New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

The first full-length of Ukrainian grinders Statist is out! Antitötalitar offers you 16 no-frills grindcore songs that have been massively influenced by death metal and also contain a lot of groovy hardcore punk elements. From a magnificent rancid sounding trash can snare drum, to merciless saw riffing and slightly dissonant shredding, to the distinctive vocals, Statist deliver everything that thrills the genre heart. Wild blastbeats, stomping rattle and filth stirring basslines included. Pre-order a copy at Continue reading New tape from Lower Class Kids Records!

Slavemaker / False

This small tape split is a total mystery to me. Because I didn`t know any of these bands (strange huh?). So we have here a double portion of powerviolence from French and Belgian bands. This is also pretty solid stuff, and I can`t wait to blast this tape! Side A – Slavemaker. What a wonderful discovery I have here, this music knocked me down! A powerful bass line and a wonderful killer guitar sound. Strong drums work and pissed-off vocal fits and sounds perfectly here. This record is overloaded with anger… Pumping energy oozes from every crevice… holy shit! Although … Continue reading Slavemaker / False

Haexler – Wage, Work

German grind-hardcore maniacs Haexler finally finished their new record! You can listen to a few songs at The vinyl will be released by Black Omega Recordings [US/DE] / D.I.Y Koło Records [PL] / Fies ins Gesicht aka DIT Records [DE] / Hetacombe Records [ES] / Holy Goat Records [DE] / Loner Cult Records [BE] / Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records [UK] / Santa Diabla / DIY HC [DE] / SM Musik [DE] / Šváb Records [CZ] / Togue Sol Distribución [CZ] Continue reading Haexler – Wage, Work

RudeThing – Se viene galerna

“Se viene galerna” is a new mine-album of Spanish grinders RudeThing. I never heard of this band, but need to forgive me, I physically can`t cover every new release and band. So let`s see what we got here. The guys started 8 years ago in Palma city (it’s located on the island near Valencia), which shows us one thing “if you want to grind, you will find like-minded people even if you`re living on a small island”. I played this tape a couple times and figured out that our boys are big fans of hardcore. They mix it with grindcore … Continue reading RudeThing – Se viene galerna

Ona Snop – S/T

Leeds maniacs Ona Snop strikes back! This summer was hot not only because of the temperature but also because of the concentration of great releases! To be honest I was really happy to hear that these guys released new stuff. Because they have been silent for almost 2 years! So what da hell do we have here? Aggressive, crazy and toxic visual side – checked, 7 new fast and stupidly furious songs – checked. Actually, Ona Snop didn`t change their style or concept since the “Intermittent Damnation” (if you listened to it, then you know what I mean), and I … Continue reading Ona Snop – S/T