Sete Star Sept/Jack

New day – new review, hehe. Today I want to talk about an interesting release with two quite famous bands from Japan and Hungary. I think this split was lost in a massive wave of good releases of 2019. That`s why I want to get back to this vinyl again. So… Japanese noise freaks SSS are well known in the underground, some people love them, some no. But I think that this duo worth to listen. The material from this split sounds like a live recording from the studio, yes it’s raw, but with very intensive energy. As always everything … Continue reading Sete Star Sept/Jack

Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Japanese legends are back with a new split release. This time they joined their forces with Polish noise freaks from Noise Nihilist. This 7″ was released by 3 different labels from Poland, Italy, and the USA. Each label made its own design, and that is an interesting decision. This release became very collectible, and now I want to get all 3 of them, haha! My copy is from Italy and it has city ruins in the cover, it looks gloomy and dark…  but the music of this EP is not so negative. To be honest I~m a bit disappointed, Fuck … Continue reading Fuck On The Beach / Noise Nihilist

Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

N – for noisecore! For today’s review, I got a very harsh pack of 4 bands. 3 projects are from the USA and one from Canada, and I think all of them are one-man projects (pard me if I`m wrong). Must admit that the whole material is ridiculously brutal and primitive. It also can make irreparable damage to your ears, so don`t play this tape too loud guys :). – Let’s begin with  Beggin For Oxys. This is a straight pissed off style of noisecore, you won’t hear anything except a wall of nonstop screams, drums, and sharp annoying creaking … Continue reading Beggin For Oxys/ Eye Gag/ Coke Nail/ Oozing Meat

Final Exit (25.10.20)

Hello! How are things going in Japan these days? Please introduce yourself to our readers. Hi! Alex! My name is Ryohei. I’m playing Drums on FINAL EXIT, Mortify, Su19b, etc…Japan is still badly affected by Covid-19. I can’t do what I was able to do before. But it’s gradually returning, but it’s still a long way off. I’ve been able to do live performances a little bit.  25 years had passed since your first rehearsal, that is a lot, haha! But you didn’t change you still active and fast. So how everything started? Could you tell us About the beginning … Continue reading Final Exit (25.10.20)

Atrofia Cerebral – Caducidad De La Existencia

Atrofia Cerebral is a legendary noise duo from Peru! These guys started to play more than 30 (1989) years ago! I bet every noisecore fan knew this project, hehe! So today we will listen to their release “Caducidad De La Existencia”. This material was released on a business card (not the most comfortable format, must say), it contains some recording from 2015-17 years. Also, this “CD” has a very simple DIY design, everything was printed at home in office paper. But I think it`s perfect for this genre. This is a short and fast release, It has about 4 minutes … Continue reading Atrofia Cerebral – Caducidad De La Existencia

Paskaa Silmien Tilalla – Missä On Oikeus

Well, I`m not a huge fan of noisecore, but even this genre could surprise. Here is exactly this case. Paskaa Silmien Tilalla is join work of 3 people who live in different corners of our world. All stuff was recorded in Denmark, Finland, and Ukraine. Interesting fact,  the vocal on this record was done by an ex-member of Skruta/Gaz 66 bands, I was sure that that guy ended with music years ago. I`m pretty sure that this project is gone now, but it`s cool that I got this tape for the review. So let’s begin! All together we have here … Continue reading Paskaa Silmien Tilalla – Missä On Oikeus

Erectile Dementia (29.09.20)

Hi Doug. How are you doing? Hope this shitty epidemic didn’t get you and your family. Greetings from the USA, my man! I am phenomenal. Perfectly healthy for now but check back in a few months when things have gotten even more juicy. We just need to have faith in the system and pray away the virus, right? I live in an old farm house on thirteen acres of overgrown woods so I’ve been spending most of my time sawing up dead trees, digging in the mud and ignoring other human beings as much as possible. Just like last year! … Continue reading Erectile Dementia (29.09.20)

Suppression – Fractured Landscape

I want to tell a bit about this band, for these who are not familiar with legendary Suppression. This band was founded 28 years ago (1992) in the Virginia state. To date they got a ton of releases, they played a lot and everywhere, and I was really lucky to catch them too. Must they are very nice people who`re playing really crazy shit, haha! Needless to say that Suppression love to make experiments, and during the years guys make some grindcore records, some powerviolence, and some noisecore stuff too. “Fractured Landscape” is one of the latest releases, and it`s … Continue reading Suppression – Fractured Landscape

Chepang – Chatta

I finally found some time to write a few words about this interesting album. It`s not a secret that I love these Nepali guys. Somehow they always managed to create a top natch schizophrenic music. “Chatta” is very bright in all aspects, starting with the cover and finishing with the last note on the album. Oh yes, I was lucky to grab a splatter green copy of this LP, must say it looks fantastic on my turntable, ha! This work starts with an amazing saxophone solo, which shows you that this album will be weird as fuck, haha! Actually, this … Continue reading Chepang – Chatta

Sedem Minút Strachu / Noise Brutalizer

I think this is releases is not for all fans of extreme music, this 10″ Lathe cut vinyl is full of awful noises, that will cause a horrible headache haha! And let me start with the European part of this story.  Slovakian SMS managed to create something really harsh, this noise is very different from what they did in the beginning. Among their usual chaotic performance, I found a lot of harsh noise elements, that make my ears bleed 🙂 This music is full of hate and rage, this noise could even fire up any riot if you will turn … Continue reading Sedem Minút Strachu / Noise Brutalizer

