The first ever GGGG merch!

The design is made by Giulio Huere for GGGG. There will be: Shorts – logo and picture Shirts – logo and picture on front and anti war slogan on Back Zippers – small logo on left breast and shirt design on back Hoodies – huge logo on front and shirt design on back Everything will be printed by Mario Zumpe and Co (Grind The Nazi Scum), so you can pre-order everything from them! Continue reading The first ever GGGG merch!

Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Hi, guys! How’re you doing, still at work or opened a bottle of beer and chilling? Bart: Hi Alex, I am doing fine, thanks, just got in the couch after a busy day. No beer though. Usually I don’t drink alcohol if I have to work the day after. I work as a clinical psychologist and want to give the best I can. Owen: no beer for me this evening but some smokeable stuff helps with chilling for me, haha. Jasper: no beer here either, but chilling nonetheless. Must say that I`m really waiting for this new album, it`s gonna … Continue reading Days of Desolation (22.02.22)

Onion Terror!

Originally from Northern Ireland and London, Onion Terror are a grindcore duo from York, U.K. Biggest influences include Unseen Terror, Early ND, Siege, S.O.B., NYC Mayhem…old school grind mentality with a unique (oniony?) flavour. We released our first demo ‘onion terror 2-1 favourite’ in 2020 and now the ‘hummuseyed’ ep released on Bunch Greenade recs from Italy. Contacts: Bandcamp page  Continue reading Onion Terror!

3 new releases from Mortville Noise!

MORT:146 “31 Uplifting Songs” CD MORT:147 This long delayed 3-way CD is finally unleashed with each band contributing just over five minutes of material. CAPTAIN THREE LEG (USA) offer up 21 tracks averaging 15 seconds in length with musical set-ups ending in blasts of noise. H-SQUAD (Sweden) do 6 tracks of hedonistic, blasting fast punk/blurrcore. Sub Rats (Spain) round things out with four tracks of precise, crusty grindcore. Mastered by Eric Trude at Hostile Studios, with cover art from Tom Kemp and Frank Oblak. Captain Three Leg / Uddercock – split CD-R MORT:148 Captain Three Leg bark out 55 tracks … Continue reading 3 new releases from Mortville Noise!