Dead Fetus Collection / Harmony Fault (Uterus Productions)

Brazil and Goregrind. These two words are synonyms. People of that country are really sick! There are so many bands who are screaming and roaring about murder, gore and other filthy things… And that is freaking cool! Today I wanna tell the bloody story of two slimy bands, Dead Fetus Collection and Harmony Fault. That short story has 2 chapters, chapters that will tell you about horror and disgusting things. The first chapter called “Dead Fetus Collection”… Dead Fetus Collection is a band that got my attention a few years back and the first piece of noise that I heard … Continue reading Dead Fetus Collection / Harmony Fault (Uterus Productions)

Massive re-press at Horns and Hoofs rec!

Nekrofilth / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Carcass Grinder / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Abigail / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium / Sete Star Sept  Lividity / Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium Send all your questions to Continue reading Massive re-press at Horns and Hoofs rec!

Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)

So here is another split of this ending year. Miscreated release between spanish pathologists Haemorrhage and holland dildo-humorists Rompeprop! Let’s begin to slit this piece of disgusting noise from the start, we make an incision in the rough skin… Hm, both bands use atypical covers… instead of our usual characters from maestro Luisma we see a stylized coat of arms. And Rompeprop use beer cap (here is no any hint of madness in the spirit of old Hellcock’s Pornflakes) it`s very strange… ow, almost forgot, this split have only one side on the second side ther’s a very beautiful engraving … Continue reading Haemorrhage & Rompeprop (Fat Ass Records)