Squelch Chamber – Down So Low

This will be an unusual review for us because we will talk not about grindcore or powerviolence. We gonna talk about something different, about noise-punk. Squelch Chamber is a young noisecore/electronic/punk band from Pennsylvania. This is one of these bands “so awful, it’s beautiful”, haha! I really thankful for this promo, it`s an awesome feeling to discover something musically another but extreme. I`m pressing the play button and here we go! At first, the brain refuses to understand this pulsating noise, but in a short time, you began to enjoy it, ha! Some parts remind me of Bastard Noise, some … Continue reading Squelch Chamber – Down So Low

Agathocles / Noise Brutalizer

Okay, guys, this is something new for me, a B-card format. hmm)) Basically this is i]usual CD but with a weird shape. Rotova Porojnina Records started to make such and unusual release a year ago, and finally, I got a few in my collection. So this split has a very simple DIY design, really nothing much to talk about. I think it will be better to put this thing into the player and check the first few songs from grandpas Agathocles! Belgian veterans performing here with 3 raw and angry songs, which were recorded 3 years ago. I think that … Continue reading Agathocles / Noise Brutalizer

Anti Itch Cream – Cause Unknown!

Anti Itch Cream is a one-woman noisecore unit birthing from Tokyo, Japan. Kae Takahashi, mostly known for her contributions with the infamous nutscore / noisecore band, SETE STAR SEPT is no stranger to the noisecore scene. Cause Unknown is the second EP from Anti Itch Cream consisting of six tracks. Delve deep into the realms of fine lo-fi minimalistic-primitive-raw blend of mincecore and grind! Shoot your pre-orders to Continue reading Anti Itch Cream – Cause Unknown!

The Communion / Bastard Noise

This split 7” was taken from the bottom of my review box. Due to some technical problems, it took me a hell of a time to write something about this release. Let me begin. I expected nothing special from this piece of plastic, and I was amazed at the end of the listening. Here is why…   The Communion managed to create an ugly song (of the bitch), that contains so many great and filthy elements. Fast hardcore is mixing with slow sludgecore/pv structures… and all of that transforms into something noisy in the end.  This track plunged me into … Continue reading The Communion / Bastard Noise

Eye Gag – Your Achievements

This review has been a long time coming, sit down and hold on tight because we are going on a 75 track Noiscore Safari. Eye Gag is the one man project of Sam Sandoval based out of Chicago,Illinois. The album in the spotlight today is Your Achievements is a compilation of all of the material Eye Gag has released up to this point.  Where do I even begin with this album? All 75 songs are split into 3 seperate tracks on the album, so it’s a never ending onslaught from the start. Kicking it all off is 31 tracks titled … Continue reading Eye Gag – Your Achievements

Sedem Minut Strachu – SE Asia tour 2019

Last year my good friends from Slovakia took a great journey over the Asian part of our continent. Of course, they brought with them some merch and they also recorded something special for this road-trip.The tape is full of hate, idiotism, rage and annoying sounds, haha! All the tracks were recorded in February 2019 + there are a few things from older recordings. You won’t find any titles here, none of the songs have a name.   The design on this cassette cover is quite simple, it’s just a messy collage (that is very common for noise and grindcore genre) … Continue reading Sedem Minut Strachu – SE Asia tour 2019

Crowd Surfers Must Die (14.04.20)

Greetings people from the planet X! How`re you doing these days? You have that bullshit virus too?) Greetings, people from earth. This is supreme leader Noiseape hailing you. Yes, the virus has infiltrated this system as well. But we hide in our moon-base, watch movies, listen to noise, get wasted and sit it out. While our scientists work on a cure. The situation is bizarre and surreal, but I hope people see this as a warning and learn from it. Not to fuck around with mother nature and stop this lifestyle and culture of greed and exploitation. I must confess, … Continue reading Crowd Surfers Must Die (14.04.20)

No Bread rec (12.03.20)

Hola amigo! Hope you’re doing well. The year is almost over and it’s a perfect time to summarize what we’ve done this year. How much have you released this year? What is your favorite, and have any of them sold out already? Hi Alex! first I want to say “sorry” for big delay with answers! So, I never made results of the year, but only for you I checked all releases of 2019, its – 15 CDs, 8 tapes, 4 vinyls, 9 gigs, one openair. Plus on my second label 9 LPs – repress of classic russian punk albums 90s-00s. … Continue reading No Bread rec (12.03.20)

MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu

A friend of mine recommended this split to me fully knowing my not big love to noise stuff, but he told me to shut up, open a beer and and listen to it. So I decided to give a try to this tape. Visual part of this release didn’t surprise me, this type of collage is very usual for grindcore and noisecore genre. Then I thought “hm, usually under shitty image is hidden interesting music material”. Well I was half right… Band opener is MFC (Made For Chaos). Unfortunately I don’t know where they are from, but their style reminds … Continue reading MFC / Harsh Supplement / New York Against The Belzebu

Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad

Blarghstrad is a Australian one man project and I can say it’s not so common to hear such “noise”. Blarghstrad is run by a guy called Brad , who plays all the instruments and sings (Growls? Screams? Howls? Ohh, whatever. This CD could be compared to an audio weapon, haha! This Noisecore is bloody loud and aggressive, people who don`t know what  Noisecore is, will be hurt, haha! Somebody might ask “Why the hell do you like Noisecore?”, well… I usually write reviews about Grindcore stuff, believe it or not but this genre could be interesting and very versatile, that’s … Continue reading Blarghstrad – Blarghstrad