is a songs list, and that`s all. Nothing much, but do we need more? I won`t say that this is the best live recording that I heard, it`s a bit messy but on the … Continue reading Dropdead – Live At Occii

Odio / Stevo Žigon

For today’s review, I have 1 small and noise tape with Odio from Mexico and Stevo Žigon from Serbia. The bands are playing different music and that what makes this split interesting. This tape has a pretty usual design as for the grindcore genre, but that doesn’t mean that this art suck. I simply saw too much similar covers, haha!) Let’s begin with Odio. I never heard about these guys, and I was surprised by their noise. This is a raw, heavy, and ugly child of grindcore, sludge, and hardcore. Messy sound, atmospheric slow part, and fast blast beats. Some … Continue reading Odio / Stevo Žigon

Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)

Hi, boys and girls here is a new interview that our buddy of Baby Rakin rec did with Gabe of Concussive. Tell us a bit about your life and background before you entered the Norcal music scene. GS: The first 4 years of my life I lived in a rural coastal town called Gualala in a trailer park. When I turned 4 my parents took us to the East Bay Area where most of my family resides and historically has been from. I spent most of my years in Antioch, Pittsburg, Concord, Martinez and Richmond in Contra Costa County. I … Continue reading Gabe / Concussive (04.05.21)