Epitome – ROTend

Polish grinders are back! After 8 years of the release of their “TheoROTical”, Epitome is here again with a brand new album. These legends have prepared 17 completely new and rotten songs. I think that the cover art is a logical continuation of “Autoe’ROT’icism”… But maybe I`m wrong. Anyway, the guys tried their best and now we`ll see what taste this CD has. First of all, this is really solid work… I think we all know this special Polish sound, of course, our friends used it… so the album has a heavy and metallic sound. The riffs are simple but … Continue reading Epitome – ROTend

FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge

FesterDecay is a Japanese grind machine that was formed 8 years ago. The boys profess the cult of the old-school genres like gore, death metal, and grindcore. In the first two years, they released two demos that were re-released by Grindfather prod last year. Carcasses Revenge consists of raw material that was recorded in 2016-2017, all in all, 10 songs of pure brutality and fun! This cover art is a tribute to the iconic “Reek of Putrefaction” album. Absolutely disgusting collage of many humans remains… that will definitely scare “normal people”, haha! Generally, material from both demos was created in … Continue reading FesterDecay – Carcasses Revenge