Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

We know Italy as an impulsive and emotional nation… But, the guys from Double Me showed a ton of dead patience. Destroyed In A Second is their first full length and they poured every bit of raw emotion into this slab of wax. This album was delayed many times, master lp was denied a few times and even the recording session was delayed. It seems that this album was cursed, haha. Even the parcel with this album was lost and came to me in damaged condition after two month of waiting. So I can’t skip this album, there were so … Continue reading Double Me – Destroyed In A Second

Double Me / Han Solo

Take a look at how hardcore seeds richly sprouted on Italian soil! Every year, the roots penetrate and grow deeper, and the fruits of this plague are becoming more and more juicy. We are eating one of these fruits today. Although this split is not the latest one, it still did not lose its taste. Hmm, I recognize the style of the artist who designed the previous release – Double Me. Only now he portrayed bound hands covered with sores … what a gloomy image! 🙂 Hmm, I note that the Double Me sounds a little denser on this release, … Continue reading Double Me / Han Solo

Double Me / Lifes (Here And Now!)

What’s up guys, here we’ve got a small portion of pretty nice material. This Italian-American split doesn’t pretend to achieve the main prizes in extreme music competitions, but trust me you should listen to this. Both bands play hardcore/powerviolence and both do it good. The cover art of this release is quite strange, I couldn’t understand what the artist wanted to say depicting these creepy rotten legs (with injection dots on it) but it doesn’t matter, the cover art isn’t a main thing. Double Me is not some one year old band and with each new release they’re becoming better … Continue reading Double Me / Lifes (Here And Now!)

Double Me!

Double Me started in November 2012 by an idea of Marco (drums), Sonny (bass), Marco (guitar) and Mirco (vocals).We wanted to play fast and rough powerviolence, a mix of new and old school, with grind parts. At the beginning of 2013 we have our first cdr demo, then we releases two 7”s split (w/ Lifes in 2014 and w/ HanSolo in 2015). In the meanwhile we have some songs on several compilation. At the end of 20015 Marco (guitar) decided to leave the band and we chose not to look for another guitarist but to go on as a 3 … Continue reading Double Me!