Go! Fest! (19.03.23)

Greetings guys! Hope you`re all well. Please introduce yourself to our readers. Let`s start! Zenn: Here’s Zenn, ¼ of the GO!FEST crew. I’ve played in several bands in the past (one of them, Compost, was reviewed in this website years ago) and I write reviews and interviews on The New Noise (Italian) and Touch of Evil. I’m also a UX/UI designer and Front End Developer with very bad music tastes. Pompeo: Hi, I’m Pompeo, for 11 years one of the people in charge for Go! Fest, together with Daniele, Andrea and Siro, who joined us this year. I also play … Continue reading Go! Fest! (19.03.23)

Captain Three Leg / Holy Boner

C3L are back to bash yer filthy barnacles with a searing slew of endless aggravation and rapid-fire “fun-core” frenzy. Helplessly prepare to have your hearing holes ripped open by HOLY BONER’s unmistakable brand of total devastation noisecore. Craniums will be clobbered and sensitivities mercilessly bashed as 19 new C3L tracks and 7 new Holy Boner tracks rampage through your feeble existence and lay waste to the contents. No one gets away! Stay the course and be fucked by brute force! Limited to 300 factory replicated fan discs (look it up) in jewel case with 4 page insert. $5.00 + shipping. … Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Holy Boner

Suppression with Bastard Noise – Infernal Legions

“Suppression and Bastard Noise are two acts whose names, and reputations precede them. Lazy, overused phrases like “powerviolence,” and “noise” have been rendered meaningless with time, and completely fall short of capturing the caustic, experimental nature of this intense and violent collaboration. That said – you should know what to expect here. And those expectations will be exceeded. These two thirty-plus year veterans have pushed each other beyond convention or routine and produced a unique and remarkable album that doesn’t just stand up next to it’s creators’ venerable catalogs, but also lays to waste countless modern cookie-cutter acts who might … Continue reading Suppression with Bastard Noise – Infernal Legions

Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)

Good day Max! I hope you`re doing well. How the things with the label going on? Hello Alex. I hope you are safe and doing well during this horrible time.As for 625, things are going relatively well, although the recent increase in manufacturing costs, postage, etc has been really difficult. When I first started, I could make an EP for about $1.50 USD which I could then wholesale for $2.00. Now, Eps cost about $6-7 USD to manufacture, which means by the time they get to stores, the mark-up is the equivalent to $12-15 or sometimes even $20 with postage. … Continue reading Max/625 Thrashcore rec (27.02.23)


Finally, I`m holding this split. Without a doubt, this is a really powerful and beautiful release. Two solid Spanish bands in one record nice deal, isn`t it? There is no question about these guys but what about the visual part? I won`t lie I’m not a big fan of the picture disc format, but this LP changed my mind. The design is super nasty and wonderful, there are so many details… You can look at it for hours and find new and new things. As for the sound I was pleasantly surprised, everything sounds well. Let`s start our audio autopsy … Continue reading Nashgul/Teething

Captain Three Leg / Burt Bacharach

Captain Three Leg return with a 21 track barrage of angry stepdad noisecore / grump punk loaded with stupid samples, noise blasts and more profanity than you’d expect from people nearing their 50s. Burt Bacharach usher in the rebirth of blurcore; a snarling vile twist of music that will cause nightmares you’ll never forget. Eight terrifying tracks in half as many minutes, and this is just the beginning. Limited to 300 factory replicated CD in jewel case with four-page insert for the nice price of $5.00 + shipping.  Continue reading Captain Three Leg / Burt Bacharach

Bastard Noise & Merzbow

Last year two noise legends joined forces with the purpose to destroy as many eardrums as they can 😉 I can`t mark myself as a big noise fan, but this release is something. Eric and Akita did something dreadful and magical… Two different people, two noisy minds, these guys really felt each other… and that`s why the result is so magnificent! All this magic was released on different formats (2LP, CD and cassette) by Relapse rec. It also has interesting cover art with different animals, but this is an integral part of this LP. This work is dedicated to animal … Continue reading Bastard Noise & Merzbow