Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Must admit that this is a very all-star split release. Famous Venomous Concept (with members of Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Corrupt Moral Altar) and Under Attack (with guys of Conniption, Discordance Axis, Suppression)… Maybe, this is just a small 7″, but man, it’s full of powerful hardcore and punk vibes! It`s fucking insane, how could only a small group of people make so a huge mess? Venomous Concept blasts fast and scream very loud. Sweet production, good sound, and a ton of bone-crushing energy! With only 2 songs these gentlemen’s managed to smash you. Powerful guitar riffs and sound, low … Continue reading Venomous Concept / Under Attack

Bad Acid Trip – Taught To Fear

Bad Acid Trip are back! A veteran of the Los Angeles scene since 89, they have been from LA backyards, to the stage at Ozzfest and everywhere in between. Needless to say that this is a unique name among grindcore bands, unique because they were never afraid to experiment with the music. 7 years of silence and finally a fresh record! But this is not just a crazy cross-genre record, with this brand new album B.A.T. returned to their grind roots. The color palette of the cover “Taught To Fear” reminded me of an old poster for the movie Toxic … Continue reading Bad Acid Trip – Taught To Fear

Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Today, we’ve got something pretty special! By now, you should all know about To Live A Lie (and if you don’t, you’re fucking up), run by Mr. Will Butler. He’s put out some of the best releases in grind and powerviolence, but this release by Tired of Everything is special – it’s got the man himself on vocals! Let’s take a look at the package – the whole thing is really simplistic (which is never a bad thing); it gets down to business. The front is just some black and white art with the band name, and the inside is … Continue reading Tired of Everything – Silenced (To Live A Lie)

Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Vicious Circle were formed in Melbourne in 1983, this band is a living legend of violent Hardcore Punk. And it’s fucking great that Power It Up Records picked them up for “The History Of Australian 80’s Punk”. This reissue looks amazing, gate fold, colored vinyl and a huge booklet with old photos, posters and tons of information. Vicious Circle was honored to start this historical Vol 1, which contains the first two albums from the VC discography, 28 songs in total. Note that all of these bullets are charged with raw aggression and protesting spirit. This double LP is a … Continue reading Vicious Circle ‎– The Price Of Progress / Reflections (Power It Up)

Power It Up titles for 2019!

Scapegoats – When The Bombs Drop 1982-86 Digi CD Agathocles – Thanks for Your Hostility 2x LP Inferno – Tod & Wahnsinn LP Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt Immer Noch LP M.A.F. – Hau Ab 2x LP Arm The Insane – Virus/Remember/Ending Time 2x LP more info at  Continue reading Power It Up titles for 2019!

Uitschot / Agathocles

The stream of new splits from Agathocles doesn`t ever seem to run dry, and that is awesome. This time we have a split with Uitschot (old band of Koen AG). This piece has pretty nasty cover art… A vomiting person who`s feeding the birds. The perfect way describe both of these bands to those who’ve never heard about Mince and Grind, haha! Inside I found a nice insert that depicted old photos and lyrics, nothing special but it looks good. Uitschot are no longer active punks, so thematerial that you will hear was recorded more than 10 years ago. So … Continue reading Uitschot / Agathocles

Perdition – Not Just Another Anthology

The good old label from the mainland Power It Up started to re-release some old and good punk rock releases a few years ago. I’ve reviewed some of these releases previously, but now I finally got my hands on their top notch release – The great collection of Australian punk. It’s something like am audio encyclopedia with the title “Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about dirtiest Australian punk”, haha! This is the second issue and it’s dedicated to the band Perdition. These moldy old punks are still around, and they are still playing shows and … Continue reading Perdition – Not Just Another Anthology

Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Mysterious Japan is the land with really weird and unique stuff. But we all love this country not only for Godzilla we also love it for its music. This land is reach with sick talents, which torn up side down usual to us things. Split LP Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! Is one of these interesting, bright and fresh experiments in music. I want to start with Self Deconstruction. Their free style of grindcore is freaking harsh! The riffs are crazy chaotic and fast, same with song structures. The drumming is mind-blowing, the guitar grind and blaze with massive … Continue reading Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Dethrone The Pigs – S/T

We all know Singapore like Grind City, band such as Wormrot, Magnicide and Demisore are a beautiful business card of this island country. But, what about Crust Punk? There aren’t many names are there? Today I want to showcase one interesting, but unknown band from that region. Dethrone The Pigs is a bunch of Punks who started this squad only a few years ago. This self-titled EP is their first record… and they’ve done well. These guys do not play something new and unique; they chose the classic way with society centered lyrics and aggressive music. However that does not … Continue reading Dethrone The Pigs – S/T

Psycho / Horrible Earth

Last year started with a lot of great Grind/Noise/Gore and Crust releases. It seems 2018 may be heading in the same direction thanks to this split. The formula of this release is simple, there are two bands, 2 different kinds of noise, fucking awesome sound (I don’t even remember such clear sounding vinyl) + good cover art and insert design and that’s all. Well let’s find out why this split is so great… Founded nearly thirty years ago, eclectic collective Psycho has extensively reigned as one of the most iconic and strongest names in the US Noise underground. Starting out … Continue reading Psycho / Horrible Earth

Power It Up (21.06.18)

Hello Tom and Fabio! How are you guys? You’re probably busy preparing packages for shipping, am I right?) Hello Alex, Thank you for your interest in POWER IT UP. This is where the preparations for the festival season begin. We are also busy finishing our upcoming releases. I’m very interested in the story of Power it Up, please tell us how it all started … It all started 25 years ago when I founded POWER IT UP with my then partner. We had previously dealt with second hand stuff and therefore we had met Kim from Nailed Down, which then … Continue reading Power It Up (21.06.18)

Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Dusting off my record to cover this sick little split from Danish Hardcore freaks Extended Suicide, and Swedish Powerviolence maniacs Noll IQ! This cover art really catches the eye. But, not necessarily for the art. No, moreso because of the vibrant yellow color of the sleeve itself. As for the actual art, it’s your usual Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence imagery. A crowd of people in Gas masks, with one particular figure looming g over the rest. And what seems like a bouquet of knives and needles fanned out behind him. Enough about the visuals though, that isn’t what you came for. Starting things … Continue reading Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)