Wadge – Grindcore Penitentiary

Wadge – “Grindcore Penitentiary” CD… No one asked for it, but you still got it! “Grindcore Penitentiary”, the new album from international recording artists Wadge, is a confusing and merciless trip through the bowels of a tough-as-nails prison. Take a permanent excursion into awkward lunacy and have your sanity incarcerated forever as “Grindcore Penitentiary” beats you over the noggin’ with 24-tracks of unhinged frustration. Featuring a gang of the meanest homies ever crammed into an imaginary hell hole, this release will have you quaking in your slippers and questioning your loyalty to common sense. Only those with a strong stomach … Continue reading Wadge – Grindcore Penitentiary

Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Who does not know Patareni? These guys are damn famous, after the begging of their way (somewhere in 1983) they are still here, still making noise. Not a mystery that boys have so many releases (but not like Agathocles, haha), don`t know how the hell that happened but there is still unreleased material. So here is a nice compilation of untouched stuff. “Infuzija Iluzija” was released last year by the US label  Haunted Hotel rec. 5 rare live recordings in one pack… nice, isn`t it? I think this is a good present for die-hard fans of Patareni. Usually, such stuff … Continue reading Patareni – Infuzija Iluzija

Suppression (28.10.22)

Hi Jason. I hope you’re doing okay and your cup of coffee is hot! Let’s begin! Jason – The coffee is hot!! So it happened, huh? Suppression turned 30! My tight hugs and honest congrats amigo! How do you feel about it? Did you imagine, that something like that could happen?  Jason – Honestly, no, I didn’t think that would be a possibility. I don’t even think I saw myself making it to this age. I think I knew that I would be making music/ noise as long as I’m alive but I doubt that I really thought that far … Continue reading Suppression (28.10.22)

Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Today we have an unusual 3-way split with two Spanish and 1 Colombian band. Why it`s unusual? Well, they decided to release it as 7″,  I bet that was a pain in the ass to come up with the right idea on how to divide time and sides. So guys just randomly mixed all songs, that is the most logical decision, and it also makes this split weird, hehe. Also, I think the guys didn`t want to make boring and usual grindcore art, like a collage or war theme. So they used a sharp social story and turned it into … Continue reading Sacthu / Mongólico / Cannibal Ferox

Atrofia Cerebral / Sedem Minút Strachu

Classical noisecore vs brutal noisegrind? Sure, why not?! Today I want to share with you this small and limited release with two cool bands from different corners of our cursed planet. Beware! Atrofia Cerebral from Peru, these guys have a huge history… I think they are the oldest noise band from that region. The boys Sedem Minút Strachu are much younger, but I won’t say that they are softer. So let`s spin this bad boy! As I already said Atrofia Cerebral are the veterans of the noise army, they started to play more than 30 years ago! Since then, nothing … Continue reading Atrofia Cerebral / Sedem Minút Strachu

Serpent’s Anus – Jiang Tou

Let`s roll in this stupid week with something different and loud. Beware the second demo of Serpent’s Anus gonna knock you down! You may ask “wtf is that”, well this is a blackened noise project from the Netherland, with members of CSMD & Blood Tyrant. Also, I won`t say that this is a classical noisecore, or something like that. This is complicated work with a lot of layers. As for the tape, everything was made in a good old DIY way. Which is always nice, I love it when bands do all stuff with their own hands. Ah yes, with … Continue reading Serpent’s Anus – Jiang Tou

Suppression – Oblivion Rats

Today I will talk about a massive compilation of the legends Suppression. These guys are one of these stones in the wall of the American grind scene. This year guys will celebrate their 30th anniversary, so you can imagine how much they have done for the genre and how many releases they have. “Oblivion Rats” contains all material starting from 2015 till 2017 years. How many songs are on that CD? Any guess? 99 fucking songs, holy cow… That is insane, haha! So this bodybag is full of goodies, you will find tracks from the Rats In The Control Room … Continue reading Suppression – Oblivion Rats

The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

“The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst of Backwoods Butcher Records” CD is now available. Six savage spools of fast as-fuck underground blasphemy conveniently collected on one indestructible digital disc. Six brilliant mutations of chainsaw punk rock, unapologetically-ignorant grindcore and abhorrent death thrash presented complete and unedited; each has been properly mastered to accentuate the primitive crushing power of the original recordings. Includes the demo tapes of SKITKATEDRAL, RANCOROUS SLOG, TELEKINETIC DECAPITATION, IGNORANT CORPSE, GAMMA-GERAT and CEMETERY FUNGUS compiled on one meaty slab of skull-pulverizing polycarbonate. This is the perfect soundtrack for fucking off, dying and remaining dead forever. You can listen to … Continue reading The Absolute Fuckin’ Worst Of Backwoods Butcher Records!

Sedem Minút Strachu / SkullxPiercer

I began this day with a wonderful noise tape (hello my neighbors). A nice small split release with Slovakian trio Sedem Minút Strachu and Slovenian two-man-grind-band SkullxPiercer. It`s a pretty old cassette, it was released somewhere in 2019 by Belgian Sick Phoque rec. When I saw this release for the first time, the cover art led me to believe that this is a goregrind split, but no we have here smelly and loud grind noise! Sedem Minút Strachu are pushing their caveman noisegrind throughout time and space. Second by second they are killing the last brain cells inside the heads … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / SkullxPiercer

Gummo ‎– A Fresh Breath On The Neck

Today I want to propose listening to and talking about the last album of French grindviolence trio Gummo. “A Fresh Breath On The Neck” was released by a huge amount of labels (I got mine from Loner Cult rec) last year on super nice vinyl. Despite the fact that this band is active for some years, this album is my first acquaintance with Gummo. Let me start with the visual part. This record has a really unusual and dope design, I love this mix of drawing and a real photo. My copy is white, it looks fantastic good along with … Continue reading Gummo ‎– A Fresh Breath On The Neck