No Bread rec (12.03.20)

Hola amigo! Hope you’re doing well. The year is almost over and it’s a perfect time to summarize what we’ve done this year. How much have you released this year? What is your favorite, and have any of them sold out already? Hi Alex! first I want to say “sorry” for big delay with answers! So, I never made results of the year, but only for you I checked all releases of 2019, its – 15 CDs, 8 tapes, 4 vinyls, 9 gigs, one openair. Plus on my second label 9 LPs – repress of classic russian punk albums 90s-00s. … Continue reading No Bread rec (12.03.20)

Ona Snop / Failure

I love listening to crazy, hyper speed releases, because the energy of it charges me much better than coffee. This 10” is one of these. I’m really freaking happy to have a copy of this noise, because both bands are great and all of the material is stupidly awesome. But let’s take a look on the visual side of this split. I don’t know who the hell came with ideas and drew this frog, but I’m sure that person was high, haha! Also my copy is not regular, I have lovely orange splatter variant which sounds pretty good. I guess … Continue reading Ona Snop / Failure

Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox

Today is Monday and this day usually sucks, and the best way to fix it it’s put some good tunes on your turntable. What could be better than 1 small but loud split with really wild fastcore? I bet nothing. So the split of the day is Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox. This vinyl shows really interesting rampant side of punk. This release has pretty common (for thrash/fastcore genre) art, skate to death my friends, haha! This image is really great, without joking. But the best part still lies ahead… Italian freaks from Satanic Youth starting this party. Must say … Continue reading Satanic Youth / Crippled Fox

Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

It’s always a pleasure to escape from your own country and join friends at a good Grind festival. This year my target was Grind Here Right Now Fest. The line up of it was huge and juicy, and fuck, it was right after my birthday, so the decision was easy, haha. But beforehand, I flew to Berlin to check some good museums and hang out with some friends. My good friend Keule (Rodel Rec) showed me a few things and introduced me to a super cool punk bar that’s still a pretty active and popular space for local underground people. … Continue reading Good Guys at Grind Here Right Now! (22/23.11.19)

Travølta / Boom

It’s been awhile since I reviewed a powerviolence release. So here is a fresh portion of good noise for everyone. This vinyl is a fairly simple and highly effective eight minutes worth of material that hits the spot for anyone into fast and heavy music. From first look this music may seem not serious, but it’s only because of the joke cover; believe me tunes inside are real and serious.    Belgian Travølta is here again with their own vision of powerviolence. The music of Travølta has a strong metal hardcore touch, with characteristic sound. The whole production is good and … Continue reading Travølta / Boom

Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

Everyone knows about USA’s schools of Powerviolence and Hardcore, but what do you know about the German scene? Could somebody give me the names of a few bands? No? Luckily today I’m going  to tell you about a couple of great bands with members of few legendary Hardcore/PV bands such as Y, Pink Flamingos and SM70. It’s like a small family, all these dudes have played together for so many years in different squads, time slowly took these bands away one by one, but they didn’t give up. Here are two new projects Nuclear Cult and Crack Under Pressure. Their … Continue reading Nuclear Cult / Crack Under Pressure

ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Last week I reviewed a gorenoise album. Well, fuck it – might as well review a hardcore /powerviolence one too! Always Never Fun is the kind of band where followers know what to expect, but also know the end result will be twisted. These Italian punks have been active since 2012. I don’t know if 6 years is enough time for thinking about doing a compilation, but here we are – 12” black vinyl and 29 tracks of fast and aggressive material. You will hear all songs from their debut album, split with Australian PowerXChuck, and few great compilations. The … Continue reading ANF ‎– Arrivereicci (Rødel Records)

Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

We are all perfectly aware that the UK is full of some of the greatest and sickest bands, simply take a look at this small split. This 7” is like a small clot of uncontrollable energy and hatred, honestly I was really surprised. I know that this release was pressed 2 year ago, but, seriously I dont give a fuck, because this is a blast. It deserves a review in GGGG, so… First band in order is Nothing Clean. A band that could make your blood boil and push you into moshpit. Fast, short and furious, this is the type … Continue reading Nothing Clean / Art Of Burning Water

Gets Worse – Snubbed

To be honest I never was a big fan of this band, but this album changed my mind. “Snubbed” sounds so interesting and unexpected, it’s a huge joy to listen to this LP. I guess you will ask me “why?”. Well, the first and the main reason is hiding inside the noise. On this album the guys play really strong and serious Powerviolence, without modern hardcore tricks, like in previous releases, this work sounds very fresh and interesting. As for the visual part, it remains unchanged. From the first look I easily recognized the branded style of this band. The … Continue reading Gets Worse – Snubbed

LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Today we’ve got a 12” full length from the Wisconsin based two piece band LIFES. This is the bass and drums duo’s first full length release, co-released by themselves and Here And Now Records. They’ve brought us 18 tracks of noisey hardcore/powerviolence, and I’m always a sucker for two-piece bands, so lets check it out. This release starts really strong, with definite roots in powerviolence and a heavy dose of hardocre. The blast beats are solid, and pacing changes are on point, and the breakdowns are heavy. This pace keeps up for the first few minutes and it’s enjoyable, but … Continue reading LIFES – Treading Water (Here And Now Records)

Street Feet – Diminished Capacity (Rat Mix Records)

Have you ever found a record that’s hard to listen to, not because it’s bad, but because it’s so punishing that you can only handle it in small doses? Have you ever had to take a break before flipping that record, even though it’s a 7 inch? If you haven’t might I highly suggest you check out Diminished Capacity by Street Feet. Now – to be clear – everything above is the highest of compliments. What this crew from Birmingham, New York brings us is an absolutely brutal grindcore release. It starts with a bit of a slow burn with … Continue reading Street Feet – Diminished Capacity (Rat Mix Records)

The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

Do you like fast music guys? Yes? So you’re in right place at the right time. Because today we will spinning a really fast release, a split between The Seeker and Arnø X Duebel. I listened to this 7” few times in a row and must say I’m positively impressed. This highly concentrated violence from young bands is bloody loud and sincere. The power, speed and genres in general are similar but at the same time don’t feel exactly alike. Let’s dig deeper and find out what the difference is.     Milan residents The Seeker are first in our short … Continue reading The Seeker / Arnø X Duebel

Gets Worse / Endless Swarm

Can there be a better idea than spinning a split with two killer bands which you’re a fan of? Yeah, I love this massive and violent punch from England. Both bands know how to make good and catchy noise. But this 7” isn’t just about the music. Just take a look at this funny cover. I don’t know the artist behind this image, but I bet that person was high during creation process, haha! It’s simply great how these cheesy japanese monsters look and fit so well on a Powerviolence release. As this is a 7” vinyl, we get only … Continue reading Gets Worse / Endless Swarm