In the year 2000 when OPENWOUND had come to an end, Both Jay and Roby started THE KILL with UNDINISM vocalist Neil. They recorded the first demo which was released in various formats. Demo CASSETTE through NO ESCAPE RECORDS. THE KILL Demo 7” EP on 625 TRASH, Split 7” with RETALIATION (Sweden) on MORTVILLE RECORDS. 4way split 7” entitled “WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS” with DAHMER (Quebec), NEEDFUL THINGS (Czech Republic) & LUCIFER D LARYNX (USA) on DRY RETCH RECORDS. And numerous bootlegs were also floating about on CD & CDR. During this time THE KILL played hundreds of shows … Continue reading THE KILL!!!

The Kill – Speed Freak Killer (Blastasfuk Grindcore/RAPS rec)

I honestly did not expect a package from the Australian label Blastasfuk Grindcore, as the chief of the label didn’t notify me that he sent me something. So it was a pleasant surprise for me, hehehe. Today I want to review one of the latest releases of the label. This will be my third review of these nice guys from Melbourne, The Kill! By the way Rob, who runs Blastasfuk Grindcore, plays in this band.Actually I had hard time trying to understand why they had to publish this CD. After all this material has already been published on a three-way … Continue reading The Kill – Speed Freak Killer (Blastasfuk Grindcore/RAPS rec)

The Kill – The Soundtrack To Your Violence (Fat Ass Records)

Well, THAT’S exactly the thing that can be described as AWESOME! Polish label Fat Ass Rec. decided to re-release first album of Australian maniacs The Kill “The Soundtrack To Your Violence”. Australian scene were always standing out, I don’t know how, but these guys always managed to make an usual grindcore (and not only grindcore) absolutely new and lively. This album was first released in 2003 on CDs. It’s funny, though, that members of The Kill are huge fans of old horror movies, almost every of their stuff had characters from Evil Dead and The Exorcist on the cover.The artwork … Continue reading The Kill – The Soundtrack To Your Violence (Fat Ass Records)

The Kill – Kill Them…All (Obscene Productions)

New album of Australian butchers The Kill was the album I’ve waited for too long. I was literally obsessed with it, listened all those tracks that was on the Internet (like a taunt for a fans). And what did I hear? Well, at the very least, the band did not become worse. The sound is much better than on previous album. Also there are a lot of really headbanging moments that really pump you up. Even more musical chaos and murderous speed. First thing I noticed when I started to listen to this album is vocals. The Kill got a new … Continue reading The Kill – Kill Them…All (Obscene Productions)

Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!

Label currently working on several projects:The Kill– kill them…all 12″LP (colaboration) Warsore/ Soil Of Ignorance split 7″EP (colaboration) MESRINE/ G.O.D. split 7″EP (colaboration) YATTAÏ– Fast Music means Love CD (colaboration) Overviolence / Expurgo split 5″EP (hope to have it for summer) Mindflair brand new album! Release date march 2015! Agathocles/ MPG split 7″EP (colaboration ) Haemophagus/ SUBJUGATION split 7″EP (colaboration) Continue reading Awesome news from EveryDayHate rec!