P.L.F.‎- Jackhammering Deathblow of Nightmarish Trepidation! CD version!

These Houston monsters of Grindcore mayhem refuse to settle for anything other than pure, unleashed Grindcore (Naplam Death/Carcass) tinged with a raw death metal punishment of classic Kreator. This new recording devastates with whirlwind, raw guitars and guttural puking vocals by founding member Dave Callier. Bryan Fajardo‘s precise, jaw dropping attack on the drums delivers as always, melting ears and stirring a sense of pure awe at his talent. One of the best in extreme music. This band relies on an absolute dedication and love for the genre. Truly one of the best going, and likely, one of the best … Continue reading P.L.F.‎- Jackhammering Deathblow of Nightmarish Trepidation! CD version!

Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Shitgrinder is the most diabolical and fucked in the head band you will hear today! What you’ll hear when you press play is pure unhinged sonic punishment that will become an audio drug that will leave you in a state of disarray. Eternal Death is freaking smashing; with no doubt this is one of the fastest albums from to ever come out of Australia. After the scratchy intro, heavy riffs start and keep the songs rolling towards the end. This is what I call jaw dropping Grind. The blast beats are alive and fresh, without any digital trigger bullshit. Guitar … Continue reading Shitgrinder – Eternal Death

Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Mysterious Japan is the land with really weird and unique stuff. But we all love this country not only for Godzilla we also love it for its music. This land is reach with sick talents, which torn up side down usual to us things. Split LP Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! Is one of these interesting, bright and fresh experiments in music. I want to start with Self Deconstruction. Their free style of grindcore is freaking harsh! The riffs are crazy chaotic and fast, same with song structures. The drumming is mind-blowing, the guitar grind and blaze with massive … Continue reading Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Cryptic Void ‎– Into The Desert Temple (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Cryptic Void is one of those bands, who like to make concept albums. This slab is a continuation of a long story, they began in 2015,on the EP “Psychomanteum”… Just reading the title, says almost everything, which needs to be said, about this massive album. The story is not only written in the music, but spreads its tentacles into the artwork also. Our hero from the first release, finally walks through the ancient, and mystical gates, to finally face his demise. The old demons gives him a warm welcome, haha! This is a fantastic piece of art, and I love … Continue reading Cryptic Void ‎– Into The Desert Temple (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Wojczech – Regret.Repeat!

Blasting through 11 tracks in 20 minutes this is the 4th full length of germanys notorious speed command. clocking in about the perfect length for a grindcore rager put on 45 rpm vinyl all is here: technical execution of 90ies Morrisound grind (Assück), straight forward full throttle thrash blast (Repulsion), dissonant tritonus chord progressions (Discordance Axis), serious mindfuck twist (Rorschach) as well as out of control mosh breakdown power violence worship! grind core is not a commodity here, lyrics address to the point, well -you would hate to know! cover illustration by robert hochstaedter mastering by valerio fisik (Hombre lobo studio … Continue reading Wojczech – Regret.Repeat!

Headless Death – A Hideous Warning (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Wow, I can’t believe my eyes… One of the most disorganized bands (in Australia for sure) finally released their first full length album! I know that they had recorded almost all parts more than 2 years ago (pretty huge delay isn’t it?) but the final mixing was made only now. That`s pretty suck, but I`m truly happy that this recording wasn`t lost in time. Before putting this CD into my player I want to check the visual part of this release. A Hideous Warning has two covers. First, a choked moron (with a garbage bag on this head) and the … Continue reading Headless Death – A Hideous Warning (Regurgitated Semen Records)